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From fixing your guitar, to building you an electroCoustic, to performing at your venue or party.... Complete stringed instrument repair/service.

Fast turnaround on your work. Please call for appt. Custom acoustic/electric fretted instruments(see website). Consulting available.

**Many years performing; available for solo, small group, session work.**

Winter Recital - This Sunday! 12/07/2021

Winter Recital - This Sunday!

Winter Recital - This Sunday! Winter Recital - This Sunday! Aine Wendler Piano Studio



1936 Gibson es100. Appears to be original except for the pickguard and pot k***s. I changed out the ancient pots and jack for modern equivalent as the originals were not serviceable anymore. Plays great and has been played a lot. Has been refretted although not a great job. Frets did level up ok.https://scontent.fmkc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/129018163_10221560644899967_8396563782714876585_o.jpg?_nc_cat=100&ccb=2&_nc_sid=8bfeb9&_nc_ohc=9n-QP818Zo4AX9n6Ahh&_nc_ht=scontent.fmkc1-1.fna&oh=5cc5edf0818410d6da54a19027d2430a&oe=5FEAEC39


Timeline photos 11/30/2020

Gibsons from two eras. A 1933 L7; 2019 Les Paul “Traditional”. Both in for setups. The L7 will get a new


An odd Gibson A model. The label says it should be from 1917....however the neck has been replaced...the owner says he thinks from the mid to late '50's. The cut and quality of the neck would suggest this to me, also. The tuners are modern Klusons....If you look closely at the alignment of the neck it's off...when the neck was replaced it was cocked off at an angle, and is just a bit short...the bridge had to be severely relocated to get the intonation correct. It was in for a refret and setup.....


New Year's Special....I'll throw in a set 10-46 electric strings for the first 25 players to book a setup....just give me a call at 816 332 3264


NGD......Eastman AR610; the only archie in the Eastman lineup that's pure acoustic. Mahogany back/sides, rosewood FB, bridge and TP. Perhaps not quite as strong as my gypsy guitars, but very strong nonetheless. Won't be putting pickups in this one. About 10 years old, and a great price from Victor Litz Music(via Reverb.com) in MD. Sales man did a quick vid with his Iphone at my request. Arrived in GREAT condition(better than they described)....a closet queen I'm sure and will need massive amounts of beating into shape, but it sounds good so far...very pleased with the purchase. I've played a few old Epiphones that would be a match for this, but never a Gibby....


I've had this Epi for a couple of months....this is a pressed solid top, full sized(17") instrument. It came with junk for tuners, a simple trapeze tailpiece, and an onboard UST pickup system that included a PLASTIC bridge(material is similar to a hard graphite or TUSQ). I didn't realize the tuners would be so bad, so I replaced them with a set of Schallers.....the tailpiece was probably OK, but these imports are nice and not expensive....I did want to lower the break angle of the strings over the bridge, and this design allowed me to do that; more often than not, a lower break angle can result in a more "open" kind of sound. The bridge got replaced with a rosewood unit...much improvement. So from the very outset I knew I wanted to amplify the guitar so I loaded one of my "MagPi" systems....but used a lessor neck mag...big mistake. Didn't care for the sound at all. Yesterday I swapped for the Hoshino unit I typically use on my guitars....and was blessed to find a much more "lifelike" tone. So I'll keep this as is for a while....finally a success story but if I total up all the add ons....I should have just purchased a more expensive guitar to start with. Lesson learned. This guitar will make a great big band instrument, if not a full tilt jazz box. It will be up for sale.


WTF?Fretted fiddles for the Haygood family in Branson MO..... https://thehaygoods.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5NObocLQ5AIVUxx9Ch3tww05EAAYASAAEgLHx_D_BwE Met them when I worked down there many years ago. I've probably done a half dozen of these.....

