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Thirsty Thursday drink recipes from Heidi Lee - Lake 961!! Get everything you need at Bruno's Liquors! 🍹🏝
On behalf of Spoondogger’s & staff,
We would like to give a BIG shout out and a HUGE thank you to everyone that came and donated (time, money, raffles, etc.) to Paxton Kadau Celebration of Life/Fundraiser last Saturday. It was an amazing turn out and we couldn’t have done it with out all of you!
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Happy #NationalCocktailDay!!

Don't forget to check out Heidi Lee - Lake 961's recent Thirsty Thursday recipes... you can get all the ingredients at the Lake 961 Display at Bruno's Liquors! 🍸🍹🥂 #cheers

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Martini?! YES PLEASE!😍 Thanks for the fun holiday drink idea Heidi Lee - Lake 961!🍸🎄 Pick up the recipe card and ingredients at Bruno's Liquors!🤩 #thirstythursday #brunosliquors #cheers
The 1️⃣2️⃣ Days of Christmas starts TOMORROW! 🎁🎄🎅

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IT’S A THIRSTY THURSDAY WI STATE FAIR STYLE! 😎🎡 I’m trying a Cotton Candy Margarita! 😍 Get the recipe card and ingredients (except the cotton candy! Lol) at Bruno's Liquors in Lake Geneva! Cheers everybody! Happy Opening Day of WI State Fair! 😎 #ThirstyThursday #HeidisHappyHour #CottonCandyMargarita #Yummy #FairFood #WIStateFair #BrunosLiquors
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Sponsored by City of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and PATS Services, Inc.
Tickets sponsored by Best Bargains, Inc.
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Have you gotten your tickets yet for Lake Geneva Bacon Fest 2021 on Saturday, May 8 at Flat Iron Park? Tickets available now online or at the Lake Geneva Regional News - only $5 per person! Cash bar, live music, and of course - TONS of bacon-inspired treats for sale!

Sponsored by PATS Services, Inc. and the City of Lake Geneva.
Tickets sponsored by Best Bargains, Inc.
Bar sponsored by Bruno's Liquors

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Happy Thirsty Thursday! 🍹 Since we had National Margarita Day earlier this week, I posted a delicious classic margarita recipe here: Stop by Bruno's Liquors for all the ingredients! Cheers!🍹🍹😎
Check out Heidi Lee - Lake 961’s fun Valentine’s themed drinks for Heidi’s Happy Hour! 💝🍸🍹 Get the recipes and ingredients at Bruno's Liquors! #HeidisHappyHour #BrunosLiquors #ValentinesDay #ThirstyThursday

Lake Geneva's Largest Liquor Store! Craft Beers, fine wines, Premium Ci**rs, Kegs and all your party's needs! Our Story

Service With A Smile!

Beverage Catering Good Times

Just A Little History
Originally it was the Northwestern Hotel that Bruno Sharkus and his father Walter bought in 1949. They ran the Knotty Pine Tavern until 1959 when the Hotel and Tavern burned for 3 days with Bruno his wife Pat and their two children narrowly escaping! Bruno and Pat shook it off and rebuilt in 1960 and Bruno's Pink Isle Tavern was built for good t

Operating as usual


Have you been in the lake as or with a mermaid lately?

Photos from Bruno's Liquors's post 05/26/2022

A California wine chart to help you choose.


Not so close…but thanks, Bucks for the amazing play, shots, ethics this season. Not a failure, a learning. You’ll make decisions fast and fix what hasn’t worked. Run into Bruno’s before you run out of runway. We’ve got some possibilities to soothe your sadness until we start the turnaround season.


Spiked Lemonade anyone?

5 Trail-double gold in San Francisco whiskey

Not just Coors lite…

Cans, cardboard, water, costs rising
People drink more during economic downturns…

Blue Moon from Golden, CO

Stock symbol TAP-Molson Coors

Spontaneous Beer Ads - Jamie Munro Explores Comical Alcohol Ads with These Funny Beer Commercials 05/11/2022

Spontaneous Beer Ads - Jamie Munro Explores Comical Alcohol Ads with These Funny Beer Commercials

Best, most hilarious vintage beer commercials around.

