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By saying I can do anything, I am honoring my creative nature, my adventurous spirit and my eager to learn mind. I can let my spirit dream in possibilities and new ideas. By saying I can't do everything, I acknowledge that I have limits and boundaries–my invitations to prioritize and leave room for what is most important to me. What a relief! I can dream it. I can do it. But I don't have to do it all.


I just rinsed my deep blue loaded paint brush in my freshly brewed cup of chocolate raspberry coffee. I don’t want to waste the coffee- perhaps it will make some good contrast in my watercolor boat scene. 🤔


Mental Health matters to God. Pastor Garet Ellis preached a great word on this topic this past Sunday… to listen, check out on YouTube.

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Nekoda Hoke lives in my hometown of Waubeka, WI, just down the street from my parents. He is an extremely talented artist and potter, and creates the most detailed faces on mugs. I was so happy to work on his branding. I loved studying his work and finding an iconic way to translate the feel of it into a brand. Perhaps my favorite part is the eyeball which also stands alone as a symbol for him to use on packaging etc. Check out his page for custom works: Hokey's Ceramics, LLC Then flip through these photos to get some insight into my process. Every logo is hand-drawn at the onset. Refined with tracing paper and pen. Then brought onto the computer to finalize and make permanent for any and all applications! Custom. Fun. I definitely love my job.


Color palette recommendations as specified by a chocolate lover: PMS 7466 + Bouchard 72


Aside from the daily of branding and marketing for my clients, of which I don't share much here, I'm slowly making the foray into selling art and digital prints. Lots to learn with all of it, and I'm not altogether sure an online shoppe is what I want. But it's fun to explore the idea!

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Every year when autumn hits I am both overwhelmed and thankful. It's a busy season for creatives! So many things to share, but today I want to share about Roots and Boots Homestead here in Lucketts. I have the privilege of photographing for them quarterly, capturing their homesteading way of life. Give Kathleen at Roots and Boots a follow for encouragement and tips on living naturally and sustainably. They have farm fresh eggs, flowers and handmade cards at their farmstand (an endeavor by the 3 boys), plus pastured meats and thanksgiving turkeys coming up!


I made a cheesy fall graphic! Or is it pumpkin-y? But, I love fall so much. The crisp air calls in warm blankets and layers and the colors make outdoor adventures just so lovely. It‘s when I married my best friend and I’m reminded of all we’ve weathered and grown through together. In my world, autumn is the best time of all. Now….where’s that pie?


Preschool portraits round two today! All went well, although this guy was a tad too big for the bench…


SO MUCH CUTENESS today photographing preschoolers at the Lucketts Community Center! Can't wait for day 2! This is all you get to see of the end result, but just imagine little smiles and Spiderman shoes, sibling hugs and sweet Cinderella dresses, and lots of snuggles with favorite stuffies!

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I had to try and preserve this bouquet designed by the wonderfully talented Hollie of Firefly Design Lucketts. The colors! Those drippy deep magenta stems! Hollie grew these coral fountain amaranths from seed- as small as poppy seeds- and they are huge now (6-8ft tall) and simply stunning!


Bright pops of color everywhere 🌺🌼🌻🌿


Got to work on something super fun for ! Can’t wait to show the whole concept :)

Something fun is coming for
Another awesome project by Beckie Kirker Creative!


Its a milestone week for me! And, its been quite the year of learning and growing and letting go. I created this … poem? painting? growth chart? … just for me and I thought Id share as some might resonate for you, as well. ~B


The last couple days I’ve ignored my long list of to-to’s, not cared about what we are going to eat that night, and allowed myself to paint for a few hours before dinner. The girls have painted their own things as well alongside me, including their arms and faces because they got so bored. But when I’m in the zone I don’t care what destruction is going on around me. Lots to clean up later but at least I got some painting time! I want to remake this now with just one little house and less rock. 🌊

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Away from the computer for a watercolor afternoon

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Fun handwashing poster project 🧼


Have you seen Lisa Congdon's work? I love it so much. Follow along on her insta for vibrant illustrations and musings.

[image: screenshot of Lisa Congdon's vibrant insta feed]


As creatives, probably 2/3rds or more of the work we do never gets shared. It makes sense, as there's a lot of exploration, revisions etc. I'm going to start sharing some of the things that are resting in the archives. Here's another logo I drew for Leesburg Open Arms. Perhaps we will use her/him as a mascot sometime down the road. :)


Good things take time 🧡


...And here is my Haddie. She is a fiery ball of energy and we worked hard to get this 😂


The girls needed some yearbook photos so we had a fun (ok stressful - taking pics of your own kids is the worst 😂) evening by the cherry blossoms. Lots of photos but here is one of my faves of Charlotte. She is easy to photograph - quiet and contemplative.


Overflowing, never ending, grace upon grace upon grace.

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corephysio SMART care pledge poster

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Photos from Beckie Kirker Creative's post

Photos from Beckie Kirker Creative's post 03/19/2021

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PPE Solutions for Dialysis

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recent print work / more on my website:

Photos from Beckie Kirker Creative's post 03/19/2021

recent print work / more on my website:

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Around Christmas time, my daughter Charlotte and I began a hunt through the Bible to discover all of the names of Jesus, and we filled several notebook pages with them. These are my favorite Christmas names from our list and I was inspired to draw them.

This night sky print is 11 x 14, printed with archival ink on an ultra-thick eggshell paper - like a print and a mat all in one. I also had my favorite printer in Bellingham, WA (Lithtex NW) run these as 5 x 7 foil stamped prints. Each one of these prints is unique, and oh-so-shiny! Both are available for purchase! More of these projects to come.


I can still remember that fateful morning, March 12, 2020, at 5:30. The call came in that school was canceled. The same day I had a new client presentation that I had prepared for for weeks. My friend let my girls come play at her home while I sweat bullets wondering how this was all going to work out. Somehow I made it through that presentation and landed that job (while awkwardly grabbing the client’s hand for a shake at the end, not realizing that elbow bumps were - in a day’s time - the new way to extend greetings). Now it's a year later, the kids are still doing school from home and life has made an enormous amount of shifts. I'm working exclusively out of my home office again, which means my furry friends get to be by my side, I hide in the closet again for conference calls hoping for quiet, and my husband is two floors below doing the same. Though we are still in the sludge of the hard, it's good for me to look back and find the lovely that has come out of the past year of change. I'm quite grateful for the pull back home and the chance to refocus on what truly matters. We got covid and were so lucky we did not get it bad. We've had fights and had lots of extra cuddles. We've read mounds of books, and we've gone on a million walks and we've built one gajillion lego towers. And we're still doing it! We're doing this. (Maybe with a lot less gusto though.) And for the record, I sure do hope handshakes make their eventual come back. 😉


I’ve been lettering and drawing so much lately I wore through the tip of my Apple Pencil. 😬😂 Today I have to keep at it with projects so I really hope my screen protector does it’s job while I wait for replacements to ship!


I have a sign in my office that says ‘Dream Big’. I always thought this was my highest calling as a creative person and as a business owner. But what I‘ve come to rest in is that our dreams don’t have to be big to matter, nor do they all need to be shared. Counter to what our culture wants us to believe, we can actually thrive by taking the ‘big’ out of the picture. We don‘t have to grow big as a company to have impact. Instead of striving to be bigger, we can strive to be better. Instead of monetizing every hobby we take on or new skill that we learn, we can revel in the pure joy of creating. We can dream and create and work smartly without the parameters of ‘big’. I can’t think of a more freeing idea to breathe into as a creative.

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