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Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc


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Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace West County
SqWires Restaurant and Market
Valley Park Elevator & Hardware
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
WashMo On the Go
Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace
Labadie Station
Great Harvest Bread Company- Maplewood
Dave's Mushrooms
Davis Meat Processing
todd geisert farms
Farmer Toad
Have a great weekend stop by and grab some ar
Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace West County
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Valley Park Elevator & Hardware
Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace
Labadie Station
Great Harvest Bread Company- Maplewood
WashMo On the Go
SqWires Restaurant and Market
Dave's Mushrooms
todd geisert farms
Here some of the great line up of products available
Be sure to share our page as we continue to grow more locations coming in the coming weeks Farmer Toad

Stop by and grab some
Valley Park Elevator & Hardware
SqWires Restaurant and Market
WashMo On the Go
Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace
Labadie Station
Great Harvest Bread Company- Maplewood
Dave's Mushrooms
todd geisert farms
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace West County
Here’s some of our great products available
SqWires Restaurant and Market
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Labadie Station
Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace
WashMo On the Go
Great Harvest Bread Company- Maplewood
Valley Park Elevator & Hardware
todd geisert farms
This makes a awesome glaze on ribs and loins
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Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace West County
SqWires Restaurant and Market
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Labadie Station
WashMo On the Go
Two Chicks Vintage MarketplaceValley Park Elevator & Hardware
todd geisert farms
Great Harvest Bread Company- Maplewood
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Two Chicks Vintage Marketplace West County Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc SqWires Restaurant and Market MarketWagon todd geisert farms Valley Park Elevator & Hardware
If your in the area of Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc or for home delivery MarketWagon for some of our great Jelly, Salsa, Pickles and more

Thanks for your support and business
Today volunteer Janie and I drove out to Labadie, MO to pick up a truckload of straw. We delivered half a load to Jefferson County Animal Control, Missouri and the rest is at the Pantry. This is clean, dry straw perfect for insulating dog houses or outside cat shelters (to keep pets warm). You can pick up straw at JCAC or from us. We still have plenty of cat shelters for those who need them (Winter has just begun). Thanks to our friends/partners at Operation SPOT for your *Free Straw for Warm Paws* program. Also thank you Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc for your great customer service.
Shout out to all of the amazing sponsors of Brookdale Farms’ 2022 Cowboys in the Corn! 🤠

This event wouldn’t be possible without Eureka Fire Protection District and Rafter 7P Rodeo Productions

Proceeds from the rodeo go to The BackStoppers Inc.

We want to take this opportunity to recognize each of them for their contributions, efforts, and generosity in helping making this night happen!

Super Smokers BBQ
Holiday Inn
Manna Pro Horse
Missouri Brush Control
Flower & Fendler Homes
First Student
Sullivan Bank
Sentinel Emergency Solutions
H.W. Herrell Distributing Company
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Pleasure Lane Farms
Eureka Police Department
American Response Vehicles
Andre's Banquets & Catering
Camila's Tex-Mex
GROW Marketing Agency
Command Staff
STL Jets Baseball

Photo credits: Terry Good and Ben Prilwetz
Had to do some grocery shopping today and headed to Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc to pick up more dog food. I love visiting here. They always give me treats.
If you're local to Washington, Union or St. Clair, Missouri, pick up a copy of the Missourian Weekend Edition and there might be a familiar face talking about beekeeping as the cover story for the Farm and Ag section! 🙂

I am very humbled, and kind of excited 😁, to have been chosen to talk on this subject to the wonderful people at the Missourian! And very happy to have been able to mention the awesome retailers that trust me and sell my products ❤

Neighborhood Reads Kim's Candy Dish Barktopia Washington Green Spa & Wellness CountryCottageBoutique The Whistle Stop Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc Labadie General Store

We will have $100 added to the jackpot for our Friday Night Lights Race this coming Friday!

Also we will be dragging and watering the arena in preparation for our event Friday night, patience & cooperation are appreciated!