Photos from Wendler Music's post 07/24/2019

Today's MagPi install. A 24 year old string bass. You will note the mahogany block on which the p-bass pickup is mounted. The pickup uses bar magnets as the string spacing is larger than on a standard p-bass. Since the coils are split, I can get great string balance through this pickup design.You will also note the piezo mounted between the feet of the bridge. The controls are standard "MagPi", a balance control between the two pickups and volume on the lower bass side of the tailpiece. Standard 1/4" phono output. This system allows a bit stronger signal before feedback occurs than any single pickup system. There's a bit of cosmetic cleanup left to do. Also, I'm getting a sympathic vibration from the end pin. Will probably necessitate cutting it shorter. Anyway, a great sounding rig after planing the board and setting it up with the MagPi system.


Here's a 63 year old Gibson ES-225TD. Finish is in 98% condition. Nearly Flawless. However, the guitar does have issues. I have already replaced all the wiring, pots, switch, and jack....Braided shield wire of course. PG was severely curled....put it in the microwave above some water and warmed it up. Was able to get it pretty flat. Then buffed it up. The controls were ALL frozen up...the reason for the replacement. Heavy corrosion. The t-rod is nearly frozen up, but I got just enough action for a set of 11-48 strings. The bridge/TP is a bit thick, so I thinned it down above the adjustment nuts.....Tuners are just about frozen too....so I will recommend to the owner replacement with good Klusons. I will also recommend an ES-175 TP and wood bridge with a tunomatic top.


Billy Dye and I at a gig for the North Kansas City Parks and Rec....


Good project....a ca. 2005 Epiphone Texan "Paul McCartney" . A rare Epiphone built in Bozeman at Gibson's acoustic plant. The porcelain saddle had been lost, but I had an old rosewood saddle from the '60's in my parts bin. A fixed crack(guitar is all solid "correct" lumber with the adjustable saddle bridge....setup, and my MagPi system. The guitar will be used in a Beatles homage band.


Today's victim is a 1942 Epiphone Triumph. The archies from Epiphone made between 1939 and 1949 are the BEST sounding carved guitars I've ever had the privilege to wrap my ears around. This one is a great working example(rather than "collectible"). In the shop for a setup and TP replacement. Will get a new nut also. Just delivered to Billy Dye yesterday, and I'm sure he'll give this wonderful "orchestra" guitar the workout and new home it deserves. Now, onto the workbench......everybody needs to catch Bill on the gig to hear this wonderful guitar. Bill does know how to stroke it.

Clayton on DG310 w/MagPi 02/03/2019

Clayton on DG310 w/MagPi

Here's a repeat post....You can hear all of my "MagPi" demos here at the top of the page. Five different guitars using this unique pickup system......Clayton DeLong playing a Gitane DG310 w/MagPi. Guitar is stock, using D'Addario 10-44 gypsy strings.


Clayton on DG310 w/MagPi Clayton DeLong playing on a Gitane Dg-310. The guitar is dead stock using D'Addario gypsy strings, and has the MagPi pickup system. Clayton performs around K...


Gretsch "Alligator" biscuit cone reso w/MagPi


Here's a photo of the "demo team" of MagPi products....

Left to right: Paris Swing "d-hole", Gitane DG310, Wendler electroCoustic bass, Gretsch G9240 "Alligator", Wendler electroCoustic KW, Guild D-140, and "The Loar" LH350. You are all welcome to come by and audition these instruments. I have a Fender Blues Jr, Wendler electrocoustic tube amp, Fishman Loudbox Mini-6, and a Quilter 101 reverb amp to demo through. Also, a PA system with appropriate preamps.


I'm putting together my "demo" team of guitars equipped with the MagPi system. The latest victim is a Gretsch biscuit cone resonator guitar. I tried three different magnetic pickups and I ended up with a small format dual blade humbucker. This pickup necessitates the use of a steel wound(electric) string....but the guitar sounds great. I'm still playing with the action so I can find the best balance between "normal" and bottleneck playing. I'll post up a video once I get my country/blues chops up to s***f.....


