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Professional Long Arm Quilting Service, Embroidery Designs & Custom Quilt Labels. I Say Sew Quilting. my passion is longarm quilting.

I have over 2 decades of longarm experience, I offer everything from basic meandering to custom quilting. I can do ruler work, pantagraphs and freehand work. I am also a quilt maker so I understand everything that goes into making a quilt from the cost to everything that that you give of yourself to make it. I use only high quality threads and have a vast collection of colors to choose from. smoke free home and quality work.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 07/14/2022

Red white and blue. The shades of colors used in this quilt by Sandy Green gives it an antique feel. She also used 100% cotton batting which will also add to the antique feel of the quilt once it's washed. I did feathers in alternating blocks and what I call whirlgigs on the 9 patch alternating blocks with paisley around the borders.


Beautiful Lonestar quilt by Patricia Mallon. I did feathers in the white. Baptist fan on the border and outlined (stitch in the ditch on the diamonds.


Beautiful Lonestar quilt by Patricia Mallon. I did feathers in the white. Baptist fan on the border and outlined (stitch in the ditch on the diamonds.

Timeline photos 06/19/2022

Timeline photos


Well like I needed this right now. My quilting machine is down. Expecting a new circuit board soon. If you have a quilt here and want to take it to someone else I totally understand. It won't hurt my feelings if you choose to do that.


I came home yesterday and found this beautiful thing in it's box sitting on my porch. All original including the owners manual, sales receipt and certificate of authenticity. It belonged to my husband's Aunt Jenny Elkins who really got me started on my quilt journey. She answered my endless questions and taught me so much about quilting and even though she's no longer with us, she continues to inspire my quilt making. I will cherish this always! Her son Jack gifted it to me. So very honored more than you can imagine! Thank you Jackie and Nancy.


I appreciate everyone of you so very much and I just want to apologize that my turn around time is taking so long. I'm not sure what has happened, but lately quilts have been coming in a lot more than normal (custom quilts, which requires significantly more time), so I'm at least 2 months out on most quilts. I'm considering not taking anymore quilts during the month of June, so that I can solely dedicate my time to finishing up what I already have. Again I apologize for the wait time.


Baby quilt by Patricia Mallon. 8 point stars. I did floral swirls in the centers, loops de loops with stars in the background. Ribbon candy and loops on the borders.


Beautiful carpenter's wheel and 8 point star by Patricia Mallon. floral motif in the center blocks and interlocking orange peel and arcs.


Beautiful carpenter's wheel and 8 point star by Patricia Mallon. floral motif in the center blocks and interlocking orange peel and arcs.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 04/19/2022

Both quilts are by Christine Cooksey. Basic meandering quilting. Teal and brown quilt has a swirl in each square.


Did you know? We've all seen the pin cushions that looks like a tomato with a little strawberry on the side, how many of you know what the strawberry cushion is for? Nope, it's not for storing extra pins or your favorite ones. It's actually used to keep your pins sharp. Most of the strawberries are filled with a fine steel wool and or wool which naturally sharpens pins and needles. Now you know.
If you like Did you know, let me know and I'll try to post more sewing and quilting tips and you can share yours.


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Several people have asked how much do I charge for long arm quilting. It's difficult to give an exact amount because it depends on your quilt size and what you want done. I don't charge the same price for basic meandering as I do custom quilting. Custom quilting entails a lot more time, skill and work. Below is a list and I hope it helps. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 01/27/2022

Beautiful Star Quilt, by Sandra Green. I quilted different feather motifs, swirls and paisley. I really like how it all worked together

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 12/25/2021

Now that Christmas is here I can publish the pictures of these 2 quilts, although one wasn't a Christmas gift, but rather a birthday gift for a dear friend from her husband.. The first I made for Shelia Hart. Her husband wanted a quilt with her favorite Red Truck scene and fortunately I was able to find that in a printed panel. The 2nd was a quilt that I made for my secret sister this year Hollie Hart Reynolds. This quilt has the same panel as her niece Sarah and smaller printed blocks as her mom Shelia's quilt.