Big THANK YOU to our Sponsors-

Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Schicker Automotive
Farmers and Merchants Bank
Pepsi of New Haven

Also Thank you to our 50+ participants (including about 20 PeeWee) who came out last week!
Congratulations to Becky Key Land and her fur children, LuLu and GiGi, who won our 2021 Paws & Claws contest!

Becky won a gift basket from Petco - Washington #2!

Our contest this year was sponsored by:
Franklin County Humane Society -MO
Hillermann Nursery & Florist
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Animal Hospital of Washington, LLC

Special thanks to all of our sponsors and participants for taking part in this fun contest!
Every two weeks, we pick up around 3,750 pounds of grain for the ranch animals. That's almost 100,000 pounds a year! Thank you to Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc for the generous discount and to all who support the animals' care at Longmeadow! 💚
#124. A Slice of Heaven. It’s a small space for a sign, but it packs awesome power! Straatmann Feed. Highways D and F. New Melle. Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
For our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. For our law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMTs. For our independently owned home improvement and feed stores across the country.

For our military.

We would like to thank the following stores for being some of the first to participate in our Rebuild America Program.

Lauderdale county farm supply
Morton Home Center
Barfields Hay Barn
Canyon Lake Ace Hardware & Gift
Ganado Feed & More
Jabo's Ace Hardware
Mid County Farm & Feed Supply
Moore Than Feed
Jake's Feed
Bounds Feed, Seed and Garden Center
Jasper Feed & Seed Supply
Prattville Farm Center
Robertsdale Feed
Agri Co-op Supply
St. Elmo Feed & Seed
Garland County Farmer’s Assoc.
Conway Farm & Home Supply Inc
Davis Feed Co., Inc.
Drew Farm Supply Inc
Farmers Association
Farmer's Cooperative Fort Smith
Three Chicks Feed, Seed, and Cafe
Hempstead County Farmers
Johnson County Farmers CO-OP
Sevier County Farmer's Co-Op
Stedman's Ace Hardware
Bennett's Feed, Farm & Pet Center, Inc.
Central States Enterprises, LLC
Robbie's Feed & Supply, Inc.
Standard Feed & Seed
Jack's Boats and Trailers, Inc.
Rankin County Co-Op
Fazzios Home and Farm Center
Gamberi Farm And Feed Supply
Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc
Newberry Sales
LeGrand Feed
Vivian Feed And Seed
Ponchatoula Feed and Seed
Paul's Farm & Garden
Old Time Farm Supply, Inc.
Feliciana Farmers' Co-op
Clegg's Nursery
Atlas Feed Mill
Marshall County Co op
Locke Hill Pet Feed & Lawn Supply
ARK Country Store
Wallace Farm & Pet Supply, Inc.
Davis Feed & Tack
Cherokee Feed & Seed

Find us at either of our two locations - Labadie, MO and New Melle, MO. Labadie: 636-742-4703
New Melle: 636-828-5314

We are your source for high quality feed, lawn & pasture seed, fertilizer, shavings, hay, straw, salt, fence & pet supplies.


Living the “Farm” Life - Gastric Issues

Gastric discomfort may negatively affect a horse’s health, attitude and performance. In this episode of Livin’ the Farm Life, learn how to support your horse's gastric health by recognizing signs of gastric discomfort and providing proper treatment and management.


MLPD - RX3® Immune Support Technology

Calves are most vulnerable at weaning. Keep your calves healthy with Purina® starters with RX3® Immune Support Technology.

Photos from Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc's post 03/14/2023

Calling all show kids!

Looking for a way to improve your showmanship skills? Check out these great opportunities! ⭐️


MLPD - Show Lifestyle

Your hard work pays off in the show ring! Let us help you fuel your passion for your show animals.


Our special on Purina Start & Grow and feeders/waterers ends today!

Come check out what we have to get your backyard flock started, or maybe you just need some new upgrades! 😉

Can you spy with your little eye... Abby?


They are here!

