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The Flower Barn

Your place for Japanese Maple Trees The Flower Barn

Your place for Japanese Maple Trees

We have 24 varieties available
They are 3-4 year transplants all in pots
Our trees are hardy in Zone 5

Aug 22,2016 through Octover 1, 2016

Friday 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM - 3:00PM

We are available by appointment for other days and hours.

Operating as usual




It is Spring 2018 and the Japanese Maples are looking great. Spring sale now in full swing. Buy 1 tree and get the second one of equal or lesser value at 1/2 ( one half) price. Come take a look.


Spring sale at the Flower Barn. Buy one Japanese maple and get second one of equal or lesser value at 1/2 price. Available most days or call 765 482-3061. Trees are looking great after this VERY LONG WINTER SEASON. Looking forward to seeing you here at THE FLOWER BARN


Just checking in with our show information for this weekend. We will be selling our JAPANESE MAPLES at the Hendricks county master gardeners show at the Hendricks count fair grounds 1900 E. Main in Danville, In. We will be in the expo hall. Show runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 Pm. Hope to see you there. Trees are almost all leafed out. Come see us at the show or here at the farm for a beautiful JAPANESE MAPLE


April is here. The trees are ready to sell and plant. Letting you know we will be @ the Boone County Master Gardener show @ the 4-H fair grounds in Lebanon on Saturday, April 8, from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM with a group of the Japanese Maples. Looking froward to seeing you there.


Spring is here. Opening April 1, 2017
Be here Friday's 12:00-5:00
Saturday's 9:00 to 3:00 and Sunday's 10:00-3:00
Trees buds are swelling, Tiny leaves will soon be out.
We are excited to watch as they come out.
Here this year from April 15-September 15. See you soon


Just keeping you up to date on the winter work here at The Flower Barn. We are in the process of pruning and shaping the JM's.
Major pruning should be done during the dormant season of the year - generally November-January in our area. Thoughtful pruning and shaping should be done each year. Here are a couple of pruning hints we have to pass on-

#1 Cuts should be made just beyond a pair of buds
#2 Cut on larger limbs should be made above a branch's collar
- the ridge or line where the branch joins an older branch or STEM.
#3 Have SHARP AND CLEAN pruning tools - good practice to dip in rubbing alcohol to sanitize between trees
#4 Do Not cover the wound, but allow to dry naturally.

That's all for now. We will be back soon with hints on transplanting your container Japanese Maples.

Thanks for taking the time to check on the trees

It's now easier to send The Flower Barn - Your place for Japanese Maple Trees a message. 01/01/2017

It's now easier to send The Flower Barn - Your place for Japanese Maple Trees a message.

It's now easier to send The Flower Barn - Your place for Japanese Maple Trees a message.

Timeline Photos 09/07/2016

Just about time for this colorful Japanese Maple to change to its fall foliage. Orangeola is this tree's name. It is a weeping dissectum (or lace leaf ) introduced in 1980. Bright red-orange as it comes out in the spring. Right now it still has its summer rich green foliage with an orange over tone. . Soon it will morph to a dark red before turning it leaves into a fiery orange fall display. Orangeola is vigorous but on the shorter side. Just reaching 10 ft when full grown. It is more upright than cascading. Looks redder is grown in the sun and more to the orange side when in more shade. We like this tree a lot.


The catering business is Gone. A 500 Japanese plant nursery has taken its place. Same address Elizaville Road in Lebanon. All are in pots ready to plant. Give us a call or just come over and check them out. We're here Fri., Sat., and Sunday or by appointment. New photos coming soon



Best known for its intense fall color - fiery crimson. It is said to look like a burning bush. It is one of the oldest Japanese maples listed in catalogs. Its country of origin is Japan 1882. 'Osakazuki ' has rather large leaves and for most of the growing season are green in color. As with most summer green Japanese maples the leaves do not burn easily and it can stand full sun, but prefers morning sun and afternoon shade. It is winter hardy in the midwest, but some protection from winter wind is suggested. This tree grows quickly for first few years usually reaching a 7-10 feet in 10 years and can reach 25-26 ft. It is an upright tree form that forms a round top as it ages. Since the leaves sometimes "cup" at the base thus the name "saki-cup-like-leaf or 'Osakazuki' This is outstanding in fall especially when given a backdrop. of green or yellow


Japanese maples are easy to grow here in the mid-west if given some shade and water. They are native to Japan, China and Korea.

