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We are Personal Consultants for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists is changing skin and changing lives. Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists is changing skin and changing lives by partnering with independent business owners, like us, across the United States to redefine the future of aging.


It’s FINALLY here!!!
Bundle ANY regimen with Active Hydration Serum for a 20% savings!!!

So thankful for hydration in this cold, dry weather!

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Rodan + Fields


We give people the best skin of their lives. We are Rodan + Fields. #WeAreRF

digiday.com 11/15/2017

'The goal is to evolve': Estée Lauder president Jane Hertzmark Hudis on beauty's sea change - Digiday

Rodan + Fields IS NOT the new AVON, it's the beauty version of AMAZON. A 'black swan' if you will, just like other channel disrupters such as Über or Airbnb.

This is a good read. Other companies are finally seeing what Rodan + Fields saw years ago and are now tring to play catch up on what we have perfected over 9 years in this channel. Let your consumer be in control of the company's outreach - which is brilliant - and why we are #1 in skincare across all price points, unseating companies that have been around for 30-50+ years. We're only 9 years old! If you're intrigued, you should be. Reach out to learn more. See if this business is right for you.Times are changing. "The goal is to evolve." ♡


5 mini facials available for the first 5 people who reach out to me to have a chat about this opportunity ♡

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digiday.com Estée Lauder group president Jane Hertzmark Hudis, who oversees eight of the company's makeup, skin care and hair care brands, saw a fundamental industry shift at the hands of social media. She spoke to Glossy about what it takes to win in beauty today, the power of consumer reviews, and the impendi...


Join us to learn more about the products, the business, th people!


Where did the Research and Development team at R+F come up with the idea for our newest product Bright Eye Complex?

While creating Active Hydration Serum, the Vice President of Product Development at R+F stumbled upon clinical studies that showed if you super hydrate a bruise, it can be made to look less visible. Under eye circles are not bruises but they have the same color and tend to behave much in the same way.

Well, our Active Hydration Serum and its 3D3P Molecular Matrix is a SUPER HYDRATOR.💡Ding, Ding, Ding - the lightbulbs went on and the team went to work.

Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex combined the 3D3P Matrix with phytonutrients, illuminating ingredients and caffeine to result in instant brightness around the eyes and full results seen in 4 weeks!

This is a brand new product to the market and EXCLUSIVE to Rodan + Fields, which means you can only get it from ME

Contact me for details!
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Food For Thought:

When I share this Rodan+Fields business opportunity with others, the three biggest reasons people are fearful to join are....

1. I don’t have the time.
2. I don’t have the money to buy a kit.
3. I’m not a “sales” person.

🎆The best thing about Rodan + Fields is that it doesn’t require time AWAY from your family. You can build an amazing business around YOUR schedule.

🎆Many of the leaders in the top 2% of Rodan + Fields started out completely broke with absolutely no sales experience and very little free time. Many were already working two jobs just to get by. 😊

🎆Because of the reputation of the doctors, and their incredible products that are delivering results to hundreds of thousands of happy customers- people know the “brand.” You don’t have to “sell” it. You simply need to “share” the information. I consider myself a “shares person” who offers and shares this business opportunity and skincare to others.

Anyone can be successful at this business if they WANT it- and I can show you how to do it!

****Being successful can be hard. Being broke can be hard. Pick your hard. 👊🏼

Today is the last day of the month.....jump in with me and I’ve got a big (non-scary) Halloween surprise for you!!! No tricks here!!

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Well hello, November!! 🍃🍂🍁

Our NEW Bright Eye Complex has launched to all customers!!

You DON'T want to miss this!! It comes in a cute gift pack while supplies last!

It will also be available in a LASH BOOST bundle with a cute blinged-out eyelash curler!


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✅ We are in the middle of 2 new product launches.
✅ We JUST launched into our 3rd country - Australia, and launching into a country each year.
🔹Last year our new product was Lash Boost...which brought us 2 million in sales in one year!
🔹The doctors took their first product, Proactiv to 180 countries - watch us or grow WITH US!
🌟All the legwork is done for us! We are the #1 skincare brand in the North America!

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💛 The #ReverseBrighteningregimen is a clinically proven, simple to use product that addresses uneven skin tone and dullness

💛 Paired with the AMP MD roller, results like Scotty’s can be achieved in 6-8 weeks

💛 If you’re ready to reverse the effects of sun damage and get a complexion that’ll brighten your and others’ day, then please contact me for details

💛 Discounts + 60 day money 💰 back guarantee are available

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Wanna see what I mean by LIFE-changing skincare?


