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Rousseau's RV Center


Love Rousseau's they treat you like family, won't go anywhere else, thanks for the great service, love my GeoPro
Just want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to the Staff at Rousseau's RV, You guys Rock. TYVM
Great to see our friend Randy White of Rousseau's RV Center in Lakeville, MA quoted in this press release from RV Education 101 and Dawn Touchard Polk, a great NERVDA member. If you do not have this book in your RV, you can pick it up at Rousseau's RV and maybe you can get Randy or Dave Lavallee to autograph it for you! 🤓
Two of our NERVDA dealers are featured prominently in this article that was published Friday in South Coast Today - Rousseau's RV Center and Camping World of Berkley. Their sentiments and customer comments are yet another validation that 2020 will indeed by the year of the RV. RV sales are off the charts and campground reservations are filling those sites up quickly as we all head out to the campground this summer.
I recommend Rousseau RV highly!! More than 10 stars for sure! I was in need of a camper to help safely make a long distance move in the midst of Covid. Everyone at Rousseau's RV went out of their way to help us safely buy the camper, stock it with all incidentals for a trip, including toliet paper and, if that wasn't enough, they also helped us get the camper on the road. Thank you all so very much! BTW, I love the GeoPro.
So I did not buy a camper here because they didn't have a toy hauler that would fit my needs,so I purchased one at Pete's Rv
in Plainville Ma. I had a issue with the camper having poor clearance when making turns and also not being level,so when towing was very lose feeling. Today i went by and asked Dave Rousseau to look at it and right on the spot took the time to correct my issues can't say what a good feeling it is to have it fixed right and not even buy the place you did business with.
Can't say enough about what a great place this is and what a GREAT GUY DAVE ROUSSEAU IS THANKS
Randy White, Store Manager of Rousseau’s RV Center
Lakeville, MA, has this to say: Here at Rousseau's RV Center we find that our customers want to understand how their RV works and how to protect their investment for the long term. “The RV book”, by RV Education 101 is a great source of knowledge, spelling out the details in layman’s terms for easy understanding. I think anyone that owns an RV should be required to read chapter 6 explaining the basic operation of all the mechanical systems in a typical RV. Additionally, many people new to RVs have picked up a copy to not only familiarize themselves with what’s involved in owning an RV but also to help them decide what they really need for their planned usage. Everything is explained in an easy to read format from: “So you’re thinking about a camper…” to “How do I winterize and put my unit in storage off season?” This book is a solid gem of knowledge every RVer should own!
Lent my teardrop to my daughter, and her lawn man w**d wacked my power cord. Just taped it up and it worked. Lost my AC, but was dealing with that until I lost all power. (probably rainL Pulled in Monday morning, they were busy, but son Nick agreed to look at it. Cut cord behind break, moved plug back, and I'm in business! This nana travels solo and can usually handle everything, but won't fool with electricity. Thanks Nick and Rousseau's RV
Thank you all so much for helping us get our new “Home Away from Home”!! Took it out this weekend for the first time and had a blast!!
OPEN HOUSE at Rousseau's RV Center today and tomorrow. Stop in and say hello!

Sales, Service, Parts & Rentals for Over 40 Years Visit us online at

We carry pop-ups, travel trailers, hybrids and 5th wheels
Major Manufacturers: Rockwood by Forest River, Geo Pro, Gulfstream Amerilite.

We also carry a wide-array of parts and accessories

And we offer monthly storage in our gated facility near our dealership.

Operating as usual


GEO PRO Plant Tour Part 3


50,000 Mini Lites

We’re proud to carry the Rockwood Mini Lite. If you’ve ever purchased one from us, we’d love to hear which model and the year you purchased


Geo Pro Plant Tour 2

Behind the scenes at the Geo factory


Geo Plant Tour 1

Do you own a Geo Pro and are curious to see how they are built? Or are you thinking of purchasing soon? Interesting video from Rockwood.


If you look in the passenger window you will see one happy customer! This was taken right as they were pulling out of the dealership with their 2442BS Rockwood.

Congratulations to the Salzillos on their new Rockwood 5th wheel purchase!

Leo Rousseau, 90, Looks Back on 46 Years of RV Business - RVBusiness - Breaking RV Industry News 03/02/2022

Leo Rousseau, 90, Looks Back on 46 Years of RV Business - RVBusiness - Breaking RV Industry News

Our very own Leo Rousseau was featured in a recent article from RV Business!

Leo Rousseau, 90, Looks Back on 46 Years of RV Business - RVBusiness - Breaking RV Industry News RVBusiness - Breaking RV Industry News Leo Rousseau, 90, Looks Back on 46 Years of RV Business Today’s Industry News


Leo Rousseau was born on February 19th, 1932.

Happy 90th Birthday Leo! We hope it's a special one spent with family and friends!

Here are some interesting 1932 Facts:
-Herbert Hoover was President (FDR was elected later that year)
-The world was in the peak of the Great Depression
-We were still 9 years away from entering WW2.
-Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
-The "Crime of the Century" occurred when Charles Lindbergh's son was kidnapped.


