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Episode 105: Increase Your Mental Fitness with Kae Wagner 09/06/2022

Episode 105: Increase Your Mental Fitness with Kae Wagner

Your mind chatter increases when you have financial issues. Learn how Mental Fitness and PQ can help in my interview with Rennie Gabriel on his podcast.

Episode 105: Increase Your Mental Fitness with Kae Wagner For Episode 105 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Kae Wagner. Kae is the founder and president of North Star Marketing and PQ FLOW Coaching. She's helped large and small businesses market their products and services and helped Business Owners, Executives and their teams increa...


Serena is a Champion who can teach us a lot about taking on major challenges.

Leadership GLUE: Tip # 65
[Positive Intelligence – PQ] What Serena is showing us about recovering from challenges!

Watching Serena Williams on the world stage of tennis has been amazing. No matter what comes across the net to her, she is always prepared. She’s always in ‘ready mode.’ Her ability to recover and reset is world class. Her ability to focus and stay present is the hallmark of a champion.

We know it’s humanly impossible to always be in the “ready mode” of our Wise Sage.

We all get hijacked sometimes, as demonstrated by having negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, anger, blame, disappointment, and self-doubt.

At the black belt level of the Wise Sage, such as a Jedi master, you'd stay in these negative emotions only for a few seconds and then quickly recover back to feeling centered and grounded.

Since none of us is at the black belt stage level, we all take longer than a few seconds to recover from a saboteur hijacking and the onslaught of negative emotions.

The mental fitness question is how quickly can you recover from the negative funk?

The answer depends on two things: how strong is your mental fitness and how heavy is the challenge.

As you improve your mental fitness, you recover faster and faster in response to increasingly tougher and weightier challenges. One of the greatest differentiators between world class athletes versus the runners up is the speed of recovery from mistakes. When you watch a pro like Serena, you see a quick recovery. She resets and is back in form, back to center.

Depending on the extent of your saboteur hijacking, you might take several minutes or hours to recover from negative emotions. Like Serena, your focus is to recover quickly. To get back to neutral and into your Wise Sage powers.

To understand how your Saboteurs get triggered, take the Saboteur Assessment here:


Which will you choose today? Fear or Love?

Leadership GLUE: Tip #64
[Positive Intelligence - PQ] Fear or Love - You Choose
The war raging inside our minds between the Saboteurs and the Wise Sage is ultimately a war between the two primal forces that make life possible.

The two primal forces that make life possible are Fear and Love.

All saboteurs are rooted in fear:
fear of failure
fear of poverty
fear of abandonment
fear of rejection
fear of harm
fear of not mattering
and ultimately fear of death.

On the other hand, the Wise Sage operates entirely on love.
When you think about it, the Wise Sage perspective that everything can be turned into a gift and opportunity is based on love and finding the gift in whatever happens.

To discover the unfolding mystery of life and find the gift in whatever happens, tap into the five Wise Sage powers.
1. Empathy is love for yourself and others.
2. Explore is love for discovery.
3. Innovate is love for possibilities
4. Navigate is love for meaning and purpose
5. Activate is love for making things happen.

Today, whenever you feel any negative emotions, ranging from anxiety and stress, to anger, shame, guilt, or blame, ask yourself what the underlying fear might be. Then choose something to love instead.

Find something to love about yourself or the situation or person in front of you. Begin to shift to the Wise Sage today.

Choose love.

To identify and understand your Saboteurs, take the PQ Saboteurs Assessment here:

Give Feedback Like a Coach 08/09/2022

Give Feedback Like a Coach

Positive feedback from manager's to their team members is essential team well-being and the group's mental fitness. Gallup says that managers should give intentional positive feedback at least once a week.

Give Feedback Like a Coach Good feedback can improve development -- but far too few employees hear from their manager.


Emotions at work are helpful in getting the job done.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #61
[Positive Intelligence - PQ] Emotional Bonding at Work

Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time to get the job done.
When you're willing to help save the day, it's always appreciated and builds positive team relationships.

