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PR - Starlite by Twisting Nether Lacquer in 3 coats.

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Inspiration: Starlite
Description: a white crelly with a rainbow of matte glitters and yellow stars. Comes with a bag of star glitters
Price: $13 for 15ml Cap: 150
[PR] This Twisting Nether Lacquer crelly is another top pick for me for this month's Polish Pickup. I try not to pick favorites for PPU but glitter crellies really are my jam! This brand is one of my personal favorites for glitter crellies and I just loved Lantern Festival.

Live swatch:
Blog post:

By the way, this glitters in this polish are black light reactive. I have a video of it under black light in my live swatch.

Inspiration: the annual lantern festival at Samgwangsa Temple in South Korea
Description: a bright yellow crelly with a bright and colorful matte glitter mix
Price: $12.50 (15ml) Cap: 150

Side note: I went through like 4 different sets over the course of the past 2 weeks after breaking a nail. I hated the first 3 sets and unfortunately for me, I did a some swatches with them. I just feel like my shaping was just really off (more so than usual 😂) and no amount of filing was making them better. Good news is my natural nails don't hate me and I like my current set quite a bit. Bad news, I will have a couple of posts coming up this week with nail shapes that I hate so yeah.
[PR] The next November PPU polish I have to share is The Best Of Both Worlds by Twisting Nether Lacquer! This is the polish I was wearing for my Halloween ghost mani that I posted the other day. As always, more swatches and my full review can be found on my blog My photos show it in 3 coats plus top coat.

Inspiration: Sandra Bullock at the MTV Awards
Description: a black base with UCC flakes, silver holo flakes and holo sparkle
Price: $12.50 for 15ml Cap: 120 US / 10 UK
Availability: Exclusive to the November Polish Pickup! The main shop opens this Friday at 11am Eastern time. The UK shop will be open Thursday at 4pm BST.
[Press Sample] I'm kinda obsessed with glitter crellies by this brand 🤩This is 'Let Me Be Your Wings' by Twisting Nether Lacquer. This will be exclusive to the October Polish Pickup! My full review is up on my blog,

Price: $12.50 for 15ml Cap: 120 US / 10 UK. Price includes a little baggy of star glitters! (I used them for these photos) Available October 2nd at 11am Eastern time.
press sample // Twisting Nether Lacquer's Feline Familiar is releasing this weekend and it's capped, so don't miss out!
press sample // The last Polish Pickup post of August, I have Twisting Nether Lacquer's Chronitons!
Hey everyone!I hope your doing well! I only have my swatches right now. They aren’t the best! Twisting Nether Lacquer was inspired by starfish. I love stars if you couldn’t tell! Lol I have on three coats plus a glossy top coat in the pictures. I let my nails dry completely in between coats and while they are drying I let my bottle sit upside down. It helps keeps the stars evenly distributed in the bottle.

Starfish Beach is a n**e crelly with a colorful matte glitter mix. Colors are teal,magenta, purple,yellow, and wild watermelon with matching stars. Colored iridescent micro glitters in yellow,orange,blue,purple,magenta and pink. Finished with scattered holo. All bottle will come with extra stars for placement.

US cap 80
UK 10
Do you have a website? It keeps giving me an error messgae when i try to log into your site 🤷🏼‍♀️
Do you have more swatches of Catch Your Dreams? It looks like it’d be great for 4th of July!

Candy Hearts is so much fun!! So excited to have this for Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️

Hand made indie nail polish. Please message me with any questions!

Operating as usual

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 04/15/2022

Underlight Canyon. My upcoming polish. Inspired by Underlight Canyon an underwater zone in . A purple reflective polish with blue metallic flakes, blue-purple iridescent glitters and holo micro flakes. Gorgeous swatches thanks to @the_lacquered_unicorn! 💜

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 04/08/2022

Meet our new puppy Thena! She has been keeping me extra busy!🙂

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 03/29/2022

Burning Sulfur is available for wish listing now! thank you @the_lacquered_unicorn for the gorgeous swatches! 💛

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 03/26/2022

Burning Sulfur! Thanks to @whatcha_swatchin for the beautiful swatches! Wish listing starts tomorrow. Will be available to purchase starting the 1st. 💛 💅


New labels on my next PPU polish Burning Sulfur! Big thanks to @stickergiant !! Check them out for all your sticker needs! I have lots of swatches to share with you all! I did not have my new labels when I sent out Burning Sulfur, so swatch photos will have my old labels. I am sorry I haven’t been reposting things I’ve been tagged in. None of the repost apps want to work me.


Happy St Patty’s Day! I totally forgot to let you all know Luck of the Fryrish and Lucky Clovers have been restocked! 💅


Cosmic Love will be available starting March 4th! A black to red multichrome base with magnetic multichrome pigment and silver holographic and reflective glitters.

