Phoenix Personal Training, ppt

Phoenix Personal Training, ppt helps people of all ages and abilities in Loudoun County improve individual health and wellbeing.

The mobile gym conveniently brings functional fitness right to your home or business with a private, safe, clean environment.


This now hangs by my door its now last thing I see as I head out on my days.
May it be a reminder to you all. There is so much BS out there. Enough is enough already!
Choose to rise above it all stand with each other for what we all know to be true and right.


What are you going to do to improve you?


Even in the dark making night sessions work on or off the bus flexibility for my clients.

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Every day will not always be Perfect some days you will falter, you just have to get back up dust off and push again. Progress is not perfection. Progress is moving forward doing a little bit more than yesterday. True perfection is unattainable. Progress you can make every single day. Set your mind right and work towards your next goal.


Morning DEKA training from the Bus.

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Meal prepping for my busy schedule. This is fast easy and for me fun to ensure that both my son and my self are always getting Quality healthy meals. Lemon pepper cod with Fire roasted vegetables and wild rice.

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If you are looking for a personal trainer who can come to you. Saving you from all the Excuses of not getting a workout in. Imagine a  mobile gym shows up in your drive way.
I have a few openings in my schedule for Potential New clients.
T/Th 5:30 am Start - 7:30am Finish
T/Th 5:30pm Start - 6:30pm Finish 

I do have a few other random time slots open throughout the week  if your schedule is flexible.

Please feel to reach out with any questions 
I have both In person or Zoom availability. 

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Back at it today after a winter getting Covid and then a Reoccurrence of cancer scare, still beet last years time by a few sec… DEKA Mile.

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Loving what you do will always pay you more then just having a high paying job!

I truly love helping people.
Giving them my time and effort.
Making them feel better.
Helping them reach there goals.
Because at the end of my day its not as much about how much did I make, its soooo much more about did I improve someones day.
I get cards like this often and this is part of why I do what I do. Impacting people in a positive way every day is so rewarding. 


Two ab exercises this morning following a brief morning workout. 45lb sit ups and sliders over an ab wheel.

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Out on road doing in person sessions or live on zoom I can help you reach your goals.
The weather is never a concern when the gym comes to you. Depending upon your location I have some early morning openings and a few midday openings send me a message if you want to know more. 

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While many take a snow day I keep people Accountable to their goals. Its hard to skip the gym even on those snowy days when the gym is just out your door.

Always here to help those who want it, even on days its hard. 


Using my new almond cow to make cashew almond “milk”
Super quick and easy, I plan to use the remaining paste and dry it out turning it into a flour for baking later. 

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My new hyper bars are in. These allow me to use any Standard dumbbell and add to wide variety of exercises while saving space and money on my Mobile gym.
Let the fun begin. More new additional equipment to come over the next several weeks. Business is good it allows me to upgrade to my clients benefits. 


Attention ::::::::: New Online Zoom classes M/W/F 10:am-11:am or 11:30am-12:30pm EST these classes also have a recorded option meaning you can watch when ever you like. Cost of the class is $40. a month. This includes access to both live classes plus the record option. The recordings are up a few days each. The format is 30min cardio and balance with the last 30 min of strength core and stretching.
If you would like to try a class live or recorded let me know and I will send you a link to try. All levels welcome.

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Today was a DEKA Mile at Exsurgo Strong and Fit in Ashburn, Immie Cross and her team hosted an amazing event.
Proud also of the husband and wife team clients of my for there first ever event. They both did amazing, putting in great times and supporting each other.
Part of and aspect I love about my Business is helping and supporting people just like them.
They have 2 small children and hope to add more to there family in the future. They both took on this fitness journey to one be healthy examples to their kids and also for each other.
Both telling me how proud they are of each other when the other was not around, not that its the only time they do it but it has more truth to it when said with out the other standing right there.
So to both you Allison and Anis Bishara congratulations on how far you have come. 

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Today was a meal prep day, Long hours during the weekdays meal prep is essential.
Beef stew with cheddar bay / batter bay biscuits, Pork tenderloin with the basmati rice and green beans.

How do you make your healthy meals easier? 

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First day back to racing. Its been too long but felt good, here is to rising up again, starting again.
Never giving up. More races to come more limits to push.
I look at Obstacle course racing as I look at life, sure somethings are hard sometimes there are obstacles put in your way. Thats never a reason to just give up. The true Warrior in you does not just walk away. You fight, you persist, you over come those days its hard. Because then and only then are you truly accomplished.
Never give up it will only bring regret.


Its been a while sense I have updated this. But showing consistency is key to success. Nowhere close to my goal but still moving forward.
Plus 4 years back to my life sense tracking.

What are you doing for your self ? 


The convenience of driving my own gym? A workout when ever I have a free sec. 