Today, be on the alert to lend a helping hand or find a creative way to solve a problem
Helping a fellow team member at exactly the right time builds deep emotional bonds.
These bonds lead to productivity and achievement as emotional junk fades away.
Try it today and see what happens. This is life. Live it.

Assess your Saboteurs and see what's keeping you from helping others here:


Love and laughter...nothing sweeter.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #60
[Positive Intelligence - PQ] We need smiles and laughter like we need oxygen. Keep things light and fun today. Laughing is like a 5-minute vacation. It makes a great gift, too.



Even though we think leadership is about making good products, giving great service, and having a great bottom line...that all pales in light of the value of relationships. Your people...that's the most important thing.

PQSaboteurLink Join the thousands of others who have already benefited greatly from PQ - Positive Intelligence Quotient. Register here and tell us where to send your PQ Saboteur Assessment Link.


Do you avoid conflict? Does it scare you? Can you survive a conflict with a client? Learn how to embrace conflict and come through conflict navigation with a beautiful resolution. Spoiler Alert: Conflicts that are navigated well improve relationships tremendously.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #57
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Whenever two or more are gathered…there will be conflict.

Truth is, conflict is part of the human experience and even if there’s no one with you, you’ll have conflict. Inner conflict. Conflict in the space between your ears. It’s inevitable.

Our ego wants one thing and our wiser Sage Self wants another.
Our ego wants immediate gratification and our wiser Sage Self sees a better future if we do the ‘right thing’ for today in order to have a better pay-off tomorrow.

There’s inner conflict in ourselves and outer conflict all around us.
Mothers and daughters.
Husbands and wives.
Leaders and teams.
Teachers and students.
Coaches and athletes.
Business partners…siblings…parishioners…
In churches…schools…non-profits…healthcare…businesses…everywhere we go there is conflict.

It’s part of being human. It’s what your ego does best; create conflict and divisiveness.

We pay a high price for conflict. Pain and suffering, trauma, damaged relationships, lost businesses, self-respect, integrity, peace of mind, and happiness. The trade-off the ego demands is huge.

Conflicts keep us paralyzed, sometimes for decades or a lifetime. Witness the estranged family member, the business torn apart by feuding partners, and churches split in two by dueling congregants.
Lives are torn apart by conflict because the ego would rather be right than be in a relationship.

The Ego, aka the Saboteurs, would rather ruin your life than give in.

Stubborn to the core, the Ego, showing up as Saboteurs, does not want to navigate conflict. Rather, the ego Saboteurs would fool you into thinking you are right and the conflict is someone else’s fault.

Some people go to their grave saying, “Blah, blah, blah…over my dead body…” and fulfill their own predictions.

The workplace festers with conflict. The “Bad Boss” is a bully. The team knows only stress, tension, and infighting.
Families feud forever and wonder when “brotherly love” ever existed.
Countries fight wars that date back to the beginning of the world.
Even Adam and Eve experienced conflict and their sons’ conflict ended in murder.

In PQ - Positive Intelligence - we work on navigating conflict. We know it’s the root cause of endless pain and suffering.

In PQ, we weaken the Saboteurs (the Ego) and strengthen the wise Sage Self.

We teach people how to navigate conflict rather than run away from conflict or try to bully their way out of it.
We will never have a world free of conflict. But, at the very least, you can learn how to navigate your way through it and make your life better. And that, my friend, would be a huge gift to you, your team, your family, your friends, and your enemies.

Get started here by identifying and weakening your Saboteurs:


Many feel life is hard. Is that you?

Leadership GLUE: Tip #55
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Life is Hard?
What’s your worldview on life…your basic belief about life?