Sew, if you're like me you have more than one sewing item, yeah of course we all have lots of thread, needles, pins and fabric, but what do you have an abundance of? Sewing machines, scissors, irons, tools.....what's your sewing thing addictions?


Beautiful hand embroidered quilt by Narcie Stahr. I framed in the center motifs with a ring and feathers and swirls in the background.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 11/09/2021

Quilt by Anita McQuistion. Beautiful Fall colors. I quilted leaves in an all over meandering.


Stunnig Quilt by Narcie Stahr. Wouldn't this be beautiful in a beach front home? Amazing choice of colors quilting swirling flowers, piano keys background, feathers frame the quilt in and cross hatching.


2nd quilt by Anita McQuistion. Embroidered medallion quilt. I outlined the designs and basic meandering.


A friend sent this to me. Love it!

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 02/07/2021

This isn't a quilt, but I love making these rope baskets, which I suppose one could keep fat quarters in or quilting notions. Lol

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 02/07/2021

I couldn't post this at the time because it was a gift for my secret sister, but I finally did a panel quilt

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 10/29/2020

Narcie Stahr created another stunning quilt. This pattern pops with vibrant colors. I'm wanting to make one now. It's called Hanging Garden. Quilted feathers, swirls and pebbles. Outlined in circles and giant double lined zigzag.


Tips From Tina: batting, Not just for quilts. Did you know that there are several good uses for batting, especially scraps? You can cut it into rectangles and make your own swifter mop pad. Use it to clean fabric and thread bits from a table or cutting mat, layer between dishes when packing or storing them. Use torn up pieces to stuff a diy dog bed, floor pillow or door roll to stop cold air from coming in. Use a small piece in a thread stand hoop to stop thread from jumping out. Great dusting cloth. 80/20 you can use for Christmas, make a felt or fleece look snowman, use white fluffy polyester batting for faux snow on a banister, mantle or window seal. Use hand size pieces for cleaning your shower and tub. So many things you can do. If you have a batting repurpose idea, please share it with me. Happy Quilting!

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 09/16/2020

Red White and Blue American flag quilt by Lawrence Payne. Quilted orange peels in the squares, dancing stars on the border and ripples in the stripes of the flag to give it movement.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 08/31/2020

Whole cloth Quilt by Narcie Stahr. Dark blue with pink roses. Floral echo pattern for the quilting motif. Narcie knew that the quilting would not be seen as well in the front due to the busy print, so I thought I'd share it with you so that you can see how differently the same quilting motif looks on a busy fabric versus a calmer fabric as seen on the front and back of this quilt. Things to think about when choosing a quilting design.


Quilt brought to me by Charlene Wood. Beautiful colors. Meandering quilting design.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 08/29/2020

Quilts by Anita McQuistion. First quilt was done with a meandering design and the 2nd was a 5 point floral/ leaf design. In the picture you can see the motif better from the back. These are both queen size quilts. Very well made and beautiful.


Well now that I've finished all the quilts....whew I'm tired, it's time to pack "scotty" up and send her back to Utah and bring the new machine in and unpack it. I'm going to wait before I use it to see if anyone is wanting to buy it so that they will get the full warranty. I'm leaving it in God's hands. I'm letting Him direct my path to whether or not to purchase an APQS. One is being held for me, and the deposit is refundable. I've talked to a few HQ dealers who sell other brands too and everyone of them have told me that the HQ Amara is one of the best machines out there and that getting a bad one was a fluke. So I feel good about staying with Handi Quilter now, but if I sell this new one without it being registered to me whoever buys it will be getting a brand new full warranty machine at a $3,000 savings with all the accessories and no sales tax. Lol

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 07/07/2020

Vibrant jewel tones on white background by Narcie Stahr. I decided to add dimensions by doing 2 totally different quilting designs on this quilt. I went 3 blocks in all the way around all sides of the quilt and I did feathered swirls and tgen I made a faux center doing orange peel quilting designs.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 07/02/2020

T-shirt quilt by Lawrence Payne. It was his first and it was extra difficult because he had the additional job of making the back out of different shirts. Hats off to you Lawrence and it came out beautiful!