So I've been playing through this rig a couple of months now. Sounds great!! The guitar is a Gitane DG310. The pickup system is my "MagPi" design. The amp is a Quilter 101 Mini reverb; cab is an ebay purchase with a 12" Eminence Beta 12LTA....you can see the "whizzer" on the cone....flattens out and widens the frequency response making it suitable for "acoustic" applications. Cab and amp weigh in at 22lbs total!!. I'll do up a quick video later.....


A two year old Dana Bourgeous OM just came across my bench. GREAT guitar, if expensive. Sounds wonderful, with an Adirondack spruce top over Indian Rosewood. Detailing is perfect with a sound to match.


Every now and then Gibson does something right....sort of. This is a B-20 from the late 60's....the dreaded "Norlin" era. This one had the "pinless" bridge, which had popped loose. However, now that it's back together, it sounds GREAT!! Custom intonated bone saddle over rosewood. Also fixed a couple of minor cracks.

Gitane DG-370 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Modèle Dorado Schmitt 11/27/2018

Gitane DG-370 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Modèle Dorado Schmitt

Christmas cheer and a bit of shameless self promotion....

I keep an eye on Amazon for decently priced well made instruments. Here's one that just came up for sale....at less than HALF retail price. These gypsy guitars have GREAT touch response, and will play louder than just about every acoustic I've ever played. They do sound like a gypsy guitar, which is a bit of an acquired taste. That being said I don't play in the gypsy style, but do use these for almost all of my acoustic styles....I actually own FOUR of them, from different makers...all Asian. However, these are well made instruments of high quality. Now for the self promotions, I install my "MagPi" systems in these for around $400 installed with a complete setup(includes a fret dress). The cherry on top, for you "electric" players who can't quite deal with the heavier strings usually found on an acoustic guitar, is the string set is a 10-44 set....electric guitar gauges. So anyway, these Gitanes came up for sale on Amazon at a great price....


And, here's Clayton deLong playing on an Amazon purchase, a Gitane DG310 with my MagPi system installed.


So Merry Christmas everyone; thanks for your support, and keep pickin!!

Gitane DG-370 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Modèle Dorado Schmitt Developed in collaboration with the living legend himself, the new Gitane DG-370, Modèle Dorado Schmitt, combines features that truly represent the style and flair of this legendary guitarist and brilliant composer. The use of select solid spruce for the top and highly flamed maple for the back a.....

Photos from Wendler Music's post 11/21/2018

Latest bass; five string weighs in at 6lbs 6oz. Ebony board. Goes to the customer on Friday.......

Photos from Wendler Music's post 09/24/2018

Putting together an experimental rig. Speaker is an Eminence "Lil Texas" neodymium based guitar speaker in a lightweight cabinet. TC Electronic reverb, and the new Quilter "Micro Bloc 45", the power supply for the amp is shown also. Total weight is south of 18 lbs. This particular speaker is better suited for electric guitar than acoustic....sounds good with my electrocoustic and will get VERY loud considering only 33 watts in the cab. Thinking about a 4 X 6 1/2" cab....should work better with the MagPi acoustic system although will weigh a bit more. Come by and play through it!! Need opinions....

Gitane DG-310 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Modèle Lulo Reinhardt 07/12/2018

Gitane DG-310 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Modèle Lulo Reinhardt

Just came across this on Amazon....if you want a decently priced, Gypsy(Selmer style) guitar to start with, this is a GREAT buy....I just purchased one(see the demo vids below)....this is for less than ONE HALF of list price($1695). While not as loud as my personal Gitane DG-300, the tone is correct and has a much smaller and more modern neck shape. Set up with my MagPi system($325, installed in this particular style of guitar)), this would be a GREAT performance instrument....whether for Gypsy jazz, straight ahead jazz, old timey "american songbook", blues, or in particular, RnR shredding......you rock guys that have been reticent about playing an acoustic....this is the setup for you....The Gitane DG-310 w/MagPi.....


Gitane DG-310 Professional Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Modèle Lulo Reinhardt In collaboration with Lulo Reinhardt, Saga introduces the second in its line of Gypsy Jazz Signature Series Guitars. The new Gitane DG-310 is a beautiful example of a Gypsy Jazz guitar and is sure to inspire all devoted fans of this musical genre. Every feature of this guitar is inspired by Lulo’....