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 02/21/2022

So cute! @sushiliu with @make_repost
@twistingnetherlacquer @uberchicbeauty @lanternandwren


@ann.darcie with @make_repost
💝 Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! 💝

I wanted to do something a little different for my Valentine's mani so I went with Jack & Sally. The words are a little hard to read but they say "Her Jack, His Sally".🤍💙🖤

✨ Base: @twistingnetherlacquer Simply Meant To Be
✨ Accent Nail Base: @polishednprettybymba
White Queen (PR item)
✨ Stamping Plate: @glitterati_theglitterguy MouTeen-043
✨ Matte Topcoat: @holotaco

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 02/02/2022

Spider-Man! Will be available starting Friday! Sorry I’ve been gone again. I’ve had a horrible migraine since Saturday. I feel pretty good today. But if move or sit a certain way I can feel it coming back. So I am just taking it easy. Big thank you for all the orders! I can still get orders together and out the same day! My mail doesn’t get picked up till later in the day. 💙

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 02/02/2022

Have you checked out @polishwithamber ‘s swatches of the Valentines polishes!? @polishwithamber with @make_repost


Cupids Bow: pink,platinum flakies, holo, unicorn 🦄 shimmer, and crystal flakies


This adorable thermal is available now!

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 01/29/2022

Tomorrow is wish listing day! Are you adding Spider-Man to yours? Thanks to @color_my_naturalnails for the gorgeous swatches!

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 01/28/2022

Valentines polishes are now available!

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 01/24/2022

@polishwithamber with @make_repost

AVAILABLE @polishpickup Feb 2022

90's TV
Spider-Man the animated series

Blue Jelly filled with blue galaxy glitters, silver reflective glitters, and black and red shreds

Price: $13.50

This polish is absolutely 💯 beautiful! It has reflective glitters that just make it pop! I used 3 coats and a glossy top coat.


Stupid Cupid Valentines Quad! Cupid’s Bow-pink
Cupid’s Wings-soft gray/off white
Cupid’s Arrow-red
Stupid Cupid-white crelly
More information and pictures to come!

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 01/08/2022

@ronitadasgupta77 with @make_repost

Today I have swatches of @twistingnetherlacquer contribution to January 2022 @polishpickup .

Ketchup and Mustard,” is a thermal polish! It goes from yellow in its warm state to red in the cold, and it’s full of red-green shimmer, red-gold-green crystal flakes and holo sparkles.

Shown in 3 coats plus glossy top coat.


Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 01/07/2022

Have you grabbed your bottle yet?! @teas_mani_mixtape with @make_repost
[PR Sample]

@twistingnetherlacquer was inspired by a condiments staple for @polishpickup Spices & Condiments theme this month.

Ketchup & Mustard is a red to yellow thermal with red-green shimmer, red-gold-green crystal flakes and holo sparkle.

Shown in three coats with glossy and matte top coats in various lighting. I think my outside photos get the closest to capturing the tomato red shade of the cold state.

Available January 7 - 10 on the Polish Pickup website.

Price: $13.50
Cap: 200


Gorgeous swatches of Ketchup and Mustard from @aaaabril Coming soon for the Polish Pickup! @aaaabril with @make_repost
*PR* 🌭 This fun polish is Kasi]] “Ketchup and Mustard,” and it’s part of @polishpickup “Spices and Condiments” -themed edition for January. Y’all, this is a thermal polish! It goes from yellow in its warm state to red in the cold, and it’s full of red-green shimmer, red-gold-green crystal flakes and holo sparkles. Pictured in two coats plus topcoat 🌭

🌭 Price is $13.50. Cap is 200. Will be available from January 7-10 at 🌭

*Muestra de publicidad//PR* 🌭 Este divertido esmalte de Kasi]] es “Ketchup and Mustard,” que es parte de la edicion de Kasi]] para enero, con el tema de “Spices & Condiments.” Amigues, les cuento que este es un esmalte térmico! Cambia de amarillo (en su estado calido) a rojo (en su estado frio); repleto de microdestellos rojos y verdes, con brillitos en rojo, dorado, verde, y holograficos. Mostrado aqui en dos capas mas sellador 🌭

🌭 El precio es $13.50. Cap 200. Estara disponible del 7 al 10 de enero en 🌭

Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 12/18/2021

I can’t decide which one is my favorite! A Spotted Elephant or Bumble! Check out @jackiesmanis for beautiful swatches of the holiday collection! @jackiesmanis with @make_repost

‘A Spotted Elephant’ @twistingnetherlacquer

Twisting Nether Lacquer has created an 8 piece collection inspired by the classic movie ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’.

First I have ‘A Spotted Elephant’, inspired by the misfit elephant. This is a white crelly with periwinkle and shades of pink glitter 💖

I’m wearing two coats and top coat pictured here



Check out Tyesa] for all her beautiful swatches of the holiday collection! Tyesa] with @make_repost
{PR} These are all the Holiday Collection by @twistingnetherlacquer! All are available now on her site Go check them out!!


Photos from Twisting Nether Lacquer's post 12/14/2021

Gorgeous swatches of To Be a Dentist from @color_my_naturalnails @color_my_naturalnails with @make_repost
{PR} This is a beautiful polish by Twisting Nether Lacquer @twistingnetherlacquer named To Be A Dentist is a blue to colorless thermal with red, green, blue and yellow glitters with yellow and green stars. I have pictures in both states!

Cap: No cap




Check all the lovely swatches from @aaaabril 😍 @aaaabril with @make_repost
✨ And that wraps up the lovely holiday collection from Kasi]]] ✨ This collection is available now! Check out her page to purchase Kasi]]] ✨

✨ Y asi se concluyen las muestras de la linda colección navideña de Kasi]]] ✨ ¡Estos esmaletes estan ya disponibles a la venta! Echenle un vistazo a su página para comprar Kasi]]] ✨

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Thermals!! I’ve been getting messages about thermals! I am still waiting for it to cool down. But I can get everything p...



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