We will be closed Saturday due to the blizzard.
Stay safe and warm!

2022 Rockwood 2608BS Front Kitchen/ Rear Bedroom/ Theater Seat 01/20/2022

2022 Rockwood 2608BS Front Kitchen/ Rear Bedroom/ Theater Seat

Now In Stock!

2022 Rockwood 2608BS Front Kitchen/ Rear Bedroom/ Theater Seat Touring the 2022 2608BS Rockwood Ultra LiteLength: 29’ 8” Dry Weight: 6898 lbs Options: White Exterior, Slide Toppers, Newport Ash Cabinets, Stone Furniture,...

Obituary for Claire (Levesque) Rousseau | Dahlborg-MacNevin Funeral Home 12/08/2021

Obituary for Claire (Levesque) Rousseau | Dahlborg-MacNevin Funeral Home

It is with a heavy heart that we share of the passing of Claire Rousseau. Anyone who knows Claire and Leo knows that they shared an exceptionally close bond. Many people marry, but there are few who share the kind of love and devotion that they did. Over the last 65 years, as they raised their family and ran this company, their connection only strengthened.

We at Rousseau's RV marveled at the strength and toughness that Claire displayed as she faced multiple battles with illness, and especially in this final year as she endured so much to have as much time as possible with her family. Every day was a precious gift, and it should be a reminder to everyone that this is how we should approach every day.

Claire and Leo Rousseau started this business out of their Lakeville, MA home in 1976. Leo would be the first to say, without Claire there would have never been a Rousseau's RV Center.

For more information about Claire's life and about upcoming services, please see the attached link.

Obituary for Claire (Levesque) Rousseau | Dahlborg-MacNevin Funeral Home Share memories & support the family


We have had many customers ask about effective mouse repellants over the past few weeks.

Some have asked about Irish Spring soap. We can say for sure that Irish Spring does not repel mice effectively. One of our customers even shared their own story about how mice actually ate their soap!

Moth balls... even if they do work, they leave your RV smelling of moth balls and that unpleasant aroma lingers for a long time.

Something that is economical, humane and effective is Fresh Cab. Just be sure to use as directed. Many of our customers swear by it. Now in stock!


Plenty of good camping left in 2021!

Happy September 1st! Who is gearing up for some FALL camping?!


I big congratulations to Leo and Claire Rousseau on their 65th wedding anniversary!

New! 2022 Rockwood 2513S Mini Lite with Outside Kitchen - Awesome Couples Coach! 08/13/2021

New! 2022 Rockwood 2513S Mini Lite with Outside Kitchen - Awesome Couples Coach!

Just in!
2022 2513S Rockwood Mini

New! 2022 Rockwood 2513S Mini Lite with Outside Kitchen - Awesome Couples Coach! A tour of the 2022 Rockwood 2513S Couple’s Coach. Key Features: Outside Kitchen, Wardrobe Slide, Spacious Bathroom, Tons of Storage SpaceOverall Length: 25’ ...

2021 Rockwood 2606WS: Spacious Bathroom, Tons of Storage Under 30’ 03/19/2021

2021 Rockwood 2606WS: Spacious Bathroom, Tons of Storage Under 30’

2021 Rockwood Ultra Lite 2606WS

2021 Rockwood 2606WS: Spacious Bathroom, Tons of Storage Under 30’ 2021 Rockwood Ultra Lite 2606WS Total Length: 29’ 11” Key Features: Large Rear Bathroom, Super Slide with Theater Seat and Dinette, Massive Passthrough Stora...

Tribute to Reinie Lehberger 02/18/2021

Tribute to Reinie Lehberger

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Reinie Lehberger. Reinie was the Sales Manager for Rousseau’s for a number of years, and in that time he was always making us smile. In the years following his time here, every time we would go to an RV show we could count on Reinie to stop over for a friendly chat.

This man loved his family well, and we are going to miss him.

Our friends at NERVDA paid tribute to Reinie and we want to share that with you.

Tribute to Reinie Lehberger Tribute to a well-known RV industry friend of Bob Zagami and John DiPietro and many others. RIP Reinie Lehberger.

Feb 2021 RV Industry Update! 02/02/2021

Feb 2021 RV Industry Update!

This guy does a great job explaining the current state of the RV industry.

Key Points:
About 4 months on customer ordered units.
A VERY long time on dealer stock units which means low stock inventory through 2021.
Many units will be treated as "Display" models so that dealers can maintain some inventory to show.

The BEST way to get an RV for the 2021 season is to order.
Inventory will be slim going into spring and summer.

Feb 2021 RV Industry Update! RV Industry Status + Outlook and Forecasting for the 2021 Camping Season!CLICK SUBSCRIBE NOW! to see more of these videos & Support our Family Owned & Operat...

Copy of Azdel and Luan 01/20/2021

Copy of Azdel and Luan

Very informative video about Azdel and Luan and how Rockwood incorporates them in their units.

