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Roots to Blooms Acupuncture and Wellness


5:30 PM Warm Yin Yoga &
6:45 PM Restorative Yoga at Nurture Yoga & Massage tomorrow Monday, November 8th.

6:30 PM Poses & Pins (yoga & acupuncture) with Roots to Blooms Acupuncture and Wellness on Friday, November 12th at Broadway Academy of Art and Dance in Lake Geneva
✨ Welcoming a new client, Roots to Blooms Acupuncture and Wellness / @sixflowersapothecary !

💥 Sometimes, you just CLICK with someone. And that is one of my favorite parts of a discovery call. When we are just chatting and vibing back and forth about all kinds of s**t that normally has nothing to do with the potential project at hand.

👯‍♀️ That’s what happened with Jessica.

At the end of our call (which was supposed to be like 20-30 min, and ended up being like 60+ min b/c we were having so much fun talking about music & tacos & life), I told her I would get going on pulling together a proposal and she said: “You’re the person. I already know. Let me do a deposit to make sure I save my spot on your schedule.”

🥰 I love when the proposal is just a formality!

Roots to Blooms is based in Lake Geneva, WI and specializes in Chinese Medicine Dermatology, Skincare, & Emotional Health.

Founder & Acupuncturist, Jessica Prohuska, L.Ac., says:

“My interest in skincare was borne from my own experience with rosacea, something that caused me a lot of stress, frustration, and embarrassment until I found a Traditional Chinese Medicine dermatologist who helped me clear up my skin issues and inspired me to help others do the same. I also enjoy treating the conditions which lead to skin imbalances - autoimmune diseases like Lyme disease, Crohn's, and allergies, and am a big advocate of emotional health which can also lead to skin issues. I believe that the mind and body are parts of a whole; I treat patients in accordance with that belief and I empower them to be active partners in their healthcare experience. I'm a mom, avid gardener, foodie, music fanatic, arts enthusiast, and animal lover. And I am always interested in talking about your favorite plants, pets, or band.” 🤘

🌸 Jessica also runs Six Flowers Apothecary, a shop full of lovely bath scrubs, teas, balms, & amazing hand-poured candles 🕯 that are made with organic soy wax, organic essential oils / flowers / herbs, h**p wicks, cleansed & charged crystals, & tons of love & good intentions. 💕 Each candle is named after a song!

So excited to work together on some fun upcoming website projects. Stay tuned!
A full harvest moon and the fall equinox are upon us starting next week. I like to think of it as nature's gentle reminder to align our practices with the energetic shift of this time of year. A time to reflect on all of the things achieved (harvested), letting go of what didn't work, and transitioning with grace.

Join us for the next "Poses & Pins" workshop (link in bio) on Monday, September 27th at 6:00 pm at Stillwater Coffee Company as we welcome in the Fall Equinox. Allowing the mind and body to let go in adjusting to shorter days meaning less time for doing and embracing the invitation to turn towards the light within.

The "Poses & Pins" workshop combines yoga and Acupuncture which may seem very different, but when we dive deeper into the roots of both of these holistic therapies there's actually a strong connection in how they both improve health, vitality and restore balance to the body.

If you haven't tried a gentle yoga class or acupuncture this is a great opportunity for you to sample the experience. After the gentle yoga session practitioners are invited to remain on the mat in Savasana while Licensed Acupuncturist, Jessica Prohuska from Roots to Blooms Acupuncture and Wellness deepens your experience with a targeted acupuncture treatment that will relax, refresh, and renew your body and mind.

📸 @kristina.lorraine

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Family practice acupuncture clinic specializing in Chinese Medicine dermatology, holistic skincare, autoimmune, allergies, and emotional wellbeing.

I also keep athletes at peak performance and help people manage their pain. Home of Six Flowers Apothecary products

Operating as usual


We are going to have so much fun this summer!

Join us for yoga flow and acupuncture as we open ourselves up to balance and abundance for the new moon.

Booking link is in the comments.


Come get relaxed with us. 😴

This event is for all levels of yoga experience, those new to acupuncture, and those who already love it.

Scheduling link is in the comments.


It’s over. Bourbon time.


The microneedling cart is out and stocked today!

Fridays have become dermatology day at the clinic. Today we’ve got back to back microneedling, a brand new dermatology patient looking for relief from psoriasis, and some stress and pain relief patients.

