A small family-owned grocery store.


As of today, November 5th, Governor Mills has made it mandatory that people must wear cloth face coverings when going in any public place.
We know there are mixed feelings on face masks but it is mandatory that we post signs stating this new mandate at the store so we also wanted to post here for people to see.
We appreciate everyone’s patience, this isn’t fun for any of us but please be understanding that we don’t have a choice in this.
Feel free to use our curbside service and we will do all we can to make sure everyone gets everything they need.

Thank you and everyone stay safe!!


Due to Covid being on the rise around our county and possible positive cases in our area we ask everyone to take every precaution they can to keep the community safe.
Respect social distancing with employees and other shoppers, masks are encouraged, and if you are feeling any symptoms or think you may have come in contact, we ask that you please have someone else shop for you until you are feeling better.
We are still offering curbside pickup for anyone that would like to use that service as well. You can call 497-2400 or 497-2411 or send us a message on fb.
We have been very lucky so far, thank you all for doing your part. Let’s continue to do our best to beat this before it runs through our community!

Photos from Manaford's post 05/17/2020

We didn’t know if we would ever see this again! Hand sanitizer and yeast! They’ve both been back ordered for several months! We’ve got Lysol spray and cleaners, clorox wipes, we’ve lifted the limits on flour and toilet paper as well.
We hope everyone can get outside and enjoy this beautiful day! Fire up the ol grill, we’ve got a full meat case with plenty of chicken, steaks, burger, and pork!
Happy Sunday folks!

Photos from Manaford's post 05/01/2020

It’s been one struggle trying to get certain items like bleach, water, hotdogs, bacon, lots of dairy (cheese and butter), pasta, and chicken. We have been in contact with several suppliers and fully stocked once again!
We have also lifted the toilet paper limit mandate! Unlimited packages and individual rolls!


This post isn’t for a debate or to cause arguments but just to put something out there for our customers that have been asking and wondering.
As of May 1 governor Mills has made it
Mandatory to wear cloth face coverings when going in public places that social distancing is hard to maintain. We know everyone has their own thoughts/beliefs on this topic and we also have no way of knowing if anyone has a health issue that causes them to not be able to wear a mask/face covering.
With that being said we have taken every step possible to make social distancing possible in our store. It is suggested to wear some sort of face covering but if we all do our part, have respect and consideration for other customers and store employees, social distancing will not be an issue. Even though we are now allowed 35 customers at a time we will continue to only allow 20 at a time to help with social distancing and to see how it goes. Our aisles are nice and wide and clear, we have completely blocked off our cashier and bagger, and there are 3 different directions to stand at least 6 feet apart while waiting to check out. .

We ask that everyone just please be respectful. We don’t know who may have a medical issue or who may be caring for a loved one who is at a higher risk, so if they want to wear a mask for their safety or a loved ones safety, so be it. It doesn’t take but a couple extra seconds to take a couple extra steps to give someone else the proper room they need, or give someone a couple extra seconds to get through the register or grab a gallon of milk. We don’t want to see anybody get sick but we want EVERYONE to feel comfortable to be able to come in and get the groceries and goods that they want and need.
We ask that if anyone is feeling ill to please wait until you are feeling better to come in the store or call in your order for free curbside pickup.
We will continue to offer free curbside pickup to anyone that would like to use that service. There is no order to small or too big. Give us a call at 497-2400 or 497-2411, throw us a Facebook message, or bring us a shopping list. All forms of payments will be accepted.
Thank you all for your support and patience with us through all of this. These are trying and confusing times for sure but we are all trying our best to make it as easy and as “normal” for everyone that we can.

Photos from Manaford's post 04/25/2020

Well the toilet paper fairy showed up today. Shelves are overflowing with t.p. And 5000 more rolls came in after this picture! No limit on individually wrapped rolls!
We’ve got a variety of different types/sizes of flour ranging from 2 pound bags up to 10 pound bags.
Shelves and end caps are loaded with pasta, canned veggies, soups, rice, and BEANS!
We’ve got the wall of Ramen, loads of bleach, even have clorox wipes and Lysol spray!
The milk man said no limit on milk so drink up and make those bones big and strong!
The meat case is good and stocked and another truck coming Sunday with dairy, produce, and more meat.
We are trying our best to keep the shelves completely full and stay ahead of all of the madness. Even though we all may think the corona isn’t here and things are getting safer, let’s continue to do our best at social distancing and practicing good hygiene so we can keep it away from this area and beat this mess!
Thank you all for your continued support and remember to feel free to use our curbside service! There’s no order too big or small for curbside just give us a call( 497-2400 or 497-2411) or send us a message here on fb!
It’s looking like a nice day tomorrow so fire up the ol grill and enjoy the day! Stay safe and stay healthy!!


