Melissa Christiansen

Melissa Christiansen


We never turn down the chance to appreciate a great curl makeover! 💙

Amazing job Melissa Christiansen
Book your holiday appointment soon with one of our amazing Kenosha and beat the rush! 💙 Eye lashes, skin care, teeth whitening, Botox, barbers, hairstylists.... we have them all in safe, private salon studios!

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photo by Melissa Christiansen / MC Salon
If you are in Melissa's area you will not go wrong going to her. She is AMAZING and works her magic on your hair. No matter how you feel about your hair going in, you will ALWAYS leave feeling like a million bucks.

At MC Salon I strive to make every guest experience unique and 100% authentic. Every visit is about YOU. It’s not just a hair appointment, it’s an experience.

The better experience.


Just minding my business, watching trash tv, during a snowstorm in April, trying NOT to think about hair. And all I can see is bad weave. Damnit😒

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Sundays are for mimosas and trying new hair products🥂💁🏼‍♀️
OMG you guys the
Out Of Thin (H)air jelly is TO DIE FOR!
I have a sh*t ton of hair but it’s fine in texture, PLUS I don’t like a lot of layers so I have a hard time with volume. GUYS this product made my curls so big and bouncy, frizz free, and soft. So. Damn. Soft.


First time blowout at MC Salon🤩And yes, her straight hair personality is sooooo extra💁🏽‍♀️

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☘️Happy St. Patrick’s day from the twins ☘️ Definitely having a beer tonight to celebrate MC Salon’s makeover. It will do for another 5 months…..😉🤫


Stay tuned……

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Still one of my all time favorite colors. Loved the inspiration, the process, and of course my creative muse

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 01/10/2022

Y’all know vacation did what it needed to do when you’re READY to get back to work🙌🏼🙌🏼

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 01/01/2022

Had no idea I’d ring in the new year alone with an anxiety ridden dog then a random call from mom but,,, can’t say I hate it. Bring it 2022. Ya girl is ready👑💍🥊


Happy happy new year y’all! Go with what’s workin and f**k what ain’t💋
Special 2022 shout-out to .p BABE! I can’t even🥺

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 12/26/2021

It was such an amazing holiday weekend that I didn’t even want to take the time to post! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas❤️

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 12/07/2021

Frizz is a choice my darlings, not a lifestyle💁🏼‍♀️ The good news is you’re not doomed with frizzy hair, you’re creating it.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your perfect curls. However, there are a few musts that every curly girl needs in her styling routine.
The right product for your curl type. The right amount of product, most curly girls aren’t using enough. Soaking wet hair. A Wet Brush. Proper product application. A good blow dryer and diffuser. A microfiber towel for blotting, NOT wrapping the hair-trust me. A silk or satin pillow case.
Every Deva service I offer comes with an in depth personalized styling lesson. Let me know if I can help💋

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Dry curls ain’t happy and unhappy curls ain’t cute! Stay moisturized this winter with a few of my favorites…. leave in conditioner, Orchid Oil shampoo & conditioner, and of course in salon deep treatments 💁🏽‍♀️ Keep those curls juicy ladies💋

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Happy thanksgiving peeps❤️


Happy Saturday! Nephew with his hot cocoa reppin MC Salon. Also my derpy dog baby, Boss❤️


Last minute openings🥂 BOOK NOW!!


Happy Halloween!! 👻🤡☠️🎃


Winner of a years worth of free haircolor🥳🥳🥳

Yay!!!! Miranda Bayless takes the year of FREE haircolor💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️


TWO YEARS BABY! Two freakin years!!! And what a crazy ass two years it’s been🙃🙃

Thru riots, a pandemic, the lockdown, political madness, and family tragedy this little baby company of mine is not just surviving, it’s thriving!

And it’s all thanks to my amazing clients for trusting me to keep them not only gorgeous but safe too. Love you all, I’d be bagging groceries without ya😘😘

Going live later today on Instagram for the year of free Haircolor giveaway. May the odds be ever in your favor✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼


Blondes get bored too! Fun, small, pops of color are a great way to liven up your blonde without undoing all the hard work it took to get you blonde in the first place💞

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 06/14/2021

Cut those old brassy highlights right outta her hair✂️ ✂️

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 06/07/2021

Might be my favorite before and after pics❤️


As a thank you to all my clients for another amazing year at MC Salon I’m giving away a years worth of FREE haircolor😃
For every retail purchase made between now and August 11th your name will be added into the drawing. I’ll announce the winner on 8/11💋

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I SWEAR this is the same person! All it takes is a little curl magic. Come get some💋

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 05/27/2021

Mask free and fabulous at MC Salon😍🥳🥂

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Happy Grand Opening Time to Dye🖤 Stop by everyone! She’s heat until 1:00 and she has booze🥂🥂🥂


I can now officially welcome the one and only Jamie Werve to suite #26! So excited to share my space with you friend🥳

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Guess we have to come home now😩


Happy International Women’s Day!!
To all the beautiful women in my life that have been there for me no matter what. And of course all the gorgeous women I get to hang out with at MC Salon. Freakin love you all❤️


When you wake up in 2021 but your bangs are hangin in the 90s🙄


Thank you Michelle!!❤️


Long time client, first time working with her curls. We were both shocked at how amazingly her hair responded😲
Some brands and “educators” will have you believe that if you wear your hair straight that you are ruining your curls.🙄 I’m here to tell you 🚨 WRONG!
Even tho we’ve been blowing hair straight for years, she’s taken excellent are of it. Which means the elasticity and porosity are prime for curls💁🏼‍♀️ As she continues to work with it in its natural state the curls will get better and better, having been trained into her new fabulous style😍
My point is, do you! The beauty of curls (and women for that matter) is their versatility. Straight, diffused, air dried, curled, up , down, we can do it all! Just keep it healthy and stay fabulous 💋😉

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 03/01/2021

A year in the life of my 😍 And these aren’t even ALL the colors we’ve done in the last year!
I’m all about change, but I’m more about keeping your hair on your head. If you’ve heard no from me in the past it’s because it was what was best for your hair. So for all you color chameleons out there, we can ABSOLUTELY change your color at every appointment. Provided you look good in short hair😘
Thank you for being such a fun client and great friend💜💙🧡


More than ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?! Yes please😍 Thank you for being such an amazing client and friend.

Photos from Melissa Christiansen's post 02/25/2021

I never thought specializing in curly hair and getting to help all these women love their curls would bring me such joy!
Seeing the look on a guests face when she sees how AMAZING her hair is keeps my heart hella full. Hearing the words, “I had no idea my hair could even do this”, never gets old.
I’m on a mission to teach every curly girl in this area to love her bomb ass hair. If I don’t have all the answers and don’t get it perfect the first time, I promise you I’ll learn and we’ll get better together🤓😍


MC Salons very first review🥺 Short and sweet just like Jill☺️

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Winner of a years worth of free haircolor🥳🥳🥳
THIS is why I get so geeked at the shampoo bowl🤓🤩 #processingporn
Friday’s off be like.........🌟Hair Hack🌟Before the pool, soak hair and condition DO NOT rinse, tie hair into top knot. S...
When it’s Friday the 13th and the world is panic buying toilet paper we go to the ocean☀️😎
First day of MCSalon!!!!
Tuesday morning vibes🤩😍
From badass to bombshell in under 10 seconds⚡️⚡️..#kenoshasalon #killinitinkenoshawi #ultasalon #ulta #simpleundercut #l...




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