T. LaFata's Styling Salon

T. LaFata's Styling Salon


Traci Lafata and her crew are amazing! Guaranteed great service with a side of laughs!
Amazing group of ladies!! Not only do they do amazing work .. but they also work hard to better this community! They are supporter of Lake Ozark Stop Human Trafficking! They have collected over $91.00 in their salon.. aiding our mission to get a Safe House here at the Lake for Trafficked victims.... they are a ticket outlet for our Champagne Shindig.. a huge fundraiser for the cause... plus they are going to help us decoratefor this event.. Talk about giving back to the community !! Thank you ladies for being who you are !!
Before and after.... Annika loves her hair....
Thank you Taylor LaFata
Destiny's high-lights for Miss Teen Missouri Pageant.
I would like to say THANK YOU again for doing our hair and makeup on my special day! You ladies were amazing and the accommodations you made to make this happen were much appreciated! I would recommend this salon hands down.
I love it when im Tara-ized!
Thank you to the lovely Tara for her patience and excellent cut on Elijah today . His facial expressions are priceless.
Thank you so very much Nichole Handshy
For getting my hair fall ready and making me feel so pretty ❤
#Greatexperience #talentedsylist #ilovemyhair
Is your phone out? I've been calling and calling and get a busy signal every time.
Thank you, Traci Lafata! ❤️
T Lafatta, u out did ur self today on my hair! I luv it!! Posting pic tomorrow!

We are an upscale salon that loves people and hair. We are making the world beautiful one client at a time! Specializing in curly hair and balayage colors!

Operating as usual




Police begin clearing homeless camp at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park 12/19/2020

Police begin clearing homeless camp at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park

This should appall over! Way to go Seattle!

Police begin clearing homeless camp at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park The city plans a "multi-day intensive maintenance" and cleaning operation for the park, while activists occupy a nearby vacant house in protest.


Yes you can donate curly hair 🤩🥰



T. LaFata's Styling Salon updated their business hours. 09/06/2020

T. LaFata's Styling Salon updated their business hours.

T. LaFata's Styling Salon updated their business hours.






Lots of curl love🤩


Yes it’s a perm🥳🤩


💚Did you know we are DevaCurl certified?!💚
If you have curls, does your stylist cut your hair WET or DRY? .
Your curls should always be cut dry and how they lay naturally. Every curl has a different spring to it so if you cut it all the same... what happens? You get holes or selves in your hair cut! .
Let us transform your curls into something you love! Come see us! ❤️ .
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@hairbytlafata - Look at all that hair!!
Our first session towards brighter & more dimensional 🙌🏽😍

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[02/09/20]   @hairbytlafata - Stitching away 💕
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Yes it’s a perm!!🥰#devacurl @ T. LaFata's Styling Salon


Hair by T LaFata - I am so excited to be introducing Handtied Extensions! (Thanks to the beautiful @hairbybrandie_ )
I have a few clients already booked for consultations to see what I can do to achieve their DREAM hair 👸🏼✨ Have questions? Dm me!
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Hair by T LaFata - Hey guys 👋🏼💕 Over the weekend I traveled down to OKC and had the opportunity to do 1 on 1 shadowing with @hairbybrandie_ and learn the Habit Handtied Extension method! It was an amazing experience + this salon is an absolute DREAM! ✨✨✨
. .
I am so very excited to bring this to YOU ✨ As always, if you have any questions, DM me! .
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[02/05/20]   We are closed today due to weather conditions! We will reopen tomorrow (Feb 6th) Stay safe! 💙✨


We are thankful today and everyday for YOU! God Bless


Bombshell Hair

“She just cuts hair.”
By : Maggs Elizabeth

She uses intense trigonometry to figure out the exact angle to cut your hair in order for it to lay correctly.

She uses scissors sharper than knives very closely to her hands and fingers with centimeters to spare moving them quicker than your eyes can follow.

She puts her body in odd positions to make sure she is level and can see each strand of hair she is moving, causing major damage to her body while she’s standing and bending for 12+ hours straight.

She buys pays to sharpen her shears and gets new shears yearly that cost anywhere between $50-$2,000 with no payback, just to make sure your hair isn’t damage from the tug of dullness.

“She just colors hair.”
She uses chemistry to create a special formula to work with your hair, that most likely won’t work with someone else’s.

She uses time that works against her, as two minutes too late will blow the cuticle in your hair and/ or fry it off.

She strategically places mixtures to blur lines and create a subtle blend and/or dimension.

She changes the combination for each client as mineral build up and pollution from water/environment/ products will react differently.

She changes the color of your hair without knowing exact genetics which play a huge part in reaction to chemicals.

She spends 3 hours moving her arms and bending her body into awkward positions to ensure perfection.

She copies an image from the internet that was a 12 hour session with 5 stylists working, by herself in 3 hours.

