Jeromy T. Bourque, CPA

Jeromy is Certified Public Accountant working at WMDDH in Lafayette, LA. Jeromy uses a holistic approach to financial and tax planning to ensure clients grow their businesses and personal wealth.

Please reach out for a free consultation if you are looking for a CPA who: Responds when you call or email, knows your situation and can make tax planning recommendations to align your personal goals, and educates you along the way.

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A huge thank you to everyone who voted and who have supported us over the years — we were just named Best CPA for the third year in a row! And congrats to my team at WMDDH for taking first at Tax Preparation Services… it helps to work with the best of the best. I love this community and I’m looking forward to serving Acadiana for years to come!


Big thank you to everyone that voted for us in the first round - We made the final round of best Accountants in Acadiana for the 3rd year in a row ☺️! The last round is going on now and ends on July 22, so please continue to support us and other local businesses in Acadiana, including WMDDH, which is nominated for Best Tax Prep Service!

Voting for the Best of Acadiana 2022 is open from July7-22, and you can find the link in my bio (and below) to vote for us and all of your Acadiana favorites!

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Photos from Society of Louisiana CPAs's post


The clock 🕐 is ticking down ⏳ to the April 18 tax filing deadline. Sometimes, it’s not possible to gather your tax information 📂and file by the due date. If you need more time, you should file for an extension on Form 4868. An extension will give you until October 17 to file and allows you to avoid incurring “failure-to-file” penalties.

However, it only provides extra time to file, not to pay . Whatever tax you estimate is owed must still be sent by April 18, or you’ll incur a failure-to-pay penalty and it can be steep.

☎️Contact us at 337-232-3637 if you have questions about IRS penalties or about filing Form 4868.

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🏀 kicks off today, and you’ve likely filled out your brackets and placed your bets. If you win the big bucks, don’t forget about the tax implications! If you have any questions about taxes with gambling and betting, reach out to us!


Did you know? 🧐

FEMA will reimburse a portion of the funeral costs for anyone who passed away due to Covid. If this applies to you or your family, head to the FEMA website for more information.


If you own your own company, you may wonder if you can deduct the costs of having your spouse accompany you on business trips.

To qualify, your spouse must be your employee. This means you can’t deduct the airfare or meals of a spouse, even if his or her presence has a bona fide business purpose, unless the spouse is an actual employee of your business. If your spouse isn’t an employee, you can still deduct the costs of driving your own car or renting one to reach your destination. And you can write off the hotel costs of what you would have paid traveling alone. In other words, the single room rate rather than the double.
☎️ Contact us at 337-232-3637 if you have questions about this or other tax topics.


Another 5 ⭐️ review!


🏢Businesses must keep records of their income and expenses. Carefully record them in order to claim the full amount of tax deductions to which you’re entitled. You also want to make sure you can defend the amounts on your tax returns if you’re ever audited by the IRS🕵️‍♀️.
Certain expenses, such as automobile🚗, travel✈️, meals🍛 and home office🏠 expenses, require special attention because they’re subject to special recordkeeping requirements or limits on deductibility.

☎️Contact us at 337-232-3637 if you need assistance retaining adequate business records. By taking a painstaking approach to how you keep records, you can protect deductions and help make an audit much less difficult.


📮We’ve got a new survey for any clients interested in working with us in 2022!

This survey is designed to help us direct you to the member of our team who can help you the most. If you’re interested in becoming a client, check out the link in our bio for the form!

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January means it’s 1099 and payroll reporting season! Here’s a quick overview of the most recent 1099 reporting guidance for businesses. Contact your favorite accountant if you need any assistance or have any questions! #1099


Cheers to the new year! 🥂


I know we are all watching for letters from Santa right now, but in January, the IRS will be mailing out letters to all taxpayers with information about the Advanced Child Tax Credit and the Stimulus Payment Confirmations. Having these two letters on hand when you are filing your taxes will help prevent your tax refund from getting delayed!

If you have any questions, contact us for help!


It’s been over 2 years since we’ve had live continuing education sessions and we’re excited to be back among our peers at the 2021 Louisiana CPA Tax Conference in New Orleans.

Bonus perks of Saints game tonight with a friend while in town.


We are so thankful for each and every one of you this year! Hoping your Thanksgiving is full of gratitude and good food!

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Election Day is right around the corner, and while most of us don’t have candidates to vote for, it’s important to hit the polls to vote on these statewide amendments that will drastically impact the way our state handles tax revenues! Early voting starts this weekend - Oct 30

Business Owner Hopes to see  a New System for Sales Tax Collection 10/23/2021

Business Owner Hopes to see a New System for Sales Tax Collection

Business Owner Hopes to see a New System for Sales Tax Collection The state of Louisiana announced that voters will decide to overtake the sales tax collection system here in the state. NEWS15 spoke to one business owner that hopes residents side with the small business in the state when going to the ballots.