Do you think “Life is Hard,” “I got dealt a bad hand,” or even “Things will never work out for me?”
Do you feel like you're constantly fighting with life?
Does it seem like you have plans, dreams and goals but they don’t come true…they get smashed and you get beaten up by life… everyday life.
Does it seems like you get unlucky…more often than not, you fail…others don't come through as you would hope.

Basically, your worldview on life is a negative one because you look back on life and see a trail of bad things that cause you heartache, shame, negativity, pain, and suffering.

How do you respond when that happens?
Do you get upset at these things outside your control that life imposes on you?
Do you feel like you’re always fighting life? Thinking “Why does this always happen to me?”…and when you look around it seems like everyone else is living their best life…

Your life, your thoughts, and your feelings are being sabotaged by voices in your head we call the Saboteurs. As long as you let them run the show, you’ll feel like life is not your friend.

If you assume life is hostile, you'll always feel exhausted trying to dodge all these bad things thrown at you, hitting you and hurting you.

The good news is – in life, pain and suffering is optional. You can weaken the Saboteurs and learn to Grow Every Day.

Join us in Positive Intelligence and PQ FLOW Training & Coaching.

Every day your Mental Fitness will improve, and you will stop fighting life and begin living a life of ease and flow.

Sending you positive vibes so you can GROW EVERY DAY.


The 80/20 Rule still works; centuries after Pareto brought it to our attention and informed leaders of a new truth.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #54
[PQ - Positive Intelligence]
Follow the 80/20 Rule, which has proven that 20% of what we do gets 80% of the value and results we generate.
The challenge with some of our saboteurs is that they cause us to spend far more time and energy under less important 80% - meaning we won't have enough time or energy for the far more important 20% because our attention is sabotaged by negative thoughts and emotions about our performance or abilities. We focus on the less important 80% and thoughts of self-doubt, guilt, blame, and other negativity crowd out the important 20% that gets us meaningful results.
The Sage is more strategic by nature. Your Sage Powers of Empathy, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate will keep you focused on the important 20% where you need to spend your energy and attention.
Your Sage has the wisdom of knowing the 20% strategic and moves your energy towards it and doesn't get dragged down by the other side. Your Sage Powers will give you the ease and flow to make the 20% happen and you will finally solve problems that have kept your business stuck.
Today, mind the 20% that gets you the 80% value. You don't have to force yourself to do anything differently for starters, just become much more aware of this dynamic as often as you can.
Check-in and ask yourself the following question, “Is what I'm doing or worrying about right now in the 20% percent useful bucket or the 80% least useful bucket?”
This awareness alone goes a long way to ensuring that you are being strategic in your work and getting the results you want. You will be weakening the Saboteur voices and engaging the Sage’s 5 Powers.


Words are not the most important thing in communicating your message to your team...

Leadership GLUE: Tip #52
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Did You Get It? Did you get it all???

Anytime human beings communicate information, it’s transmitted on two channels: the data channel and the PQ channel.
The data channel is the literal and tangible one where words and data are being communicated. Most people primarily focus on the words. In the Data channel, they are tuned in towards information and data.
However, there is rich information being simultaneously broadcast in the PQ channel.

What gets transmitted in the PQ Channel is the person’s energy, emotion, attitude, tone, and body language. It’s like the sub-text to the main message that carries all of the nuances and true meaning of the message.
What most people don't know is that the information in the PQ channel is more important than the data channel.
In fact, research shows that the actual words you use make up only 7% of the message communicated. Nonverbal and vocalization make up the other 93%.
As human beings, we are much more persuaded and influenced by the information in the PQ channel than the data channel.
To give you an example: what if I told you this “shut up, you're such a silly fool”
In the data channel, my words communicated a negative message: “shut up you are such a silly fool.”
But in the PQ channel, my energy and emotion communicated positive intent.