Spontaneous Beer Ads - Jamie Munro Explores Comical Alcohol Ads with These Funny Beer Commercials MORE funny beer commercials here: the last few decades, one type of advertisement that's topped...

Stories to Celebrate Mother’s Day 05/08/2022

Stories to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day, Bruno's fans! What is your Mother's story?
You could interview her in Story Corps, if she's still alive. Your interview will be archived in the Library of Congress.
That’s a lovely present!

Kathy, the oldest of the 5 Sharkus kids, wrote this when she was in grade school at Central in Lake Geneva about our mother Pat Sharkus.

My Mother
My mom was born December 10, 1934 in a farmhouse in Babcock, Wisconsin. She was the second of 4 girls. At age 7 they moved to Indiana. She went to the same school for grade school and high school.

In high school she said they stole watermelons for a little excitement. About the only thing they did as kids was to play marbles, basketball, fly kites, or go fishing down by the creek. Mom went to college at Ball University, then called Ball State College, in Muncie, Indiana. She graduated in 1956. She started in premed for three and then ran out of money. She was a waitress during the college years to make money for school.

In 1956 she met dad (Bruno Sharkus). They got married New Year's Eve. She taught Physical education in Muncie, Indiana and La Grange, Illinois.

1949 was a bad year for her. Her mom, Gramma Keenan had brain surgery and that meant the 4 girls didn't get to do much during high school.

She was and is very active in things in our town, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She was on the Governor's commission for aging, YMCA Board, School Board, Girl Scouts for 25 years, coach of a little league baseball team, President of the American Legion Auxilliary, Lioness Group, American Association of University Women, and a partner with my dad in business for 23 years.

She had 5 kids "Sometimes I wonder why," she replied when I asked her why.

In high school one day she skipped school and got caught. Her punishment was to walk to and from school for two weeks. Her school was nearly five miles from home. "Thank heaven it was in the springtime!"

One thing she said that was a bad experience was when their building burned down in 1960. They got out with their lives, but no clothes, a place to live and no money. They continue to be grateful for all of the local people who helped them rebuild. This time not the historic Northwestern Hotel, but instead Bruno's Pink Isle. This was a fun watering hole for passengers who just got off the daily train from Chicago.

Today my mom, Patricia Louise Keenan Sharkus, is 45 years old. She said she hopes to make it to another 45.

PS. She made it another 21 ever lovin' years. We miss you mom and love the lives you gave us.

Stories to Celebrate Mother’s Day Discover stories of mother-child relationships of all shapes and sizes.


The Irish wake, by definition, was a celebration of the life of the deceased, full of uniquely Irish customs. Both Pat & Bruno have passed now, leaving Jim to carry on. Pat Sharkus was a wild Irish matriarch. Pat had a Celebration of Life down in Mission, Texas in 2001. Bruno, whose family were Lithuanian immigrants, had a private family gathering in February. Traditional Irish wakes called for drinks, pranks, games, and songs. The Irish have historically put their own spin on the practice of wakes & grieving the dead.

If you've ever been to an Irish wake, you'll know that while it can be a sad affair, Irish wake songs & Irish wake customs make it easier, if possible, to grieve the one you've lost.

If you like the idea of Irish wakes and funerals,
here is an explainer of how they used to function:

Irish wake definition & history
Irish wakes are anything but a somber affair. Merrymaking was a common part of the traditional Irish wake & a major part of the grieving process in Ireland. We've a broad selection of Irish whiskey, if that is part of your wake.

A pagan ritual was the root of much of the goings-on at an Irish wake & much of the carrying-on was frowned upon by the church. Storytelling, mischief-making & games were all part of the send-off in an attempt to ease the suffering of the deceased's family.

