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My Dog's Daycare


What a wonderful staff and facility! Our girl, Glizzy, loves her day at "school!"
Does anyone else wish there were safe, private, worry-free play areas for dogs closer to their home? Same here! To help, I have actually begun offering my property as an off leash dog play area through Sniffspot. I would love for you to come by, check it out and let friends in the area know about it.
Use this promo code for $5 off your first visit to Sniffspot: PeacefulAcre
You can find more information and check out photos at Peaceful Acre

After only 3 hours with you and all she does is sit and wait for attention. Go figure!!
Lucy, my mini golden retriever LOVES to go to My Dog’s Daycare! She almost pulls my arm out of socket in her haste to go inside. The techs give excellent care to their dogs and surround them with a lot of love! The facility is VERY clean. I wouldn’t take Lucy anywhere else!
Nice to know that when you send your dog to daycare she’s really cared about.
Drogo wishes his furry friends a happy pet week!
Liberty and I wish everyone a very special holiday season and safe and prosperous 2018. You are all very special to us and will always consider My Dog's Daycare the best there is in Leesburg!
This is what happens after a full day of play with his friends. Couldn't even eat dinner.

My Dog's Daycare is your pup's home away from home! We are dedicated to providing an enriching, fun, and safe environment for your dog! My Dog’s Daycare is here for you and your dog’s needs.

Our team of trained caregivers are dedicated to ensuring your dog is having a great time in a safe environment while providing an alternative to leaving your pet at home alone. My Dog's Daycare provides an enriching and fun environment that can help prevent your pet from developing problem behaviors from loneliness, separation anxiety, weight gain, and helping to provide an enriching space where o

Operating as usual


Make your reservation because Ringo's working his paws off to make sure we have plenty of space for your pup! 🐾


Good morning! For the safety of our staff, the daycare will be closed today due to the weather.
We apologize for any inconvenience!
Be safe! ❄️


We’re in the process of upgrading our camera app. Unfortunately, they’re not accessible for view right now. We will keep you posted on the upgrade! Sorry for the inconvenience. 🐾

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 02/11/2022

Playtime photo dump! 🐶
Have a pawtastic weekend! 🐾

Timeline photos 01/27/2022

Squeaky toys come in handy for a good group photo 🤩


We will be opening our normal time, 7am.
Drive carefully!


Good afternoon!
Due to the Winter Weather Advisory expected for Thursday, the 20th, there may be a delay in our opening time depending if it accumulates to what they’re calling for (Between 2am-11am). Our staff comes from different distances away and we want to ensure that we all can make it here safely!
Please pay attention to the weather in the morning and give us a call (If we do not answer, we are not open yet) or check our page. We will make a post in regards to our opening!
Thank you and stay safe!

My Dog’s Daycare Management


Due to inclement weather & the safety of our staff, we will be opening at 9:30am, Monday the 17th.
Drive carefully! ❄️❄️❄️


Due to the weather and to ensure all our staff makes it safety, we will be opening at 9am today!


“ All I want for Christmas is my two front teef.” 🎄🐾

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 12/16/2021

Just some cute pups for your feed 🥰🐾



Please note that we have had a few dogs that have been here recently that have had Kennel Cough (Canine Cough).

We do not currently have any dogs here that are showing any signs but this does not mean that they don't have it as it can incubate for up to 14 days without showing any signs.

We ask that if your dog(s) are showing any signs of coughing, hacking, sneezing, runny eyes/nose, that you DO NOT bring them to daycare. This will run it's course as it always does.


🐾 In it's simplest form, it is a common cold in dogs, although highly contagious.
🐾 It can incubate for up to 14 days without your dog showing any symptoms.
🐾 Your dog(s) can get kennel cough even if they just meet a dog on the street who has it or in the same vicinity.
🐾Dogs who have contracted kennel cough before have a better chance of fighting it off faster or not getting it as their immune system may be better.
🐾 In a lot of mild cases it is not necessary to see your vet although if you are worried and the symptoms seem bad we highly recommend it.
🐾Very young and old dogs are more at risk.
🐾 The vaccination is not 100% but will help with the symptoms even if your dog(s) do get it.
**Daycare requires an updated Bordetella every 6 months**


🐾 If your dog(s) are showing signs, check with your vet for the correct course of action.
🐾 If your dog(s) have or suspected of having kennel cough, do not bring them to any area where they can spread it like:
- Daycares/Boarding Facilities
- Groomers
- Trainers
- Dog Parks
- Pet Stores
🐾 Your dog(s) must not return to daycare if infected for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

We thank you for understanding and apologize for any inconvenience!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃
Here is an update for our holiday hours coming up! 🎄🎅🏼


Hitting those door busters on Black Friday like…

🐾 Just a reminder we will be closed Thursday, November 25th and we will be open 7am-12pm Friday, November 26th. 🐾

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 11/10/2021

Playtime Photodump 🐾☺️


Running into the weekend like…

Happy Friday! 🤩

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 09/03/2021

Happy Friday!

Just a friendly reminder, we are closed on Monday for Labor Day!
Have a pawsome weekend! 🐾 🐶

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 07/28/2021

Happy Wednesday! Daycare is FULL of happy pups 🤩

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 07/22/2021

Thursday group play! 🐾

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 06/28/2021

Monday feels 😴


We are booked for the day!
We hope everyone has a paw-tastic weekend! 🐾

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 06/11/2021

Rainy day fun! ☔️


For Memorial Day weekend, we are limited with space + FULL for daycare on Friday! We will also be closed, Monday for the holiday!
We hope everyone has a fun & safe weekend! 🇺🇸


Happy Friday! 🤩
Another full day of daycare!
Please call ahead or make reservations on Gingr!


Leo is really happy today is Friday! He is also sad to announce we are booked for the day.


Daycare is the place to be on a yucky rainy day, but Cinna is sad to say we are booked for the day! ☔️


Happy Friday! We are booked for today. We are open 9-5 on Saturdays if your puppy missed out on the fun today.


Couple blueberries 🫐


Happy Friday! We are completely booked for the day! Please make sure to call or make an appointment on Gingr ahead of time so your pup can join in on the fun! 😊

Photos from My Dog's Daycare's post 04/08/2021

Big, small, crazy, calm - daycare is the place to be 🙂🐾


We have power! 😃


We seem to be experiencing a power outage in our building! We will keep everyone updated until further notice!


Happy Friday! Please be sure to call or make a reservation on Gingr so your dog can join in on the fun! 🤩


Our phone system and internet is down today at the daycare. Please have patience as this is being fixed as we speak. If you have any questions just send us a message on here and we will be happy to answer in a timely manner. Also, please do not enter the building. We will come out to get your dogs.



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When My Dog’s Daycare is running a sale on Packages....    ** Give us a call to ask about our fall sale** 🍁🍁🐾🐾
Sound up!! 🦖🐾
Wiggling our way into the weekend! 👀
Missing sports!?! It’s okay, Lottie’s got you covered. 🐾⚽️🏀⚾️
Judge is rolling into the new year #2020



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