Photos from Wendler Music's post 07/09/2018

Latest MagPi install...a nice old Gibson J180. Setup and a new saddle.....note the hole in the side where the preamp was. Not necessary with the MagPi. Listen to clips below.....

Clayton on DG310 w/MagPi 06/27/2018

Clayton on DG310 w/MagPi

Clayton DeLong playing a Gitane DG310 w/MagPi. Guitar is stock, using D'Addario 10-44 gypsy strings.


Clayton on DG310 w/MagPi Clayton DeLong playing on a Gitane Dg-310. The guitar is dead stock using D'Addario gypsy strings, and has the MagPi pickup system. Clayton performs around K...

Clayton on Paris Swing w/MagPi 06/27/2018

Clayton on Paris Swing w/MagPi

Here's Clayton playing my Paris Swing GG-42 with the MagPi system. This guitar has been modified a bit....some shaved bracing; new tailpiece; and a heavier string than what is usually used....10-47 Martin phosphor bronze.


Clayton on Paris Swing w/MagPi facebook

Copy of Milkcow 06/25/2018

Copy of Milkcow

Did a very rough recording of the new guitar with the MagPi installed...I'm still looking for a "gypsy" guitarist to do one of these vids. Anyway, I hacked through "Milkcow Blues" and if you have good speakers or phones, you can hear the accuracy and warmth of this guitar/pickup combo. The guitar itself is essentially dead stock, and has a 1044 set of gypsy strings on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inhFgpGoqnA

Copy of Milkcow Gitane DG-310 w/MagPi Raw recording of this guitar. Played through a Fishman Loudbox mini. EQ flat, very mild reverb.


My next victim. This will be getting the "MagPi" treatment. Pretty involved install as I will need to rout a hole for the mag pup at the end of the fretboard. The piezo takes a special tool to mount under the center of the bridge on the inside. Then, controls above the neck heel and finally installing the output jack through the tailpiece. Other than that I'll be leaving the instrument pretty much stock; I'll retain the "gypsy jazz" strings( these are a silvered copper wound set in an extremely light gauge for acoustic guitar....10-44) and the original tailpiece. On my other MagPi equipped Selmac I set it up for my playing(NOT gypsy jazz at all); that is, a bigger, bronze wound string (11-52 phosphor bronze) and wood tailpiece. So the baseline tone isn't exactly gypsy jazz on that one. This one will carry the "correct" strings and hopefully I'll be able to nail the "gypsy" tone. Guitar is due in tomorrow, and I should have it up and running by the weekend. I'll post a clip....

Timeline photos 04/18/2018

Peavey Cirrus bass, ca. 1998. This was probably the best product to come out of the leakesville plant while I was the production/QA engineer. Designed by mike powers(rip), this one had fewer design flaws than any of the other instruments to come from that plant. The one is going to be easy to setup. I’ll add a new bone nut.

Timeline photos 04/17/2018

1988 Martin HD35. Customer is the original owner. Reglue bridge; reset a new wider compensated saddle; rehumidify and cleat top crack; add Wendler MagPi system; dress frets and setup.


Set up a brand new Fender Mustang bass today. Why should I need to setup a new instrument? Because the neck was horribly underbowed, the nut was high, the frets uneven. Just because the instrument is new, does not mean the factory or music store set it up correctly. Something to consider. I'll inspect the instrument and give you my recommendation at no charge, regarding these issues.

Our Story

More than five thousand instruments set up, necks reset, pickup swaps, refrets, cracks repaired and restorations. Three and a half years as the QA and Process Control engineer in Peavey’s guitar factory......U.S. patent for acoustic amplification. My design of 250 guitars, basses, and mandolins built and delivered. Fixing fretted and stringed instruments full time since 1976.

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Gretsch "Alligator" biscuit cone reso w/MagPi
Wendler MagPi(acoustic pickup system)  demo



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