After the long weekend we will resume our holistic skincare deep dives. I can’t wait to share the rest with you!

If you have skincare concerns, want to avoid products filled with chemicals, or are just curious about what Roots to Blooms Acupuncture & Wellness can do for your skin, I’ve got lots of different options. Hit the link in the comments to schedule a consultation.

Have fun, be safe, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen, beauties. 🖤✨


I’m studying for another national board exam.
Why? You already have your medical license.
Because if you know me, you know I like to see things through to completion. So even though I don’t need to take this board exam to be licensed, I NEED to take this board for myself.
I’ll come up for air sometime in mid-June.


May is Mental Health Awareness month.

You don’t have to have diagnosed depression or anxiety to be considered someone who is a candidate for mental health treatment.

While these two diagnoses can warrant a physician or therapist visit, there are more subtle signs that it’s time for some help, or at least a check in:
🔸Overthinking that affects daily life or sleep,
🔸Insomnia caused by stress or ruminating,
🔸Angry outbursts at seemingly insignificant things;
🔸Fatigue that accompanies any of these other symptoms,
🔸Feeling “stuck” on a situation or experience, or not being able to let it go,
🔸Panic or fear with no known cause,
🔸Constant overwork used as a distraction from family or reality,
🔸Using social media, electronics, or substances to escape a situation,
🔸Chronic illness or pain that affects your happiness and well-being.

Acupuncture is great for balancing emotions. I’ve got several protocols to reset the body and calm the mind, and I often refer people to therapy. Most patients only require a few sessions to get back on track and feeling balanced.

There’s zero shame in taking care of your mental health, I don’t care what TV, movies, and society have told you. There is so much strength and courage in getting help. You deserve to feel good!

Ways to get help:

▪️Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255 (English), 1.888.628.9454 (Spanish),
▪️Crisis Text Line: text SIGNS to 741741,
▪️call 911 if in danger

If you want to explore an acupuncture “reset” and experience all of the good brain chemicals, schedule with the link in the comments.

In health and happiness,

Photos from Roots to Blooms Acupuncture and Wellness's post 05/18/2022

Anyone want to talk about hair loss?

It’s pretty common and I treat it as a normal part of holistic skincare.

But there is something UNcommon I’ve been seeing lately- hair loss that shows up about three months after contracting “c.”

People start to notice their hair is thinning, there’s more hair in the brush or shower drain than usual, and sometimes they notice thin sections of hair around the temples or on top of the head.

I’ve read the data, talked to hair stylists who have seen this type of hair loss, and I have treated some patients for this in my clinic.

So how is this possible? “C” starts as a damp disease when it first enters the body. Dampness can block all kinds of body functions, including the hair follicles. Once “c” sets in, it becomes a disease that affects the blood. Maybe you’ve heard of people having clotting, numbness, or tingling after having “c” or the shot.

In Chinese Medicine hair is an extension of blood. If blood isn’t healthy or moving properly, it can’t nourish the hair to help it grow. And if that is combined with dampness blocking the hair follicles, hair REALLY isn’t growing.

Our treatment strategy for this is to clear dampness, nourish the blood, and stimulate hair growth.

I do this by:
🔹teaching patients how to safely use a plum blossom tool at home between visits to my office,
🔹clearing dampness and nourishing blood with the fantastic Nourishing Red Date tea pictured, and
🔹in extreme cases prescribing a hair and skin supplement. But not everyone needs this.

Due to the mechanism of active hair growth and loss, and because this type of hair loss is caused by “c” and not alopecia, patients can only lose up to 50% of their hair and not all of it. So far, we have been able to stop the hair loss before anyone has reached that number. Whew!

Do you have thinning hair or increased hair loss?
Let’s talk about treatment options!

Watch a plum blossom demonstration video and schedule a free consult with the link in the comments.

Photos from Roots to Blooms Acupuncture and Wellness's post 05/17/2022

It’s the Pollenating!

My allergies are off the charts this spring thanks to our mild midwest winter. Currently everything in my life is covered in greenish yellow pollen and my eyes are red and dry.

What’s keeping me sane though are these three products and the three acupuncture points.

D-Hist lessens the body’s histamine response to allergens, AllerEase is a Chinese Medicine formula to lessen the severity of allergy symptoms, and Clearing tea helps reduce eye redness, dryness, itching, and puffiness.

