Route 44 RV Collision

Route 44 RV Collision


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Wow, had some body work to do on my RV so I took it to campers world in Berkeley, what a horror show! It sat there for six weeks and accomplished almost nothing.Need any work done, avoid them at all cost. At the recommendation of an insurance adjuster, I took it to route 44 Collision Center. Not only could they do the work I required, they could do it in a week – 10 days. Izzy, Bob & Brian could not have been nicer or more cooperative! On top of that, the workmanship was excellent on my repair!!
Bravo route 44 Collision Center, you guys of the tops!!!

Auto Repair in Lakeville, Massachusetts. SuperMedia Content Disclaimer: Trust the experts at Route 44 RV Collision Center, in Lakeville, Massachusetts, for all your auto repair needs.

Learn more about our dependable RV collision repair services now. Experience Counts: Our shop owner has more than 25 years of experience, and we are prepared to handle your repair with factory trained, certified technicians. Our service is suitable for all vehicles, and our auto repair specialties include:

• Frame Alignment
• Body Repair
• Side Wall Demolition
• Customized Painting
• Fiberglass R

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Class C motor homes are most commonly compared to their Class B brothers. Both are built on a van chassis, but Class C models are usually bigger and have a section that extends over the cab of the vehicle.


Motor homes are divided into several classes. A Class A motor home is easily the largest of the three classes and is probably what most people think of when a motor home is mentioned. If a celebrity or famous athlete has a motor home, it likely is a Class A.


RVs and campers come in all sizes and configurations, so there’s one to fit every budget. Many class B touring coach motorhomes, for example, are packed with features, but they’re also compact, streamlined, fuel efficient and maneuverable.


If you are going to tow a camper, make sure your towing vehicle is load rated for what you will tow. Also, make sure the trailer hitch is properly attached, and have it inspected regularly for damage. Bring your car or truck into our service area for help with this.


Are you the kind of person who likes to explore when they travel? Then an RV is perfect for you. With an RV, you’re traveling at a ground level, and can find all sorts of interesting places to stop along the way.


With RVs, as with anything else, you get the quality you pay for. Let’s talk about how often you plan to use your RV each year, as this can help us determine which models will best fit your travel needs.


Make yourself at home when trying out our RVs. Try out the bed, examine the closets and make sure the bathroom is comfortable. Kitchen facilities will hinge on what kind of cooking you expect to do.


Don’t use silicone to try and seal up water leaks around camper windows or on rubber boots; it simply doesn't work well at all. Use Eternabond for the rubber boots and window putty to seal your windows.


There are actually three classes of motorhomes that are categorized based on size and design. Class A motorhomes are bus-like and usually quite large, Class B motorhomes are smaller and built on a van chassis, and Class C motorhomes are also built on a van chassis but are distinguished by an extended section over the cab that contains an extra bed.


In the RV industry, there are three main types of motor homes. The largest ones are usually classified as Type A, the smallest are classified as Type B or camper vans, and those in the mid-sized range are classified as Type C.


Air travel can be an incredible hassle, with long lines, exhausting security procedures, and little to no legroom. Not to mention the expense of baggage or other fees. You can avoid air travel entirely by taking your trip in an RV.


The most important things to consider when investing in an RV are how often you will use it, for what purpose, and how many people will be traveling with you. This will help ensure that you have adequate sleeping and storage space.


One of the best things about the RV lifestyle is getting the chance to meet like-minded people. There’s a fun sense of camaraderie and community among the people you’ll find at campgrounds and RV parks. It’s not unusual to meet people who become lifelong friends while RVing.


GPS systems, prevalent in most new passenger automobiles, are now working their way into the cockpits of most new RVs. No need to ever get lost on the road again with this latest innovation in technology.


In RVs, condensation occurs when warm moisture-laden air comes into contact with the cold window glass. You can avoid this by keeping a roof vent open to reduce humidity levels. In addition, a roof vent cover will help prevent cold air from coming in while still allowing moist air to escape.


Are you interested in an RV? There are two categories to consider: RVs that are self-contained vehicles and are motorized and those that must be towed by another vehicle.


If you plan to travel during cold times of the year, then you might want to invest in an “arctic package” for your RV. This feature adds additional insulation, storm windows, and heat pads/strips for the holding tanks and water lines.


Did you know that many class A RVs feature what is referred to as a slide out or pop out? Here, the walls of the RV literally push out when it is parked, providing for even more living space. Some motorhomes have as many as 5 pop outs.


Pickup trucks with a medium or heavy duty towing capacity are best for pulling a fifth wheel RV. Indeed, medium and heavy duty towing capacity pickup trucks need only be fitted with a special towing hitch to be RV ready.


Every summer more than 42 million Americans turn to the open road to enjoy some of the most stunning nature in the world. RV Parks can range from simple and rustic to glamorous and luxurious to accommodate a wide range of needs.


The large, bus-like RVs are also known as Type A RVs. These are built onto a specially-made motorhome chassis that gives them tons of space for the luxuries of home. These can also have slideouts installed to give you the floorspace of a good-sized apartment.


If you have any propane appliances on your new RV, they will come equipped with a thermocouple. This device monitors the pilot flame and shuts the gas valve off to both the pilot flame and the main burner should that flame be extinguished.


Fifth wheels are more expensive than standard travel trailers, but they also have more living space and are easier to tow. Because of their weight distribution, fifth wheels are less susceptible to fishtailing or jackknifing.


Buying your first RV? It helps to become familiar with the insider lingo. An RV park provides overnight and extended stay accommodations for RVs. A campground offers outdoor sleeping areas for overnight stays, but it may not provide RV hookups.


If you are one of millions people who loves the outdoors and exploring new places in your home town or across the country, let us show you an RV or camper that can help you do just that.


While you’re on the go, electric kitchen tools and gadgets are very convenient and easy to use. However, if you regularly use an electric can opener, it’s definitely wise to always have a manual one as a backup.


For the wine lovers out there afraid of their favorite Napa Cab breaking while on the road, try storing them in your underwear or sock drawer. Simply nestle the bottle around your clothing and utilize the added padding.


One of the advantages travel trailers have is in fuel economy. In fact, for a medium to large sized camper, travelers get between 2 to 3 more miles to the gallon than larger RVs and motor-homes. This is largely to do with the fact that travel trailers have a lower profile, thus increasing airflow and dynamics.


Type A RVs can range anywhere from 22 feet in length to a whopping 45 feet or more! These RVs can come with or without slide-outs, in gas or diesel, and with the engine in the front or rear, and include such things as built-in TVs, washers, dryers, complete kitchens and bathrooms, king-size beds, and more.


The RV industry is constantly advancing as innovative RV manufacturers find new ways to make life on the road more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable for the whole family. Ask your local dealership for all the latest upgrades.


Eager to leave the beaten path and explore more remote locations? Consider investing in a towable camper trailer specifically configured for off-road or off-grid living. Look for streamlined styling, plenty of ground clearance, and rigid construction.


Are you starting to realize that you spend so much time traveling that you’re now rarely at home? Let’s talk about whether it’s time to upgrade to a more luxurious RV, so that you’ll be comfortable calling it home.


In the past, RVing was sometimes thought of as something only seniors did. But this is definitely not the case today. In fact, most RVs today are owned by people under 55. The RV lifestyle appeals to a wide range of people, regardless of their ages.


Did you know you can coat any and all hoses that touch the ground at your campsite with Vaseline or Crisco to avoid ants? They absolutely hate the feel of it and will not cross the barrier.


The Class C motor home, also known as the mini-motor home, provides the benefits of a Class A RV (motor home), but in a more compact style. Built on a van frame, it has an attached cab.




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