Chances are that you received my communication as a friendly and playful gesture, rather than a hostile gesture. Chances are you were more influenced by the PQ channel than the data channel.
That's always the case. – the actual words only influence 7% of communication.
So how do you learn to focus more on the PQ channel?
Your rational mind is good for tuning into data, but not energy and emotion.
As a matter of, the harder you think - the less access you have to the PQ channel.
So instead of hard thinking - become more aware of your body, how you feel about the communication, what your gut is telling you, your body sensations in reacting to the communication. When you do this – including your body responses in receiving communication, then you activate the Sage part of your brain and you can better tune into energy, emotion, and context.

Tune more into the PQ channel with everyone you encounter today, whether in person, on video, or on the phone.
Be fascinated with all the rich information being communicated in their tone, body language, and energy.
Let that information wash over you rather than trying hard to analyze or categorize it.

If you tried to analyze everything, you would tune off the PQ channel.
When you tune into the PQ channel you pick up a lot more information about what's really going on with the other person and that will result in you being more effective in relating to them… or being persuasive with them… or resolving conflict with them… or generating trust.
So, for today, tune into the PQ Channel and discover so much more in what people are communicating to you.

Learn more about how you communicate here:

Photos from Kae G. Wagner's post 07/07/2022

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You can choose to ditch your 'worry brain' that keeps focusing on all of your negative experiences and stays stuck in worry and anxiety. You get to choose.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #50
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Teflon or Velcro?
Our brains are exhausted with worry…but why?

“The brain is Teflon to positive experiences and Velcro to negative experiences,” says Rick Hanson, Psychologist and Best-Selling author of Hard Wiring Happiness.

Hanson notes that we have a natural Negativity Bias; meaning that the brain is hard wired to latch onto negative experiences (Velcro) and let positive events pass without too much notice (Teflon).

The brain’s basic method for survival is to constantly scan the environment and be on the lookout for danger; always evaluating if the next move is 'fight or flight.'

It’s our survival instinct that keeps us from focusing on our breathing while in meditation or keeps our brain buzzed at night with an endless worry message playing over and over and over.

One Negative event can trap us in a worry cycle for hours, while three Positive events can slip past us and never be acknowledged.

Have your kids ever said, “Daddy, Mommy...LOOK at me. Listen with your eyes, too,” or something similar that indicates you’ve been miles away while they were telling you about their latest accomplishment at school.

The brain is crazy town…so much going on. There’s no switch to flip to shut it down, but there are ways to calm the brain, settle the mind, and be fully present.

In Positive Intelligence - PQ - you can learn how to lesson your “worry brain” and engage your Sage powers. You can learn how to tap into the neuroplasticity of the brain and grow new neurons to change patterns of thought and behavior. It’s not a way to ‘trick out the brain.’ Rather, it’s a way to use the brain’s ability to transform itself physically.

Experience what your brain has to offer you. Leverage the wisdom and awareness it already has, but’s been buried under years of negative conditioning.

It’s up to you. What do you want? Teflon or Velcro?

Start here with the Saboteur Assessment:


The Saboteurs are the source of your stress. Here's how to bust them.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #49
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] From Stress to PQ FLOW*
When you think about it, most of your stress comes from saboteur-generated fears about “bad outcomes.”

For example, the voice in your head saying, “I'm screwed if I fail at this project” or “I'm screwed if I lose this job” or “I'm screwed if I get rejected in this relationship.”
Your Sage knows these are all lies.

You can actively turn each of these bad outcomes into a gift and opportunity.

For example, you convert failure in a project into learning that results in success in a much bigger project later on. Or use losing your job as the fuel to finally follow your true passion so you could be much happier in the long run. Or you convert the painful breakup of one relationship into introspection and personal growth that enables you to have much healthier relationships later on.

Paradoxically you're more likely to prevent these bad outcomes if you don't worry about them so much.

This is because you'd be less likely to get derailed by overreacting and stressing out every time a little glitch happens.

Your clear and centered mind is more creative and resourceful in responding to the glitches and hiccups along the way, helping you to recover faster.

