Hickory Ridge Equestrian Center

Hickory Ridge Equestrian Center

We are no longer open for lessons, boarding or camps. We have moved out West to the state of Oregon. We hope you find the ideal facility for your needs.


Jumps have been sold. Barn items, tack and horses available, yet.

[06/30/17]   Give me a call to set up your summer lessons. 920-988-5095. Text messaging works too.


Old Seoul Equestrian LLC

Introducing Carol Dean-Porter - Judge and Clinician for the Sweet Summertime Clinic and Derby on the Field at Seoul Creek Farm

Carol Dean-Porter is one of the chief judges for www.judgemyride.net. She has been a professional Hunter/Jumper trainer more than 40 years and is the owner/trainer of Carol Dean-Porter Training Stables. She holds cards in USEF “R” licensed judge – Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation/Hunter Breeding/Certified Schooling Supervisor, American Paint Horse Association listed Judge, AQHA Approved Specialty Judge, and is an Arabian Sport Horse Judge. Carol is a trainer of National, Pacific Coast and USEF Zone champions in Hunter, Equitation, Hunter Breeding & Jumper divisions along with being a trainer of International level current horse show professionals. Her riding career highlights include being a two-time winner GTE High Jump, four-time reserve champion, and the winner of International Grand Prix classes.


USHJA Zone 6

Zone 6 members: there are two exciting opportunities to receive a college scholarship this year:

1. The Zone 6 College Scholarship awards one member with a $1,500 scholarship for college, trade or professional school. Apply by July 1. Click below for more info.

2. USHJA Foundation Hamel Scholarship for Further Education. Apply by April 30. Visit www.ushjafoundation.org/hamelscholarship for more info

Photo credit: Louise Taylor/USHJA Archives


United States Hunter Jumper Association - USHJA

Scholarship opportunity! Are you a USHJA member who will be in college, graduate, trade or professional school this fall? Apply today for the USHJA Foundation Hamel Scholarship for Further Education, and you could receive a $25,000 scholarship! Applications close April 30, 2017, so don't delay! Click below to apply today.

jumpernation.com 03/01/2017

7 Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Trainer Immediately - Jumper Nation

I like the bombshell one, lol.

jumpernation.com   Trainers put up with a lot of characters, and they (generally) do it with an overflowing amount of grace. You know that one girl in the barn who just drives you up a wall if you have to spend so much as five minutes with her in the crossties? Your coach spends 2 hours …

equidaeinsurance.com 02/22/2017

Equidae Insurance | Home

In case you may be curious about insuring your horse.

equidaeinsurance.com We are here to protect your passion and investment with equine insurance, farm and equine liability and workers compensation coverage.


United States Hunter Jumper Association - USHJA

Continue to grow as an athlete and a horseman through the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program for a chance to win national recognition and awards. Applications for 2017 are now open with deadlines for Early Summer Regional Training Sessions on April 17 and Late Summer Regional Training Sessions on May 5. Are you ready for the journey? Visit www.ushja.org/EAP for more information and to apply. #EAP2017


What is your answer?

A 10 year old gelding presented with a one month history of thrush in all four feet which had been treated aggressively by the owner and the farrier. The horse became lame a few days ago and this tissue was seen coming from the frog. What’s your diagnosis?

Check back tomorrow for the answer!

***No DVM’s or professionals please***


Okay girls, let's play. Study material.

A 12 year old Warmblood was found in the morning with mild swelling in one of its hind limbs, and is lame. Temperature - 102.3, Pulse - 36, Respiration - 12. The owner mentions that the horse was recently body clipped. What’s your diagnosis?

Check back tomorrow for the answer!

***No DVM’s or professionals please***

proequinegrooms.com 02/17/2017

Pro Equine Grooms - Leg Funk

proequinegrooms.com What is that leg goo and what can we do?

ushja.org 02/16/2017

USHJA Press Release




Do you really understand how big your horse's lungs are? This picture is a horse's lungs fully inflated...amazing when you think they are enclosed in a horse's body! Did you know a horse takes in 2x 5-Gallon buckets of air ever second? Think of how much that really is. So, do the best you can to help your horse breathe! #healthyhorse


Buck Brannaman, Horseman

As a horseman you'd get a sense of what kind of presence you needed for the situation.
You may have a horse that has been sort of spoiled and he's disrespectful that you may need to have the presence as if to appear to be 10 times your size.
But then five minutes later you might be dealing with a horse that's very timid and very fragile and very emotional that you might need to have the presence of being 1/10th your size.
It's for the human to be able to adjust that and a lot of it is your posture and your body language and the way you move around the horse that gives him the message whether or not he should be threatened or not threatened by you.
Well of course you're trying not to be threatening at all, but the way you present yourself on one you might have to adjust it on another horse in order to be able to fit the situation.
My teachers used to tell me you need to learn to adjust to fit the situation.
Don't just do what you've always done - because it might not always work.

