Fa Shears By Aimee

Fa Shears By Aimee


Thanks Aimee! Love my haircut!
Loving the new color! Thanks Aimee Young-wilson! #fashearsbyaimee #colordazzlers
Thanks Aimee!!! As always you provide a great service :)
Thank you, Aimee, for working your magic on these two for their senior prom!!!
Thanks for the recommendation Tuttie Boyer!! I was JUST looking for a new place too and I know Aimee. 🙌🏽👌🏽❤️

Family owned and operated, we have our own parking lot no street parking. We are a full service salon for Women, Men & Children. We offer the latest styles & techniques in a relaxed & modern environment.

We offer a full array of services to meet everyone's needs from Haircuts, Coloring,Texture & Waxing Services.Call Today

Operating as usual

[09/24/21]   The Faux Hawk is a popular style for little boys. It is similar to the real deal but it doesn’t have closely shaved sides. It is a little less punk rock and yet still fun.

[09/22/21]   If you have “virgin” hair (that has not been previously chemically treated), then be aware that your first Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin treatment may not last as long. However, subsequent treatments will hold much better.

[09/20/21]   If you will be dropping your child off for a haircut, but are not sure what they will ask for, call ahead. Let us know his or her name and what you would like regarding styling or cutting; we will accommodate your wishes.

[09/17/21]   If you have natural brown or blonde hair and are looking to dye it red, then you’ll want to have this done by a professional at a salon. While those with light to medium brown hair tend to see the most success when dyeing their hair a red or auburn shade, a professional will help determine whether or not the shade you want is even possible.

[09/15/21]   Using a clarifying shampoo before your wedding day is a great way to wipe the slate clean and remove a build up of products from your hair. Thinking ahead will ensure that your hair is in its best condition for the big day.

[09/13/21]   Do you use a lot of product on your hair most days of the week? To keep your hair from turning limp or lifeless, you may want to add a weekly deep cleaning shampoo into your grooming regimen.

[09/10/21]   If you are thinking of using a temporary hair color for your wedding day, it is best to try out different colors in advance. Once you have chosen, color the day before the wedding for the most vibrant look.

[09/08/21]   Xie Qiuping, a Chinese woman holds the record of world's longest documented hair at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on May 8, 2004. She started growing her hair from the age of 13.

[09/06/21]   If you have cool undertones to your skin -- look for pink, red, or blue undertones -- then you should look to cool hair colors to play well with your skin. Think of platinum blonds, cool browns, auburn, or true reds.

[09/03/21]   One way to make that first haircut a positive experience is to choose the time of the appointment with care. For example, an appointment close to nap time or snack time is probably not a good idea.

[09/01/21]   If your hair is breaking off more than usual, hydration may be the problem. Using hair care products that keep your hair hydrated from the inside out will help fix the problem. Using a de-tangler is also helpful.

[08/30/21]   Your hair used to have less frizz, and it will also have noticeably more bounce than it used to have before you had your Brazilian blowout. While your hair-probably used to hang flat only an hour or two after your blowout, it will now have volume and bounce throughout the day.

[08/27/21]   For those with a square face, any hairstyle that reduces the angular shape of your face will work well, such as wavy hair. Adding volume at the top of the face can help elongate the face, while straight, long hair might accentuate your square shape.

[08/25/21]   Working with hair that you know can be challenging, but want the perfect polished look for your wedding? A professional hairstylist can help you find the right style and preparation to make your hair as beautiful as possible.

[08/23/21]   If you have recently had your hair bleached at the salon, remember that bleaching raises the hair cuticle, causing hairs to interlock and tangle easily. Thus, a regular conditioning program will be necessary. You might also consider adding a smoothing product to your regimen to close and smooth the cuticle.

[08/20/21]   We recognize that not everyone is comfortable buying a bottle of chemicals from the store whenever they want to change their appearance. If you crave a professional touch for your new hue, we’re always happy to help you get it.

