Aaron, Beth, Lydia, Delbert and Opal Mosley


Come on spring! We're ready to plant corn!!


We have approximately 20 round bales of hay left.


HAY for sale! Call me for delivery or pickup options and pricing!


We still have around 50 round bales of left if anyone needs some to get through the rest of the winter.


Loading hay and finished taxes. That's about all this time of year since the cows left.


If you need any skid steer work or small excavating jobs done give us a call! 740-601-8477


We have some first cut still for sale. $40. Stored in barn. Nice quality clover alfalfa orchard grass brome mix.


Ready for spring anyone?


It's been a while since we updated our status. Have had a very busy summer this year. All the hay has been made, bean harvest is now complete. This weekend we will be switching over to corn and servicing the combine as well as finishing up some last minute bush hogging. We have been extremely busy as we have picked up quite a few small excavating jobs this year. We pray this finds everyone well.


Had another baby calf today!


Looking for steaks and hamburger in small packages? Less than $130? We have a few packages left! Pm me for a sales flyer!


Still taking orders for freezer beef. this will most likely be the last time this year that we butcher. $3/pound plus processing with a $300 non refundable deposit


Still taking orders for freezer beef. this will most likely be the last time this year that we butcher. $3/pound plus processing with a $300 non refundable deposit


i have some calves for sale. message me for details


after another successful year of baling, we are slowly converting all of our fescue pastures to new orchard grass clover and timothy! excited for what the Lord has in store for us next year!


Finished planting beans on sunday afternoon! Got a few chores done monday, and we are ready for hay as soon as we get another spot of good weather!


Should Be planting corn as soon as the weather breaks! Keep telling ourselves, to be patient. God's timing is Perfect!


Ready for spring! All the tile has been installed and lines are worked down. Getting Itchy!


This will be the last week for freezer beef orders! Let us know now, so we can reserve your meat!


we are taking orders for freezer beef. if you are interested, send us a private message for additional details. thanks!


Finished Shelling Corn last night in the rain. all we have to do is get 3 loads to the mill and move everything home, and then harvest will be complete.


did you ever wonder where candy corn came from?


Beans are all off. God Was good to us this year with them! Feedlot fence was finished yesterday, have a few gates to hang, and it will be complete, and then we can get the calves in.


Wheat is all planted Now! about 15 acres of beans left to cut, and we will be switching over to corn.


going to cut some beans today


Crops are looking good this year! Calves are ready for weaning, and we may be bringing in another load of feeders to have freezer beef available in the spring! If you are interested in freezer beef, send us a message, and we can give you some details!


Spring to Fall, we do it all!! Give us a call!


haying is all done, for the year. reseeded one field, and are going to tile a couple farms this fall. gonna be busy!


everything is planted! only 20 acres of corn left to sidedress and then haymaking. Gonna try and get it all done by July 4th. Here's to a few long days!


I'm Farming and I Grow It


A parody music video promoting agriculture! If you liked it, feel free to share it with your friends!





7081 State Route 180
Kingston, OH

General information

We raise high quality freezer beef for local customers. In addition to our 20 head angus/angus-hereford herd, we raise 170 acres of row crops (corn, wheat and soybeans), 30 acres of hay, and we custom bale around 100 acres of hay for other farms. If you are interested in freezer beef, please call Aaron at 740-601-8477 Thanks!

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