Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry, VMD,

Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry, VMD,


Accepting new patients? Or, 3?
Wyatt, my 14 yr old sheltie with shoulder arthritis and rear end weakness had an acupuncture appt with Dr McKinstrey yesterday. The results were obvious almost immediately and this morning he is barely limping on his shoulder and he is running like a much younger dog...I am so happy to see him so much more comfortable and able to get around... thank you!!!

Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry is an experienced veterinarian practicing in the Kennett Square area. She practices both traditional and Chinese medicine.

​Dr. McKinstry received her dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Swarthmore College and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. Elizabeth has always been an animal lover and she worked diligently to achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a veterinarian and owning her own practice. Dr. McKinstry chooses to take

Operating as usual


We are very excited to announce that after many years of hard work Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry has received her Masters Degree in Chinese Veterinary Medicine. She is one of a small group of Veterinarians who have earned their Masters in the US and she is very deserving of such an honor! We are very proud of her!


This takes the cake! Sweet Tootsie comes in for acupuncture to help with pain from the cancer she is suffering from, as well as to stimulate her appetite and to help with a leg injury. She is so funny and loves to watch TV! Her mom played a Grey's Anatomy episode on her phone and Tootsie was so happy to watch it during her treatment. Hope you are feeling better silly girl!


It must be poodle week at Dr. McKinstry's! Today we had the pleasure of meeting this little doll, Tinkerbell. Tink's new mom brought her in to get some help with some of the anxiety she was feeling while adjusting to life from a kennel to a home. She enjoyed her visit and we look forward to seeing her again soon!


We had the pleasure of meeting these two beauties, Belle (beautiful black girl) and Beau (handsome white boy) today for their annual exams and vaccinations. They did awesome and we look forward to seeing them again next year!


We are always happy to see Muffin and her wonderful mother! :)


Rocky came in today for help with the autoimmune disease he is suffering from. He liked his acupuncture treatment and was very interested in learning about the herbs Dr. McKinstry prescribed for him!


Look at this handsome boy! Sweet Remy is the most easy going boy we have ever met! He is suffering from hind end weakness but is loving his treatment and we are hoping he's feeling better soon!


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet gives some helpful tips on how to keep your pets stress-free and safe during July 4th fireworks!


Little Ziggy presented with severe chronic diarrhea. After allergy testing Dr. McKinstry discovered what the poor boy is allergic to. She recommended some diet changes and prescribed herbs to calm his digestive system and that, along with some acupuncture, has Ziggy feeling much better these days!

[06/28/17]   Unfortunately Brandywine Hardware has once again rescheduled Dr. McKinstry's lecture that was scheduled for tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience! I will post a date if it is rescheduled. If you were planning to attend and had any questions please feel free to call her at 610-368-3387 and Dr. McKinstry would be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

[06/21/17]   Just a reminder Dr. McKinstry will be giving a lecture on veterinary acupuncture Wednesday June 21st at 7pm at the Hockessin Library located at 1023 Valley Road, Hockessin, DE 19707. Stop by to learn how acupuncture can benefit your pet and to get all your questions answered!


Today Joe came for his first acupuncture treatment to help with his very painful arthritis, stiff joints and to help with healing his torn ACL. He was very nervous being in a new place but once his needles were in Joe settled right down and took a little nap. Because his neck was so stiff and sore Dr. McKinstry offered him a pillow for his nap and he was very appreciative. See you next week Joe!


Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry, VMD,'s cover photo


Dr. McKinstry's Fig Magazine article has been released!


Look at this adorable Wire Haired Dachshund, Yodi! He's been seeing Dr. McKinstry for back pain and arthritis. He loves his treatments and has been feeling much better!


Milo's favorite part of his treatment! Everybody gets a treat at the end of their visit!


Poor Rocko, an 11 year old Rottie/Doberman mix, had torn his ACL. As part of his rehabilitation to facilitate healing and ease pain, his owners have been bringing him to see Dr. McKinstry for acupuncture treatments. Rocko is doing great and is almost completely healed. He will continue with "touch-up" treatments about once every three months... we look forward to seeing him again at the end of the summer!

[06/14/17]   Unfortunately Brandywine Hardware has rescheduled Dr. McKinstry's lecture that was scheduled for tonight. It was rescheduled for June 28th. Sorry for any inconvenience!


2016 PBS Spotlighton TCVM with chinese subtitles

[06/08/17]   Be sure to look for Dr. McKinstry's article in the upcoming summer issue of FIG magazine to be released this week!


