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Kennett Chiropractic Center


This business is permanently closed.

Specializing in chronic pain management without drugs or surgery. Located in downtown Historic Kennett Square. Dr. David Shmukler specializes in treating Chronic Pain including Fibromyalgia, Back and Neck Pain, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sports and Work Injuries, Spinal Stenosis and Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss.

Operating as usual

[10/13/17]   Dr. David Shmukler has joined Kennedy Health in Wilmington, Delaware. He can be reached at 302-754-3102 on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

[09/06/17]   Kennett Chiropractic Center is closing on Friday September 8, 2017. Dr. David Shmukler has joined Kennedy Health in Wilmington, Delaware. He can be reached at 302-394-0113. 08/28/2017

Medical mystery: Why was her arthritis pain worse after surgery to relieve it? Ligament reconstruction seemed a logical next-step in a woman's quest for pain relief. But that's when the real trouble started. 08/23/2017

Exercising is fine, but calories move the needle Many experts, while extolling the benefits of exercise, say the primary villain when it comes to excess weight is what's on our menu.

[08/21/17]   Our office hours are Monday and Wednesday 10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5:30 pm. Friday are hours are from 10 am to 12 pm. 08/16/2017

Plant-based diet? Sure, but first understand what it means It's easy to think that eating all plants and no animals guarantees that your diet is healthful and nutritious. But does it? 08/14/2017

They offered to pay people to go to the gym. Guess what happened? When researchers offered new gym members a gift worth about $30 for going to the gym nine times in six weeks, attendance increased only slightly, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. 08/08/2017

Why running is so beneficial for older women For many women, finding ways to regenerate bone density throughout our 20s and into our later years isn't always intuitive or even something we think much about. 08/07/2017

New debate on antibiotics: Do you really need to take the full course? A group of practicing physicians argues that the idea that stopping antibiotics early is not grounded in strong science and that policymakers, educators, and doctors should drop this message. 08/04/2017

Low-carb vs. low-fat: New research says it doesn't really matter I remind clients that the evidence strongly suggests that when you reduce something in your diet it's important to be mindful of what you replace it with. 08/02/2017

Doctors don't provide enough information about the side effects of drugs How much knowledge do doctors have about medications? What can patients do to educate and protect themselves? 08/01/2017

Nutrition science isn't broken, it's just wicked hard The stereotypical problem with news covering nutrition is that studies not designed to answer specific questions are portrayed as though they do. 07/26/2017

Increase In Supplement Poisonings Current supplement regulations in the US (and many countries) are overtly anti-consumer and pro-industry, and are the direct result of aggressive industry lobbying and having powerful senators in t… 07/20/2017

New evidence that lifestyle may be powerful medicine to prevent dementia In a landmark report, scientists have endorsed three strategies for preventing dementia and cognitive decline associated with normal aging - being physically active, engaging in cognitive training and controlling high blood pressure. Its the first time a prestigious national panel has deemed scienti... 07/19/2017

Modest weight gain in adulthood boosts disease risk: study Another reason to bemoan middle-age spread: Even a paltry 11-pound gain may substantially increase the risk of major illnesses, researchers say. 07/18/2017

Most Patients Get No Benefit from Most Drugs Some people are reluctant to take statins because they don’t benefit the majority of patients who take them. Actually, most drugs don’t benefit most of the patients who take them. Since… 07/17/2017

It's mind-set: Oldest seniors refuse to accept the stereotype of growing feeble It never hurts to have longevity in your genes and few chronic health problems, but mind-set plays a role in how people age, experts say. 07/13/2017

Science Says: Not all cancers need treatment right away The biopsy shows cancer, so you have to act fast, right? Not necessarily, if it's a prostate tumor. 07/12/2017

Is your surgeon double-booked? The controversial practice has been standard in many teaching hospitals for decades, its existence unknown to those most affected: people undergoing surgery. 07/11/2017

The science behind brain freeze and what you can do about it Keep cold food in the front of your mouth. "The further-back stimulation is what triggers the brain freeze," said Stephanie Vertrees, a neurologist at Texas A&M. 07/10/2017

Penn study: Online brain training fails another test The study was testing whether brain training could be helpful in changing unhealthy behavior. What does it mean for older people who want to prevent dementia? 07/06/2017

Biotech exec facing death urges: Get the vaccine that prevents his cancer Michael D. Becker, a former oncology biotech CEO, confronts terminal neck cancer by sharing his story and promoting the HPV vaccine, which protects against dangerous strains of the virus that caused his disease. 07/06/2017

Despite the hype, intermittent fasting isn't a magic weight-loss cure Researchers found that the intermittent fasters had a harder time following their diets and were more likely to drop out than daily calorie restrictors. 07/05/2017

Amish Farmer Jailed for Selling Snakeoil An Amish farmer is convicted of selling a caustic poison as patent medicine (and of witness tampering) and yet is defended by “alternative medicine” proponents who apparently want the f… 07/03/2017

Q&A: What can I do to build bone mass? To boost your bone mass at any age, consider the following tips. 06/29/2017

Opioid-related hospitalizations soar in Pennsylvania Those due to he**in and prescription painkiller overdoses cost $27 million last year, according to a new report. 06/28/2017

The Skinny on Saturated Fat The bottom line is that there are trade-offs and complexities when it comes to biology. A high carbohydrate diet is a risk factor for many diseases, and this is highly genetically variable. Types o… 06/27/2017

Greater opioid use and mental health disorders are linked in a new study Doctors trying to be empathetic to their patients' complaints may tend to overprescribe opioid painkillers.


Do you suffer from chronic low back pain? 06/21/2017

Healthy Bones 101: A fitness routine to help fight bone loss To pack a power punch in the fight against osteoporosis, you'll need a well-rounded fitness routine. 06/20/2017

Is American health care really the most expensive in the world? It depends where you live It's no secret that Americans pay more for health care than anyone else in the world. We spent an average of $9,402 for each person in 2014 when all costs are considered. In Canada, the figure was just, $5,291, and in France, which was rated the best health care system in the world in 2000, it was $... 06/19/2017

Are U.S. Teens Now as Inactive as 60-Year-Olds? The lack of exercise more evident among females than males, study says 06/19/2017

One-third of world now overweight, with US leading the way 2.2 billion people are now overwight or obese, and the United States is leading the way, with the greatest number of obese adults and greatest percentage of obese children, a new study says. 06/16/2017

Healthy Father's Day: 25 tips to get and stay well How can Dad get healthier and stay that way? Experts offer advice. 06/15/2017

Mindful eating: 'Suddenly, you have power over food' Hospitals are now including mindful eating in their weight loss programs to help overweight or obese participants shed weight. One woman said it helped her shed 62 pounds.



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