Kimberly says:

“Ok here it is my before and after... this is why I 💗💗💗 these products!!!! I had no intention of selling skincare I was just looking for something to help!! After 2 years of struggling and being on medication for rosacea and cystic acne and a lot of makeup I found R+F and my results have blown me away!!! That is why I share, that is why I am passionate about this company and this business and I would LOVE to help you or someone you know that is struggling!! You don’t have to have crazy bad skin like me but everyone has skin and most don’t like what they see or maybe you too want to help people... this company is ahhhhmazing, these products are ahhhmazing...”

LOVE the skin you are in!!! ❤️

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This company does NOT disappoint with its products! We are only 3 weeks in, with the new Intensive Renewing Serum and AMP MD 2.0 Roller, and we are already starting to see results like this! 😳 After just THREE weeks of using her REDEFINE regimen + the NEW Amp MD Roller and the NEW Intensive Renewing Serum.

Just think what she'll look like after the full 8 week supply runs out..

Let's get you started today so you will be looking amazing for the holidays!!

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I hear this a lot...👂🏼...it COSTS TOO MUCH!!! I can promise you that it’s NOT anymore than you’re spending on products that DON’T WORK!! None of us have an unlimited budget so we allot the money we DO have to the things we VALUE the most! If you VALUE your skin, I can help!!

Here are a few questions I need you to ask yourself?

👉Have you tried less expensive products?
👉Have they worked? Were they guaranteed?
👉Did you get your money back if it didn't work?
👉Do you like your reflection in the mirror?
👉What would the confidence of great skin allow you to do without holding you back?!?!?!
👉Would it be worth it if in ONE YEAR you could achieve your best skin ever, or better yet, change your life because you decided to join this biz?

✔ It’s real, it’s possible, I know, because it happened for ME and I see it happening every single day!!

🤳Message me, and let’s talk!! No obligation! Just the facts.

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RFG Skin Care's cover photo


What is R+F's RetinAl- MD Technology?

-R+F's exclusive Retinal-MD is one step closer to prescription-strength Vitamin A (the Dermatological Gold Standard for addressing the signs of aging)
-Retinal is 20X more potent than Retinol and has been clinically demonstrated to produce FASTER, MORE DRAMATIC RESULTS.
-Gentle enough for everyday use across ALL R+F REGIMENS (even people with sensitive skin or acne)
-Exclusive to R+F ONLY!!

If you want to boost your skin's own renewing powers so its smoother, more refined and firmer in just 4 weeks, get on the VIP list NOW!

Available October 18th!

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↠ It all begins with a 💥Spark!

Rodan + Fields is committed to their Consultants & through the NEW Spark Program, they're prepared to reward new consultants generously for their work.

New consultants have the opportunity to earn an EXTRA $400 in their second month and $600 in their third month. In addition, they may earn the highly coveted Give It A Glow sample packs, plus free Level Up Training, both tremendous business builders. This is all in ADDITION to their regular pay check.

New products & new incentives...
if you've had even an inkling of interest, now is the time to jump in!

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WHAT IF?.....🤔

WHAT IF there was something 20x more potent than Retinol?
WHAT IF there was something that worked faster than Retinol?
WHAT IF there was something that is less irritating than Retinol?
WHAT IF there was something like this that is gentle enough for people with sensitive skin?
WHAT IF you could get this without a prescription or visit to the DR?

INTRODUCING Intensive Renewing Serum!

🎉🎉🎉Available October 18th!! 🎉🎉🎉

Message me to get on my VIP pre-order list today and receive a gift with purchase

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Our products are amazing, but they're not miracle cures. Consistency over time is where the magic is 💥

🎉 5 years older, and Cathlean looks atleast 10 years younger!

She used our Reverse regimen for a full year and this past year she's been using the Redefine regimen, amp MD roller, hydration serum, lash boost and eye cream.

SERIOUSLY?! Look at her skin! 😍

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Something to make you wonder...

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3 (THREE!!) new products!!
3 reasons to have more conversations!
3 reasons your business should explode this fall!!!

💥Intensive Renewing Serum!!!
Retinal (not retinol) exclusive proprietary to R+F. Its the closest potency to Vitamin A without a prescription. No one knew how to stabilize Retinal before today. It's 20x (yes twenty!) higher in potency that retinOl. The studies show it has faster results than NRS!!

💥Amp roller 2.0!!
The stainless steel tips and function are the same. But the ergonomics are better, it's water resistant and better packaging for easier traveling.

