Thanks for EVERYTHING over the years Dr. Hackenberg. You've been the best MD I've ever had. If you guys ever want cycling company let me know!
I have been going to Dr Hackenberg since 1997.
I love her.. I am devastated that she is not going to be mine GYN 😭
Thou I completely understand her wanted to retired .I myself is retired.
She is so kind, caring, Wonderful and I could go on.. person. She does not rush you out of the room.. there will never be another one like her. Also her staff and I love the nurse there, LaShau..She is awesome ❣️It’s not gonna be the same. To have the trust, warmth, caring kind hearted, easy to talk to. I am very sad .. at the same time I am very happy for Dr Hackenburg to enjoy and deserve rest of her life to explore life.
God bless you and LaShau🤗❤️🙏🏻🏖🍹
I will miss your exceptional care, but I am very excited for you in beginning this next phase of your life, and I look forward to seeing where it takes you! :-)

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Operating as usual


| Medicopy

Sadly, as our last day approaches we want to remind patients who have submitted medical releases that tomorrow is the last day to pick up records from the office.

If they aren’t picked up, they will be mailed to your address on file.

If you still need a copy of your records, either for yourself or a new physician, please visit www.medicopy.net and fill out a records release form. They will process them in our absence. Feel free to call medicopy at 866-587-6274 if you have any questions.

Beginning May 1st, our office voicemail will instruct the above.

Lastly, if you’ve been communicating with myself or Lashaun via email, our accounts will no longer be accessible to us beginning Wednesday, May 1st.

❤️Thank you all for the continued support, kind words, and gifts❤️ We will truly miss you all, and wish every one of you the very best❤️

*Maria* 😘

medicopy.net Our goal is simple, to provide efficient ROI service for both the patient and the HIM department. MediCopy proudly offers a customizable workflow that will fit the needs of any hospital.


Today is our last day of seeing patients in the office. Lashaun and I want to thank all of our patients for their wonderful cards, flowers, presents, and well wishes!! We will miss you!
Dr. H

[04/13/19]   What gynecological topics would you like to see more information on? Leave suggestions in the comments! ~Nursing Team~ 😉
(No Personal Diagnosis Request PLEASE)


Happy Saturday!

[04/12/19]   PATIENTS:

Hysteria has officially set in and patients are stopping by the office demanding records be copied on the spot as well as paying for ones already completed. This is NOT how it works! There is a process to our “madness”.

If you HAVE NOT received a call from me regarding the completion of your records DO NOT stop by the office. If you have not paid for your records via phone with me, DO NOT stop by the office. If you didn’t request your records PRIOR to the April 1st DEADLINE, DO NOT stop by the office.

Please DO NOT call the nurses office regarding anything other than prescription questions and requests.

Again, we are actively seeing patients each and everyday until Dr. Hackenberg retires and we dont have time nor lady power to be torn away from our work.

Also, please don’t call multiple times regarding the “status” of your medical records, the ones received will be COMPLETED by the end of this month as promised. Anything received after that date will be forwarded to LMG to be completed after we have closed our doors.

We have worked tirelessly for months to fulfill all record request and we will continue to do so up until the end.

At this time our schedule is COMPLETELY booked. If you have an emergent need please see your primary care doctor or new gynecologist.

If there is anything else you may need assistance with please message me here as our phone lines have become impossible to get through to us on.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, and we truly will miss all of you.

I wish you all the best!


[04/11/19]   "As women, we have super powers. We are sisters. We are healers. We are mothers. We are goddess warriors."

Merle Dandridge


Cheers to the homestretch 🥂🍻 #25daystilRETIREMENT

As a reminder: we are no longer accepting medical record request. We’ve reached our limit, and we hope and pray we can get the ones we do have completed in the time we have left! Again, as always we appreciate your patience during this “crazy” time.

Next, if you’d like to send cards, well wishes, gifts etc for Dr. Hackenberg or the staff please send them to the office at:

19465 Deerfield Ave, Ste 205
Lansdowne, VA 20176

LaShaun and myself have been forwarding all correspondences to the boss lady herself!

As of right now, we have a handful of open appointments for last minute annuals or problem visits if those should occur. Please dont wait til the last minute, i believe our last week is already completely booked, and time is running out.

If you should need anything in the mean time, please try messaging me on here since my primary focus these next couple of weeks is finalizing medical records.

Thank you again, we know this has been a “tough” transition... not only for you all but for Lashaun and I too!

🎄Below is a picture I came across recently from our annual x-mas lunch🎄

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️Last pic is of LaShaun and I after we’ve done medical records all day🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

[03/21/19]   PLEASE READ!!!!

I’m receiving ALOT of phone calls regarding the fees for picking up a copy of your medical records. Please be advised i CANNOT give you a “ball park” amount. If you’ve seen Dr. H for 20+ years your records will clearly cost more then say someone who has seen her for 5! The medical record release form explains in detail the breakdown (on the very bottom of the form). Please read it carefully.

Again, its much easier and faster to transfer records to another doctor, even if its a primary care physician.

We are experiencing EXTREMELY high call volume these days and this will hopefully help eliminate redundant voicemails and phone calls.

Also, if you know a family member, coworker, girlfriend who is overdue for their annual with Dr. H please have them call me ASAP. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!! Appointments are LIMITED! Our goal is to get as many annuals done in the short time we have left.