Copy of Azdel and Luan Website:

Rockwood vs Flagstaff - What’s the Difference? 01/07/2021

Rockwood vs Flagstaff - What’s the Difference?

Answering a question we hear quite often...

What exactly is the difference between Rockwood and Flagstaff?

Rockwood vs Flagstaff - What’s the Difference? Dave talks about the actual differences between the Rockwood and Flagstaff. Both by Forest River. Geo Pro = E Pro Mini Lite = Micro Lite Roo = Shamrock Ultr...

2021 Rockwood Roo 235S & Exploring the New WeRV App 01/06/2021

2021 Rockwood Roo 235S & Exploring the New WeRV App

Just in!

2021 235S Roo

We also showcase the WeRV app available on new Rockwoods

2021 Rockwood Roo 235S & Exploring the New WeRV App Dave takes you through the 2021 235S Roo and also goes over the new WeRV app available with every new Rockwood camper. Through the app you can control the ...


Murphy Bed Operation 12/10/2020

2021 2442BS Rockwood Ultra Lite Walk Around!

We have this new Under 30' Rockwood 5th Wheel on order for the spring. Check it out in this new video! Website:


2021 Geo Pro 19FD Walkthru New Standard Features for Fall 2020

The #1 Geo Pro Floorplan !

Dave takes you through the #1 Geo Pro Floorplan, the 19FD. This unit has a Murphy Bed and large rear bathroom. Great for couples! New Standard Features:... 11/24/2020

2021 Geo Pro 19BH *Bunkhouse* Walkthru 2021 19BH Geo Pro by Rockwood Dave takes you through this lightweight bunk floor plan. Length: 20’ Dry Weight: 3088 lbs Sleeps: 5 New interior for Fall 2020-...


7 new units arrived this week and more are soon to follow!


Rousseau's RV Center's cover photo 11/20/2020

2021.5 Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S Walkthru— Featuring 12V Fridge & Solar Option Dave takes a walk through the 2021.5 Rockwood Mini 2205S. He highlights the new 12v Fridge and Solar Option. This option comes with 1000W inverter so you can...



If you have not yet winterized your camper,
we recommend the following:

If you are connected to city water remove the hose and drain it completely.
Open all your faucets
Open any low point drains
Turn the heat on or use a small electric heater set at 40 degrees ( enough to keep the inside above freezing )
Open the cabinet door(s) under the sink(s)

If you are comfortable with draining the water heater:
( Remember to pull the pressure relief valve first! )

• For Suburban water heaters: remove the anode rod
• For Atwood water heaters: remove the drain plug 11/04/2020

2021.5 Geo Pro 19FBS Walkthru. **New Interior & Standard Features!** - YouTube

We now have two 19FBS Geo Pros in stock! Dave takes you through the 2021.5 19FBS Key Points: This unit showcases the new standard features on the 2021.5 Geo Pro. Newport Ash Interior, Larger kitchen ...


Rockwood by Forest River

We have this model in stock! Just arrived!

The #1 selling Geo Pro floorplan! The 19FD!


We have many Geos on order for this fall

Happy October. Happy Fall. Happy Camping!

📸: Warunee


Attention! To any customers who have purchased Star Brite Winter Safe anti-freeze from us in the past week...

We were just notified that the shipment of Antifreeze we received last week is being recalled due to a problem with the formula. They informed us it can freeze at 0 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the -50 printed on the front of the bottle.

We are offering either a refund or exchange (once we get in the new shipment of anti-freeze expected Thursday) to anyone who purchase these defective bottles from us. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.
email: [email protected]
phone: 508-947-7700

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience


RV Roof Maintenance - Check Your Seals

The most important thing you can do to ensure the health and wellbeing of your RV is to properly maintain the roof. In this new video Dave shows you what to look for when inspecting your roof.

Healthy Roof - Happy Camper!

Dave shows an example of a roof in desperate need of resealing. In the last part of the video he shows an example of a new and healthy roof. RV Roof maintena...

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Over 75 RVs in stock
We carry pop-ups, travel trailers, hybrids, toy haulers, and 5th wheels
Major Manufacturers: Forest River (Rockwood, Work & Play), Gulfstream (Ameri-Lite, Conquest)
We also carry a wide-array of parts and accessories

We also offer monthly storage in our gated facility near our dealership.

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At the Boston RV Show!   Come on down and check us out!


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General information

A Family Dealership for 40 years!

We've built a reputation for friendly and knowledgeable service, and offer a low-pressure alternative to many of the larger dealerships.

Our primary line is the Rockwood, by Forest River. We stock pop-ups, 5th wheels, travel trailers and expandable trailers in this line.

We've also been a Gulfstream dealer for many years and stock the light-weight Ameri-Lite travel trailers and also Conquest travel trailers.

For Toy Haulers, we carry Work & Play by Forest River.

We're not as big and flashy as some of the others around, but we offer knowledgeable and comprehensive service that keeps our customers coming back for years.

We hope to see you soon.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm

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