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Helping people with life controlling issues in Iowa and Nebraska Retrograde is a official non-profit based out of Kalona Iowa. Eastern Iowa as most places needs a place where people of all ages and genders can go to find hope, peace and life transformation.

A place where a person can go and leave behind the cares and demands of everyday life and for a brief period of their lives focus on rebuilding and restarting their lives. Early in 2014 a group of Pastors and Business men came together a desire to see a program developed that could do just that. These men reached out to different programs and ministries and invited them to come in and start something. not making any headway in the fall of 2014 they invited a fellow by the name of Michael Evans to come out and help them get started with their own program. and thus Retrograde Ministries was started. We have a beautiful Facility in Kalona. we can house 14 guys. We are starting out with a men's Program and will be building a women with children program in the near future. We are also working on some in home treatment options for all types of people. Our program cost just $750 to get into. it last 6 months. for 3 months our students will spend all their time focused on studies and building their foundations. during the second three month they will be doing job training for 20 hours a week as well as taking class. during their final month we will help them find a an apartment & get a job. Then we will start the out patient part of the program that last six months. We have a strong community and students and grads are strongly encouraged to stay apart of the community. we have optional road trips, weekly support meetings, dinners & get together, community support days and our reaches. If you or a loved one needs to turn their lives around. please message us with a comment and some contact info and we will get back with you. Phone calls are free, confidential, judgment free and low pressure and you may just get some great advice so please don't hesitate to get a hold of us. Thanks!!!

Operating as usual


Big thanks to all our volunteers, donors, church families, and our staff, We couldn't do this without you all! 02/10/2021

Tele-Naloxone | Overdose Prevention Delivered

These guys seem to do really good work. Its a slick free process, includes training and supplies that could save a life. If your around people who are at risk of an OD, I would recommend being prepared. ~Michael Evans Tele-Naloxone delivers free naloxone/narcan to Iowans who are worried about an opioid related overdose. The first step to saving a life is being prepared - and we are here to help.

[11/05/20]   Thank you everyone who has been praying for us during our struggle with Cov. Everyone here who has it has recovered and we are slowly going to start getting back to normal from here. We sincerely appreciate everything everyone has done. Thank you! 

[10/26/20]   We have had two confirmed cases of Covid this week at our Kalona campus. The people concerned have been isolated.  barring any new cases the rest of the house is quarantining until the 4th. 

[08/28/20]   Notice: If the group home portion of our center ever has a confirmed case of Cov-19 or a know exposure the whole facility will be going into quarantine. Everyone connected with us (including jobs) will be notifed and a posting will be put here on facebook letting the public know. other proticals will kick in at that point.

[08/28/20]   Update: Retrograde's group home is a highrisk environment for Cov19. We are allowing visits but are asking all guests to wear a facemask, not touch anyone here, to refrain from staying in the building for more than 15min and to follow the CDC guidelines.

thank you!

[08/09/19]   Hey, we are gonna be doing a taco dinner fund raiser after church tomorrow at Upper Deer Creek Church north of Wellman at around 11:30 this Sunday. It’s by free will donation. We will be serving venison, Chicken and pork tacos. Gonna be great. Come on over if your in the area. Thanks.

Colorado Recovery Retreat 08/06/2019

Colorado Recovery Retreat

[08/06/19]   Our prayers go out to the family of Danny Linderman. It is tragic how his life was cut short. His life and testimony had a major impact on us during our founding. Thanks Danny!


Some progress...


New tile flooring and new paint on the walls.


Congratulations to Will for graduating retrograde! So excited to see what God has in store for you in this next stage.

This morning we had the honor of celebrating with Will Moore on his graduation from Retrograde. What a humble and sweet man. We rejoice at the wonderful turn-around in his life over this past year.

[05/22/19]   Our third annual Rocky Mountains Recovery Retreat is on this for July 16th - 21st. We will be camping in tents on the side of a mountain in Colorado. There will be tubing, swimming, possibly fishing, hiking and more. We are blessed to have a guest speaker again this year and it will be doing several refreshing faith building sessions. We will be grilling out and enjoying the wild life.

There will be restroom facilities and showers.

We are still working out the details. There may be a small fee for meals and transportation.

This trip is also open for people in the community. There are some restrictions on that. But if you’d like to join us, shoot a message to Mike Evans for more info.

[04/02/19]   Reminder that next week is spiritual emphasis week at Retrograde. 4/11th - 4/14th. All events are open to the public.

We will be having guest speakers Rev. Aaron Martins, Christian Gingrich and some of our regulars Michael Evans, Bill Evans.

Our main topic is going to be breakthrough. Answer the question of how do we break into the next level of what God is calling us too.

Meetings are open to the public.

6:00 PM Thursday night - prayer (Michael)
7:00 PM Thursday night - meeting (Bill Evans)
10:00 AM Friday - meeting (Christian Josiah)
2:00 PM Friday - meeting (Aaron Martens)
6:00 PM Friday - pre-prayer (Evans)
7:00 PM Friday - meeting Aaron & Evans
8:00 PM Friday - prayer (Cory & Sandra)
10 o’clock Saturday - meeting (Aaron Fleming)

[03/22/19]   Dennis, Lonnie and Donny have become pillars of our student body here at Retrograde. They cannot get enough thanks for all their efforts and being coming so invested in the retrograde way of life. I am so proud of them.

[03/03/19]   We are so grateful that Jesus is still changing lives today!

So we can be excited to be adding two new students to our program this week.

Last month we took a break from taking on new students for a season, to allow our current student body the time to deliberately grow as a tight knit faith & recovery community.

It’s been an amazing month and this new month is gonna be amazing also.

[02/23/19]   We are proud to announce our spiritual emphasis week coming April 11th through the 14th here at Retrograde.