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5:am Early morning session off the bus.
Yes its getting dark but new magnet lights eliminating excuses. Late nights , early mornings I make it work on or off the bus for my clients.


Rise and shine Loudoun county the moon is up the stars are bright. It’s time for work an all your might.
Start you day with hope and delight.
Out on the road before first morning light.

How does your day start?


It was almost a full moon morning, out the door and on the road by 4:45am.
First client of the day. 5:30am
We have but one life to live and I plan to do just that and I plan to help as many as I can along the way so if it means up with the moom still high in the Sky so be it. My purpose in life is greater then has fully been discovered. Have an amazing day to everyone. 

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Profound thoughts with this post.
We are in crazy time’s in everything that is going on in the World, in your communities, in your own home.
Taking to little time to see bigger pictures, to look at things from all sides. 
If you only look at one side of things your missing out. Todays social media, TV, have made many forget what the wizard of Oz showed us clearly even way back when. Look behind the curtain, look past the smoke and noise. 
How many friends have you lost taking sides with out really knowing the full story or the other side of each person? How many times did you make a judgment about a post with out understanding all parts of that story??
Please as I share this with you think of how maybe you need to remember to look at all sides of things not just one side.

This simple image I took from another post and broke it down to help people think about perspective. If you only look at one side you will miss soooo much more. 

The first Image of the perfect Apple and all the greatness it could represent.
The Second of an apple chewed discolored used and abused. The last shows it truly one in the same but depending on what story wants to be told its easy to manipulator to have you think one way.
So if you Believe only one side of what the media shows you remember there could be another side.
Remember this if one friend tells you something about another if you don’t hear both sides you could be missing a truth you need.
And so on and so on.

Take the time to always look at the bigger picture in everything don’t let someone manipulate you with 1/2 a story.
Be better to everyone. 


Using my Monkey Feet to add more to my leg day. This versatile tool allows you to use weights you already have to ramp up leg day with more movement patterns then machined exercises. 
What do you do to keep your workouts fresh?


In between classes its time for a little core in the door….. frame that is.
People always ask when I get my personal workouts in. The answer, When ever I can. Sets and reps between classes or waiting for clients. Its just as easy to find time as it is to find excuses. I choose to find the time.
If you struggle to find time then make it easy. A few squats first thing in the morning maybe some pushups in between what ever your doing. There truly is always time to do more then you are now.
Its your choice make time count for you or make excuses why you can’t. 


Todays workout 1 min on 1 off each exercise 4 rounds through each exercise.

What are you doing today??


Making time for personal health. With such a rough last year and start to this year I had been putting medical care to the side.
Now finding Mosaic Theory and DR Anusha Khan, I am getting my self back on track.

Sure I work out all the time and eat “ healthy”
but with my past history as a cancer survivor.
My Family history of High blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which you can’t see with out checking.

Having blood work done my cholesterol is way to high and blood pressure also elevated.
Cholesterol at 257 or HDL 58 and LDL 184
More needs to change. So back to cutting eggs out adding in more oats etc…
Blood pressure at 141/97 stress etc……

So I was already on a good down trend with my weight now its time to make sure all the inside things are taken care of as well.
I will post progress and if its been a while get your physical done. Don’t let things go to long.

I know what I need to do and how to do it sometimes we let life get in the way.

If health care costs are to high for you I get it and why I was happy to find Music Theory & Dr Khan
Finally a health care that works and does not keep me from wanting to get checked what I know I need to.

I hope you all do the same. 

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The story behind Phoenix Personal Training, ppt

Hello! My name is Ken Korrell, founder and owner of Phoenix Personal Training, ppt. I moved here from Spokane, WA in October to be with my fiancé. I started Phoenix Personal Training in January 2014 after several years of personal training in other gyms. I wanted to give people a better experience than they may have had at other gyms. I help people build their confidence along with their health. I strive to make exercise enjoyable and not thought of as work.

While living and working in Spokane, I came up with the idea of a mobile gym. I gutted a city shuttle bus and set up a gym inside of it, wrapped it with my logo and took off to train clients at their homes and place of work.

I created the mobile gym to help people eliminate excuses, add convenience and save time; it brings personalized training right to you. Many people sacrifice self-care because of other daily obligations. My focus is not on weight loss, but rather helping people gain the physical fitness to enjoy more of what life has to offer by reducing injuries, aches and pains and helping with functionality.

I initially started Phoenix Personal Training to help cancer survivors recover from treatment. As a survivor myself, I understand the physical challenges and strain that the treatment takes on your body. I train all age levels and abilities, from seniors to obstacle course racers, competitive athletes and everyone in between. My logo, the phoenix, is a symbol of rising up from the ashes. Hidden in the middle is the Chinese symbol of strength. You can overcome whatever has been holding you down and your can find the strength within yourself.

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