Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies

Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies


Is there anything cuter than a shop dog or cat?! The answer is NO! Check out these cuties who call the following locations their homes Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies, Tyranena Brewing Company: Legendary Wisconsin Beer, TB Coaching & Consulting, HDM Towing & Truck Center, The Corner Mercantile, and S & S Plumbing! 🥰🐶🐱
Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies has an AMAZING selection of pet supplies! I stopped in to get some treats for my baby girl! Safe to say she LOVED the kong 🐶
Jamie Almquist did an awesome job with Sarges' hair cut yesterday and had fun visiting Nicole Blawusch at the store for his new collar and treats!!! He loves visiting and spending time with you girls ;)
Come see Goblin and me this morning! Free pets and scritches at Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies
The Lake Mills Area Chamber Golf Outing is coming up NEXT THURSDAY, June 24th. We are SO thankful for our event sponsors of Lake Mills Area Community Foundation, Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies, Culver's Lake Mills, and The Lake Mills Market 🥰

Thank you also to the Hole in One Sponsor: Badger Chevrolet Buick, the Beverage Cart Sponsor: Greenwoods State Bank, and Golf Cart Sponsor: Lake Mills Cleaners & Dyers, Inc.! The hole sponsors will be posted soon😄

We are still looking for goodie bag stuffers such as stickers, coozies, flyers, coupons, etc if you would like to network and market your business! Please message us on Facebook or text 715-771-9587 if you have something you'd like to contribute 🥳
Hello friends!

One of our Wisconsin friends, Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies is helping us and Lola’s in Wisconsin get food to the dogs we currently have in foster! 🐾

If you can, please give them a call 📞and purchase a bag of food. If you can’t purchase a bag of food but would like to donate, any amount will help tremendously!

Let’s help them pack the van! 🚐
Thank you Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies!

Our partners in Wisconsin are doing a lot to help us out!

Please help if you can 🙏🏻
Would you like to have a hand-made pottery mug featuring YOUR dog’s paw print? Feb 13 is your next opportunity! Please see the link in the comments for more info and then reserve your spot.
Missed my #catnipcattoys at the holiday market?! Well you find them in a boat load of stores! Check them all out because they are all supporting local artisans and their craft! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Listed in image order:
1️⃣Booth 121
6203 Monona Dr.
Madison, WI
Open 7 days a week!

2️⃣Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies
809 N Main St. Suite B
Lake Mills, WI

3️⃣ The Glitter Workshop
542 N Midvale Blvd.
Madison, WI
Open 7 days a week!

4️⃣Kylee's Gift Cottage
6717 Odana Rd.
Madison, WI
Open Fri-Sun or by appt.
🌟only location with dog treats!

5️⃣ Five Star Antiques & Vintage
125 N. Main St.
Fort Atkinson, WI
Open 7 days a week!

(Not pictured)
6️⃣The Vintage Flip
400 N. Main St
Lake Mills, WI
Open Tues-Sun
Good morning and thank you for my new toy and collar! My older brother got a new toy too!
We're so excited that Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies in Lake Mills is carrying these fantastic products! If your pet has a wound or injury that needs protection from licking, chewing, or weather, these can be lifesavers.
Scout and R***r LOVE their Starmark Everlasting Bento balls!! #shoplocal #mommyshelper #cantstopwontstop

A new, retail pet supply store in Lake Mills, WI! Owned and operated by the owner of Laughing Dogs i

Operating as usual

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Happy Friday!!! 😁

😺‼️Introducing Lamb Chop for Cats‼️😺

😸 “Smokey Approved” 😸

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 09/27/2022

Happy Tuesday!!! 😺

‼️Introducing Kong Self Groomer‼️

Goes under the door and has a compartment for catnip, to attract your cat/cats to rub on it.
Smokey says “Wow”! 😆

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 09/22/2022

Happy First Day of Autumn! 🍂🍁🍂

The weather is going to start changing 😞, which means more time indoors. Make sure to stop in and get things to keep your pup/pups from getting bored.

We now have all Natural peanut butter! We have a variety of toys that you can use peanut butter in. Just add the peanut butter and treats/food, then freeze it for longer playtime.

“Smokey Approved” 😸

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 09/21/2022

Happy Wednesday!!! 😁

We replenished our cat toy jar, and Smokey is very Happy about it 😸.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 09/16/2022

Happy Friday!!! 😺

‼️ Introducing New Dog Food‼️

* Diamond Naturals. Good quality and affordable! Made by the same company that makes Taste of the Wild. Single meat protein, for allergies and sensitivities.

