NRF Health Evolution

NRF Health Evolution

Learn more about the only natural supplement scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in just thirty days. Neutrigenomic breakthru with scientific validation.

First of their kind, life changing products -- combining nutrition (food) with scientific research to trigger the body's own immune system to heal itself by reducing oxidative stress from every cell in the body at a rate of 1,000,000 : 1 ratio. FDA approved statement: It will reduce oxidative stress in every person of every age, whether 80 years old or 20 years old by at least 40% in 30 days.

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LifeVantage Stack Packs make it easy to never miss your daily biohacking essentials. #biohacking

LifeVantage Stack Packs make it easy to never miss your daily biohacking essentials. #biohacking

[09/13/21]   In addition to using Protandim to biohack my body to activate its own powerful antioxidants, I am loving Your Super products to add more nutrients to my daily meals. #yoursuper

The Science Behind Gray Hair and How to Hack it Naturally 06/18/2021

The Science Behind Gray Hair and How to Hack it Naturally

The Science Behind Gray Hair and How to Hack it Naturally Discover the science behind why hair turns gray, then put down the dye bottle and follow these natural hacks to reverse gray hair.


Just when you think — “Hey, there’s nothing new about deodorant.” Then along comes TrueScience with the most amazing smell and protection out there. And no dangerous aluminum or other chemicals to harm your health. Works amazing — all day!! #nrfpwrforyourpits

Just when you think — “Hey, there’s nothing new about deodorant.” Then along comes TrueScience with the most amazing smell and protection out there. And no dangerous aluminum or other chemicals to harm your health. Works amazing — all day!! #nrfpwrforyourpits


Happy Mother’s Day May 9th, 2021! — #NRFLove

Happy Mother’s Day May 9th, 2021! — #NRFLove


The power of biohacking.

09/11/2020 04/29/2020

Behind the Scenes: The Powerful Ingredients in Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer™ * | LifeVantage United States (en) If you don’t eat a ton of antioxidant and phytonutrient-rich colorful fruits and vegetables, supplementing your diet and activating your cellular protection pathways with Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer will make a world of difference in your health.

[04/18/20]   Best Omega and Vitamin D Supplement!!!
Definitely one of my favorite LifeVantage products.
I take daily with my Protandim. #omegaplusbiohack


Some fellow product users have asked me what I’m doing differently, if anything, during this Covid-19 crisis. My answer: Making sure I am taking all my LifeVantage activators daily, which is easier with the Vitality Stack. For added measure, I am taking one additional Protandim NRF-2 at lunch and dinner each day.


New Axio Flavor!!! Looks delicious 😋


The source and quality of the Vitamin D you give your body DOES make a difference! LifeVantage Omega+ has THE best sourced and bio-available version for your body and your brain — Vitamin D3.

Why is Vitamin D so critical? Below is a double-Board Certified Medical Doctor’s detailed explanation of this absolutely essential supplement.

“Vitamin D has been identified for decades to be critical for the health of your bones. Nevertheless almost all cells in the body have Vitamin D receptors because Vitamin D is important for the health of the entire body.

Vitamin D is now known to be critical for the health of the brain and heart as well as instrumental in preventing metabolic disorders such as diabetes Type II, the lengthening of life span, and to prevent a wide variety of other chronic illnesses.

Skin cancer warnings of overexposure to the sun have exacerbated societal vitamin D depletion. Simply applying sunscreen causes vitamin D levels to fall. It is important to find the balance between enough sun exposure to raise vitamin D levels but not excessive sun exposure that can result in skin cancer.

With lowered sun exposure it is important to consume oral vitamin D in foods and with supplements. It is estimated that for most people consuming 5000 IU to 8000IU daily will result in adequate levels of vitamin D.

It is also crucial to understand the connection between environmental pollutants and the need to increase vitamin D levels. The more pollutants we are exposed to, the higher the need to up your levels of Vitamin D3.

Brain health and Vitamin D:

Many studies have shown that Vitamin D prevents cognitive decline common with old age. Adequate levels of Vitamin D are also necessary to fight off dementia and to prevent brain shrinkage common with aging.

Vitamin D also has been shown to clean up and prevent the formation of brain plaques common with Alzheimer’s Disease. Brain damage and loss of brain neurons can also be reversed with high levels of Vitamin D because D stimulates the formation of brain cells, aka neurogenesis.

Aging and Vitamin D:

Vitamin D has been shown to lengthen our telomeres which are the determinant for continued health of our DNA. The longer the telomeres the longer your life will be.

Revealing studies have shown that, generally, people who live to 100 healthy years have higher levels of Vitamin D while younger people suffering with chronic illness have lower levels of Vitamin D. This alone should compel you to increase your Vitamin D levels.

Cardiovascular Health and Vitamin D:

Low vitamin D levels are associated with a higher level of cardiovascular disease with increased plaque formation in the arteries. Additionally, people with low levels of Vitamin D have significantly more heart attacks and heart failure.

Associated issues to cardiovascular health is that low levels of Vitamin D generally have higher blood pressure and greater levels of blood glucose which are consistent with cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin D3 in combination with Vitamin K2 decreases blood vessel stiffness by removing minerals such as Calcium from the vessel walls while putting it back in the bones, simultaneously preventing osteoporosis.

