Great Conversations

Great Conversations


One more appeal, especially to conservatives, to register for a day of respectful exploration of political ideals. These Better Angels Red/Blue Workshops operate with equal numbers of reds and blues, and we simply don't have enough reds to make the Nov 11 workshop in Purcellville, VA, work. We need more voices from the right. Whether your voice is a little, or a lot, to the right, we need to hear you.

You'll arrive around 12:30 and stay until 8. We'll provide pizza for dinner, or you can bring your meal. Click below to register.

We are dedicated to developing good relationships between good people, in the interest of maintaining the Great Conversation of Western Civilization.

Through Dinner Clubs, Coffee Klatsches, and annual events we strive to keep the Republic.

Operating as usual

Great Conversation(s) 06/23/2021

Great Conversation(s)

Today’s Weekly Wednesday Wordplay is:

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Great Conversation(s) Great Conversation(s) is the home of "IndED Community" and the "Best Education of a Lifetime Is..." Course for parents of school-age kids, as well as "That Club" (for families) and the "Great Ideas Through the Arts" Discussion Courses (for teens and adults). Wherever you are on the political wheel,....

‎Rules of the Game: 41. "Fake it 'till you make it..." on Apple Podcasts 06/17/2021

‎Rules of the Game: 41. "Fake it 'till you make it..." on Apple Podcasts

Latest episode of "Rules of the Game" is up.... where Jessica and Butch take a deep dive into what it means to be a southerner... they, in the process, take on the accusation that Southerners are just so darn "FAKE"... I mean... bless their little hearts.

‎Rules of the Game: 41. "Fake it 'till you make it..." on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Rules of the Game, Ep 41. "Fake it 'till you make it..." - Jun 17, 2021

Great Conversation(s) 03/17/2021

Great Conversation(s)

Join the conversation through the WWW (Weekly Wednesday Wordplay): Join the GCNetwork for productive conversations about Great Ideas... in person and online.

Great Conversation(s) Great Conversation(s) is the home of "IndED Community" and the "Best Education of a Lifetime Is..." Course for parents of school-age kids, as well as "That Club" (for families) and the "Great Ideas Through the Arts" Discussion Courses (for teens and adults). Wherever you are on the political wheel,....

[03/03/21]   This week's Weekly Wednesday Wordplay is:

Our good friend, Tim Gardiner with GamePoint Athletics discussed this all important virtue for the IndED Community on the GC Network.

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Great Conversation(s) 02/17/2021

Great Conversation(s)

This week's Weekly Wednesday Wordplay!

(participate in the discussion on the network:

Great Conversation(s) Great Conversation(s) is the home of "IndED Community" and the "Best Education of a Lifetime Is..." Course for parents of school-age kids, as well as "That Club" (for families) and the "Great Ideas Through the Arts" Discussion Courses (for teens and adults). Wherever you are on the political wheel,....

The Gentlemen's Agreement that Nihilism is True 02/16/2021

The Gentlemen's Agreement that Nihilism is True

The latest from the "blog." If you have thoughts to share about any of the topics, either subscribe to the newsletter, or check out our network (link below the fold).

The Gentlemen's Agreement that Nihilism is True Compromise with the zeitgeist on fundamentals is only redeemable through a renewed faith

28. "Embrace the Sacred Feminine and Stop Saving the World..." by Rules of the Game • A podcast on Anchor 02/12/2021

28. "Embrace the Sacred Feminine and Stop Saving the World..." by Rules of the Game • A podcast on Anchor

Latest episode of Rules of the Game. Listen. Share. Think...and go have a great conversation!

28. "Embrace the Sacred Feminine and Stop Saving the World..." by Rules of the Game • A podcast on Anchor Jessica and Butch tackle the topic that is at the top of everyone's mind: the extinction of the human species, and our responsibility (or lack thereof) towards preventing it. It's not that we don't CARE about what is happening on Pennsylvania Avenue... it's just that at this point, we're sort of ove...


