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I am so thankful for this great group of people. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on my team, near and far! ❤
A wonderful day for a race. Using new guidelines to keep runners and walkers safe, around 180 persons took part in the 2020 Corn Pickin' 5K Presented by Oregon Dairy. Funds raised through this event benefit the Landis Homes Caring Fund. The results can be found at Thanks to all who took part and a special thanks to all the business sponsors. Phoebe Pharmacy, Triangle Refrigeration, Synapse Marketing Solutions, Fulton Bank, Vanguard Development Group, MVE Group, BCF Group, Univest Financial, John F Martin & Sons, North Group Consultants, Haller Enterprises, Trout CPA and Acuity Advisors and CPAs, LLP
Thanks to Oregon Dairy for organizing the Corn Pickin’ 5K Run and Walk. This year $10,650 was raised in support of the Landis Homes’ Caring Fund that benefits aging adults who need financial assistance. Vic Hurst, Co-Owner of Oregon Dairy, presented Michelle Rassler, Executive Director of Landis Homes, the donation check made possible by all of the runners and sponsors. Many people helped make this special event successful, and some are included in this photo. From the left, Linford Good, a participant in the race and Vice President of Planning at Landis Communities, Amy Henriques, Director of Advancement for Landis Communities, Michelle Rassler, Vic Hurst, Lori Strickler, Member of 5K Planning Committee, Dot Hartman, race participant and Director of Operations for Community Initiatives at Landis Communities. Nancy Brown, Special Events Coordinator for Oregon Dairy, also helped organize the event but was unavailable for the photo. Also a special thanks to sponsors Richards Energy Group, Inc., Triangle Refrigeration, Synapse Marketing Solutions, Fulton Bank, Phoebe Pharmacy, BCF Group, Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, LTD., Vanguard Development Group, WJTL, John F Martin & Sons, Haller Enterprises, Orrstown Bank, North Group Consultants
A BIG Thank you to the sponsors, runners and walkers who participated in our 5th Annual Corn Pickin 5K and making it the most attended race to date with 174 participants! We raised over $9,000 for the Landis Homes Benevolent Fund! 🌽

Triangle Refrigeration, Synapse Marketing Solutions, North Group Consultants, Orrstown Bank Haller Enterprises Vanguard John F Martin & Sons, Phoebe Pharmacy, Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, LTD., Richard Energy Fulton Bank, BCF Group.

We create brands, websites, and marketing strategies that drive revenue, win more customers, improve Connect with us today!

We create brands, websites, and marketing strategies that drive revenue, win more customers, improve productivity and deliver real business results.

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Thank you, American Music Theatre, for letting us behind the scenes this week!

At Synapse, we love working closely with clients like AMT to create and share content that showcases their vision, story, and team.

Now more than ever, consumers and businesses want to feel connected to the brands they work with and buy from.

Talk to us about Brand Strategy:

Timeline photos 12/14/2021

44% of marketers say their top priority for 2021 was to "better measure the ROI of our demand generation initiatives." [Demand Gen Report, 2021] Are you getting the best insights into your ROI? Synapse can help with that.


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Staying busy this holiday season by sending our lovely clients the Synapse 2021 holiday card and Evan's Candy homemade chocolate gift boxes! Thank you to all our clients for making this year very special ❄️

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Nothing better than Beiler's Doughnuts on a Friday morning 😋

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The Synapse team celebrated Thanksgiving this afternoon with potluck, games and good times.

From all of us to all you, we wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday.


American Music Theatre's Brandon Martin was on abc27’s Good Day PA program yesterday to promote two amazing shows: Winter Wonderland—AMT’s annual Christmas show, and Dancing with the Stars Live!!

We love helping clients like AMT reach the right audience with their message, bringing top companies the wins they count on. Check out the segment, and of course, don’t forget to buy your tickets to these can’t-miss shows!

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Happy Halloween from the Synapse crew!

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Everyone loves Pizza Friday. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Behind the scenes at a video shoot this week in Rochester, NY. Nice hairnets!

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Looking good, ABX!


We get to work with some top-notch people. Cheers!


Direct Wire - From Wireframes to Website

Crafting an effective B2B website requires a blend of strategic thinking, creativity, and technical prowess.