The wake custom most likely has its roots in the ancient Jewish custom of leaving the burial chamber unsealed for three days with relatives returning during that time to check for any signs of life.

There is a myth that the tradition first came to Ireland as a result of the frequent lead poisoning suffered by drinkers of stout from pewter tankards. As this lead poisoning often left drinkers in a catatonic state resembling death, the mourners were required to keep a watchful eye on the body in case they'd made a terrible mistake.

Whatever the true story behind its beginning, the wake gives family & friends one last opportunity to remember the life of the person they've lost before the burial, an attempt to offer some kind of solace in the face of their loss.

Irish wake songs, pranks, and customs
As in other Celtic countries, Irish mourners adopted the custom as a way to keep vigil over their dead until the time of burial. It evolved into an occasion mixed with both sadness & merriment.

Lewd songs, pranks & games with names like "Priest of the Parish" & "Hide the Gulley" were commonplace at wakes up until the mid-1900s.

Even contests of strength, which included lifting the co**se, were common.

Another prank often played was hiding under the co**se’s bed and shaking it when someone walked in, scaring the living daylights out of them.

These activities & their pagan origins were severely frowned upon by the church, which tried to stamp out the custom. Official action was only taken, however, when a wake turned particularly scandalous.

How to throw an Irish wake
An Irish wake began when neighborhood women came to the house & washed the body of the deceased. More often than not, the wake was held in the deceased's own home or in that of a close relative. The co**se was then covered in white linen & adorned with black or white ribbons.

Custom dictated that crying could not begin until after the body was prepared, for fear that evil spirits would be attracted to the body & would take the soul of the deceased.

Female keeners were often hired by the family. They wailed, cried & recited poetry, lamenting the loss of the loved one. The principal mourner stood at the head of the bed striking the first note or wail.

Within the house itself there were also many traditions that had to be adhered to. These customs included the laying of clay pipes, to***co & s***f in the room. Every male caller was expected to take at least a puff. The smoke kept evil spirits from finding the deceased. Usually, a pipe & to***co were placed on a table next to the body. On some occasions, a pipe was also laid on the deceased's chest.

Clocks were stopped at the time of death. The mirrors in the house were turned around or covered. All of the curtains in the house were also to be drawn but for the one window closest to the body which would be left open.

What to bring to an Irish wake
Still, to this day, the wake is a sign of the strength of community in Ireland with neighbors & friends supporting the family with pot loads of tea & trays of sandwiches to feed the hoards arriving at their home to offer their condolences.

Irish wake drinks
It was also common to have a drink for the deceased. Bringing a drop along with you would not be refused. A few Irish whiskeys we carry: Jameson, McCallan & Glenlivet.

What to wear to an Irish wake
It was common (& is still relatively thought of as a good way to pay respect in Ireland) that friends of the family who did not know the deceased would still attend the wake, with close male friends & neighbors traditionally arriving late in the night to volunteer to sit with the body & letting the immediate family get some rest before the burial. This assured that the body was never unattended, as was required by tradition.

The majority of mourners would leave by midnight after enjoying some food & drink. Close friends & neighbors would stay through until the morning. The rosary would be said twice with mourners in attendance; once at midnight & a second time when drawing close to morning.

Earlier on in the evening, if the weather was good, the male mourners would gather outside but would always congregate in the kitchen if not.

What has replaced the Irish wake
While wakes are still held in the more rural parts of the west of Ireland, funeral parlors have sprung up across the country in the past few decades. The wake tradition has become in some ways a part of historical Ireland.

Nowadays, the act of laying out the body at the home has been replaced by the "viewing," a more subdued affair that takes place in a funeral home. Both will typically take place for one night to allow all those who wish to visit the body to attend.

We honor the million Americans who have been taken by COVID. We respect the many ways in which your family transitions your loved ones from loving living to the quiet of death. If you have a COVID story to share, please do. Thank you for your generosity & courage.

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