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Water Gardens Unlimited offers a variety of services, including water well drilling and service as well as service to Kasco Marine and Aquamaster fountains

Water Gardens Unlimited offers a variety of services. Originally, our company's main focus was on design and installation of water features. We have since diversified to add the following services: maintenance of water features and fountains, Authorized Service Center for Kasco Marine and AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators, as well as a Distributor of Aqua Master Fountains and Aerators. Our sister

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Water Garden Tip of the Week.

As the days get cooler and shorter, aquatic plants will descend into winter dormancy. This lack of surface coverage can put fish at greater risk of predator attack. Leaf netting put down for fall can be left over the pond all winter to help protect your fish.



Louisiana Lions Camp Skeet Shoot Fundraiser

This event and place is very near and dear to my heart. Please consider donating so a child with a disability can attend this camp for a week. Thanks in advance. Please call me at 337-288-0552 or [email protected]

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Tip of the Week*

Hot water is stressful to goldfish and koi. If your water temperature rises above 90°F it is best to stop feeding until the water can cool back down. This will help reduce the stress the fish must endure.



AquaMaster Fountains and Aeration. Most beneficial aeration for your pond/lake. Water Gardens Unlimited is a distributor and certified service center for AquaMaster fountains/aerators.


Tip of the Week.*

Part of the cycle of water lilies and other aquatic plants includes foliage turning brown and then rotting off. This is normal as long as new foliage is also emerging. To help reduce the amount of sludge build-up in your pond, remove dying foliage, including spent flowers, from plants before it has a chance to fall into the water and decay. Basic routine maintenance like this goes a long way towards keeping a healthy pond.



Tip of the Week.*

Do you have trouble with fish rooting around in the soil of the potted plants in your pond? Fish, especially koi, will root in the soil and make a mess as well as uproot some plants. If this is a problem in your pond, try placing potato-sized cobblestones on top of the gravel or aquatic potting media to discourage this behavior. Make sure you don't cover the plant's growing point with large stone.



Tip of the Week.

The best ways to prevent an outbreak of any fish disease are to maintain optimum water quality and to quarantine new fish arrivals before introducing new fish and possible disease along with them.*



40 Watt RGBW LED - AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators

AquaMasater *RGBW

Aquamaster® Fountains and Aerators proudly introduce programmable, color changing fountain lighting to its Night Glow Lighting System offering. These new RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LED lighting systems consist of 40W fixtures, panel mounted controller and power supply that produce brilliant colors and shows. Customizable programming to meet color, show type, calendar and holiday events available. As with all AquaMaster LED Night Glow Lighting Systems, these new RGBW LED sets are constructed of high quality stainless steel, operate efficiently with minimal cost, long lasting, and backed with a 3 year warranty.


AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators is proud to introduce its industry first color changing fountain lights. RGBW LED lights allow the user to display million...


AquaAir® Diffusers AquaMaster Fountains

Aqua Master Diffusers.

*High Performance Membrane Diffuser Technology:

• Hollow base design for sand or gravel weighting
• Large base area for soft bottom sediment
• Self-cleaning, low maintenance construction
• Ultra low back pressure check valve
• Micro-bubble technology
• Five year warranty Diffusers
• All membranes feature a non-stick coating to prevent biofilm and calcium build-up
• Single membrane features flexible 12" disc
• Dual membrane features two flexible 12" membrane discs
• Quad membrane features four flexible 12" membrane discs


High Performance Membrane Diffuser Technology: • Hollow base design for sand or gravel weighting • Large base area for soft bottom sediment • Self-cleaning, ...


Tip of the Week.*

Summer is the time when oxygen deficiencies are most likely to occur. Obviously fish need oxygen, and insufficient aeration may result in dead fish. In very hot weather fish are using more oxygen and the water is holding less. If you have a heavy fish population or low circulation in your pond, consider supplementing with extra aeration. This can be in the form of a waterfall, fountain, or simply an air pump.



Tip of the Week.*

The heat of summer often means more pond water lost to evaporation. Keep an eye on this to top off the feature as needed. Remember to always add a dechlorinator when adding water to a pond with fish. Any amount of chlorine can be harmful. Small amounts don't mean imminent death, but can still reduce proper gill function.