So paradoxically you'd be more likely to achieve a goal if you passionately commit yourself to it, but not get all uptight about it. This would be possible if you remember that if you didn't succeed you could always convert that failure into a gift and opportunity.

So there is nothing to stress about. Watch your stress level today. Whenever you feel stress, ask yourself “what bad outcome are my saboteurs scaring me about?”

Ask yourself, “how could I even turn that outcome into a gift?” This would expose the saboteur lie that's causing your stress today.
Peacefully focus on just doing whatever you're doing while swatting away the stress-producing thoughts that might keep coming.

The best response to each stress-producing thought is labeling it as a lie. Then let it go and do a few PQ Reps on the PQ App and move on. Get rid of the lies and make life FLOW.
Learn more about your own Saboteurs here:
*Today’s wisdom directly from Shirzad Chamine, best-selling author of “Positive Intelligence.”


Building a better relationship only takes 10 seconds! Stay close to your colleagues, clients, friends, and family.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #48
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Relationships are like bank accounts: too many withdrawals and you will go bankrupt. Aim for a 3:1 Ratio in Relationships.
It's important to maintain a minimum three-to-one ratio of positive to negative thoughts and emotions inside your own head. It's also important to maintain a three-to-one ratio of positive to negative interactions inside your relationships.

Think about it this way, every time you have a negative interaction with someone it affects them so much it will take at least three positive interactions to neutralize that negative impact.

With each positive interaction, you make a deposit into your relationship bank account. With each negative interaction, you withdraw 3 times as much from your relationship bank account.

For your relationships to feel healthy, you want to make sure your bank account isn't empty, otherwise, your relationship will be bankrupt. This is true at work and at home.

Why three positives to counteract the one negative? That's because the human brain, for survival reasons, amplifies the negative at least three times as much as the positive.

What is a negative interaction? It's an interaction that causes the other person to feel negative emotions like blame, criticism, anger, shame, guilt, disappointment, and despair.

How well is your bank account doing in your key relationships at work and at home? Are you running on empty in any important relationship?

It only takes a few seconds to deposit a positive in an interaction. It could be as simple as saying “good job” in the middle of hearing a report or saying “what I like about that idea is…” in response to an idea before trying to improve it. Or give any ten-second of expression of appreciation or gratitude.

Instead, most of us tend to take the positive things for granted with our colleagues our kids, or our spouse.

We assume the other person is already aware that they have done a good job or that they know we appreciate them.

When you don't make the effort to deposit the positive your relationship bank runs on empty. This means that every time you open your mouth to say something the other person is already cringing and on the defensive because they have already anticipated a negative response. This ensures that their saboteurs, not their sage, will be listening and reacting to you.

Think about your key work and life relationships and which ones could use more positive strokes to get closer to a 3-to-one ratio. In today's interactions with others, whether in person, via phone, or by e-mail, see if you can deposit more positives. It only takes 10 seconds to deposit a positive interaction.

Learn more about Positive Intelligence and how to invest in your relationships by weakening your Saboteurs and getting rid of negativity:


What's your source of Positive Energy?

Leadership GLUE: Tip #46
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] The Wrong Question
"Is the glass half empty or half full?" is a proverbial phrase, used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for pessimism (half empty) or optimism (half full), but there are other viewpoints too, like realism (if poured out, half-empty; if filled up, half-full, but it is only a point of view). Sometimes this phrase is used as a litmus test to simply determine an individual's worldview. *Source, Wikipedia

My philosophy, though, is that this proverbial phrase is the wrong question to ask. Maybe it comes from my days in sales, or as the rainmaker in my business, but I always thought the better question to ask is "Where's the well so I can always fill up the glass?"
When you know where the source of supply is you will never wonder whether your glass is half-full or half-empty. You will always know where the well is.

I'm not going to try to tie this into PQ - Positive Intelligence, except to say that if you get my " the Well is the Source" philosophy, then you get PQ. What's your Source for sustained positive energy?
If you haven't assessed your PQ Level Score (your ratio of positive to negative in your daily life), check it out here:
(PS This is different from the Saboteur Assessment.)