See how we take B2B websites to the next level with a behind-the-scenes tour of Direct Wire's new website:

Shady Maple Social Media Campaign Case Study 08/19/2020

Shady Maple Social Media Campaign Case Study

Here's a look at an exciting social media campaign our team conceived and executed for Shady Maple Smorgasbord earlier this year! Below you will find the goal of the campaign, on our site you will find our solution and the results.

The Challenge
Shady Maple asked us to develop a creative and engaging social media strategy and campaign to celebrate and promote Shady Maple Smorgasbord’s 35th Anniversary. Ultimately, our goal was to grow their presence and audience on Facebook and Instagram.

The Solution
We developed two separate but concurrent social media campaigns that would create brand buzz, driving engagement within the Facebook platform and growing their Followers for the Smorgasbord page.

See how we did at:

Shady Maple Social Media Campaign Case Study A case study about Shady Maple Smorgasbord's most successful social media marketing campaign to date, a photo contest to promote their 35th Anniversary.

Maintaining a Personal Touch with Your Customers in a Digital World 07/07/2020

Maintaining a Personal Touch with Your Customers in a Digital World

Given the current circumstances the entire world has faced through the COVID-19 pandemic, our previous way of living has completely changed.

Many businesses have had to find new ways to communicate with, and serve, their customers. While we and many other industries now operate digitally, it’s important to keep the personal touch with your customers.

Now more than ever, people crave a connection and we’ve laid out some tips to keep the personal relationship alive in a virtual world:

Maintaining a Personal Touch with Your Customers in a Digital World Living in a digital world doesn’t mean that communication, personalization, and good ole’ fashioned customer service has to suffer. In fact, you can maintain your personal touch even better through purposefulness, an active online presence, and graceful responsiveness.

Solidify Your Brand 06/12/2020

Solidify Your Brand

When we see McDonald’s golden arches we think of an inexpensive and quick bite to eat with consistent quality. When we see the Nike swoosh, we are reminded of sports and fit athletes.

A common theme that these brands share—no matter what they do or sell—is that their brand is clearly defined and that it tells a story.

What story does your brand tell?

Solidify Your Brand Creating a lasting brand seems like a daunting task. While there is work required, it’s not as hard as you think.

Is Email Dead? 05/07/2020

Is Email Dead?

We hear it all the time that email is dead, yet companies continue to use it to gain leads and drive traffic to their sites. As is the case, the truth may be exaggerated, and we have some statistics to back that up:

Is Email Dead? Here are some strategies to breathe life back into your email messaging.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website 04/17/2020

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website

Spring is here and it’s time to start cleaning!

But before you grab the duster, we’re talking about your website. Yes, your website needs some TLC too! We don’t mean a total overhaul of your site’s theme or design. We’re talking about some small changes you can do right now that will make a big difference.

Here are some easy ways to give your website a good spring cleaning that your visitors will appreciate:

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website Give your site some TLC with this helpful spring cleaning checklist.


To help your business weather the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve compiled a list of five important marketing strategies you can follow to lessen the impact on your business, improve sales, and position your company for future success.


☑️ No spelling errors.
☑️ No upside down logos.

Yuasa Battery, Inc. - USA your banners are on the way! We're looking forward to seeing them up at Worcs Racing.


One of the biggest challenges that marketers and executives face today is collecting, managing, and interpreting all of the data that surrounds us. It pours in from our website, our social media pages, our ad campaigns, our email platform, everywhere. When used properly, this data can help us make better business decisions. That’s why understanding and using tools like Google Data Studio is so important to all businesses, small and large.

Learn more about Data Studio and get a FREE Dashboard created by our team at: 01/07/2020

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020 | Synapse Marketing Solutions

New Year, New Blog! What sorts of digital marketing trends will we see in the next decade? Read more in our insights blog here: As we enter the New Year, what will define the next decade? Here are some tech and digital marketing trends to watch in 2020.


Our Web Development team is capable of creating unique functionality for any purpose on any website. Some website functionalities can lead to more sales, putting you ahead of the competition.

Take a look at the "Find A Dealer" tool we created for Yuasa Battery, Inc. - USA. Visit and try it yourself!


Did you know that we are a Google Premier Partner?

To achieve this, our amazing digital strategy team had to demonstrate advanced ads skills and expertise, deliver agency and client revenue growth, and sustain and grow our client base. We work hard to keep our teams proficient in the latest and greatest that Google has to offer.

