Vivs Essentials

Vivs Essentials

I searched for answers and found none..then I met Young Living Oils..they made me better in every way.I have grown and now feel mission driven to share

Operating as usual


Wing of a Butterfly

Wing of a Butterfly


Bringing some life to old doors!


Art is not just about creating. Its about seeing a story through someone else's eyes and connecting.


Deep Relief and coffee! These stiff joints need the oils in wintergreen and peppermint to make me not feel like the tinman! Lol


I find I enjoy watching the Golden Girls! i even am blessed enough to have a group of great friends from grammar school that we laugh at the days those could be us! But you know what? They are funny, but life has made our stoeies strange but true ! We are wittier!
We have a n independence that is fierce! But when life gets rough, we know its time ro rally! May you be blesses with a friend or two oten like that! If so, pY them homage! These days I would like to think we take better care of ourselves (maybe) we have goals to lead us to the life we wish for......maybe a little late.But just like those lladies...have never ending tenacity and courage when surrounded by friends that come along side you!


Remember our quest for the PERFECT No. 2 pencil in school? ✏️

I was obsessed with those Ticonderoga yellows; NOTHING compared to the grip and glide of the perfect pencil!

Though, let’s dig a little deeper into the box:

Until recently, No. 2 pencils were always made with cedarwood. While the wood is less prone to splinters, it ALSO has a wonderful aroma that is very calming and grounding. The smell of cedarwood helps to clear the mind and brain, ultimately improving one’s focus and concentration. Kind Solomon even built his temple and palace of cedarwood to assist him in thinking clearly and making wise decisions (I Kings 6:9-15).

Now what about that YELLOW color? 💛

The yellow color is associated with wisdom (something we all could use in a scholastic setting, eh?). It was also the color of royalty and respect towards China, since the best graphite came from that part of the world in the 1800’s.

In other words, that No. 2 pencil does more for you than fill in a solid circle on multiple choice tests… You are holding an element of nature in your hands - manufactured by man with spiritual influence. ✏️🌿🙌

To that I say, “Write” on! 📝

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Life sometimes has a way of showing us that we're running in the wrong direction working too hard, running someone else's race and the results is usually shown in your body.
I am so thankful for Young Living Essential Oils through this. season of my life. They have brought me clarity where my direction was lost. It's giving me the Valor and courage that I've needed through the pain. The smell of the lemongrass as I place it on my tendons and Joints is about the only smell of nature that I get these days! It will grow back!


Vivs Essentials


Vivs Essentials


Did you know that diffusing therapeutic essential oils like Young Living is one of the simplest and safest steps you could take to purify your air, boost your immune system and exchange harmless chemicals while adding a clean fresh scent to your home?

Tonights choice is the powerhouse of Thieves! With antiseptic, antibacterial Clove, Rosemary, Cinnamon Bark , lemon, Eucalyptus .....the therapeutic medicinal. ( herbs) oils that saved Robbers during time of the plague, hence its name!

I am staying in a hotel overnight for business. Diffusing my Thieves has me assured I have removed any airborne friends left behind from the previous guests! I also wiped down my surfaces with a damp cloth and Thieves......If you have any travel plans this will want to make sure this tiny giant is packed!
No home should be without this oil! There are just so many uses!!!!!!


May is Lyme Awareness Month!


The input you require is : you need oils !


Vivs Essentials's cover photo


Vivs Essentials's cover photo


Happy First Day of Spring!


Every once in a blue moon, I do something really fun. Not really, I do something fun at least once a day. 😂 But when it comes to oils and a sweet deal, it’s more like once or twice a year.

If you’ve been hanging out, waiting for a super good deal to grab your oils and diffuser, wait no longer. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s, I’m giving away a $25 off coupon to everyone who grabs their oil kit from me in the next 48 hours! 👏👏👏

You all know our family loves and uses oils everyday. That’s because they WORK and do what they were created to do, and they will work for you too!

Grab your kit, get added to our private group, and get the resources you need including online classes, to show you how to use each one. 🌈

The Kit comes with 11 essential oils below, an awesome diffuser to purify your air, and a bunch of samples, and is $160, before the coupon.

When you get a kit, Young Living automatically gives you a wholesale discount on anything you buy for a whole year. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Let me know below and I’ll send you the $25!
Partaaaay time!!! 🎉

Don’t miss out, for 48 hours only! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Are you interested in a Facebook Live Class to learn more about a natural way to clean your home and removing chemicals from your home?


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Vivs Essentials


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Its fun being a girl !
Young Living Saavy Minerals has brought me back to using makeup again! Its toxic free, light, airy and now available as a starter kit!
Lets show you how to become a Saavy Girl!


Introducing the Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit!
Host a class.....get it for Free!!!!!!
Message me for the exciting details!


Vivs Essentials's cover photo


Vivs Essentials's cover photo


Vivs Essentials's cover photo


Body is calling for a long soak....Epsom salt and Aromasieze should help these tired bones!
For good measure, a little sacred frank in the diffuser! TGIF!


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Happy First Day of Spring!#springequinox
Laundry then sunshine!


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