*Skoki. Great quality and affordable! Named after a mountain in Canada. Designed to meet the nutritional needs of Sport and Working dogs. Highly Regulated. Free range Lamb, Wild caught Fish and Humanely raised Chicken.

* Last, but not Least Nature’s Logic. Made in the USA. All natural ingredients, no synthetic vitamins. No Peas or Potatoes. They use Millet an ancient seed grown without genetic engineering. Millet is Gluten Free and low in sugar. High Animal based protein. No other Kibble out there like this one!

*Also an Astro frequent buyer food. Buy 12 get 1 Free.

❗️This month buy a big bag get 3 cans Free❗️


Happy Thursday!!! 🐶

‼️Come Check Out Our Clearance Rack‼️

* We have added a bunch of Great quality food, treats, etc.


Happy Friday!!! 😺

We are looking to possibly add another dog food to our store. What are you currently feeding your dog/dogs?


Happy Wednesday!!! 😁

Our Stella & Chewy supply continues to grow. We now have their canned food and dinner dust.

* Stella & Chewy’s is a Wisconsin based company and they support shelters. 🐾


‼️We are Closed Today for Labor Day‼️


‼️We Will Be Closed Today‼️

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this will cause. They are fixing our driveway and nobody told us about it. There will be No Parking until Tuesday. So, we will resume business on Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding! We really appreciate all of your support.


As most of our customers know, we work hard to carry brands that we trust and that work to serve our customers as well as a small business like ours. Unfortunately, we have been struggling to get Purina ProPlan from our distributors for quite some time. They just do not have the products in stock when we need them. Additionally, we have to buy product at higher rates than companies like Amazon or Chewy can sell them for, which means that in order for people to even want to buy the product from us, we make almost nothing on it.

None of this feels good or right to us. Our customers are important to us, but the only way smaller retail stores can survive is to be able to get product at reasonable prices so that we can sell them at competitive prices. This has become harder and harder for us with this particular brand. As much as we want to keep our customers shopping with us, we know that we are doing ProPlan users a disservice because the reality is, you can buy it much cheaper elsewhere.

ProPlan has once again raised our rates, pricing us completely out of the market for this food. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to remove this product line from our shelves. We know that many local vet offices recommend this food and we would like to be able to keep carrying it, but small local stores just aren't their priority, so we'd prefer to partner with other brands who better serve stores like ours.

If you use ProPlan and would like to continue purchasing it from us at the higher rates, we can continue to special order your specific brand/size and type. We will need you to tell us exactly what flavor/variety and size you would like us to order, and we will be happy to try to get it in when we can. It would be most helpful if you could provide the exact SKU off the bag you have. If you would like recommendations for other foods that we do offer that might be a good transition for you, we are happy to help - please ask us for more information.

Ultimately, we are here to serve you, and we aren't serving you well by charging so much more for a product than other places can charge for it. We hope that someday, ProPlan will make it easier for smaller shops to carry their food, but we can respect that they want to be accessible at larger retailers primarily.

Please let us know if you have questions, and thank you for your understanding and your support! The ProPlan that we do have left will be first-come, first-serve, so stop in and see if we have your food still in stock!


Happy Friday!!! 😺

Have a Safe & Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

‼️We will be CLOSED Monday for Labor Day‼️


Happy Tuesday!!! 😺

Ernie using the Snuffle Mat we made as a bed 😆.

The true purpose is to hide treats and or food in the fabric. It’s great for brain work and boredom busters for your pup.


‼️Happy National Dog Day‼️

Let’s see those dog pictures❗️

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/26/2022

Happy Friday!!! 🐶🐾😸

Smokey & Ernie sure do like Mr. Sloth. 😆
* He Squeaks & Grunts!!!

We are open until 5 today and 10-4 Sat/Sun…


Happy Thursday!!! 🐶

‼️Introducing Yeti Yak Puff Toy‼️

*Insert Yak Chew.
*Microwave it, and watch it turn into a puff.
*Watch your pup enjoy it.

** Not for aggressive chewers!

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/24/2022

My new projects.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/24/2022

Happy Wednesday!!! 😺

‼️Sneak Peek‼️

Smokey & I have been working hard making T-shirts to sell. We hope you guys like them. I will hang them up when we make more. 😁



So sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Happy Friday from Patricia & Sheldon! 🐢

We are open 10-4 Sat/Sun… 😁


Re*****on also loves the Llama! 😆

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/15/2022

Happy Monday! 💖

Harper loves her new Llama toy she got from here!