“She just plays with hair.”
She spends 50% of her work day using tools as hot as your oven.

She styles your hair exactly like that Pinterest picture that’s actually a wig.
She constantly breathes in fumes from hair products and she can’t tell you the last time she didn’t have a hair splinter.

She squeezes you in for a last minute style as she’s already been on her feet for 10 hours straight.
She has her arm above your head moving it back and fourth for an hour to blow dry it flat.

“She just does hair.”
She spends an hour doing a 4 year olds hair because she can’t sit still but it’s mommy’s wedding day. Mommy cries when she’s done because her daughter looks beautiful.

She spends 3 hours with a teenager who tells her every single person messes up their hair and she doubts this one will get it right. Suddenly brunette isn’t her color, she needs it back to blonde next week.

She colors a 35 year olds hair who has been using box color for 15 and didn’t tell her beforehand, so the chemicals reacted and caused it to smoke making this process 6 hours that could’ve been 2. She’s now being yelled at by her next client for running behind.

She wraps a 80 year olds hair in rollers for an hour to ensure she looks beautiful for her husbands funeral. Her daughter calls week later to thank you for making her mother feel beautiful.

She works when she’s sick because there is no calling off when you work with personal appointments.

She works when a family member is desperately ill in the hospital because her clients have gray showing and they have a meeting tomorrow.
She misses her best friends surprise birthday party because it’s prom day.

She works until 10pm because her clients hair reacted differently and nobody can figure out why.
She gets woken up by texts at 3am asking if she can get someone in the book soon.

She makes extremely close connections with her clients and spends all of her social energy on them.
She doesn’t get “vacation days” because people need her in order to feel beautiful.

She missed her child’s first soccer game because she was already scheduled two colors and cancelling would just be “silly.”

She doesn’t work 8-4 or 9-5, she works first client to last with no real promise if she can make it home for dinner tonight.

She also hasn’t eaten lunch the past three days because she’s had no time between clients.
She spends hours researching new techniques and finding educational classes to attend on her one day off.

Her life revolves around hair. Her brain constantly goes from math to science to social to psychology to client and back to math. She works hard physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically. Every day. With no breaks and definitely no silence.

But I must remind you, she’s just a hairstylist. She just does hair.”

I’m not sure who wrote this
But wow!
Beyond truth right here
📷: Jessalyn Pugh Photography - Dayton, Ohio Storytelling Photographer


We are thankful for YOU!


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson


Congratulations to our wonderful winners!!
Happy Labor Day everyone!!


Beckwith Hair Design


I will NEVER talk down to you about your at home practices. If you cannot afford my products that I suggest, I will not tell you that you’re a bad person. However, I will educate you. This is a client of mine. She noticed a bit of breakage around her hairline. We both were open to the idea that, hey, she’s a blonde! Blonde hair breaks if it’s too dry, bleach overlaps, etc. I noticed that I could literally feel something in her hair and decided to investigate. I could take my fingers and SCRAPE OFF THE BUILDUP. I had to ask.

“Weird question, but are you using Pantene?”

She looked at me in surprise and said “How did you know?”

Ladies, this is wax. Wax from Pantene. It will build up on the hair and harden. Once it’s hard, it BREAKS YOUR HAIR.

When I’m telling you what products I am using, it’s not to belittle what you are doing at home. It’s to help you prevent unnecessary damage to your hair caused by drugstore products.

Edit: thank you to everyone who is liking and sharing! Preach that gospel and educate the masses! Everyone deserves beautiful HEALTHY hair!

Edit2: I am trying to answer all of your questions, so sit tight! I recently posted my recommendations for those of you asking in another post on my page! Thank you all again!

EDIT 3: IF YOU TRY TO SELL AN MLM PRODUCT ON MY POST, I WILL FIRE YOU! These people want REAL help, not vultures. Thanks.



Before and after
By Nichole

[07/06/19]   Happy Saturday!! The strip is the place to be today and we have openings!


Fresh cut for this pretty lady! Hair by Taylor 🖤 Call me, your hair will thank you! 🤘🏼


Hair by Taylor 🖤


Hair by Taylor 🖤


Let the curly life begin 😎😍#nomoreflatiron.


I had so much fun with this beautiful girl today #devalife #learntoloveyourcurls


This warms my heart. Thank you Girl Scouts! Thanks for the cookies! We love you too!!


We love curls #bringonsummer #nofrizz




Easter is coming!! Do you have your baskets prepared? #perfectgift

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Hair by T LaFata - Hey guys 👋🏼💕 Over the weekend I traveled down to OKC and had the opportunity to do 1 on 1 shadowing w...
Congratulations to our wonderful winners!!  Happy Labor Day everyone!!
Twinning is winning!
Hope on in and get your hairs did! 🐰✂️




1410 Bagnell Dam Blvd
Lake Ozark, MO

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
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