Tip of the Week*

One of the most common mistakes water gardeners make is to over-clean your biological filters. The media in your filter is home for beneficial bacteria. Cleaning too well (especially if using chlorinated water) removes much of the bacteria and it has to reestablish for the filter to operate at its maximum efficiency. To clean a filter, all you need do is lightly rinse the media. You just want to remove any debris that is restricting the flow. A good way to clean many types of media is to slosh it in a tub of pond water or rain water. Fiber media can also be knocked against a surface to remove some debris. If you have multiple types or layers of media, you also rotate which get cleaned to help ensure strong bacterial colonies.


audibel.com 06/22/2017

Page Not Found - Audibel

Selling for a friend.....$3,000.00

Purchased February, 2016 from Audibel of Louisiana. First picture is actual unit with case.

Brand: Audibel
Description of Unit: Start 7 Micro Wireless, RIC (Receiver in Canal); Battery: 312; Color: Champagne. Adjustable by any health care professional to your specifications.
Also comes with SURFLINK MEDIA 2. This wireless hearing aids work with the SurfLink® Media 2 streamer, the first set-and-forget wireless transmitter. With SurfLink Media 2, there’s no manual pairing involved. Once you plug it into your TV or stereo, you’re done!
It automatically streams sound directly to your hearing aids when you’re in range. You can transition from one device to another simply by moving from room to room. It lets others in the room listen to the TV or stereo at the volume they prefer.
Enables multiple people wearing wireless hearing aids to connect to a single device.

If you need additional information regarding this unit go to Audibel website http://www.audibel.com/…/technologies/a2-micro-ric-wireless…



Tip of the Week*
Bacteria in a biological filter converts ammonia to nitrites and nitrites to nitrates. In a water garden with plants the nitrates are used by the plants. In a koi pond, or other pond with few or no plants, the nitrates just continue to build up in the water. Nitrate is far less toxic than ammonia or nitrites, but if allowed to build up for too long it will present problems. At least every 3 to 5 weeks a partial (about 10 to 20%) water change is recommended to reduce nitrate levels in fish ponds.



Tip of the Week*

Whether you feed your fish every other day or 3 times per day, feed only what the fish can eat in under 5 minutes. If there is still food floating after 5 minutes scoop out the excess and feed less next time. Uneaten food can be harmful to the pond’s water quality.



Tip of the Week*

Have you noticed tiny red worms in your pond filter? No need for concern. These harmless creatures are Blood Worms and they can be beneficial to the pond by consuming some of the detritus (sludge) in your filter. Blood Worms are the larvae stage of chironomid midges – a very small fly that resembles a mosquito but does not bite.



Tip of the Week*

Do you like to pet your koi? Many koi don’t mind. Just make sure your hands are clean and wet and that you are gentle.



My family has been a part of the Lions Club in New Iberia and the Louisiana Lions Camp for many, many years. At this point in my life, its to give back. This event has provided funds to the Lions Camp for the past 4 years and we hope to continue into the future.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017 to be held at GOL Shooting, Maurice, LA. Part of the fundraiser is a "Pool Board" of $50 per square for the opportunity to win a Benelli Sport II 12 gauge Shotgun will be given away following the shoot. Free Breakfast, lunch, and beverages will be served. Teams of four are $400 or $100 per person.

Corporate Sponsors are needed: Event Sponsor ($1500), Platinum ($1000), Gold Sponsor ($500), and Station Sponsor ($100).

If someone would like to purchase a square for a chance to win the Benelli, indicate to me which square you want and send in the appropriate amount of money to the below address.

Any questions, please contact Kelly Billeaud Suire.
Post Office Box 81605, Lafayette, Louisiana 70598.
[email protected]


Tip of the Week*

For best plant performance make sure to fertilize your aquatic plants regularly. Water lilies and lotus are heavy feeders and need to be fertilized every 3 to 4 weeks. Regular fertilization coupled with the right growing conditions will give you the maximum benefit of growth and blooming.



