Aerial Stunt Kites

Aerial Stunt Kites


Happy Birthday my dear Richie!
The owner is a peach and knows her kites. I have seen unfavorable reviews and we had a completely pleasant experience. We would return again without reservation.
The Port of Call brochure hitting the Riviera docks, #LakeGenevaCruiseLine and downtown #LakeGeneva on Thursday, May 19th.
Published by the #LakeGenevaRegionalNews this glossy brochure will be handed out all summer long to inquisitive visitors as they exit the #GageMarine boats to help plan their journey through the streets of our beautiful town!
What a wonderful little newspaper you have in your town!.. Please be assured that you'll find less of those under-educated Harley Riders patronizing any business in your town. They've deleted the video now, but you can see just a little bit of his text. I'd be ashamed of your local paper. They "like" your business page also.. The Geneva Shore Report
Ruth is always shy and shuns attention, but this weekend is cause of for celebration and recognition.
Few would would have ever a though a business focusing on the joy of going to "fly a kite" would survive 1/4 Century.
Congratulations to Ruth and Aerial Stunt Kites
Thankful for Ruth at Aerial Stunt Kites who got our kids kites set up for them to enjoy. Thanks Ruth!
Thanks for the recommendation on this kite! I think we will be back soon to get some more for the grandkids!!!! Go fly a kite. Love it
Father's Day is only a couple of days away.
Are you looking for a Father' Day gift with a difference ?
Why not the #wallabyboomerangs made in Canada ?
You will find them this week in your favorite store !
First flight went pretty well. I will try for better pics tomorrow. Thanks
A great Christmas gift for the family !
Go outside this winter and fly a beautiful wooden boomerang handcrafted by an artisan.
Buy local at your favorite boutique !
I wish you a Merry Christmas !

"One Sky - One World"
We started this campaign? This was a result of the presentation of the kite as a sign of peace and friendship, made Jane Parker- Ambrous, owner of a small manufacturing kites, as a gift to the Soviet people. Then all the people around her inspired idea to launch kites every year at the same time in one and the same day all over the world. In 1985, Jane Parker Ambrous developed a special kite to celebrate the historic presidential summit Reagan and President Gorbachev. Then, during a trip to the "people's diplomacy" in the Soviet Union, Jane gave kite Soviet Women's Committee, whose president was Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to have flown in space. Along with the serpent, was given a letter of friendship signed by about 300 -zmeenavtami from USA, Canada, Japan and the UK.
During this meeting, and the idea that led to one of the biggest annual events zmeenavtov "One Sky - One World" in the history of the world level.
"One Sky - One World" - not a commercial event, supported by donations in the form of monetary support and services to business and government organizations, foundations, individuals, and advertising sales.
The Board of Directors, consisting of teachers, government officials and business people from around the world.
Action "One Sky - One World" does not make a reality of the world around the world, but it is - a good start.
Our country and Ukraine, in particular, only our city Kherson annually take part in this action, because in 1993 urban children's organization "Association of kites" has been awarded the certificate of the organization.
ZVERNENNYA to the world on Ukraїnu
I Zvіrik Oleksij Pavlovich zvertayusya to Jane Parker Ambrous yak founder vsesvіtnogo Ruhu "Odne sky - one Svit" i before vsіh zmeєnavtіv svitu zapustiti povіtryanі zmії 11-12 zhovtnya 2014 rock on the honor dovgoochіkuvanogo World on Ukraїnі. Duzhe ask zaprositi merіv, gubernatorіv and takozh chlenіv Uryadov, dwellers seem a їm scho we h i your ODNE SKY ONE guilty Buti SVIT not tіlki on UKRAЇNІ, ale i on vsіy nashіy planetі.
W povagoyu,
Head mіskoї dityachoї gromadskoї organіzatsії "AVZ" candidate psihologіchnih Sciences, a member of Evrotalanta (37), i MІLSET Evristiki, member asotsіatsіy povіtryanih zmіїv: Sіngapurskoї (98), Іtalіyskoї (480) The Citizen World ........... .O.Zvirik .. Oleksiy Zviryk
APPEAL to the world in the Ukraine
I am beautiful animals Alexey Pavlovich, referring to Jane Parker Ambrous as the founder of the worldwide movement "One Sky-One World" and all the world ZMEENAVTAM run kites 11-12 October 2014 in honor of the long-awaited World on Ukraine.Ubeditelno please invite mers governors as well as members of the government, to show them that we have with you and ONE SKY ONE WORLD must be not only in Ukraine, but also on the entire planet.
Chairman of the city children's public organization "AVZ", Ph.D., a member of Evrotalanta (37), and MILSET heuristics, a member of kites: Singapore (98), Italy (480), Citizen of the World ........... A.Zverik ...
.A.Zverik [email protected] ..

APPEAL for the peace in Ukraine
I Zviryk Alexey Pavlovich, refer to Jane Parker-Ambrose, as the founder of the worldwide movement "One sky - one world" and to all the world of those who are interested in making kites. I suggest launching kites on 11-12 October 2014 in honor of a long-awaited peace in Ukraine.Earnestly ask you to invite mayors, governors, members of the government to show them that we have ONE SKY and ONE WORLD, that must be not only in Ukraine, but also on the entire planet.
With respect
Chairman of the city children's public organization "AVZ", Ph.D., a member of Evrotalanta (37), and MILSET heuristics, a member of kites associations: Singapore (98), Italy (480) citizen of the World ... .......... .A.Zviryk
A.Zviryk [email protected]

We invite October 12 at 11 am at the park "Memory" Tauride district for Supermarket "Tavria B" Kherson residents, visitors and all those wishing to attend our event, as well as take part in it with a kite in support of peace in Ukraine and worldwide movement of "One nebo- one world. "
We ask the media to highlight our event: how many kites rose into the sky and how many viewers support our action in Kherson region, Ukraine, in Russia and in the world, and send materials
At 73000 Kherson Ukraine and Post Office / I 110 or E-mail apz37 @ us to estimate how many people supported our campaign and send it to Peter Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin
Free telephone consultation. + 380552 43-10-69 or 26-72-40
Blog / gallery-assotsiatsija vozdushnyh Kites-1.htm

Chairman of the city children's public organization "AVZ", Ph.D., a member of Evrotalanta (37), and MILSET heuristics, a member of kites: Singapore (98), Italy (480) .Grazhdanin World .......... A.Zverik ...

"Our kite shop sells kites, stunt kites and quad line power kites for everyone. Award winning games, toys based on physics, and gifts for home and garden."

Operating as usual


I apologize to all of my FB friends. FB deleted my own account Timeline and made me start this Page. I hate it because they keep sticking a 'create an ad' in my face. It's really stupid but consider the source!!!


Our resident kite flyer is at the park now. If you have a chance go down and see him or better yet, bring your own and fly with him.



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