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Hey is there actually a source where diseases are stated in full for 5e?
Hey, I'm trying to get people together for Season 10 Adventure League, Dungeon and Dragons 5E games. Starting at 5:45pm on Wednesday, and ending at 9:45pm. Please like or comment on this post if your interested. Just so we can keep some kind of running tally, of who might be interested in coming.
Hey, looking for people who looking to play, season 10 Adventurer's League, Dungeon and Dragons. Here on Wednesday, at 6pm.
Anyone interested in testing commander and modern?
Will anyone be available to help with modern/commander decks?
Anyone showing up for for 5e?
Hi Guys! Im looking for four more players in 5e campaign. Session 0 will be next Wednesday.
Thank you Lake Geneva Games for the donation of Flag Dash for the 2020 Con of the Lakes Raffle. For more information about the Con go to
Thank you to Lake Geneva Games for their donation of Star Wars Legion for the 2020 Con of the Lakes Raffle. For more information, go to to find out more!
Hi. So, I was supposed to take my friend's nine-year-old son to the event at Horticultural Hall yesterday. But I forgot my phone, like an as***le, and totally missed the dropoff. He was really disappointed and I'm hoping I can make it up to him by taking him to Wednesday night DnD. Does anyone currently have a kid-friendly campaign going, that wouldn't mind an extremely enthusiastic drop-in?
A HUGE thank you to our sponsors and partners. All of you made this event extra special! Gino's East Geneva Lake MuseumHorticultural Hall Lake Geneva_ Matheson Memorial Library Geneva Theater Lake Geneva Games

Gather with friends old and new to play games in the play spaces behind our hidden door. We carry M

Operating as usual


In town early for Gary Con? Sticking around after Gary Con for a bit? Swing by Lake Geneva Games and use the game space to get some extra gaming in. We've got a decent boardgames library available or bring something along. 🙂

Sunday Noon to Nine
Monday Three to Nine
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday Three to Nine
Thursday Three to Nine
Friday Three to Ten
Saturday Noon to Ten


Lots of MtG happening today as Jacob wants to run his cube this afternoon. Everyone is welcome, so start gathering when the store opens at Noon!

Of course, folks will be joining in for EDH / Commander free-play all day with most folks arriving around 5 pm. Come play more!


Come play some Old School games (or anything you like) in our expansive play space!


FREE EDH / Commander @ 5PM!


Neo Dynasty Draft @ 6PM!


Free EDH / Commander @ 5 PM to Close


At 1PM today, Saturday, March 5th, Lake Geneva Games is having a FREE Standard Tourney. Gather up your loose Standard legal cards from the last year of draft and throw together a deck if you don't already have one assembled. It's for bragging rights only, so no pressure; just a whole lot of fun!


FNM @ 6PM: Come out and play!

Photos from Lake Geneva Games's post 03/03/2022

Streets of New Capenna spoilers were revealed about an hour ago on a Twitch Stream including five Triomes, the symbols for the (three-color) Five Families (factions), and more


Before the big game and maybe as a Valentines' Eve treat, come join the fun!


Those shrines look quite useful . . .

Collecting Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty 02/01/2022

Collecting Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Start making your plans to be with us for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty prerelease sealed events: Feb 11-14, Fri @ 6pm, Sat @ 1 pm, Sun @ 1 pm, & Mon @ 6 pm. All four days will also have a Stay-or-Take option every hour we are open that weekend. $25 fee no matter which event.

"Every ukiyo-e land card is in Japanese, but you can open ukiyo-e lands in packs of any language. You can find the full-art ukiyo-e basic lands in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters. One-third of all Set and Draft Boosters contain a non-foil ukiyo-e land in the land slot. In Set Boosters, the land slot contains a traditional foil in 20% of packs, and a third of those foil lands are ukiyo-e lands. You can open foil ukiyo-e lands in Draft Boosters as well. Each Collector Booster contains a foil ukiyo-e land."

Collecting Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Light it up with the latest styles and coolest cards coming in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty!