I did a sample of some of my quilting motifs.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 06/23/2020

Tips From Tina : Quilters and sewest are always trying to figure out how to make their space more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. My advice is to think outside the box or in this case outside the tool box. Imagine things repurposed. In the picture below you will see two magnetic socket holders which my husband had no use for and a tool magnetic bar. Just think about the uses, the taller holder you could use for marking pens, scissors, glue sticks, oil, sewing machine tools and more, you'll also see that I cut down the legs of an old pvc shelf and decorated them. These would be great for my leader grips, dowel rods, paint brushes and etc as is the socket holder. The more shallow socket holder would be great for presser feet, bobbins, pins and more. On the wall I have an inexpensive magnetic tool holder. Absolutely wonderful for your scissors. You could use the shallow socket holder as a magnet scissors holder too. Share your unique ideas with me.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 06/22/2020

Beautiful colors of summer quilt by Narcie Stahr. I came up with my own design and quilted flowers in it and then did scallops around the border.

I Say Sew Quilting updated their website address. 06/19/2020

I Say Sew Quilting updated their website address.

I Say Sew Quilting updated their website address.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 06/18/2020

Mr. Lawrence Payne has created another scarlet and Grey work of art. Quilting was similar to the others, other than I did a double wavy line in the red sashing with a new ruler that I got on our Michigan trip last week.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 06/06/2020

Hello everyone. I have a beautiful quilt with a Canadian theme created by the talented Lawrence Payne. I wanted to use a more masculine design and frame the quilt in with cross hatching, along with a curved motif in the white sashing to balance the sharp lines of the cross hatching. I echoed the inside and outside of the leafs and quilted veins in them. In the corners I quilted a maple leaf. I have a YouTube video that you can see how it was created. Please help by subscribing to my channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS9sSOxb5rQ&feature=share


With my replacement quilting machine coming I have to come up with a name. I'm taking suggestions. I've already used Sewphie and Amy. The machine is a Handi Quilter Amara, help me find a name for her.


3rd quilt by Anita. Log cabin pattern. Meander quilting motif.


Wouldn't this quilt by Anita M. be beautiful in a beach house by the ocean? Quilting design was meandering.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 05/29/2020

This quilt was made by Anita M. The pinwheels are dimensionals so I didn't want to quilt them down and lose the effect, so I quilted around them using a circle with a design outside and stippling inside catching just the corners of the pinwheels. I did a leaf motif around the border.


Quilt by Christine Cooksey. White and shades of Red. I did meandering quilting on it. This is my favorite colors of red.

Photos from I Say Sew Quilting's post 05/19/2020

2nd quilt by Betty Nutter. Beautiful bright colors. I did echo quilting on the stars and feathers in the triangles that separate the stars

Our Story

I think quilt making and quilting is in my DNA. I began making quilts in the early 90’s about the time that my mother Sandy Harr got her 1st “mid arm” quilting machine after a couple of years she upgraded to a long arm machine. I was so fascinated with this thing that quilted quilts I just had to learn, after a couple of years once I became confident in my own quilt making abilities I asked her to teach me to do long arm quilting, so began a journey of several years of long arm quilting. Unfortunately my mother passed away from cancer in December 2012. It was a devastating loss for me to not have her here. I found that quilting gave me that connection to her that I’d lost when she passed, so I continued her quilting business. I originally named it Marsharr ( Marshall my last name and Harr her last name), but I changed it because people thought it was a typo and I had to constantly explain the name. I now call it I Say Sew Quilting and Embroidery and there’s a story behind that too. When my son’s were still at home and I’d tell them to do something they’d ask; as all kids do, Why? and I’d say “Because I Say So and I’m the president and owner of the I Say So Company”. So Here it is “I Say Sew”. Quilts really are a work of Heart!

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Beautiful hand embroidered quilt by Narcie Stahr.  I framed in the center motifs with a ring and feathers and swirls in ...


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