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/11/2022

Happy Thursday!!! 🐾

My Golden “Cooper” loves his Chuckit ball, even soo much that he had to fit it in his mouth with his Spunky Pup squeaker football. 😆


Happy Wednesday!!! 🐶

‼️Open Farm Dog Food Sale‼️

$5.00 OFF Small Bags.
$10.00 OFF Large Bags.

*100% Traceable Ingredients
*5 Star Food
*Humane & Ethical Sourcing
*Premium Nutrition
*Climate Strategy Commitment
*No Recalls


Happy Tuesday!!!

‼️Introducing West Paw Bison Treat‼️

*Just 1 Ingredient.
*Made in the USA.
*$3.00 OFF a bag.

Perfect for training or just an everyday treat. Use in West Paw puzzle toys for boredom busters and brain work. 🐶

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/04/2022

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/04/2022

Happy Thursday!!! 🐶

‼️Introducing Chill Kit by Mount Era‼️

*It comes with a lick mat & chill peanut butter spread, that has melatonin in it. Perfect for stressful situations and boredom.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 08/03/2022

Happy Wednesday!!! 😁

‼️Here are the Astro Loyalty Deals for this Month‼️

Don’t miss out on these great deals! Astro also has a frequent buyer program for products throughout our store. Only available to pet supply stores.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 07/28/2022

Happy Thursday! 😺

‼️We Carry World’s Best Cat Litter‼️

*We have a New low tracking & dust control now.
* We also have coupons on all sizes for $ OFF.

This litter is part of our frequent buyer program. Buy 10 get 1 Free.

All natural and made in the USA.


Happy Tuesday!!! 🐾

Smokey wanted to show off some of our great treats we carry and that Janel uses over at Laughing Dogs Daycare, for training classes. 🐶

Stop in and check out our selection! We are open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-4 Sat/Sun. 😉


Happy Saturday! 🦎

‼️We Have Crickets, One container of Hornworms , and Mealworm’s In Stock‼️

Stop in from 10-4 today or tomorrow! 😺


Happy Friday! 🌞

‼️We Have Freshpet 5# Beef Rolls In Stock‼️

These are a gently cooked refrigerated balanced meal for dogs. They are great for picky, older and or sick dogs. They are made in the USA.

We are open until 5 today and 10-4 Sat/Sun. 🐾


Happy Friday!!! 🐾

‼️We Sell Fido-Vite by Doctors Choice Supplements‼️

*These supplements are packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Just like us, our pets need vitamins too. Dogs lack some of the nutritional benefits that are cooked out of their kibble, because the kibble is cooked at high temperatures. Replace those nutrients with Fido-Vite, so your dog can thrive. 🐶

*They are manufactured right here in Wisconsin.


Happy Wednesday!!! 🌞

❗️We Have Live Crickets In Stock❗️

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 07/06/2022

Happy Wednesday!!! 😺

‼️Introducing New Fromm Cat Food, Indoor Cat‼️
❗️$7.00 OFF 4# Bags❗️

* Fromm food is manufactured right here in Wisconsin.

*Fromm is a fifth generation family owned pet food company. Fromm has been around since 1904.


‼️Closed for the Fourth of July‼️

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 06/30/2022

Happy Thursday!!! 🐶

Stop in and get your pets ready for the Fireworks!

$3.00 OFF All Naturvet Calming Products…

We have a variety of things that may help ease your pets anxiety during the fireworks. Please keep your pets safe during the 4th of July. Too many pets go missing around this time. 😞

‼️We will be Closed July 4th‼️


Happy Wednesday!!! 🌸

‼️We Now Carry Fruitables Dog & Cat Treats, Including Fruitables Minis Per Request‼️


Happy Tuesday!!! 🌞

Hope your week is going as Smooth as Ernie! 😺
Stop in and check out our Great selection of Food, Toys, Supplements, Etc and say Hi to our store pets.

We are open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat/Sun 10-4. 🐶


Happy Friday! 🌞

‼️Now Carrying Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Patties and Shredrs‼️ *Ernie Approved! 😆

We are open until 5:00 today and 10-4 Sat/Sun.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 06/16/2022

Happy Thursday!!! 🐾

❗️We have Nulo Hydrates Water Enhancer❗️

*Electrolytes to Support Hydration.
*Amino Acids to Help Maintain Muscle Health.
*B Vitamins to Support Healthy Energy.