From the Great Conversation(s) Blog, The Way Forward: 12/08/2020

Identity and Ellen Page

From the blog. We should start asking some serious questions about how we seek and understand Truth, lest it all be lost to time, the deep edits of the internet, and real-time popular opinion. Do voices of dissent not matter? And it is a good idea to just change history to suit the moment? 11/24/2020

Lord, We Thank You for: Lines Not to be Crossed

Here is the latest from the “blog.” We all have lines that we won’t cross, or we don’t feel the government should cross. What are yours? At some point decisions have to be made about what we are willing to do or not do, no matter how well-intentioned our “betters” want to sound 11/05/2020


This week’s WORD:


Join the Conversation at:

(or you can join the group: ) This week’s Weekly Wordplay Wednesday (a day late) is:#racismFB Conversation is up until Saturday: 10/27/2020

‎Rules of the Game: 14. "Own your choices..." on Apple Podcasts

The latest episode of "Rules of the Game" where we talk about Covid, local elections, and the BIG contest coming up next Tuesday...(This is the free version... the full conversation is up on the Great Conversation(s)) page: ‎Show Rules of the Game, Ep 14. "Own your choices..." - Oct 27, 2020

[10/21/20]   Weekly Wednesday Wordplay on the Great Conversations Group:

What is the meaning of the word:

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Rules of the Game

Latest episode of "Rules of the Game" is out with Phyllis Randall, Chair of the Loudoun County BOS...
Rules of the Game #gcmic #loudounrules #loudouncounty #loudouncountyva

For our 7th visit to George C Marshall Intl Center (episode 12 on the Podcast) we sat down on the porch with Phyllis Randall, Chair of the Loudoun County BOS. Here's a clip; for the full Conversation, go to:

#loudoun #rulesofthegame #loudounrules #gcmic 09/24/2020

Plato, the Constitution, and the Republic

Our latest article by the editor, connecting our readings in Plato's Republic, and our Constitution Day celebration. We may not be able to share the "things," but we must share a country.


Constitution Day Picnic - 2020

Every year, on the Saturday closest to Sept 17, we gather in Leesburg to celebrate "Constitution Day"... this year marks the 233rd Anniversary of that event. A few of the attendees shared with us why they felt the need to celebrate Constitution Day...every year. If you agree it is worthy of celebration, then share this, and then join us next year (Sept. 18, 2021), by attending in Leesburg or starting your own in your hometown.


And another Constitution Day is wrapped up.

Next year we’ll be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. If you’re interested in helping organize or want to start one where you live, let us know.

God Bless America!


IndED Academies

Start a conversation on Constitution Day!
Join us at:

Today is Constitution Day! 233 years ago today, the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, PA. It has survived a massive Civil War, the Great Depression, and innumerable times of strife and unrest. But it still stands, and today, amongst all the challenges we face, we should take great pride in it and strive to restore and defend it.

Happy Constitution Day!

(To learn more about the constitution over the next year, join our "Great Conversation(s)" Group...
And join us this Saturday for our Annual Celebration in Leesburg, VA.


In our 9th Episode we sit down with Tony Howard, President of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce to discuss the state of business, the competitive position of Loudoun County, and Tony's Rule: "Keep the Faith..."
Listen to the whole episode:
#loudounbiz #loudounrules #rulesofthegame


Rules of the Game

Episode 2 of the Rules of the Game podcast, with special guest, Sophia A Nelson, author of "E Pluribus One," filmed at George C Marshall's Dodona Manor in Downtown Leesburg. #rulesofthegame #loudounrules #leesburgrules #epluribusone

Video is out of our Great Conversation with Sophia Nelson on the "Rules of the Game" Podcast. Wide ranging discussion on #race #blacklivesmatter #republican and #virginia #politics
Sophia A. Nelson, Esq. #epluribusone Don't miss an episode: 07/21/2020

A Probable Explanation of Today’s Civil Unrest

A brief history of Marxism in the U.S. starting with the Comintern (1916) and how it could relate to the current unrest. Sign up for updates on the site, like and comment. America going to hell in a handcart 07/16/2020

The Age of Anxiety

Today on the Great Conversation(s) blog, Nicole Horsch writes about ways to manage anxiety in stressful times. In a time of unexpected stress, part of the solution is simply being a good listener 07/15/2020

The Origin of Left and Right Politics

Another new article up Great Conversations regarding "Left vs Right" politics... The Truth of the Muddy Waters 07/14/2020

Reforming Our Nation's Police

This week on Great Conversation(s), an article on Police Reform. Subscribe so you don't miss an issue: We are all to blame, and we all must be part of the solution 07/10/2020

A Cherry Pickin' Education

Check out our new blog. Latest article is on homeschooling. #schoolchoice #greatideas Eat them fresh, bake a pie, make some jam...


