The Hanna Hatch

The Hanna Hatch

Our parent flocks are pasture raised and organically fed. From our home to yours, self-sustainabilit

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All girls are spoken for : )

Hello Everyone,

We will be rehoming some lovely ladies,

4- Crested Cream Legbars (Blue egg layers)

3- Black Copper Marans (Chocolate eggs layers)

4- Mars Bars (Olive egg layers)

PM me if interested!


Finally feels like Fall! Hurricane Ian update 🍃


4:30 pm update


Starting to get windy 🍃


Update on Hurricane Ian!

Disclaimer: Bear Bear will come in when we actually start getting heavy weather. He’s loving the cooler weather.


Here is some good information to know for new Florida residents experiencing their first Hurricane.

Overnight Ian Thoughts:

1. This track is by NO means set in stone. Yes, the models are close to agreeing. Does that really matter? Mother Nature does what she wants sometimes and forecasting the path of a hurricane is probably the toughest part of our science. We've seen it several times before. Hurricane Charley might be the best example.

2. The winds of Ian will very likely start to weaken long before reaching our latitude. (East-West line) The same pattern that will probably steer it to the right is also the same ingredients that will cause the storm to peak in the Southern Gulf, and begin to weaken before a potential landfall. That weakening could be significant.

3. But at the end of the day, it is almost guaranteed that tropical storm winds will impact the area on Wednesday and Thursday...stronger on the coast. Also remember, the extreme winds with any hurricane, are in a VERY small part of the storm. It's usually only about 10 miles out and scattered at that. I don't want to minimize the threat, but I also don't want you to think that this giant mass of winds greater than 120 mph will hit the entire area. That's just not how it works. I continue with my thoughts...think Irma. The winds will be comparable for most, but a few areas will have winds higher. Again, the strongest winds will be along the coast, NOT inland. (Think West of I-75)

4. My biggest concern is the surge. That's an area of water pushed by the storm that goes inland as the storm approaches land. It's not a wall of's more like a rise in water. If Ian stays just offshore and moves up the coast, it will push water all along our beach communities. How far would the surge go inland? It's usually right along the coast, but in some cases, with a storm like this, maybe 1/4 miles inland. I've seen surge in Port Richey go all the way to US 19 with Josephine back in 1995. There will be evacuations starting on Monday. Find your flood zone. If you live in a zone being evacuated, DO SO. "Hide from the wind and run from the water" is my mantra in this kind of situation.

5. This is NOT the time to freak out. Rule #7 is a motto I use in hope of getting people to realize things aren't always as bad as they seem. It's tough to make a good decision when you're freaking out. This track is absolutely not set in stone. The NHC just said that in their 11pm advisory. However, as I see it, people who live right on the beach, or within a stone's throw from the beach, need to take this seriously. If the track is more offshore, we're good to go. That could absolutely happen. If it doesn't, it could mean a lot of water.

6. This community is my home. I'm blessed to live in paradise. We WILL get through this, whatever we face. I take your faith in our team seriously, and I promise we will get you everything you need to know to keep you and your family safe. You mean the world to me. Thanks for your trust. Now let's go tackle this together.

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Here are some ideas to keep your Flock safe during the impending hurricane:

1.) If your coop is solid and passes the shake test, make some wind breaks if it is more open (plywood works). Make sure they can perch off the ground as well.

2.) Use a shed or your garage. Maybe use an old tent, fill with shavings. Add food and water. If you only have a few chickens, you can also use some dog crates.

3.) If you have a chicken tractor and no other shelter available, make sure to secure your tractor with tie downs. You can attach these to sandbags or stakes. Definitely try to add wind breaks. Secure your nesting boxes if they are milk crates.


If anyone is in need or feeling the sting of inflation, check out Little River Community Cupboard.


Harvesting Sunflower seeds for Our Chickens 🌻


Just a reminder!

Keep nesting boxes clean with fresh bedding. If your hens p**p in them at night, try cutting off access in the evening.

When washing eggs, use warm water. Do realize that the bloom which protects the egg from bacteria will be gone once you wash them, so you will need to refrigerate them.

You don’t have to wash your eggs… the bloom protects them. This is why it’s important to keep the nesting boxes clean.

SALMONELLA OUTBREAK: 884 people sick in 48 states and DC from contact with backyard poultry.

If you raise chickens for eggs:
🥚 Collect eggs often
🥚 Throw away cracked eggs
🥚 Rub dirt off eggs with fine sandpaper, a brush, or a cloth (washing with cold water can pull germs into the egg)
🥚 Keep eggs refrigerated

More tips on how to stay healthy around your flock:


Everglade Tomatoes, Okra, and Sunflowers. Transitioning from Spring to Fall Garden.


Are flies bothering your chickens this summer?

Here are some tips to keep the fly population down.
Let's make your feathered friends more comfortable!

DIY Chicken Coop BUILD 08/06/2022

Low maintenance, sleek chicken coop build.

DIY Chicken Coop BUILD J Han builds mobile chicken tractor with sons.

Photos from The Hanna Hatch's post 08/01/2022

It’s the season for OKRA! I’m super impressed with my Okra harvest, especially since this is my first time growing it. Each plant produces about 1 pod/ day.

