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AUTO SHOP IN CLIFFWOOD BEACH, NJ Since 1976, Emm's Auto Repair in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey provides expert automotive service.

Our ASE certified mechanics can handle a variety of major and minor repairs, and maintenance. When your vehicle breaks down or just needs a tune-up, get in touch.
24 Hour Towing Service
New Jersey State Inspection
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)


The average American spends about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. That means by the time you turn 60, you’ll have spent 95 day stuck in traffic (assuming that traffic doesn’t get worse),


Do you know that around 60 million cars are manufactured every year around the world? This means around 165,000 cars move through the assembly line every 24 hours.


What does it mean to “turn” a rotor? Turning a rotor means putting it on a brake lathe and shave off small amounts of material to remove any imperfections.


Do you own an electric car or a hybrid? Because the battery is sealed, it's not recommended that you perform maintenance on it yourself as it could damage it or void the warranty.


What is a jump starter? Also known as a power bank, a jump starter is basically a large battery used to start a car with a nonfunctional power supply or dead battery.


Because diesel fuel relies on pressure for combustion, the engine is subjected to greater heat ranges than gasoline engines are. As such, it is important to pay attention to warning lights and to have the cooling system checked on a regular basis.


If the idle stop solenoid on your car is too old, defective, loose, or worn out, it can cause the engine to diesel when you try to shut it off. If not corrected, it can cause serious damage.


What's that noise? Chugging, rattling or humming sounds from the undercarriage could be your exhaust, transmission, wheel bearings or universal joints - all of which mean it's time to call a mechanic.


If you notice that the steering is hard, especially at low speeds, the first thing to have checked is the power steering fluid. If this does not solve the problem, the issue may be with the power steering pump, ball joint, or problems with various belts.


If your automatic transmission is slipping, it could be a sign that the transmission fluid is low or needs replacing. Check the car’s owner’s manual to find out what the manufacturer recommends.


The names of all Lamborghini’s cars are derived from the world of bullfighting. The Diablo and Murcielago are both the names of famous bulls, while the Estoque is the style of sword that Matadors use.


If your older vehicle rattles quite a bit when you drive over bumpy surfaces, a professional inspection may be in order. Chances are, the rubber bushings and ball joints that hold everything together are perished and will need to be replaced.


Did you buy a new part to replace an old one, but it's outside your DIY skills? Bring it to us and we'll install it for you. This is a pretty common practice and we'll be glad to help you out.


Do you know that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now requires diesel engines to meet the same pollution criteria as gasoline engines? Thus, a device called a diesel particulate filter is added to the vehicles which removes visible smoke.


If you have been in an accident, we will work with your insurance company to provide the repairs you need. We'll use certified new parts, and perform only those repairs you or your insurance company indicates.


Periodically check your hoses and belts for signs of wear (especially before taking a road trip). If you think they need replacing, bring your car in and we'll double-check and replace them if necessary.


If you turn the ignition key of your car and all you hear is a clunk, you may have a bad battery. However, if the one you have installed is fairly new and the vehicle is used often, then you may have a charging issue which is something that will require professional repair.


Delays in shifting that feel like they originate underneath the vehicle could indicate a problem with the transmission. The source could be with the modulator valve, the transmission fluid, the shift linkage, or something inside the transmission. Only a diagnostic inspection can tell.


Buying a used car? No matter if it's from a dealer or it's a private transaction, always have it inspected by professional mechanics before handing over your money. Unless the seller is willing to give you a warranty (highly doubtful), it's considered an "as is" purchase.


Asafa Powell, a famous Jamaican sprinter, once said: “I think about cars to try and distract myself. It's a good way to relax, take your mind off everything.”


With proper maintenance, it's reasonable to expect your vehicle to run for at least 200,000 miles. Regular oil changes, l**e jobs, fluid changes, brake maintenance and timely repairs will keep your vehicle in top condition.


Serious fluid leaks could pose a safety hazard to you and other people on the road. Hence, they are an important checkpoint for mechanics. If any sort of leakage is identified, tow your vehicle immediately to our repair facility.


If your vehicle's diesel engine has a submerged dipstick tube, certain conditions may cause the oil to push up through the tube and spill out of the engine. Some of the sources of this condition are overfilling, a PCV problem, or pressure build-up that causes excessive blow-by.


Do you know that an average car is made up of more than 30,000 components? This includes all the little pieces put together to build this incredible machine.


Rotating your tires is something that’s easy enough to do by yourself but balancing them is another matter. For such a task, an auto tech will need to use a balancing machine that analyzes the motion of the tires and pinpoints where balance weights need to be installed.


While an oil change may be something you can perform at home, you may want to have a professional garage do the work instead. This is particularly true if you have a cramped engine bay as access can be tight and you may inadvertently damage something during the process.


Change the transmission fluid in your car according to the manufacturer's recommendations. When you do, consider a system flush rather than a simple fluid change to clean out dirty fluid from the torque converter.


If your car's fuel filter becomes clogged, it may make your car unable to start.


Your car’s air filter should be inspected for signs of wear after every oil change. A clogged filter means a significant decrease (up to 11%) in acceleration. Even if it’s not failing, the filter should be replaced once per year.


If you detect a sickly sweet smell coming from the engine, the problem could be leaking anti-freeze. Look under the engine to see if there is a pool of yellow green liquid. If there is, refill the radiator with fluid and bring your car in to be checked.


Whenever the engine temperature warning light comes on, pull over and turn your car off and wait at least thirty minutes before opening the hood. If the problem persists, bring your car to us for repair.


Buying a used car? Whether it's from a dealer or a private transaction, make arrangements to have us inspect it before completing the deal. Unless the seller is willing to give you a warranty, it's "buyer beware."


The transmission fluid must be changed once for every three engine oil changes. This is important to ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle and long service life.


Regularly rotating tires extends their life and improves performance. Have them rotated when you have the oil changed. At the same time, have the condition of the brakes inspected.


Did you know that your vehicle’s air-conditioner is operating even in winter? When you turn on your car’s defroster, the condenser comes on to dry the air before sending it to the windshield. Have the a/c checked at the beginning of both the summer and winter driving seasons.


The gudgeon pin is a name given to the pin that holds the piston to the connecting rod. It is under constant stress from the motion of the piston and is subject to different types of force being applied.


If your car constantly leaks its coolant and water mix, it may be time to change the water pump. Unless you are a skilled mechanic, this is a repair best performed by professionals.


Have you noticed a drop in fuel efficiency? It could be the mass air flow sensor (MAF). This part measures incoming air to control fuel injection. If it's faulty, fuel economy can drop by 10% or more.


Anti-lock brakes have sensors on each wheel to monitor speed and prevent skidding when the brakes are suddenly applied, eliminating the need to pump the brakes in an emergency. Have them inspected when you rotate tires to keep them in good order.


When the airflow to a diesel engine is restricted, performance suffers. If your engine lacks an indicator on the air filter housing, have us inspect the filter on a regular basis to make sure it's in good condition.

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