$.79 / lb
$.72 / lb for 10 lb


Pasture or lawn, we got you covered!

It is time to re-seed, and we have the seed & expertise to get your needs met!

Come check out our large range of blends! Five pound bags available as well!🌱


MLPD - Purina® Tubs

We've got tubs for cattle, goats and horses! No matter what species you raise, we have convenient, consistent nutrition for your animals.

Photos from Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc's post 03/08/2023

We would like to send another BIG thank you to all the students who brought in cans for FFA Week!

We had a great turnout and collected over 900 cans for local pantries!

Congrats to Washington FFA Chapter on winning our promotion this year! ✨

Photos from Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc's post 03/07/2023

Last night we had a blast with Dr. Biggs and our fantastic seminar crowd!

Lots of tips and tricks were passed around, along with special goodies and sweet snacks!🐥✨

Thanks to all who came out!


MLPD - Teach Them Things That Matter

Your way of life is our way of life. We are here to help with all your animal needs. Come and see us today.



Come visit with us this evening and learn more about your backyard flock!

Give us a call to sign up and/or learn more! 🐥


"Chick" this out!! 🐥

For a limited time, take $2.00 OFF Purina Start & Grow feeds! Along with 10% OFF all poultry feeders and waterers!

If you like the sound of that deal, join us March 6 at the Labadie store for a night of tips and tricks for your backyard flock! Just getting chicks? This is a perfect way to feel confident in your care! Snacks, refreshments, and special prizes available at the presentation!💥

Seating is limited, so call the Labadie store to sign up! 636-742-4703


MLPD - Prebreeding Care with Mineral

Make sure mineral is the foundation of your mineral program. We can help set up a mineral plan that works best for you and your herd!


Have you welcomed some new friends into your coop? Or are looking into starting a backyard flock on your own?🐥

Register for our live chick seminar being held at our Labadie store! Next Monday, March 6 starting at 6:30 pm! We are excited to welcome Dr. Biggs, Senior Nutritionist at Purina Animal Nutrition!

This is a perfect way to feel confident in your care! Snacks, refreshments, and special offers available at the presentation! 💥

Seating is limited, so call the Labadie store to sign up! 636-742-4703


Live & Local Ambassador Series - Roger Daly

Purina Ambassador, Roger Daly, is considered as an industry leader in horse sale prep and c**t starting.

Each year Roger prepares and presents over 300 horses for major Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse sales across the country. His yearlings top sale charts every year and all are fit on a diet of Purina® Strategy® horse feed and Amplify® high fat nugget.


MLPD - Starting Chicks

Start your new backyard flock off with Purina Flock Feed and enjoy the memories along the way.


"Chick" this out!! 🐥

Join us March 6 at the Labadie store for a night of tips and tricks for your backyard flock! Just getting chicks? This is a perfect way to feel confident in your care!

Snacks, refreshments, and special prizes available at the presentation!

Seating is limited, so call the Labadie store to sign up! 636-742-4703

Photos from Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc's post 02/24/2023

We have had so much fun this week at the store celebrating FFA Week!

Between the Food Drive, Tractor Day, and everyone’s favorite - Cherry Pie Day, we have had a blast! We are proud of our FFA students and alumni, along with all those involved in Franklin County FFA!

Don’t forget we will be accepting donations for the food drive through Saturday!
7:30 am - 12:00pm

Washington may be in the lead, but St. Clair is following right behind!


Our FFA Week Food Drive is still going on! You have till Saturday, February 25, to add cans to your school of choice at our Labadie location!

Help one lucky school win our FFA Week Promotion!


MLPD - Mineral Weatherability

Is your current mineral not holding up in the weather? Is it constantly getting wet and clumping up? Switch to Purina's Wind and Rain Mineral and see the difference.


MLPD - Chick Days

Are you bringing chickens home soon? Let us help you with all your backyard flock needs!


We are proudly celebrating FFA Week this week!