Learn more about our specializations and services at:


Analytics & Data Visualization provides profitable insights to determine which marketing tactics are working—and which ones aren’t.

One of the tools we’re well-versed in is Google Data Studio Dashboards. By creating and sharing these live data dashboards that can be accessed at any time, we’re able to draw important insights. These insights give you an edge over your competitors and help us make informed business decisions that get the most out of your budget.

Interested in learning more about our Consulting and Reporting services? Schedule a free strategy session:


Today our team enjoyed a potluck taco bar for lunch and shared all of the things in which we are thankful.

On behalf of everyone at Synapse, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Friday everyone! We hope you are feeling positive and accomplished as you finish up the week. Our team is fueling up with some Philly Pretzel snacks! 07/09/2019

18 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Website | Synapse Marketing Solutions

Looking for ways to maximize the value of your website? We've put together a few tested a trusted tips for business owners. Read more here! We’ll be in touch as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to call us at 888.799.2770 or email us if we can help you immediately.


Did you know that not only do we offer custom digital marketing solutions, but that we also do whatever it takes to create a successful campaign? That includes everything from concept to ex*****on. Check out some behind the scenes shots of our team working onsite for a client video shoot. We'll use these informational and how to videos to help bring qualified searchers to their site, while also maintaining current customer relationships. If you're interested in custom asset creations for your business, contact us today! 06/03/2019

Search Engine Optimization | Digital Marketing Solutions | Synapse

Did you hear? Google released it's June 2019 Core Update today. Keep checking your analytics and Search Console performance reports to see if your site was impacted. Or reach out to us for a complete audit and recommended growth strategy! Synapse's proven search engine optimization strategies have been honed to deliver quality leads, online sales and local SEO dominance. Click to learn more.


Ever experience that 2:30 burnout feeling? Quick breaks in the work day have been proven to restore motivation, productivity and creativity, while preventing "decision fatigue." Who can say no to a 5 minute Thursday Cookie Break? The team enjoyed ice cream and cookies for a sweet afternoon break. Give yourself a quick break, you'll be surprised how refocused you will be when returning to your work.


It's finally starting to feel like summer around here. We ended last week with some grilling and a few backyard games.


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Did you know last Friday was National Pizza Party Day? We may be a little late sharing the fun, but that's only because our team was busy chowing down. But any way you slice it, there's no topping a lunch break pizza party! 05/22/2019

Contact Us | We Can't Wait to Connect | Synapse

Are you looking for a complete custom website build or redesign? Supported by the industry’s best tools, our in-house team of strategists, web developers, designers, copywriters, marketing specialists and project managers have the knowledge, freedom and experience to go beyond conventional solutions and build sophisticated digital products that tackle the toughest business problems. Get in touch with us to discuss your website needs! We’re always eager to have interesting conversations with business, marketing, sales and IT professionals. Reach out to us any time!


Please join us in wishing a very special "Happy 40th Anniversary" to our friends and partners at Oregon Dairy! We love being there for our clients through huge milestones such as this. Be sure to wish them a Happy 40th Anniversary and while you're there, pick up a piece of cake from their award winning bakery. They even have cow cupcakes to celebrate the occasion! 05/14/2019

6 Ways to Leverage Content for More Website Traffic | Synapse Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing is a critical part of a successful overall digital marketing campaign. Here are 6 ways you can not only write high quality content, but can leverage that content for more website traffic. Contact us today to learn more! We’ll be in touch as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to call us at 888.799.2770 or email us if we can help you immediately.


"You continually (and gracefully) juggle multiple complex campaigns effortlessly..." is just one for the many things our amazing team member Alison does on a daily basis. We thought she deserved a Holy Cannoli shout out! That's a pretty sweet Tuesday treat.

Passion. Performance. Promised... Synapse

At Synapse we create - you guessed it - marketing solutions.

Our team of creative and technology experts is obsessed with staying up-to-date on the constantly changing trends and challenges of today’s business and marketing world. But we’re even more obsessed with making sure to meet your business goals in your time-frame and within your budget. We’re so obsessed that we’ll do “whatever it takes.” (We may also be obsessed with the word “obsessed.")

We unconditionally guarantee that our work meets your standards of quality, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Visit our website to find out more.

"Like" our page to stay up-to-date with our most recent projects, promotions, and office shenanigans (hey, we think work should be fun).

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