If you have questions about medications or you just want to pick Dr. Hackenberg’s brain about an ongoing issue or advice, please use the patient portal or contact the nurses office, please refrain from making appointments just to talk.

Please share this info with your friends & family who are also our patients. As you can see by the timing of this post... some of us haven’t gone to sleep yet as we’re trying hard to get all of your medical records in the right hands before Dr. Hackenberg leaves us.

As always we appreciate your patience during this time. If you have questions for me please feel free to message me below as its sometimes quicker for me to respond.

vhackenbergmd.com 03/17/2019

HOME - Virginia Hackenberg, M.D.

Needing to transfer your records to a new doctor???

Please fill out(COMPLETELY) a medical records release form located on our website (vhackenbergmd.com), once completed return to our office by mail/fax/drop off.

Dont forget to add the FAX number for your new doctors office.

Also, if you have an upcoming appointment scheduled with them, please write that somewhere on the form so we know to put a rush on your records.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient with us. We are still seeing patients daily up to Dr. H’s retirement date and it will take us time to get all of these done.

There are 3 of us... and hundreds of you all. 😋
Let the countdown begin....44 days until the greatest boss & gynecologist retires.



For all the patients that keep asking... Dr. Hackenbergs staff will finally be REUNITED one last time before she retires... Tuesday March 26th... I cant promise you’ll get to see Dr.H (shes a workaholic🤫), but i know Lashaun and I would love to see you all! Shhhhh... dont tell Dr. H... its a surprise reunion. 😘

[03/13/19]   Attn Patients: Please be aware our office will be closed tomorrow and reopen Thursday.


Our office will be CLOSED 3/6-3/13! If you need immediate assistance during this time please visit the LMG Urgent Care or your primary car doctor. 😀


❄️Stay Safe TOMORROW Everyone❄️

health.harvard.edu 02/14/2019

Postmenopausal bleeding: Don’t worry — but do call your doctor - Harvard Health

health.harvard.edu Postmenopausal bleeding is caused by endometrial cancer only 9% of the time, but 91% of women with endometrial cancer have postmenopausal bleeding. For this reason, it’s always important that women have any unusual or postmenopausal bleeding ch...

health.harvard.edu 02/14/2019

Mediterranean diet reduces stroke risk, particularly among women - Harvard Health

health.harvard.edu Mediterranean diet may reduce stroke risk, particularly in women.

[02/14/19]   The office will be closed 02/15/19 - 02/19/19

healthline.com 02/12/2019

Adenomyosis vs. Endometriosis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

healthline.com Both adenomyosis and endometriosis cause the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue. Many of the symptoms are the same, and it’s possible to have both at the same time. However, there are very distinct differences between the two conditions.

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Coping With Infertility From Endometriosis

everydayhealth.com Facing reproductive problems like endometriosis can be difficult emotionally. Discover coping strategies, such as joining an endometriosis support group.

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Perimenopause: Rocky road to menopause - Harvard Health

health.harvard.edu What are the signs of perimenopause? You're in your 40s, you wake up in a sweat at night, and your periods are erratic and often accompanied by heavy bleeding: Chances are, you're going through perimenopause. Many women experience an array of symptom...

[01/21/19]   Due to the overwhelming amount of phone calls we ask that you please be patient with us as we try our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner.

healthywomen.org 01/18/2019

10 Secrets to Sail Through Menopause | HealthyWomen

healthywomen.org Yet others bemoan its crazy-making symptoms, besieged by one or a combination of these common hallmarks: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, sleep disturbances, fatigue and forgetfulness.

everydayhealth.com 01/17/2019

Treating PMS May Be Vital to Your Well-Being

everydayhealth.com PMS is a serious health issue, affecting millions of women. Learn about PMS treatments that will relieve its exasperating and debilitating symptoms.

sheknows.com 01/16/2019

Julianne Hough gets real about living with endometriosis

sheknows.com 'I was so tired of trying to be Miss Perfect and pretending everything was fine.'

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forbes.com With more women rising to senior positions at work, there is a growing commitment for better policies and support. Yet there is one stage in every woman’s life that is still barely mentioned: the menopause. Very few employers openly recognise the particular needs of women at this life stage.

nytimes.com 12/20/2018

The Brain Fog of Menopause


nytimes.com ‘Menopause-related cognitive impairment happens to women in their 40s and 50s, women in the prime of life who suddenly have the rug pulled out from under them,’ an expert says.

[12/20/18]   Happy Holidays!
The office will be closed 1/2 day Dec 24th, all day Dec 25th and 26th.

prevention.com 10/24/2018

The Health Screenings Every Woman Over 40 Needs, According to Doctors


prevention.com Women in their 40s are at higher risk for heart disease, breast cancer, and osteoporosis.

cdc.gov 10/20/2018

Breast Cancer Awareness


cdc.gov Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. Talk to your doctor about breast cancer screening.


Have you had your Mammogram? Call us to get your order!

[09/20/18]   Reminder! Office will be closed from September 24th- October 5th! Please see your P*P or LMG Urgent care for urgent needs.🧚‍♂️


It about that time! The office will not have a doctor for two weeks as she goes on her annual vacation. September 24th through October 5th.

msn.com 09/06/2018

The Best Time to Get the Flu Shot Is Earlier Than You Think

msn.com Before flu season is in full swing

[05/27/18]   In observance of the holiday our office will be CLOSED tomorrow! Happy Memorial Day!

[05/03/18]   Our office will be CLOSED Friday May 18th.



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