Tip of the Week*

Increase the life of your pump with routine care. Every time you clean your filter, inspect your pump and clear away any debris from the intake. The number one cause of premature pump failure is neglect (number 2 is using the power cord as a handle). Clean away debris and check around the impeller to ensure that there are no blockages.

watergarden.com *


Tip of the Week

When adding packaged bacteria to the pond, turn off any ultraviolet lights for 24-48 hours to allow the bacteria time to colonize on surfaces.*

watergarden.com *


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Tip of the Week*

The usual time for koi and goldfish to reproduce is when the water warms in spring. If you want to help ensure survival of baby fish, provide a safe haven for the eggs and fry (baby fish), as the adults will eat as many as they can get. This safe haven can be soft filter material or a Spawning Basket. But think first as too many fish can lead to poor water quality.

watergardens.com *


Tip of the Week

"When choosing a new pump for your pond or water feature, it is important to look at all factors. Obviously, we first want to make sure the pump will provide the needed flow. Then we look at purchase price, and warranty. An often overlooked factor is the cost of operating the pump."

"You can determine the operating cost of any pump by using this formula: amps x volts divided by 1000 x KWH cost x 24 hours-a-day x 30.4 days-per-month = cost per month.
If the pump is rated in watts instead of amps use this formula: watts divided by 1000 x kWh x 24 hours-a-day x 30.4 days-per-month."



Good Morning Water Gardeners.


Back again "The Water Garden News"

Spring has begun. As your pond starts to warm and fish get more active remember to use the water temperature as your guide for when to start feeding fish. You should avoid feeding until the water temperature is consistently above 50° F. Above 60° F and you can transition to your summer food. Water temperature should be checked at about 1 foot of depth.*



Water Gardens Unlimited


Water Gardens Unlimited's cover photo


Water Gardens Unlimited's cover photo


Water Gardens Unlimited


Water Gardens Unlimited's cover photo


AquaMaster Fountains and Aeration......A variety of nozzle styles, sizes, and lighting. Water Gardens Unlimited is a Certified Service for AquaMaster and Kasco Marine Fountains. Call 337-288-0552 to make your pond a healthy, relaxing oasis for you and your family.


Tips to get your Pond Ready in the "Spring"*

"In Spring, the water begins to warm and we can see the pond beginning to come back to life. This is an important time to get the pond going in the right direction for a rewarding season.

Start feeding your fish again when the water temperature reaches a constant 50 degrees. Feed a cold-weather food until the water temperature reaches 60 degrees at which point you can move to your full-season feeding program.

If there has been an accumulation of leaves and other debris over the winter you should remove this now. Leaves can be removed with a skimmer type net that has a square end that allows you to push this across the bottom of the pond scooping up the leaves.

You can also use a pond vacuum to remove the leaves and sludge from the bottom of the pond. You could also try to use a shop vac but this removes a lot of water in the process and may not be the best choice.

Its time now to "fertilize each plant and place at appropriate depth. Lilies and Lotus should be fertilized every 3-4 weeks, marginals every 5-7 weeks."

Add new plants as needed as the weather becomes appropriate for each plant. Add floaters such as water hyacinth and water lettuce.

Add Anacharis to reduce algae growth. Use one bunch per one sq. ft. of surface area for ponds under 50 sq. ft. and one bunch per two or three sq. ft. for ponds over 51 to 200 sq. ft. For ponds over 200 sq. ft. use one bunch for every three to four sq. ft.

Divide and repot plants as needed.

Begin cleaning your filter as needed. Ponds with a skimmer or other pre-filter will need that skimmer/pre-filter cleaned most frequently. On average this is once a week, but some may need to clean more, others may be able to go a month between cleanings. If this filter is primarily mechanical (physically traps debris) and you also have a biological filter, then it is OK to hose off the pre-filter media. Your biological filter needs to only be cleaned when the flow of water is being restricted due to accumulation of debris. When cleaning a biological filter, do NOT over-clean. It is only necessary to remove the debris that is restricting flow. Over-cleaning the filter can destroy the bacteria that has colonized on the media. If possible, avoid chlorinated water. "

WaterGarden.com *

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Water Garden's Tip of the Week.*The bacteria in a biological filter converts ammonia to nitrites and nitrites to nitrate...
Water Garden's Tip of the Week.For best plant performance make sure to fertilize your aquatic plants regularly. Water li...
Water Garden's Tip of the Week.For best plant performance make sure to fertilize your aquatic plants regularly. Water li...



Kasco Marine Fountains and Aeration Systems
AquaMaster Fountains and Aeration Systems
Water Well Drilling
Water Well pumps and water tanks
Water Softeners Systems, including water conditioning



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