What's this judgy little pug saying to you today?

Leadership GLUE: Tip #44
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] “Wow! You Look Terrible”
If you have negative thoughts like this when you look at yourself first thing in the mirror, then you have met your Judge Saboteur.. He’s the ring-leader of the Saboteurs who wants to squeeze every ounce of positivity from you every waking moment and even in your dreams.

Your Judge is not your friend, he is private enemy number one. The criticism and harsh voice of the Judge is the root cause of much pain and suffering. The destructive sabotage caused by the Judge makes you feel negative and anxious about yourself, others, and your circumstances.

Many of us are unaware of the inner Judge who runs the show in our heads and many successful, high-achieving people are oblivious to the destruction caused by the harsh inner conversation that’s happening daily in their heads. Everyone puts on a face and wants to be viewed as happy and successful.

When the first thought you have in the morning is the voice of the Judge you know it’s going to be a tough day. You’re starting with negativity and it takes 3 positive thoughts to neutralize one negative so you are already starting with a negative charge in your battery.

Stop the Madness of this cycle. Take the Saboteur Assessment and dig into what’s really going on with the Judge in your negative cycle of thoughts. Start here:


Happiness is an INSIDE JOB - we all have it right in front of us, hidden in plain sight!

Leadership GLUE: Tip #43
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Warning: PQ May Cause Happiness
We want a life of ease and flow and yet so many of us resist by making choices that will only cause more pain and suffering. The good news is we can change this Saboteur trap we've set for ourselves.

We continually sabotage ourselves by procrastinating at work, pushing people away from us in relationships, over-eating, and over-drinking, giving in to cravings of all sorts, making snarky comments and judging ourselves and others, and then wondering why we're filled with self-doubt, disappointment, and anxiety about our daily lives.

The Saboteurs, those trash talkers in our heads, have taken over the driver's wheel in our lives, they tell us lies and we believe their lies. As a result, we're just getting by most days and filled with harsh self-criticism on bad days.

PQ - Positive Intelligence - helps you identify and weaken the Saboteurs so you can move away from negative feelings and actually begin to have some contentment, joy, and dare I say it -- even happiness in your life.

PQ changes your INSIDE GAME so that you are in the Driver's seat, making life happen in the way that you want...not living life by default, doing what you've always done...getting the same thing you've always gotten.

Crazy town, isn't it? You have a solution right in front of you and yet, you would choose pain and suffering over joy and happiness? You don't need to think for more than one second to know why you received this message today...

Assess your Saboteurs here:


Trash Talk in your brain that won't stop? PQ - Positive Intelligence has the solution because there is no "OFF" switch for the Monkey Mind.

Leadership GLUE: Tip #42
[PQ - Positive Intelligence] Spoiler Alert: The "Monkey Mind" has no "OFF" button.

No matter how many times you want to stop your crazy mind chatter, you will never find a switch to turn it off. Your brain is often referred to as the "Monkey Mind." Endless chatter with flitting thoughts going nowhere.

The thing is, the goal of PQ - Positive Intelligence - is not to shut off the left brain entirely, but to switch from your Saboteur's trash talk to the Sage's Wisdom.

But you can't make that happen just by staying STOP. The brain needs more than that.

The brain needs help to boot the Saboteurs out of the Captain's seat into the copilot's seat so that your PQ Brain can take control.
Just saying STOP is not enough. You need to take action to switch to the right brain territory of PQ Sage Wisdom.

The switch comes when you have a strong Self-Command Muscle. That's where the pivot happens. The Self-Command Muscle is like the supervisor in your brain, making the switch happen more frequently as you develop new neuropathways in the brain.

Who are the Saboteurs that have taken the Captain's Seat in your brain all these years? Click here to assess your Saboteurs:


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