Buddy came to see Dr. McKinstry for severe arthritis and hind end weakness, vestibular disease and early kidney disease. In addition to Chinese Herbs and antibiotics, Dr. McKinstry also treated him with acupuncture. Patients can choose many places to be comfortable for their treatments ~ the floor, the table, a large dog bed or the couch ~ and Buddy chose the couch. Look at that happy smile!


Oh just look at this little face! Sawyer came in for his first puppy visit and he was such a brave boy! However it was apparently past his naptime ~ he did his best but at the end of his appointment just couldn't fight it any longer lol Welcome Sawyer ~ we are happy to meet you and so excited to watch you grow!

[05/31/17]   Just to clarify - Dr. McKinstry's lecture scheduled for May 31st at Brandywine Hardware Store in Pocopson has been rescheduled to Wednesday June 14th at 6:00. Please stop by to learn more about this ancient practice and how it can help your pets!

[05/15/17]   Please join Dr. McKinstry on Wednesday June 14th at 6:00 pm as she gives a lecture on acupuncture at the Ace Brandywine Hardware Store located at 1150 Pocopson Rd, West Chester, PA 19382. She will be happy to answer any questions you have!


Dr. McKinstry had a very special visitor today ~ little "Victoria" came in with a decreased appetite and diarrhea. She received a through exam and Dr. McKinstry recommended some dietary changes and prescribed some herbs for her diarrhea and upset digestive tract. Hope you feel better soon little cutie!

[05/10/17]   Dr. McKinstry will be at the "Pet Fest" this Saturday May 13th at the Anson B. Nixon Park in Kennett Square from noon to 4:00. Stop by to meet her and get all your questions about alternative veterinary medicine answered!


Grace presented with severe congestion recently. One of the recommendations Dr. McKinstry made was for the owner to get an essential oil diffuser and use pure therapeutic grade peppermint oil twice daily to help with her breathing. Grace's owner has reported that Grace loves the diffuser and will sit by it quietly every time it's on! Here she is enjoying one of her treatments!


Sweet Milo came in today with back pain and hind end weakness. He has been slower to use the stairs at home and is having trouble jumping up on the sofa and the bed. He is enjoying his acupuncture session! He will continue his treatments for several more weeks and hopefully he will be back on the couch in no time!

[05/04/17]   We are very excited to announce Dr. McKinstry will be doing a lecture series on Chinese Veterinary medicine at the Hockessin Library located at 1023 Valley Road, Hockessin, DE 19707. The lectures will be on Wednesday nights starting at 7pm. Please join us and learn more about alternative veterinary medicine! The lecture topics will be as follows:

June 21st: Acupuncture
July 12th: Chinese Herbal Therapy
Sept 20th: Food Therapy for pets
Oct 18th: Essential Oil Therapy
Nov 8th: Tui-Nu (Medical Message)


Sweet Neil is being treated for arthritis and hind end weakness. He loves his treatments so much that when he comes he goes right to the bed and lays down and waits patiently for Dr. McKinstry to start his treatment. He knows he always feels better when it's done!


Handsome Max presented with hind end weakness and arthritis. His owners were very worried because he could no longer jump, climb the stairs or run. Max was given several treatments of electroacupuncture and we are happy to announce he is doing much better! His family reports he is once again using the stairs and running around with his brother Oliver. His treatments will continue for a bit but we are so happy he is feeling better.


Winn Feline Foundation

Dr. McKinstry has been saying this for years. She has a very good success rate of treating diabetes in cats with just using canned food (pates ~ not the gravies) Like humans, diabetic cats need a very low carb diet (dry food is very high in carbs!). If you have a diabetic cat and have any questions, or want more info, just give her a call at 610-368-3387.

A study out of Sweden looks at the impact of a dry food diet for cats on diabetes risk...

[02/27/17]   Have you recently added a new puppy or kitten to your family? Dr. McKinstry can help you with all aspects of their care, from puppy and kitten vaccinations, to FIV/FeLV testing, to microchipping, to flea treatments and to education on training and nutrition. Make an appointment today by calling 610-368-3387 and help start your new furbaby on to the road of a lifetime of good health!

[02/18/17]   In this day and age, so many animal hospitals are owned by corporations. Their focus becomes more on making money than helping animals. Dr. McKinstry strives to build a working relationship with both owner and animal. She takes her time during an appointment ~ the average is an hour long! She works hard to create a plan using all the tools available to her ~ Eastern medicine, Western medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, essential oils, exercise, massage therapy, Chinese herbs and Western drugs ~ that will help your pet be as healthy as possible. Call today to make an appointment and see all that Dr. McKinstry has to offer! 610-368-3387



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