Make sure to roll some dice today!


For Sale: Used Dixie-Narco 440-8 can vending machine. $800.


Help! We try so hard to find good homes for all of our games, but we've failed these guys. So... 90% off these sealed games. Retired games from our game library are $3 each. The Magic sleeves are $1 per pack. First come, first served.


Small restock today. We've got some really great board games in stock at the moment.

Photos from Lake Geneva Games's post 12/29/2021

Some really great dice in today, and a paint restock.


Highlights from one of several shipments that arrived today!

Photos from Lake Geneva Games's post 12/27/2021

Thanks to our generous community we collected 274 dice for our tree, and another $122 in cash, for a total donation of $396 for the American Red Cross. Nick Campbell's $35 donation was the single largest, and he will be victim... err... recipient... of the dice donations. Thank you all so much! Happy Holidays!


New Vending Machine! Now we have snacks, and the "Unexpected Results" option now comes with even more *unexpected*. We will be closed Dec 24 & 25th, so Wednesday and Thursday are the last days to pickup surprises in time for Christmas... or donate dice for the American Red Cross and to help decorate our tree. Happy Holidays!


Help decorate our tree and support the American Red Cross.

How it works: Donate your retired dice to decorate our tree, and for every die (up to 300) we'll donate $1 to the American Red Cross. We'll also accept $$$ donations for the American Red Cross, and you can put a red tag on the tree with the donation amount. Whoever makes the largest single donation gets all the donated dice. This event ends midnight, Dec 23 - we're closed Dec 24 and Dec 25.


LGG Holiday Red Cross Charity Drive

LGG holiday philanthropy - American Red Cross.


Thank you!


Crimson Vow Set boosters and bundles are in! :)


Good times to be had at LGG even as the seasons turn and the sky goes grey. Come join us and play!


There's a $30 Take-or-Stay all week where you stop in the store and pick up a Prerelease pack plus two additional booster packs as prize support, then pop in the game room for a pickup game or take it home to play with friends.

If you get the chance, LGG is also are running $25 Sealed events @ 1 pm Sunday and 6 pm Monday. For these, you get a Prerelease pack plus one booster pack per round won with a minimum of one booster pack!

Come play with this new set and feel the power of Innistrad: Crimson Vow @ Lake Geneva Games!


There's a $30 Take-or-Stay all week where you stop in the store and pick up a Prerelease pack plus two additional booster packs as prize support, then pop in the game room for a pickup game or take it home to play with friends.

If you get the chance, LGG is also are running $25 Sealed events @ 1 pm Saturday, 1 pm Sunday, and 6 pm Monday. For these, you get a Prerelease pack plus one booster pack per round won with a minimum of one booster pack!

Come play with this new set and feel the power of Innistrad: Crimson Vow @ Lake Geneva Games!

Photos from Lake Geneva Games's post 11/11/2021

The Adversary cycle in Midnight Hunt proved quite popular. What do we think of the Cemetery cycle in Crimson Vow?


Restocks in today. Not pictured: Dragon Shield sleeve restock.


It's an EDH / Commander FREE-for-All kind of day, so come on out and play! No fees, great fun!


Be sure to get your preorder in for Warcry: Red Harvest this weekend. Limited quantities will be available!


LGG's FNM Booster Draft begins "promptly" at 6 pm!


Backordered playmats are in...

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LGG Holiday Red Cross Charity Drive
Exploding Kittens - Party Pack
LGG Holiday Party
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Hello we are a small aquatics shop located in southern Wisconsin 40 min from Milwaukee and 1 hour from Chicago all of all live stock comes from a trusted wholesale stocker or local breeders all fish are under a 1 week quarantine before sold.

The Farmstand The Farmstand
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We offer wine, craft beer, honey, cheese curds, fudge, pies, organic eggs, sweet breads, dog treats, gifts, breakfast and lunch, charcuterie board, fond du, outdoor seating summer and winter igloos, and so much more.