Come take part in our food drive at the Labadie store and help your chapter of choice win our FFA Week promotion!


Living the “Farm” Life - Picky Eaters

Is your horse a foodie or a picky eater?

Picky eaters will turn up their nose if the taste and texture isn’t just right. That’s why we have a herd of taste-testing horses at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center’s Equine Palatability Lab. Learn more with Andrea Brueggemann, Purina® Equine Unit Manager, and Gretchen Riley in this episode of Livin’ the Farm Life.


MLPD - Purina Tubs

No matter the species, Purina has an easy-to-feed tub that your animals will enjoy.


MLPD - Cattle Mineral Program

Cattle nutrition requirements vary by season. Having a mineral program in place can help your herd stay healthy as the seasons change.


MLPD - Body Condition and Breeding

Let us help you put together a nutritional program that will help get and keep your cows in a good body condition.


Did you know...

February is ! Here are some ways you can celebrate! 🐦

🌾If you haven’t already, put different feeders in your yard to attract different kinds of birds.

❄Add a place with water during these winter months. Bonus points if you add a heated birdbath!

👀Do some bird watching! Keep an eye on the birds that make a pit stop in your yard.

Come give us a visit for all your bird needs!

Photos from Straatmann Feed & Transfer, Inc's post 02/01/2023

This morning, Austin was happy to take part in Alumni Day at St. John the Baptist-Gildehaus as part of Catholic Schools Week!

Afterwords, the Kindergartners enjoyed playing "Straatmann Feed" during math time! Some even said, "I want to work at Straatmann Feed - that man was cool!"🐮

Thank you for having us, St. John's!

St. John the Baptist School-Gildehaus


MLPD - Horse Treats

Show your horse and their bellies some love with Purina® horse treats!


What a start to the week!

We are open today! 🐴 🐦Stay safe out there!


Looking to contact either of our stores?

The best way to get in touch is to use the numbers listed below and linked through our page. It is hard for us to manage questions and orders through messenger, so we encourage you to give us a quick call for any of your needs.

We appreciate you all, as always!


MLPD - Impact Mature Active

Age is just a number! We have the feed your mature horse will love.


We are open today!

Don't forget we have all you need to manage this snow! Stay safe out there! ❄️

50# Winter Melt - $6.45
50# Blue Blast- $11.25
25# Heat Blast- $7.25

Firewood Bundle - $8.95


Live & Local Ambassador Series - Coleman Proctor

"I knew right then, that is exactly where I wanted to be in life. I wanted to walk into that arena with all that yellow wrapped around it." Tune in to hear from Purina Ambassador, Coleman Proctor, about the preparation it takes to be under the big lights of the rodeo arena and his goals for the 2023 season.


MLPD - Cost to Feed

The feed with the right results is the value you can trust.


It is getting to be that season! 🐭

We have all the best ways to keep those pests out!


Happy Friday!

And congratulations to Sam Boland, who won our creep feeder outside the Labadie store! 🥳

Many other names were pulled to receive a free Purina Rangeland Tub! Keep a lookout for an announcement in your mailbox to see if you were one of those winners!

What a great start to the weekend!


A great reminder for all our show stock folks!

We are so excited for this upcoming season! 🐽


Living the “Farm” Life - Bottle Babies

A mother’s milk isn’t always an option. So, what is the next best thing? In this episode of Livin’ the Farm Life, A.J. Lea discusses best practices for supplemental feeding your lamb or kid.

Videos (show all)

MLPD - Quality is a Better Value
MLPD - Purina® Replenimash
Live & Local Purina Ambassador Series - Warren Bluntzer
MLPD - Wildlife Blocks
Living the “Farm” Life - Backyard Ducks
MLPD - Horse Lifestyle
MLPD - I am Purina - Cole Davison
MLPD - I am Purina
Live & Local Purina Ambassador Series - Shawn Flarida
MLPD - Peaceful Backyard
Living the “Farm” Life - Hatching Eggs
MLPD - Supplements, When and Why?




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