Excerpt from an article that was published in 'The Huffington Post' June 2011 - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brad-balfour/horse-whisperer-buck-bran_b_879974.html

Image of Buck is by Heather Kessler - https://www.facebook.com/kesslerphoto


Hines Ward

Facts only!


Mark your calendars.

Save the Date for Summer fun in 2017

Sweet Summertime Series
*High Point Junior*High Point Amatuer*High Point Jumper*Trainer Incentives*

Weather dependant we will host a Sweet Summertime Warm-Up in April or May-date to be determined

Sweet Summertime
July 14-16
Sweet Summertime Clinic & Derby
July 17-18
Sweet Summertime Take Two
July 21-23(tentative)

Sweet Summertime Finale before the Derby
August 16-17
WI EQUINE Derby Weekend
August 18-20

chronofhorse.com 01/06/2017

Look Up

chronofhorse.com For as long as I can remember, my riding lessons have been filled with the order to, “Look up!” It isn’t that I find my hands particularly fascinating, but it’s just that when I concentrate on something, I tend to stare fixedly at it. My surroundings disappear, and it’s just me examining my fingers…


Fox Woods Equine Veterinary Care, LLC

With the temperature swings and winter storms we have been having, colic has been something we have been seeing more of. Are you doing what you can to prevent it? http://ow.ly/9wQz307azZa

ushja.org 12/15/2016

USHJA Press Release

Ohio, here we come!


horsechannel.com 12/14/2016

10 Winter Health Care Mistakes to Avoid

horsechannel.com Ensure your horse stays healthy all season long by using common sense and avoiding these Top 10 winter horsekeeping mistakes

practicalhorsemanmag.com 12/09/2016

Jim Wofford: Gymnastic Exercise

practicalhorsemanmag.com Improve your horse’s rhythm, balance and independence over a bounce gymnastic.

nbhorsetraining.com 11/15/2016

10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Horse Trainer | NB Horse Training

nbhorsetraining.com Have you ever wondered what it is like to work as a horse trainer? It is an incredibly rewarding, but difficult job. Find out more in this week's blog!

[10/16/16]   Work day at the farm! Any and all help appreciated. A large variety of jobs for ages 9 and up. Thank you in advance! Bring your drink of choice, and if you wish, a dish to pass, or we can order pizza.

[08/28/16]   Whose up for tack cleaning and organizing today? Anyone?? Come on out. Would love your help.



Azur flying high over the pictogram oxer with McLain Ward at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography


Old Seoul Equestrian LLC

Thank you Horse Emporium for sponsoring the Best Turned Out Jumper- Cheyenne Johnson's Lulu!


Beezie Madden / John Madden Sales, Inc

(Almost) just like any other day - quiet moment back at the barn cleaning tack...


Old Seoul Equestrian LLC

Attention Exhibitors:

Those competing at both the Sweet Summertime Before the Derby and the 4th Annual Wisconsin Equine Derby Weekend will recieve a $60 bonus off their show invoice!


Shefit Apparel

No more bouncing b***s. Our exclusive technology was specifically designed to give you the most personalized and comfortable fit so you won't get knocked out by your knockers during your workout!

us2.campaign-archive2.com 07/23/2016

Popular Perfecta Farm Show Continues to Give More

Are you ready to show???

us2.campaign-archive2.com The popular horse show has been voted “Best B Show” by the Illinois Hunter Jumper Association year after year for its variety of classes, awards, prize money, activities and dedication to charity.

www.equisearch.com 07/20/2016

Cooling out a Hot Horse

www.equisearch.com Use these guidelines during hot weather, and you can avoid the potentially serious horse health problem of overheating.


Old Seoul Equestrian LLC

Check out our new ad in the Plaid Horse! 4th Annual Wisconsin Equine Derby Weekend Pirzelist is NOW available online and will be mailed this week!

www.belowthecutoff.com 07/10/2016

Below The Cutoff: 9 Things You Remember if You Showed in the 80s

All true :-)


horsenetwork.com 07/06/2016

Sh*t Hunter Trainers Say

Hahaha.... your funny for the day :-)

horsenetwork.com In theory, riding hunters should be an easy proposition. The jumps are natural-looking and mostly inviting, the courses are straight-forward (line diagonal, line diagonal, maybe a single?), and if you’re riding an old school master, you know he Keep Reading


Fox Woods Equine Veterinary Care, LLC

As the temperatures and humidity rise, take a moment to consider your horse's health.



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