Nightmare On Church Street - Keysville

Nightmare On Church Street - Keysville


Super exciting to hear that the haunts will continue at a new location! After the news dropped, I've been watching horror movies non-stop to get into the Halloween spirit. My friend just told me about a new film called 'Empathy Inc', and after watching the trailer, I can tell you that I haven't been this excited for a scary movie in a long time. It's about a startup VR company that invents Extreme Virtual Reality, but when the technology gets out of hand, it seems as though blood is inevitably going to be on someone's hands. It's got old-school horror mad-scientist vibes, and it was shot in black and white to make it more eerie. Can't wait for it to come out on VOD on Sept. 24th, and the trailer is on YouTube if anyone wants to share their thoughts!
Ok, so it's officially the 3rd, what's the big news already.
What days are y’all open ? Open for Halloween night or just Friday & Saturday ?
First off, congratulations on being nominated as one of the best local places for a spook-tacular time!

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Halloween has come and gone, but there's still plenty of time to rate your favorite local haunts! If you visited Scottsburg House Of Horror this Halloween Season, be sure to leave them a review on, and let Virginia know about your experience! To leave a review for Scottsburg House of Horror on, click here!
Had a great time
Credits to Adam Coleman come see us tonight...
What time does it close?
We had a ball, loved it..
Darlene White
This looks great fun with lots of stars!

The Keysville Volunteer Fire Department opened Nightmare on Church Street in October 2015.


For the first time in two years we WILL be opening this year!

Save these dates:
October 8th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, and Halloween night.

Price will remain the same at $10 per person for entrance.

We can’t wait to get back at it this year! 🎃 💀


We will not be open again this year. Please spread the word. We are hopeful to open next year. Enjoy your spooky season! 💀🎃 👻


Visit Keysville Vol. Fire Department for details for their tournament tonight!

See you tonight!


Nightmare On Church Street

We. Are. Excited!!!!!


So our big annoucement. Our house was no longer able to scare the p**s out of every one of you. With that we have decided to join with keysville vol fire dept and move our haunt to Nightmare On Church Street. Our tradition will continue but in a new location.


Big news coming August 3rd


After 35 years, we’ve had one heck of a run.

We thank everyone for your patronage throughout the years.

Scottsburg House Of Horror out.✌🏼


Come on out


WE ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!


The LAST NIGHT EVER is officially under way!

Don’t let a little mud get in the way of you missing the best haunt in south side VA.


Slight opening delay but dont worry. We will be scaring y'all tonight


CARS Tour teams in town with nothing to do? We’re 5 miles from the speedway. Come on out!


We currently are 100 percent set on running tonight. It is not raining right now. Radar does show some possibly coming but shouldnt last long if it does. Tonight will be our LAST NIGHT EVER OPEN. Come see the best in southside Virginia


The weather is making a turn for the better!


We’re not done yet.


Sometimes imitated never duplicated


Don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but the weather is looking bleak for Friday night.

Don’t miss out on our “possible” last night ever!

We’re waiting....See you soon.


Our final Halloween night ever starts now. Come see the best there is


Are you ready?


Don’t forget to come check out the real reason for the season, fear.

Exit light. Enter night.

Tonight and Friday ONLY!


To say we are excited about halloween night is an understatement. The shrieks the screams the wet pants. Its almost magical. 2 days until we make your worst fears become reality. See you soon!


Grandpa has been resurrected!


After numerous request WE WILL open next Friday!

This will be our last night EVER!

We’ve lost 2 nights due to power and rain.

That won’t stop us from scaring you one last time!

We open Halloween and NEXT Friday!!!!!



Get wrecked




Tonight marks our final Saturday night that the House of Horror will ever be open. Come see why we are the Premier Haunt in Southside Virginia. Also, make sure you wear old shoes tonight. We are doing our best to take care of all the mud from yesterday's rain but don't want anyone's personal things being damaged.


We WILL be open tonight. Who's coming to join us??


Want to give a huge thank you to Hatcher Farms for helping us this morning. Love having such a supportive community.


Would anyone be willing to donate a round bale or 2 of hay to us? We have some spots after all that rain yesterday we need to cover. It can be left over from last year. Please share to spread the word that we need a little help


When it rains it pours.

For the safety of our workers and our patrons, we WILL NOT be open tonight. It’s entirely too wet.

WE WILL be open tomorrow night!!


1 more day

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Why is the T-Rex so mad? Because he can’t start a chainsaw.
Scaring em
Waiting line
Walk thru
Waiting line



9041 Church Street
Keysville, VA