💥Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex!!
Utilizing the 3D3P matrix proprietary to AHS, this is specially formulated for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Using illuminating brighteners, caffeine, phytonutrients and of course glycerin and hyaluronic acid, it brightens eyes and decreases dark circles and puffiness!!!

These products are UNREAL!! Talk about innovation!!

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Timeline Photos


🎉New product reveal month is HERE!!! Exciting WHY? This means my business will grow even BIGGER.....woohoo! Last fall at our Convention in Vegas, Lash Boost was revealed and sold out 9 months later.

In May, Active Hydration Serum was released, revealing an entirely new skin care technology to keep your skin perfectly hydrated.

Our next new item will be released in October at our annual Convention in Vegas.....I can't tell you what it is yet BUT, I can tell you:

✔️It is brand new to the skincare industry.
✔️It is projected to •TRIPLE• our revenue.
✔️People will be looking for a consultant to buy it from. (Why not you?)
✔️It is exclusive to Rodan+Fields.
✔️It will be introduced in October and I'll be one of the first ones to learn about it, use it and share it with you...unless you decide to jump on this rocket ship sooner......Then you'll get first dibs, too!

If you've been considering this opportunity....JUMP IN!!! YOU want to be part of this NEW RELEASE!! Any NEW consultants joining WILL receive the new product in your business kit....WHOA!!!

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Check out Joanna's STUNNING results using Rodan + Fields Award Winning skincare!! Results like THIS is WHY R+F is the #1 Premium Skincare & the FASTEST GROWING!!!🙌🏽

The picture on the left was taken FOUR years ago!!😳

👉🏻"Last night I was scrolling through my old photos to find a specific picture from 4 years ago. Instead, the pic on the left popped up from a date night with my husband and I thought 'Whoa, I looked way older than I felt at the time!' At the time, skincare was not a priority for me and I would have happily dropped $ at Sephora buying all the makeup I wore on a daily basis: foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer and mascara. No way I would have spent that same amount of money on skincare instead. It didn't make sense to me... Then a good friend of mine joined R+F and I wanted to support her business so I bought some products. Products that seriously transformed my skin... so much so that my dermatologist asked what I was doing differently!!!

The pic on the right was taken last weekend at our R+F Empowerment Weekend... I'm wearing a little eyeshadow, peptide powder and mascara. The time it takes me to "get ready" in the morning went from 20-30 minutes to under 5!!"💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

👉🏻Joanna achieved these results using the following: Reverse AMP IT UP & Multi-function Eye Cream: 29 months, Lash Boost: 6 months and Active Hydration Serum: 60 Days

Are YOU ready to get your GLOW back & turn the clock back to a younger looking you? With our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose except those spots & wrinkles!🙌🏽

Message me🙋🏼 Let's get YOU started TODAY!!💖✨

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If you haven't seen it yet....results from consistency and time!

Too great not to share with you... such a great personal testimony about how our products not only transform your skin but your life as well!

Here is what my fellow consultant Kim has to say about her journey with R+ F products:

I used to wash my face with Neutrogena and call it a day. I didn't like SPF because it made my skin feel oily and gross. Redefine is the only skincare that has taken the red out of my complexion, reduced my pore size, fine lines and wrinkles. The AM SPF is amazing and doesn't make my skin feel oily. I honestly don't recognize the old me. Can you imagine what my skin would look like had I found these products in my 20's?? I turned 48yrs old last week and couldn't be happier.

...awesome Kim!! Thanks for sharing!

#RF #Redefine #awesomeresults #thiscouldbeyou #messageme




1. Look at a photo from a year ago.
2. Still have the same problems now that you did then?
3. Have they gotten worse?
4. Would you go out in public foundation free?

•Stop throwing away money on products that don't work - MESSAGE ME• 👌🏻👇🏻👏🏻


Well it's time ⏰ to let the cat out of the bag?!? Are you ready?!?!?

We have another NEW product coming out in October!

What I can tell you is this:

✔️It is brand new to the skincare industry.
✔️It is projected to •TRIPLE• our revenue.
✔️People will be looking for a consultant to buy it from (why not YOU?)
✔️It is exclusive to Rodan+Fields.
✔️It will be introduced in October at convention, and I'll be one of the first ones to learn about it, use it and share it with you....unless you join my team,
---> Then you'll get first dibs, too!!!!

If you've been considering joining my team, NOW is not only a great time, but a SMART time!


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