A month and half ago we never thought we would be sitting here on a Saturday morning with shelves overflowing with canned veggies, pasta, ramen noodles, bread, milk, butter, TOILET PAPER, and even FLOUR!!! We are officially loaded up more than before the start of all of this madness!
We want to thank all of our customers and especially our employees who have worked tirelessly through all of this! We know it’s been a change for everyone but everyone has seemed to adapt fairly well! Curb side pickup is working great with the call in orders and the Facebook message orders! We thank all of you for that and encourage anyone that wants to use that service to feel free to give it a try! 497-2400 Due to lack of staff during slower times we ask that call in order time frame is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 7 days a week! You can Facebook message an order anytime but if you message after 4p.m. Please understand that we will get your order together and have it ready for you the following morning.
Once again thank you all for your support. Know that we are trying all that we can to make sure you have all that you need! Remember to continue practicing social distancing, keep those paws washed, and lets keep beating this thing!
Time to kick back and take a big breath of fresh air........ actually that’s Lysol, a big big breath of Irmas Lysol!!


Thanks to Emeras quick response we are all back up and running again. Open until 7!


We’ve got the generator on and full power but the internet is out due to a tree across the wires so we are unable to use the register at this time. As soon as we can get up and running I will post back here to update everyone.


Crazy to think it’s rare to find all of these items under the same roof at the same time!


Woke up this morning, rolled over to have a peak out the window, rolled back over, grabbed the phone and turned on the old Facebook for verification.... Yep that’s snow! Upon further scrolling I found a lot of places/people are without power and that roads are terrible. Well rest assured Bimbo had that crew on top of their game, the roads in Jonesport are as clear as can be. The way that wind was howling last night, I’m not sure how, but we never lost our power here in the port!
The parking lot is clear, the bread is being delivered as I type, and we will have a grocery truck today. I’m sure it may be a little later today due to the traveling conditions so just hunker in for a little longer than usual. Put on an extra pot of coffee, give Rover an extra few minutes of sniffing outside, watch an extra episode of Dr. Phil, or Hank Voit while he takes over the city of Chicago!!
Easter is just two days away, the workers will be scurrying around putting up stock, so bare with us and we will respond to all of your curbside order messages and phone calls as fast as possible! Thank you for your continued support, stay safe on the roads!!!

We will be closed on Easter Sunday. We hope everyone can enjoy their day with family via FaceTime, an outdoor family meal(keep 6 feet apart!) or just a simple phone call!


In an interview last week Millard was asked if he had ever seen anything like this in all his years in the grocery business. His response “I never seen anything like this, these are crazy times, just about as crazy as that Carole freaking Baskins!”
He was then asked if he had any words for all the people trying to empty his shelves. Just like when Clint Eastwood had a confrontation with the gangsters in the movie Gran Torino, Millard said, “ You ever notice you come across somebody once in awhile you shouldn’t have [email protected]$$$ with?! Well that’s me!” He then proceeded to reach inside his jacket, haul out his fake hand order gun, aim it at the groceries on the shelves, and said “Ohhh Yeahhh!”
With all that being said, I’m guessing Millard is up for the challenge to keep the goods coming in faster than they can be emptied out!
It’s been a busy couple days, the clams, beans, and turkeys have taken a beatin’ but there’s still plenty of beef, pork, and chicken! Lots of hot dogs, prepackaged sandwich meats, and a fully stocked deli for those times when you don’t really feel like cooking. We’ve never seen the condiments fly off the shelves like they are now but no worries we’ve got them coming in just as fast as they are going out, especially MAYOOOO-NAISE!! Don’t forget about the old hound dog or those lovely kitties during this time! There’s a cat food buffet here that even the old millers restaurant couldn’t compete with! Bubbles would be some proud! With all this quality time you’re spending with Fido, don’t forget the treats, they’ll definitely make an old dog learn new tricks!
The curbside pickup is working well. We are still making some adjustments so bare with us. Due to less staff during the slower times, and trying to do extra cleaning when things arent as hectic, we would like to make the time frame for call in orders 9 A.M to 4 P.M. If its easier to send us a message and leave us a list for all you need, feel free to do that as well. If you’re not in a rush and just want to get out to get some fresh air, bring us over a hand written list and we will go get everything you need.
Please remember the 6 feet social distancing, please only pick up goods you intend to buy, and please be patient/respectful of other customers and workers as we all try to get through this. We can’t thank everyone enough for their support at this time! Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t challenge Millard too much!


They tell about being able to sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady in a white dress. I wanted to one up that old saying and after my post yesterday about the beans and corned beef hash, laundry detergent sales went up 75 percent. Apparently there was a lot of affection being shown. I’ve heard of musical chairs but that’s ridiculous!
If you would like a little different “twang” to your own version of “quarantine karaoke” tonight, we’ve got fresh local clams for only a dollar ninety nine a pound. Yes that’s right $1.99 a pound!! Myself, I’m a little timid to give them a try.The last time I did the lovely lady clubbed me upside the head and said “wam bam here’s your Christmas Ham!!!” Speaking of ham, Easter is right around the corner. We’ve got one slug of Easter hams! Lots of taters, stuffin’, and gravy too! For those that don’t like ham, we’ve got plenty of turkeys. Butterball turkeys for $1.49 a pound and best yet turkeys for $.89 a pound, while supplies last!
The truck came in yesterday and the shelves, coolers, and freezers are loaded full! The meat case is loaded up, even a good selection of that ever so hard to find chicken! Fresh produce, dairy, and plenty of milk. Two hot commodities came in yesterday as well. No I’m not talking about T.P. (Although that did come in), but I’m talking about flour and powdered milk! Who would have thought those would be two of the hardest things to find! Although, mother did tell me that powdered milk is some, some, SOOOOMMMEEE good!! The bread shelf is fully loaded as well!
Millard has the smoke rolling right off that old order gun, so rest assured eventually, even those impossible to find items will be back in stock!
The curbside pickup is working well so feel free to continue to use that service. Again, as much as we appreciate people’s generosity trying to give extra money and tips for this service, there is no need for that. Times are tough and we are just trying to do our part to as Bubbles says “plank the curve”. We thank you all for your continued support and patience as we are making this transition! Stay safe and stay healthy!


