The Soft Kitty Spa

Your local source for home made bath and body products around the lake. Get awesome personally tested and approved lotion, and other home made bath and body products.

Welcome to The Soft Kitty Spa! I am a one woman show working from home. All my products are made in my own home kitchen. I'm a stay at home mom to a beautiful boy. I have a booth set up at the local store called Lake Milieu. The store is located on hwy 54, across from Andy's Frozen Custard, and Panera Bread. I currently have 2 Etsy shops. One is dedicated to my bath, and body products, while the o


I have taken a little break from The Soft Kitty Spa. I'm happy to report that very soon my Etsy shop will be up and running again. I have taken this time to perfect some trouble recipes, as well as some new recipes you have never seen from ne before. Some changes will be happening though. Here is what you can expect...

☆☆☆Products I will no longer carry☆☆☆
▪Bath bombs
▪Bath fizzies
▪Bath bomb powder
▪Bath soaks
▪My super thick body butter original recipe
▪Wax melts
▪Waxy lip balm, and butter
▪Original recipe scented lotion

☆☆☆New products I will carry☆☆☆
▪New updated body butter recipe (much. more thin, and creamy than the original
▪New updates scented lotion recipe (more moisturizing than the original)
▪Specialized line of facial products
▪lip cream (for super soft lips. Way better. than the original waxy balm)
▪Crystal infused skin cream
▪Magnesium spray, and cream
▪Various different specialty skin creams
▪Body scrubs
▪Hair conditioners

☆☆☆Products that are staying unchanged☆☆☆
▪Coffee lotion/ski cream
▪Oatmeal lotion
▪Body butter bars
▪Original recipe facial scrub, and moisturizer 08/14/2017

Natural Gemstone, Frosted ORANGE CRACKLE AGATE Leather Wrap Bracelet ( Single Wrap ) / Handmade / button closure / fall / autumn / matte

Temperatures are falling, and leaves will be falling soon too. Here at my shop I am gearing up for fall. Here is one of my fall inspired bracelets. More are on the way.

I also have pumpkin scented bath and body products.

What would you like to see in a fall inspired bracelet? This listing is for the exact bracelet pictured. This bracelet hand crafted leather wrap bracelet, made with genuine leather, and natural orange crackle dragon vein agate gemstone beads, and a beautiful metal button closure. It will wrap around the wrist once, making it a single wrap bracelet. It is... 08/12/2017

Natural Gemstone, AFRICAN TURQUOISE Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet ( Double Wrap ) / Handmade / button closure / tree of life

What is hotter than these hot summer temperatures? Turquoise jewelry. Stay tuned for more turquoise bracelets from my shop. This listing is for the exact bracelet pictured. This bracelet hand crafted leather wrap bracelet, made with genuine hand dyed leather, and natural african turquoise gemstone beads, and a beautiful metal tree of life button closure. It will wrap around the wrist twice, making it a double wrap bracel...


Build your own bracelet is coming soon to my Etsy shop. You will be able to choose your own stones, leather color, button type, length, type, ect. You will be able to design your own bracelet, that I will then make for you. Stay tuned for this feature. Only a select stones will be available for this right away. Once supplies come in for the other stones, they will also be available.


I took a bit of a break from adding to my bath and body etsy shop due to some things going on in my life. I am now back at it, and working hard to add to my shop. Stay tuned in the near future for a few new products, as well as scents.


I'm going to be taking better pictures for my bath and body etsy shop. Once this is done I will be running some promos. So stay tuned. :-) 07/25/2017

Natural Gemstone, BLACK ONYX Leather Wrap Bracelet, cuff ( Three Row ) / Handmade / button loop closure / rhinestones

I'm particularly proud of this piece. My newest bracelet. It is black onyx. This listing is for the exact bracelet/cuff pictured. It is somewhat small, at 7.25 inches long. This bracelet hand crafted leather wrap bracelet/cuff, made with genuine leather, and natural black onyx gemstone beads, and a beautiful metal rhinestone star fish button loop closure. It will wrap aroun...


The Soft Kitty Spa Back Room by SoftKittySpaBackRoom

This is the new shop link to my new shop. Still a work in progress. Browse unique items from SoftKittySpaBackRoom on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.


I have decided to open a second etsy shop. I will have my main page that will remain the same. The second shop will have all my crafty creations that don't have anything to do with bath and body, such as my bracelets. I will post a link on my page once it's open.


I'm working on a few new projects. Please stay tuned for additions to my shop. :-)


My Etsy orders are out the door, and now it's time to stock up my shop at Lake Milieu. :-)


My newest bracelets. The pink and black one is a double wrap, rose quartz bracelet. The black one is a double wrap black onyx bracelet. You can purchase them either on my Etsy page, or in my shop at Lake Milieu in a few days.


I spent my night last night making bath bombs. I nearly sold out at lake milieu. I will be working on packaging them, and getting them in my booth today and tomorrow. :-)


I have added a few natural gemstone leather wrap bracelets to my Etsy shop. I will be adding a few to my booth at lake milieu in the next few days. I will be making more soon. I plan to keep them in my inventory. I will also soon have a listing for custom bracelets, where you can pick your stones, colors, ect. yourself.


My favorite part of making lotion and body butter? My hands are so soft, and my whole house smells amazing.


My labels, and prices will be changing. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but this is unavoidable.


I will be doing some price changes in the near future. I have settled with a supply company, but they are a bit more expensive. Also re calculating costs vs product prices. Please bear with me.


Starting tomorrow we will NO LONGER be vending at Lake Treasures. The store is closing down, and moving locations to Lake Milieu in Osage beach. We will now be vending at this location.


UPDATE: I'm still working on my ETSY page. Remember, almost all of my products come in ALL NATURAL versions. I fixed that today, so now the all natural option button is available on those products. I still have to add a few products to my shop, including body butter bars, lip balm ect. I also have not added wax melts. This is due to the fact that I am converting them to ALL NATURAL soy wax, rather than the mixed wax I have been using. The soy wax is better for your home, the environment, and your health. Please be patient as I get fully set up on ETSY. Feel free to message me with any requests that aren't listed yet, or questions of any kind.

I'm working on a few new products. One being baking soda, and corn starch free deodorant in scented version as well as ALL NATURAL. Please remember that all my products have been personally tested by me before I ever consider passing it on to anyone else. :-)


I made a trip to lake treasures today to rotate stock and add new products. I learned while I was there that my bath bombs had gotten crumbly due to heat, and the lids being on the containers. I appolagize. I have put out new bath bombs and will be displaying then differently to avoid this in the future.


Available products, prices have been posted.


My bath bombs do not float. They have too many heavy oils in them. I figure the amazing skin benefits of the heavy oils are worth the sacrifice.


A few new scents coming soon. Butterfly kisses, and candy cloud. These won't be available until next month. 03/14/2017

Page not found | Camden County Museum

Despite last minute booking, the Camden county museum was kind enough to squeeze me in. It's official! The Soft Kitty Spa will be vending the craft show April 1st at this location.
We will be there from 9am-4pm. Sorry, no such page. It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help. Search for: Most Used Categories No categories ArchivesTry looking in the monthly archives. 🙂 Archives


I'm adding a new fragrance to my line. It will be called vanilla buttercream. It doesn't smell like true vanilla, but smells just like fresh, creamy, buttery vanilla buttercream frosting.



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