How to Move Chickens! 8 Easy Steps 08/01/2022

The Hanna Hatch moves chickens weekly to a new patch of grass. This is how we are able to pasture raise, without the extra mess and worry of where our chickens are. New patch, more to forage!

How to Move Chickens! 8 Easy Steps Step 1. Ensure you have hungry chickensStep 2 Determine the location you're moving the flock toStep 3. Get the ...


Own Personal Mosh Pit 😂


Not a chicken post but…

Check out my cousin Ashley Shannon, she is amazing! Wishing my voice was as beautiful as hers ❤️

Photos from The Hanna Hatch's post 07/07/2022

Baby Chicks have hatched! 🐣
Crested Cream Legbar
Black Copper Maran
F2 Gen Mars Bars

Hatch date 7/2/2022


My Country, ‘Tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the Pilgrim’s pride,
From every mountain side
Let freedom ring.

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This is their happy place too 😊


Make sure your chicken coops/shelters are secure.

Heads up! Strong & potentially severe storms will develop this afternoon & evening. The main threat is damaging winds.

7 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Cool During Summer - The Happy Chicken Coop 06/17/2022

If you live off the west coast of Florida, Temps are getting up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit today! Make sure you have a plan for your feathered friends 🐓

7 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Cool During Summer - The Happy Chicken Coop Concerned that your chicken might have heat stroke or is struggling in the sun? Let's take a look at our favourite 7 ways to cool them ...


I do like green eggs and ham! I do, I do, Sam I am!

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend 2022 06/05/2022

Our Jubilee Orpingtons were gifted to Queen Victoria during her Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend 2022 A special extended bank holiday weekend will provide an opportunity for communities and people throughout the United Kingdom to come together to celebrate the historic milestone.


Our Mars Bars are laying us our next Generation of Olive Eggers 💚💚💚


Garden Stir-fry

Photos from The Hanna Hatch's post 05/11/2022

Me and my chickens favorite spot ❤️

Photos from The Hanna Hatch's post 05/11/2022

Update: I only have 1 BCM boy left!

I have some grow outs and babies that need a new coop! Last chance before we end our Spring season.

Check pictures for Ages and Breeds


Summer is quickly approaching, we will be taking preorders for Fall 2022!

Also, if you would like a custom hatch this summer season and are local, please contact for more info.

Available this fall (September):
Lavender Orpington
Mars Bar (Olive Eggers)
Crested Cream Legbar
French Black Copper Maran

November: Jubilee Orpington


I spot a chicken, no wait it’s a dog, it’s Bear!

Photos from The Hanna Hatch's post 05/01/2022

Update: all my hens have found new homes :)

These ladies need a new home
Land O Lakes FL
1 year old laying Hens:
French Black Copper Marans
Crested Cream Legbars
3 Month old Pullets:
Lavender Orpingtons
Mars Bars

Photos from The Hanna Hatch's post 04/29/2022

Spot on conversation!

Fun fact Friday.
Let’s talk about eggs.
(Pictured is a chicken and duck egg)

For one did you know that a lot of commercial chickens have their beaks cut to not allowing pecking of each other in confinement? This is considered “ok” (have you ever watched a chicken try to eat with a messed up beak?)

Cage free - this simply means they don’t live in a cage. But what defines a cage? Packed in a metal building with limited space still feels like a cage if you ask me.

Free range - sounds good but this simply means they must have access to the outdoors. But how much access?

Antibiotic and hormone free eggs - no eggs contain these. Just like meat is not run through a processor without proper withdrawal time for antibiotics same with milk.

Organic - honestly all this means is they are getting organic feed. What about their well being?

Vegetarian fed - we’ll then they for sure aren’t free range nor are they eating their natural diet. I’m not sure how this label is even a thing since a chicken will eat a mouse, lizard, bug, anything that walks past it that it can catch. How could one be sure s chicken never ate such thing? (Confinement?)

Now the whole orange yolk ordeal - if you raise chickens you can tell when your birds are foraging well based on the color of their yolks. One would think the same about store bought eggs but egg producers have caught on and feed dried marigolds to enrich the color of the yolk without actually enriching the chickens lives.

So what’s the best option? Buy from a neighbor who’s raising hens in their backyard. Even if they are confined to a coop and run i still would almost bet they are more humanely cared for than the ones being mass produced. I’d almost bet money everyone has someone within a reasonable distance of them that would sell some of their eggs it just might take some looking depending on the regulations where you live.
Shared from Graham Family Ranch


Available now:

Off Heat

Two (four week old) Cream Legbar Pullets

Two (four week old) Mars Bars Pullets

One week old:

Six BCM straight run

Four Royal Palm Poults


Happy Hatching!!!!


Time to put the poults in the brooder!


Specialty poult feed

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Finally feels like Fall! Hurricane Ian update 🍃
4:30 pm update
Starting to get windy 🍃
Grow Baby Grow!
End of Spring Gardening Season!
Available now:Off HeatTwo (four week old) Cream Legbar PulletsTwo (four week old) Mars Bars Pullets One week old:Six BCM...
Poult Transfer Part 3
Poult transfer Part 2
Poult transfer Part 1




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