-My dogs love it when I make ice cube treats for them with the Nulo Hydrate. 🐶

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 06/12/2022

Happy Sunday!!! 😺

‼️New in stock‼️

Two in one Dolphin Laser Wand!
Smokey approved😸


Happy Friday!!! 🌞

‼️We are Fully Stocked with Live Crickets & Mealworms‼️🐸🐛🦎

We are open until 5:00 today & 10-4 Sat/Sun. 😺


Happy Tuesday!!! 🐶

‼️Now Carrying Fruitables Dog Treats‼️

These treats have been requested by multiple customers, so we got some in. They seem to be a popular treat, even with the most pickiest of dogs.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 06/04/2022

Happy Saturday!

We have an assortment of products to take care of your cats this summer. Ranging from tick and flea treatments to hip and joint support. During the weekends we are open from 10-4, So stop in and grab something to help keep your cats happy😸


Happy Friday!!! 😁

‼️We Have Life Vests for Dogs‼️

With Summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the warmer weather that comes with it. Your pup/pups might want to go for a swim to cool down.

We are open 10-4 Sat/Sun.

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 06/02/2022

Happy Thursday!!! 🐶

Re*****on stopped in to pick out some toys & treats, and get spoiled by me. What a Good Boy!

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 06/01/2022

Happy Wednesday!!! 😺

🚨June Astro Frequent Buyer Deals🚨

$1.00 OFF Frozen Yogurt Treat Cups for Dogs.
$2.00 OFF Medicated Hot Spot Spray.
$3.00 OFF Scent Free Cat Litter.
$1.00 OFF Yaky Puff Dog Treats.
$2.00 OFF Exercise Items for Small Pets.
$3.00, $5.00 or $7.00 OFF Nulo Freestyle Dog Food.
$2.00, $4.00 or $6.00 OFF Nulo Freestyle Cat Food.
$2.00 OFF Nulo Training Treats for Dogs.
Buy 2 get 1 FREE Nulo Purées for Cats.

All these monthly sales in addition to our frequent buyer program. Support Local! 😁

Photos from Playful Pets: Retail Pet Supplies's post 05/31/2022

Kanyon here to talk about the EzyDog Converter harness!

I’m pretty shy about new people, but I love going places with mom as long as people don’t try to say hi to me. Mom and I are on vacation right now and we went to visit my auntie in Chicago for a couple days, and now we’re on our way out west for some hiking and other fun stuff. Mom got me this harness because, despite her best efforts to tell people I don’t want to be pet, people don’t always listen.

Guess what? This harness helps so much! Mom got the cool patches that say “do not pet,” but apparently there are other patches you can get, in case your dog isn’t shy like me. Mom doesn’t have to try to stop nearly as many people from petting me, and when people leave me alone I travel like a perfect gentleman. People seem to think I’m a “working dog,” but the joke is on them - I’m on vacation from my usual job and there’s no work involved, except checking my “p-mail.” 😆

There are other uses for this harness, but mom likes that it tells everyone very clearly that I don’t want to be pet. I also find it helps me remember not to pull as much, too! Stop into the store and check them out. 10/10 I do recommend!

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Happy Friday from Patricia & Sheldon! 🐢We are open 10-4 Sat/Sun… 😁
Remington also loves the Llama! 😆
Happy Monday!!! 😺Here is some brotherly love… Smokey says this is my toy! 😆 We do have these in stock and the boys love ...
Happy Saturday!!! 😺Stop in and get your Cat/Cats a New toy! This guy picked out the Kong Frizz toy. He won’t let it out ...
Happy Tuesday!!! 😺Ernie “The Store Cat” would like to introduce one of his favorite things. Yeowww! catnip. Ernie loves ...
Happy Thursday!!! 🥶Here is Kanyon as a puppy enjoying his Lickimat. The Lickimat is our featured product of the week. We...
Happy Wednesday!!! Check out this New cat toy! It’s a rocking laser cat toy. No need for you to sit and hold on to a las...
Happy Monday!!! 🌬If you are trying to get things done, but your cat/cats have other plans, get a Kitty Kong and fill it ...
Smokey lives a very rough life. 😺
Happy Monday! 🐢Have you ever seen a Tortoise eat before!? It’s pretty interesting, enjoy. 😆
Happy  Thursday! 🐈Come check out our cat room full of fun interactive cat toys. 😸
Happy Thursday! 😺I just wanted to share how helpful Ernie the store cat is, when I’m putting away shipments. 😆




809 N Main St, Suite B
Lake Mills, WI

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