Blood Sugar and Vitamin D:

Adequate levels of Vitamin D help to keep blood glucose to healthy levels, helps cells to increase sensitivity to insulin and to assist the pancreas in producing adequate levels of insulin. These are all critical effects of Vitamin D which help to reverse prediabetes and even diabetes.

Of course Vitamin D is important in the health of the bones but research shows the importance of Vitamin D for prevention and treatment of so many other health issues.

Adequate levels of Vitamin D can be achieved through sun exposure as well as the consumption of foods and supplements that increase your Vitamin D levels.” — Dr. R. Johnson.

If you are unsure if your levels are not where they need to be, a simple blood test is all you need to find out!


Thank you Dr. Kat Ficarra for your input on this.


Grow Your Health

Why diet soda is not better for you. #drinkwater

remember that aspartame is not a healthy choice .. #heathlylife #soda #pop #sodapop #healthandwellness #dietsoda


What “brain food” did you eat today? #feedyourbrain #nrfpower


I use a lot of this type of all glass container both for my food and whatever I prepare for my dogs (steamed veggies 🙂 ). When you have been confronted with a cancer scare, you begin to learn a great deal about how plastic of any kind (even the ones that say BPA free) is very dangerous for your health. 2 years ago, I threw out all my plastic in my home and now only use glass containers to store my food. I also replaced all my Calphalon (think Teflon) cookware with GreenWare. Yes, it’s cost a bit, but I firmly believe whatever I spend to keep my body healthy and my food safe is worth every penny.


It’s Day #2 of Black Friday Specials, and TODAY is all about the dogs. What Pentandim has done for my dogs and countless others (and vets in our company use for cats and other animals as well) is nothing short of amazing. Having one of my pugs reach 17.5 years of age was extraordinary. So glad I found this product for him in 2014. 🙂 11/30/2019

Skin Health : Nrf2 Science

If you knew what all Nrf2 activation was really doing for your skin....🤓🤓
(Click the link and read/see for yourself!!)

You’d be shouting SIGN ME UP NOW!! 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

I use the 4 part Nrf2 Activated Skin care line
1. Cleanse
2. Toner/sirum combo
3. Eye cream
4. Anti-aging lotion
Nrf2 activated Charcoal Mask!

We only get one chance to take care of the Skin that holds our body together!

Who wants great skin for the Holidays??
Scroll down to link below to get more details.
And say
ME!!! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️
For a preloaded shopping cart!! You’ve heard the old saying, “Beauty is more than skin deep” – and it’s true – especially when you realize that our body has a built-in “beauty protection” network inside of every cell, including our skin cells. You’ll often hear that the skin has “two layers” (the dermis and e...

[11/23/19]   Even Dr. Steven Gundry agrees about the importance of NAD to our body's longevity and good health -- check it out from one of his recent blogs -- He calls NAD the Holy Grail of Cellular Protection and Longevity. 🥰🏋️‍♀️💫🧠

NAD is a coenzyme that is critical to helping your mitochondria work.
If your mitochondria don’t get NAD, they don’t make energy…
Which is why getting enough NAD is vitally important to helping you stay active, young, and energetic.
working out
Imagine a 60-year-old man with the strength of a 20-year-old! With enough NAD, it's very possible you could experience this major improvement, too.
In fact, here’s how I know NAD is SO vital to feeling youthful:
Researchers took mice whose mitochondria had declined as they aged… and gave them compounds that could boost their NAD production.
According to the researchers — the mice showed MASSIVE improvements in energy.
And not only that, but their CELLS actually appeared younger.3
They described it like this:
It’s like a 60-year-old human with the muscle tissue of a 20-year-old!
Astonishing, right? Still another study showed boosting NAD could make old mice’s hearts work as well as the hearts of young mice.4
Now, it’s no surprise boosting NAD has been linked to all kinds of benefits. Because with more NAD, your mitochondria can work at peak performance. Which means…
More NAD = More Energy
More NAD = Clearer Thinking
More NAD = Feeling Youthful
So you can see… NAD is basically the key to feeling — and living — younger. -- Dr. Steven Gundry


Show your tummy a little love — especially during the holidays — This is my morning routine 20 minutes before I start eating for the day. I love the taste of these two together. Physiq Pre-biotic mixed with some Flow Alkaline Spring Water.

Every morning— every day. 💪🧠☀️✅

Pre-Bio prepares my gut for whatever food is coming next, so my body and brain can actually benefit from the nutrients in it.

With products like NSAIDs and other things we all use these days that harm our gut and liver from functioning healthy, adding a Pre-Bio is not a luxury. It’s as important as water to your health.


LifeVantage November Monthly Training - Brett Brimhall

This is "LifeVantage November Monthly Training - Brett Brimhall" by LifeVantage on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Funny enough, what got me truly hooked on using an NRF2 activator was seeing the transformation it had for my dogs. #allaboutmydogs


It’s finally here!! Can’t wait to use the “triple threat” — Protandim NRF1 / NRF2 and NAD. 💫💥☄️


It’s amazing to see how these three Protandim products take biohaking your health to a whole new level! Have you ordered the “new triple threat”, as I’m calling it, yet?

Your cells are secretly screaming out — What are your waiting for?!


Sirtuin Theory of Aging - Protandim NAD


Timeline Photos


Great informational brochure for doctors, physical therapists, or others out there wanting to appreciate the power of NRF2 activation versus supplementation.


Pre-orders begin October 4th! #NADPower joins #NRFPower


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Investigating the Efficacy of Protandim



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