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Toying with the notion of building these puppets but then I'd just want to create videos lip synching to some classic routines...

The Muppet Guys Talking 04/10/2018

The Muppet Guys Talking

Just watched the amazing documentary Muppet Guys Talking. I HIGHLY recommend it for any fans of the Muppets and puppetry!


The Muppet Guys Talking Instantly stream/download the film. Secrets revealed, unexpected stories, behind-the-scenes footage, and a private glimpse into Jim Henson’s unique and visionary leadership.

Photos from Puppets Ahoy's post 03/17/2018

Well it's only taken me 7 months to finally get some photos of Iago but here they are! Playing with a new Chroma Key app and some backgrounds.


With little fuss or bother I FINALLY completed the parrot puppet! Still would like to tweak my control rod design but overall I'm happy with the result. Photos to follow.

Now that I've completed one and worked out the new patterns and design I can set about making a couple more so I can have some on hand for any Aladdin Jr. productions in need of an Iago.


The red parrot is pretty much complete. I'm pretty happy with the result except for the wings. The control mechanism isn't working to my satisfaction at this point. A redesign is required. But overall he's pretty much there.

Timeline photos 07/16/2017

Add some fleece to the two modified spoons and you've got yourself a puppet eye.

Timeline photos 07/12/2017

Using two plastic spoons to build the red parrot's eyes. Part of the fun of puppet building!

Professional Puppet Patterns & Puppet Making | ProjectPuppet 07/11/2017

Professional Puppet Patterns & Puppet Making | ProjectPuppet

Hey puppet fans here's your chance to get a discount and free shipping on some GREAT puppet patterns! Hurry, sale ends Friday!


Professional Puppet Patterns & Puppet Making | ProjectPuppet Project Puppet offers professional puppet patterns and hard-to-find puppet building materials at affordable prices. Shop for hand puppet pattern kits and puppet making supplies.

Timeline photos 05/12/2017

Just in case anyone was wondering, I am still working on my red parrot!

Timeline photos 05/03/2017

And still more progress! I'm quite pleased with the results thus far. The red parrot who dreams of being cast as Iago grows nearer to completion!

Timeline photos 04/30/2017

Progress! Worked out a bunch of the patterning. Just have to make patterns for the wings, tail and body covering.

Photos from Puppets Ahoy's post 04/25/2017

The beak for my red parrot is coming along nicely. Now to bring the rest of him together!


It could be that after being away from it for a bit I'm returning to crafting a red parrot puppet. You know, the kind that might be employed in the role of Iago in productions of Aladdin Jr.

I'm redesigning my build with an eye towards speed and economy to make a puppet more likely to fit the budget of a smaller theater production. I'll be sure to post some photos soon!

Photos from Puppets Ahoy's post 03/21/2017

Way back in May of last year I put up a few photos of a puppet I was commissioned to create. I had to wait till the client took delivery before I could post images of the completed puppet. So 8 months later I'm FINALLY getting around to that!

Timeline photos 05/27/2016

Every time I get ready to pull the fleece covering over the foam hand I'm convinced it won't fit. And yet somehow it always does.

Timeline photos 05/27/2016

Parts and pieces beginning to come together!

Timeline photos 05/04/2016

This mess can only mean that I have returned to the "studio" after a more than two year absence!

Puppets Ahoy Gallery 08/27/2013

My second Iago puppet, ready for his closeup.


The bird is DONE! Took some final photos of him and now it's time to ship Iago out. I'll post the pics later.

Work in Progress 08/26/2013

Some shots of projects as they move along towards completion.


Working on another Iago puppet. He's coming along pretty nicely. I'll post some photos soon!

Work in Progress 11/06/2012

Some shots of projects as they move along towards completion.

Puppets Ahoy Gallery 11/06/2012

Iago puppet contracted for a local youth theater group putting on Aladdin Jr.


Well, the bird is DONE! Yup the client agreed to a somewhat less flashy puppet delivered a day or two later than planned and at a partially reduced price. All of which means I was up till 4:30 in the morning finishing it! Now it's off to the day job on only 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Could be a bit of a long day, but I THRILLED that Iago will get to have his fifteen minutes of fame in the theater production!


Man! I've been pushing really hard to get this bird done but it appears I may NOT make the deadline. :(

Work schedule has just been too hectic. There is a slim chance we may still be able to work something out. It's NEARLY done but really needed to be delivered by today. I hope we can work something out.


There you go! A few snaps of the work in progress. Now it's off to bed! I'm pooped!

Work in Progress 10/30/2012

Some shots of projects as they move along towards completion.


I'm going to try and get a couple of photos up today of the Iago puppet in progress. I'm feeling like I should have made him a bit smaller but it's too late to start over now!


Well it was kind of a tough week but I still managed to make some progress on the Iago puppet. Now to see if I can make my deadline and finish it this week! Wish me luck!


The Iago puppet is coming along. I AM taking photos but I haven't had time to post any yet. I'll do my best to get some posted this week, but as I'm under the gun with the deadline the puppet work must come first.


Apparently I need to replace some of my puppet making equipment. My high temp glue gun gave out and my heat gun is giving out as well. Still made some good progress on the puppet today before technical difficulties slowed things down.


Okay! I've drawn up some sketches, I've bought some fabric and now it's actually time to start building that parrot!!

Puppets Ahoy Gallery 07/03/2012

Here's the puppets beside their people. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. The puppets that is. I'm EXTREMELY pleased with how the people turned out but I'm afraid I had nothing to do with that.

Puppets Ahoy Gallery 07/03/2012

2 portrait puppets. These were ordered by the young man as a surprise for his wife-to-be the week of their wedding.


Though there's no photographic evidence to back it up I can say that I made some very good progress on the current puppet yesterday. Things are progressing nicely!



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