[08/18/21]   So how often are you going to need to get your child’s hair cut? Much of this will depend on how fast the hair grows and also how short you are keeping the hair (and how committed you are to that particular hair style).

[08/16/21]   When you’re a ponytail kind of girl, the idea of creating an elaborate and formal style with your own hands for an event can be daunting. No matter what type of style you had in mind, our team is always up to the challenge.

[08/13/21]   Do you have the training and experience to cut your child's hair at home? The last thing you want to do is to make a mistake and have other children tease your child about an unattractive haircut.

[08/11/21]   Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and Halle Berry are all said to owe their smooth strands to the Brazilian Blowout. This professional treatment is perfect for anyone who is looking to maintain volume and eliminate frizziness.

[08/09/21]   What’s a “stacked” haircut? Good question. The term refers to layered hair cuts that feature carefully graduated layers that stack closely on top of the layer below. This approach is useful for styles that require more bulk in some areas and less in others.

[08/06/21]   Permanent hair color does just that – changes the hair color permanently. To fully remove it, your hair must grow out and the original color replaces the dyed hair. You can reapply the treatment as your original color becomes more apparent, but there is some hair damage, so care must be taken.

[08/04/21]   Start at the bottom when you are combing out your child’s tangles. If you begin at the ends and slowly work your way up the hair shaft, you will be able to gently pull apart knots with your fingers.

[08/02/21]   If you have extremely curly hair, it may not always be possible to achieve perfectly straight hair through the Brazilian blowout method. Instead, you may find that your hair is now frizz-free and still a little wavy.

[07/30/21]   If you are planning a formal wedding, it is traditional to wear a long veil with your hair in an up-do if you have long hair. The good thing is that there are 100 lovely ways to manage the up-do, from braided buns to pretty chignons to elaborately shaped works of art.

[07/21/21]   When you go to your wedding hair appointment, whether it's your trial run or the real thing, make sure to wear a buttoned shirt that doesn't need to be pulled over your head. Pullover shirts, sweaters, or collared shirts may mess up your style as they're lifted over your head.

[07/19/21]   Are you worried about using chemicals on your hair because of the potential for dry, brittle hair afterwards? If we think that’s a possibility, we can recommend some excellent deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair soft and smooth.

[07/16/21]   Organic perms and straighteners do not use ammonia and thioglycolates. Instead, your organic hair salon uses products made with plant amino acids that soothe and condition the scalp, leaving the hair with a more natural feel and shine and longer-lasting results.

[07/14/21]   One positive aspect of the Brazilian blowout is that there is no line of demarcation in the hair. With other hair processes, you have to cut your hair to get rid of the change because it’s a permanent change. With the Brazilian, it washes out, so by the time your new hair grows in you either have to redo it or you just let it go away.

[07/12/21]   Shaggy surfer hairstyles are popular with boys of all ages. The casual, carefree look features a short all-over cut with fringed bangs and irregular but controlled layers around the face, ears and nape.

[07/09/21]   Your natural hair color is determined by cells known as "melanocytes," which are the source of the pigments in your hair. Hair color is determined by the ratio of each melanocyte pigment (red, brown, and black). Hair turns gray during aging because these cells decay.

[07/07/21]   Organic salons use organic products that provide superior coverage of gray and longer-lasting color and healthier, shinier, silkier hair. Customers do not have to breathe toxic fumes or suffer from an itchy, irritated, and burning scalp. In an organic hair salon, your body will not be subjected to ammonia, parabens, and other toxic chemicals and substances.

[07/05/21]   Hairstyles and fashions change, and you may find that your son or daughter wants to follow current trends. If you should give in to their wishes, even though it is not a fashion you care for, keep in mind that hair grows back and fashion changes – they will probably want something new next time.

[07/02/21]   If you have a pink or pale skin undertone, cooler hair colors, such as blondes and cool browns, are much more likely to look natural on you.


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Thanks to Amber for being my Blow out model and letting me test out the new Angelic by Fa Shears products!! 😍 Stay tuned...


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