IndED Academies

Well...what's IndED Academies been up to with the shutdown?

"What's IndED up to?" you're wondering...

Well, we're visiting with local citizens who are helping their community with CERT training and Amateur Radio.
Robert Jeffery and Paul Gernhardt

We're printing up headbands for face shields for front line healthcare workers through the local MakerSpace as well as IndED's fancy new 3D Printer. Makersmiths

We're learning about the Yahi tribe in California through "Ishi..."

We're learning how energy is generated through hydroelectric power and more about the power grid.

We're learning how to cook with Daniela Moro Williams with Cucinamore, LLC - Italian Cooking Parties.

We're diving into some Coding with the The Coder School - Ashburn.

We're supporting Tree of Life with delivering food this weekend to needy families in Leesburg.

We're supporting the Education outreach and marketing efforts of the George C. Marshall International Center while they're gearing up for exciting virtual events over the Spring and Summer.

We're doing P.E. over Zoom! with GamePoint Athletics so the kids can stay active.

We have the new "NanoSchools" option for kids stuck at home from their conventional school due to the shutdown.

And... last but not least, we've launched "Great Books" discussion groups ( Great Conversation(s)) for busy moms and dads who want to learn more about the ideas which have animated Western Civilization for about 2500 years... complete with movie, music, and art selections for each week.

What have you guys been up to?


Great Conversations's cover photo


Great Conversations


IndED Academies

From our family to yours: Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

400 years ago today, 38 English colonists were a week away from landing in Virginia, with instructions from the London Company, to be opened the day of their arrival, Dec. 4, 1619:

"We ordaine that the day of our ships arrivall at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to Almighty God."

From our family here at IndED, we implore you to...pause, and give thanks for our many blessings, strive to be worthy of those blessings, and humbly ask forgiveness when we fall short.

Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


IndED Academies

Thank a Veteran Today!

We had the honor of celebrating Veterans Day at the George C. Marshall International Center. An inspiring address from Adm. T. Joseph Lopez, and honorably emceed by Major Dennis Boykin.

It’s important to remember, as the Admiral alluded to, that Veterans Day was conceived as a simultaneous celebration of victory and of peace, as it was originally Armistice Day celebrating the end of World War I.

From all of us at IndED, we offer a special thanks to those who have served in helping preserve our liberty.
#GCMIC #Veteransday
Enjoy your Veterans Day!


IndED Academies

Here’s a take on education and why we maybe should not treat it like a job training program. Along the way, learn a little more about one of the finest 20th Century American soldier-statesmen.

The students got a chance to learn about one of the 20th Century’s greatest soldier-statesmen, George C Marshall, who spent the War years and the last years of his life right her in Downtown Leesburg.

When we’re trying to predict what our kids will be doing for a career, should we say things like “the next generation of...” or should we focus simply on building integrity, perseverance, and honor? #gcmic #soldierstatesman #inded #schoolchoice


IndED Academies

When it comes to education we are more interested in meaningful relationships (through great conversation) than simple “socialization.”

When you hear “Socialization,” think instead of “meaningful relationships.” At IndED we make sure students get to interact with their community; we seek truth through conversation and discourse, and focus on building character and sound communication skills. If you are seeking more than just “socialization,” find out more:


IndED Academies

IndED is tackling the challenge of comprehensive, personalized, and affordable education head on. It’s called a MicroSchool!

We're tackling the challenge of an affordable, high-quality, personalized education head on. It's called a "MicroSchool."


IndED Academies

Amidst the fun, fireworks, and fellowship, may we all keep in mind the Great Idea that is America. Enjoy your Fourth, and may God bless America.

Amidst the fireworks and food and fellowship, may we all be ever mindful of the amazing idea which is these United States.

God Bless America


IndED Academies

The Greeks believed that the most profitable and noble use of leisure time was good conversation exploring great ideas of good, justice, beauty, and friendship.

IndED’s Socratic style, field trips and special guests, as well as our Great Conversation(s) initiative make it easy for families and friends to learn how to talk through important ideas, and keep the Republic we fought for. Stay tuned to “Great Conversation(s)”:

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Constitution Day Picnic - 2020
Great Conversation(s) Episode 4: Cynthia Liang with DCub3D
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