⚠️ We are now one month away from the extended state filing deadline for Louisiana residents that weren’t significantly effected by Hurricane Ida (Lafayette area not extended). If you filed an extension this year, you have until November 15th to submit your final state tax returns. Although the federal government extended all LA residents to January, the state did not follow. Contact us if you have any questions!


Budgeting is a hard but necessary component of increasing business profits and building wealth. If you don’t know where your money is going, you’ll struggle to save! Here are some tips to start on your budgeting journey. Next week we’ll talk about tracking budgets.


Rules have changed for compensation for college athletes. Don’t leave money on the table, and don’t get caught in a bind come tax time — make sure you understand the rules of the game! If you have questions or need advice, give us a call!


Waiting for tax season to end like…

Credit to Brittany Thibodeaux Ledoux for her decor skills!


Don’t get caught in a trap by organizations (or TikTokers) that promote aggressive tax strategies! If a tax strategy seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of people promoting get rich quick schemes or promising things no one else can promise. If anything feels fishy, contact us to double check!

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Not sure where to go next with your small business? Check out these local organizations that provide training, mentoring, and other services vital for helping your small business succeed. These low- or no-cost organizations are there to help you grow your business to its full potential!

One Acadiana


🚨New update from the IRS!🚨

If you live in Louisiana OR if you are currently a client of WMDDH/any CPA in Louisiana, the deadline to file 2020 federal tax returns has been extended to January 3rd!


This week’s tip is on what you will need for a Workers Compensation policy audit. Don’t be alarmed by the word “audit”. It’s just a review of your actual labor costs versus the estimated labor costs used to calculate the premiums of your current policy. The results of this will be used to “true-up” your current policy premiums - either up or down. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

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Getting into real estate investment can be intimidating, but it's an important addition to your investment portfolio! Swipe through for important things to look for when deciding to invest in real estate, as well as deductions you can receive when you do invest. Contact me for more information!


Big thank you to everyone that voted for us in the first round - We made the top 5 of best CPAs in Acadiana! The last round starts today and ends in 15 days, so please continue to support us and other local businesses in Acadiana!

Voting for the Best of Acadiana 2021 is open from August 9-23, and you can find the link in my bio (and below) to vote for us and all of your Acadiana favorites!


One of the most intimidating parts of opening a new business is finding the funding to start the business. Above are a few common mistakes that people make when appealing to banks and other lenders for capital.

Need guidance on how to fill out these applications? Contact me for more information!


This week’s tip is for the business owners with short term cash flow shortages. A business line of credit is an important tool in a small businesses’ bag. These lines of credit are usually unsecured, which means that owners are not required to pledge collateral to get these lines. When looking at these lines of credit, it’s important to look at interest rates on outstanding balances because they can often be higher than collateralized loans.

If you’re interested in exploring more options, contact me for more information! We work with many bankers that can meet your needs


The opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics is this morning! In honor of this event, this week’s tip is about the symbol of passing the torch — continuity between the old and the new. In a recent survey by Nationwide, 3 in 5 small businesses do not have a business succession plan. Building a successful small business is the work of a lifetime. Make sure that your legacy is secure — and your finances and family are protected — by creating a solid succession plan to decide how to manage, sell, or pass on your business to a new generation of ownership. The above image shows some of the strategies used to transfer ownership to children and/or 3rd parties. Reach out to your CPA and attorney with any question!

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Child tax credit advances start hitting bank accounts today! We’re getting reports that child tax credit advances are being deposited to taxpayer accounts that should not be eligible. See my previous post from June 23rd for information on how and why you should opt out. It’s not too late!

Income limits for eligibility, married filing joint:
Reduction of credit starts at $150K and completely ineligible if over $440K

Income limits for eligibility, single filers:
Reduction of credit starts at $75K and completely ineligible if over $240K

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Are you hiring independent contractors or employees? 🧐

The IRS, Department of Labor, and some state regulators closely monitor worker classifications, and classifying your workers incorrectly could have major tax implications! If your workers are misclassified, it could mean owing back taxes or penalties. Swipe through to see the difference between independent contractors and employees, and contact me if you have any questions!

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Now that the Child Tax Credit Portal is open, this week I want to discuss reasons why you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT opt out of the advance payments of the new child tax credit that we previously detailed. Here’s some tips on if you should or should not opt out!

📣If you elect to opt out, make sure that both partners who file jointly are opting out. The website is a PROCESS, so just be aware that you may need to spend some time on the portal if you elect to opt out.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know!

Edit: I’ve added the IRS portal to opt out in my Linktree. See my bio for Linktree link.

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