Why do I take these instead of over the counter allergy medications? Because studies show that many of those meds are bad for your brain, especially Benadryl. Plus, these meds get to the root causes of allergies instead of masking the symptoms.

For a stuffy nose and sinus pressure I use my fingers to do acupressure on the points picture.
📍 UB 2 can be found in the inner edge of the eyebrow. You can feel a little notch along the bone that may even be tender, and you can apply gentle pressure for 30-60 seconds to help open the sinuses and stop a runny nose. Often times you can feel the point pulsate under your fingers as you press it.
📍ST 2 will help open the sinuses and benefit the eyes. Hold that point for 30-60 seconds as well.
📍LI 20’s name is “welcome fragrance” as it open nasal passages to restore the sense of smell. It also stops facial itching. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had lots of that this allergy season.

The pictured products (except the tea- that’s unique to Six Flowers Apothecary) can be purchased from licensed healthcare professionals or at Roots to Blooms Acupuncture clinic.

Try the acupressure points and let me know in the comments how they worked for you.

If you want to give your body a reset and reduce inflammation, both a major cause and effect of allergic reactions, come get acupuncture. It can not only benefit you now, but can reduce the severity of future allergy issues.

Scheduling link in my bio.


It’s time for another Holistic Skincare deep dive!

But before we do, let’s review.

✔️We discussed what holistic skincare is and isn’t, its benefits, and the different components that comprise holistic skincare,

✔️We learned all about microneedling and nanoneedling, their similarities, differences, their applications, and how they promote collagen production,

✔️We had a thorough lesson on facial cupping and gua sha including techniques, dos and don’ts, qualifications of a practitioner, and using the correct tools + how to clean them,

So let’s talk about Chinese Medicine Dermatology (CMD). I get asked about this one a lot.

🌟 It is a specialty within Traditional East Asian Medicine (which is an umbrella term that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, manual therapies, and exercise);
🌟 Chinese Medicine Dermatology is a treatment modality that is thousands of years old;
🌟CMD uses both internal and topical herbal prescriptions and dietary therapy for treatment of skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and acne;
🌟the skin issue (rosacea, acne, etc.) is a symptom of an imbalance within the body and the goal of treatment is to get to the root of that imbalance and to clear the skin;
🌟treatment has three phases: clearing, balancing, and building;

Because of the importance of completing each of these phases, it can take up to six months and longer to clear up the skin.

This seems like quite a bit of time, but once the skin is clear it tends to stay clear unless we fall back into the dietary and lifestyle choices that caused the skin issue in the first place.

If you’ve got acne, rosacea, eczema or other skin condition that you don’t want to take pharmaceuticals or use topical steroids for, let’s talk!

I had rosacea for years and Chinese Medicine Dermatology was life changing for me. Let me help change your life. ✨

Hit the link in the comments for more information or to schedule your first appointment.


Anybody else’s eyes crazy itchy and watery from allergies? No, just me?

Guys, my eyes are sooooo irritated. I’ve been able to keep my allergies under control with Chinese medicine and homeopathics, but my eyes are completely out of control.

In the past my eyes have been so irritated that I’ve gotten pink eye. Yes, from allergies. Look it up, it’s a thing.

Allergy eye drops haven’t worked so today I’m drinking chrysanthemum and goji berry tea. Both of these benefit the eyes, and here’s how:

chrysanthemum flower (ju hua): is cooling and bitter (bitter means it drains), benefits the energetic organs of the liver and lung (hey, the two organs at the root of my type of allergies) and it’s actions are: clears the liver and brightens the eyes, disperses wind heat, and drains heat toxins (this makes it a very good compress for eye styes);

goji berry (gou qi zi): sweet in flavor and neutral in temperature, benefits the liver, lung, and kidney, benefits the essence and brightens the eyes so is totally good for blurred vision and diminished visual acuity (both of which I currently have).

I don’t want to claim that traditional East Asian medicine is magical, but it kind of is.✨ Within 30 minutes of drinking this tea I no longer have blurred vision and my eyes have stopped tearing and itching.

I’m so grateful to have some relief! I wish I would have thought to make this tea sooner, but better now than never. I will be sipping on this tea all day. Okay, let’s be honest, it will be all week since the hot weather is really going to bring out the pollen.

Who else is suffering from spring allergies and needs this tea? Leave a comment or reach out and I’ll make you up a batch.

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