We will be having guest speakers Rev. Aaron Martins, Christian Gingrich and some of our regulars Michael Evans, Bill Evans.

Our main topic he’s going to be a breakthrough.

Meetings are open to the public.

6:00 PM Thursday night - prayer
7:00 PM Thursday night - meeting
10:00 AM Friday - meeting
2:00 PM Friday - meeting
6:00 PM Friday - prayer
7:00 PM Friday - meeting
10 o’clock Saturday - meeting
7:00 PM Saturday - meeting

Stay tuned for updates on speakers time slots. Feel free to post if you’re interested in attending. Or anyone coming from a long distance, we may have overnight room available.


We have two ground level apartment available for lowing come housing. $325 a month. $487.5 deposit. Income must be below 1500 a month to qualify. Maple leaf apartments in Kalona.

[12/25/18]   We wish you a Merry Christmas everyone!


Loading up Christmas presents for all the guys 🙂 looks like everyone is gonna get something for Christmas this year. - Thank you New Life church and men’s group and especially the Huber Family for donating stuff for the gift bags. Also special thanks to Ira John Lahners for some of the candy.

We have been really blessed this year!


Congratulations to Dee on graduating the program!!


Congratulations Dee

Another blessed day in the House of the Lord. We had the pleasure of honoring Dennis Rice as he has completed the Retrograde Ministry program and is now on staff there. Such a transformation, and we are so proud of him. We also were honored and blessed to hear from 3 generations of ministers and the different perspectives and insights from Marv, our founding pastor, his son Dan who took over the church a few years back, and also from Ty, who is Dan's son who leads our worship team ministry. Each one articulated so well how faith and ministry are passed from one generation to the next. Such a rich service all around.


Seeing Chris August and Citizen Way in concert. What a blessing.


Issac did an amazing job of refurbishing our reentry unit. New carpet, new paint and a ton of cleaning.

We are looking at furnishing it now.

[12/05/18]   Retrograde is full for the second time this year . Praise God!


Chess Tournament (Thanksgiving Day)


Thanksgiving 🙂


HighPoint City Church

If you missed this past weekend, you can catch up here! We had a great testimony and another great message from Pastor Dan!


Retrograde Ministry 2017 Promo

Retrograde Promo Video from 2017 11/14/2018


We are in need of a new AC unit at the Retrograde Center in Kalona. We got an estimate that it will cost $2500.00. We are asking donors to help however they can. We have raised $1000.00 so far and we would be blessed if you could help us.;

Thank you so much for helping be a part of changing lives in our community.


Congratulations to Colton for completing Retrograde.

We were blessed to hear Colton Garvin's testimony this morning at church. He received his certificate of completion from Michael Evans, the director of Retrograde Ministries.


HighPoint City Church

Michael Evans, the director of Retrograde Ministry in Kalona introducing Don and sharing about his journey and progress in the program.


Check out our August Newsletter!!!

[07/02/18]   This is an exciting day! After a year and a half of hard work, In 45min we will proudly be signing the paper work for the purchase of a low income apartment building. This will be both a launching platform for our current students to use to move forward with their changed lives and provide us a place to minister to women with children as we have long dreamed.

This is thanks to Myron Ropp and East Central Iowa Housing trust fund and all our Donors. Thanks for helping us change lives for the better.

[04/24/18]   We are currently trying to refill our first aid kits and are in need of band-aids, gloves, over the counter painkillers and cold meds, disinfectants and sunburn creams, wraps, kits and more. Maybe while you are doing spring cleaning please consider clearing out your med closet/drawer and send some stuff our way. We have guys that can really use it. Thanks.

Our Story

Retrograde opened its doors in Aug 2015 with the goal of helping people who struggle with life-controlling issues such as addictions find freedom. We do a thing through a residential discipleship program.

Retrograde is a place where a person can go and leave behind the cares and demands of everyday life and for a brief period of their lives focus on rebuilding and restarting their lives.

We have a beautiful facility in Kalona that can house up to 14 guys. In 2018 we added a 9 unit extremly low-income apartment building so that we can help our student transition and can help people in the community who struggle with affording to housing.

We have helped around 150 people since opening. 80% of our grads are living free from the addictions that they come in with and 50% of the people who simply walk in the door and spent a week there are still in recovery today.

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Retrograde Ministry 2017 Promo


Transformed Lives
Freedom from Addictions
Community & Friendship
Discipleship & Strong Values



507 3rd St
Kalona, IA

General information

Retrograde Ministries is a place where those who struggle with additions and life controlling issues can find the inspiration, healing, education, support and relationships they need to completely change the direction of their lives and set them on a healthy & happy life path with a life time of community and support. We are a small ministry that is bolstered by a strong community of gradates and knowable staff. Many of our staff have gone through the same issues that you have. They know all too well the midnight pull of addition and easy path that sliding back can take. Many of them went through many recovery programs only to slip back into their addictions. They understand what you need to active your goals. We as a ministry realize that they only way for us to truly be satisfied and to be empowered to walk this life in the right way is through the loving strength of Christ. he helps us strengthen our foundations. 1. We will help you come up with a custom life plan and a Passport to transformation. 2. We will help you developed a healthy life style of exercise and healthy eating 3. You will be immersed in life and job training so you have the educational you need for success 4. We will help you develop a strong spiritual life and healthy mental state 5. We will help surround you with a support community and environment. Our live in program last a minimum of 6 months & is followed by a 6 month outpatient program. We have a bible school program as a part of our program which means that many of our regulator classes will count towards college credit. We have a job placement program that goes along with our patient program "

Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 16:00
Thursday 07:00 - 16:00
Friday 07:00 - 16:00
Saturday 07:00 - 21:00
Sunday 07:00 - 21:00
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