In a time when we all should be social distancing, we have 2 key tips to help everybody with this..... Beans and corned beef hash! No worries we have plenty of both! Even the old hound will give you six feet when the musical fruit kicks in. I know being locked in quarantine this could be dangerous, but......(Since you can’t hug, just tell your sweetheart you’re safely showing them affection!)
That brings up another issue. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too! We’ve got plenty of 🧻 toilet paper! We’ve yet to run out through this whole ordeal! (Who would have thought having a stockpile of t.p. would be something to be proud of?!) We also have quite a variation of different types of paper towels, lots of bleach, and different types of antibacterial soaps.
The meat case is full with all types of meat, lots of butter, bread, and milk. There’s more ramen noodles than you can shake a stick at, plenty of canned veggies, even a charge of potatoes!
We are still encouraging people to use curbside pickup for 2 reasons. Reason number 1, we want everyone to be able to get everything they need all the while staying/feeling safe in doing so. There are no limitations on this service, just give us a detailed list of everything you need, you can give us a card number over the phone or simply pay with whatever form of payment you would like once you arrive to get your groceries. You can call in your order at 497-2400 or 497-2411, message your order here on Facebook, or simply bring a shopping list to the door and we will go get everything you need.
The second reason we are encouraging curbside pickup is because when you walk in the store it’s almost like an old western movie! When the girls upfront step out from around their bubble, you better take notice! They have a can of Lysol strapped on each hip and they are awful quick to draw!!
With all joking aside we are doing everything we can to make sure everybody is able to do their shopping in the safest and cleanest way possible!
Thank you all for your patience and understanding through all of this! Stay safe and stay healthy!


As of April 2 we have some new rules and guidelines that we have to go by for the safety of employees, customers, and the community.
We have to limit customers inside to no more than 15 at once. We ask that you try to shop alone or with as few people as possible to help with this issue. Customers must remain 6 feet apart at all times while in the store. We have blue squares taped on the floor around the checkout area to make it easier about keeping that distance. If there are 15 customers inside and there is a line outside you must remain 6 feet apart outside as well.
We are reserving an hour every day for people with the highest risk (over 60 or that have any underlying medical issues) from 8 A.M. to 9 A.M. We have to enforce this in the best interest of everyone so please be understanding.
We are doing all that we can to make things as safe and convenient for everyone while keeping shelves fully stocked for everything you need. We are sanitizing every cart and basket after every use. We have limited the entrance to just one entrance to help make sure we keep track of all carts and make sure they are all clean and sanitized for every customer.
We are offering curb side pickup and encourage people to use this option by either calling in your orders at 497-2400 or 497-2411, messaging us your order here on facebook, or simply bringing a shopping list to the store and we will get everything you need for you. All forms of payment will be accepted.
We ask for your help as well, being mindful of picking up items that you are not going to purchase, trying to limit shopping trips to one trip a day instead of multiple, and if you are not feeling well we ask you to please wait to come in the store once you are feeling better.
This is a tough time for all of us but if we all work together and do our part we will get through this. Thank you for being understanding and cooperative it is greatly appreciated! Stay safe!!!


We have been asked several times if we are closing or closing the doors to the public. As of right now we are continuing to stay open to the public. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We have limited the entrance to just the one main entrance to try to cut down on traffic in unnecessary areas and also make it easier to make sure all shopping carts and baskets are sanitized often. You will see blue squares around the checkout area that are 6 feet apart in an attempt to make it easier for the social distancing recommendations by the Governor and the CDC. You will see signs throughout the store with different steps and precautions that we are taking and that every customer can take to help us all do our part to try to be as safe and considerate of everyone in this bad situation.

We are going to start offering curbside pickup for those people that would like to use it. You can either send us a message here on Facebook, call us at either 497-2400 or 497-2411, or simply bring a shopping list to the door and we will go get everything you need. To use the call in option, just simply call ahead, give us your order as specific as possible, then just call us when you are here and we will bring your groceries outside. We will be taking all forms of payment.

We are working hard to keep the shelves fully stocked and give everybody the safest possible options to get all of the goods that they need. We truly appreciate everyone being understanding, these are tough times but if we all do our part we will get through this! Thank you and stay safe!






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