Ideally Japanese Maples need

Morning Sun and afternoon shade or dappled all day sun
Protection from strong Wind
Well-drained soil consistently moist soil - neither too wet or too dry
Protection from late Spring frosts especially when young

They adapt to a wide range of soils and light. Green leaf maples handle all day sun better than the red varieties. The leaf color is affected by the amount of sun, moisture, and the nutrients in the soil. The same varieties may be different colors even when nearby when there are differences in any of these things.

Japanese maples have a shallow root system so they coexist with many other plants or ground covers in the garden. All Japanese Maples can be container grown. It is best to re-pot every two years to give them fresh well-drained potting soil.

Each Japanese Maple displays such a unique beauty, it would be hard to be dissatisfied.

Nursery photos 08/22/2016

Nursery photos

Seasonal Changes 08/22/2016

Japanese maples Spring vs Fall foliage


The Flower Barn

Your place for Japanese Maple Trees

We have 24 varieties available
They are 3-4 year transplants all in pots
Our trees are hardy in Zone 5

We have the following Acer Palmatum Varieties
These are upright varieties and mostly broad leaf.

Asahi Zuru - This cultivar has creamy-white leaves with pink in the spring.

Bloodgood - Is very reliable for its deep red color thru summer. Crimson in fall.

Butterfly - Varigated leaf cream with pink and a magenta fall color.

Beni Ubi Gohan - Small, red-leafed, perfect for containers. Scarlet fall color.

Burgundy Lace - Small rounded tree with Burgundy red leaves. Bright red fall color.

Emperor 1 - More tolerant of heat than Bloodgood. Bright red fall color.

Kiyohime-Yatsubusa - Shrub-like, 4'x 10' with red-edged leaves and yellow centers.

Orido Nishiki - Round-topped tree, variegated leaves. Reddish-maroon in fall.

Osakazuki - Green leaves in summer. Brilliant fall color-fiery crimson-red leaves.

Peaches & Cream - Creamy-white leaves with dark green veins. Fall color is Yellow.

Red Wood - Red - twigged, foliage green in summer, yellow/pink in Autumn.

Villa Taranto - Leaves orange-red early, green summer. Fall brilliant yellow/orange.

Red Pygmy - Small- vivid red in spring-red to purple in summer and orange is Fall.

Shindeshojo - Flaming red in spring, Orange/red Fall. Classy medium sized tree.

Trompenberg - Sturdy upright shiny red-leafed palmatum. Fast growing.

Fireglow - New growth bright cherry red- darkens thru summer without fading.

Skeeter's Broom - Narrow upright shrub- bright red to burgundy - bright red fall.

Ueno Yama - Orange/yellow spring - summer green-Yellow/orange fall. Upright.

Scolpendrifolium - full sun. Deep green leaf that in full sun bronzes to shades of red.

Ever Red - Ever changing color-silver to deep red to crimson in the fall. Very Cool.

We have the following Acer Palmatum Dissectum Varieties
These varieties are more shrub-like and lace leafed.

Red Dragon - Scarlet spring to fiery red fall. Excellent in small gardens.

Tamukeyama - Deep red to purple changing to bright scarlet in fall. Cascades to 8'

Garnet - Deep red-orange color. Holds well in summer. Best in full sun.

Crimson Queen - Dark purple-red leaves to bright red in fall. Excellent performer.

Orangeola - Bright orange-red spring. Red fall color/ orange bronze overtones.


We guarantee our trees to be in good health when they leave us. Please notify us within one month if your tree fails to thrive and we will replace your same tree if possible.

Pricing is based on size:

12" - 18" 27.99
18" - 24" 37.99
24" - 36" 48.99
36" - 48" 62.99
48" - 60" 73.99




2685 Elizaville Rd
Lebanon, IN

Opening Hours

Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

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