Whispering Pine Riding Stable

Whispering Pine Riding Stable


Thank you Kelly James Hinkle for the drones eye view of the barn you took yesterday. It looks just the way I pictured it, mud & all. 🤣
Not too shabby.😁
This trailer has been home to us from the end of June, when we sold our house in Marshfield, until the end of November when camping got too cold. I can't wait to make some memories with it next year when the show season starts back up again. 🦄
Wanted to say thank you guys soo much my kids had soo much fun at fall festival!
Residents at Maine Veterans' Homes - Machias expressed “unbridled” enthusiasm when Brandy the donkey and Thor the horse from Whispering Pine Riding Stable visited the Home 🐴 Brandy and Thor had such a good time, they “jockeyed” for position at resident windows, eager to entertain ❤️
Meet Rowdy!
He has arrived from Santa’s villiage and he is super excited to work with the horses of whispering Pine and show us his “cowboy ways”!
He decided to take on the biggest challenge at the barn tonight with Ella and Tin man!
Rowdy conquered them both!
Thank you for the movie in the stables tonight. Rozlyn and I really enjoyed it.

Equine Riding Farm offering equine activities including lessons, leasing, boarding & clinics. We have horses for lease and do board outside horses.

Whispering Pine Riding Stable is a small and friendly horse stable. Gives us a call or friend us here on Facebook for available lease horses and boarding/leasing info.


Wishing all a very Happy Holiday and New Year!


Oh What FUN it is to ride! Still time to get the gift of riding lessons for that horse lover on your list!

🐴$35 a lesson or 🎄
🐴$120 for a package of 4🎁

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Our barn kitties prefer to drink straight from the buckets and do a balancing act. Even though they have a water dish of their own.


🎁 With the prices of things going up, you can count on a gift certificate for riding lessons to be a valued gift for any level of rider. And it is not just for kids!

🎁 Do you have a horse lover in your life that would like to get back in the saddle? Or maybe they would like to try it out for new hobby?

🎁 Buy 1 hour lesson for $35 or a package of 4 lessons for $120!

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🍁Today was better than we expected and we are thrilled with the excellent turn out for our 4th Annual Fall Festival. Thank you for another fun family filled event. Happy Fall to All!🍂


What a great turn out! Thank you The Machias Valley News Observer for coming out to support our event.



Sable is one of our lease horses looking for someone to spend some time with her. She's as sweet as they come and a super trustworthy trail mount. Please private message us for more info. There's still plenty of riding time and we have an indoor for year round riding.



🐎 Last call to sign up for our last camp of the Summer. August 25th, 26th & 27th. We have a couple of spots open.

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Sweet mare up for in barn 1/2 lease. We are looking for the best match for her. Someone looking to trail ride and spend lots of time grooming her. ❤️She just loves it.
Please message the page if you would be interested in a long term lease of at least 12 months. Thank you.

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Well the heat & humidity tried to cook us...but we had a fun camp anyway! These campers all learned a bunch and had a blast keeping cool by playing water balloon games. Thank you guys for being troopers. Thank you to my awesome camp leaders too! 💜 Susan,💛Ashley, 💙Elayna & 🧡Callie!


We have an opening for training board. Please message us if interested. We can take unstarted horses or ones that just need a refresher.


Today is a National Holiday! We are stoked that it's National
'I ❤️ 🐎 Day!

Photos from Marshall Healthcare's post 07/07/2022

This is what having a barn full of horses is all about.


🎆We hope everyone had a Happy & Safe 4th of July!🇺🇲

Photos from Whispering Pine Riding Stable's post 06/27/2022

2 Spots left!

Photos from Whispering Pine Riding Stable's post 06/15/2022

Who's Ready for Horse Camp??

We have dates! 1st camp will be July 21st-23rd. PM for more details and sign up.


Love this Chris Lombard Horsemanship ! Well put❤️🐴

I believe in having a vision of what I wish to accomplish. A goal. Something that when I close my eyes I can see it and feel it as if it has already happened.

But just by the sheer act of “wanting it,” we can get in the way of accomplishing it.

A beautiful gallop is created by a beautiful canter; a beautiful canter is created by a beautiful trot; a beautiful trot is created by a beautiful walk; a beautiful walk is created by beautiful mounting; beautiful mounting is created by beautiful groundwork; beautiful groundwork is created by beautiful care; beautiful care is created by beautiful presence; beautiful presence is created by beautiful thought; beautiful thought is created by beautiful intention; beautiful intention is created by beautiful heart.

Work on finding your heart… and you’ll be working on your beautiful gallop through the fields, over the plains, and across that great wide open.

I believe in letting the next level COME TO ME. When riding, I work to have three beautiful rhythms to the trot—jog, regular trot, extended trot—and I work on flowing through these rhythms, up-shifting, down-shifting, and connecting with the horse’s thoughts and feelings and movement.

And somewhere along the way a beautiful canter is offered to me…

“Wanting” to be at the next level can be the very sign we aren’t ready for it. I’ve learned this, over a lot of messy times.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of what you’re doing, connecting deeply to your horse, yourself, to the moment.

And then see what the universe, and the horse, offers.


Image — Teagan Newhall of Girlie’s Outfitters and Photography

Photos from White's Creek Quarter Horses's post 06/08/2022

Photos from White's Creek Quarter Horses's post


In working with horses I sometimes describe it like this: that if there are ten layers to it, with the tenth being the thinnest, most surface level of things, and the first level being the deepest it can go, then why not start and get in touch with that 0-1 deepest of places? That place that embodies energy, presence, connection, and love? Because if you get that 0-1 level going well, then the 2-10 levels can’t help but be beautiful...

WELL that’s what this crew of courageous horse people did. Courageous in their open-heartedness; courageous in their try; courageous in their support of one another; courageous in their letting go; courageous in their tireless pursuit of feel, softness, timing, intuition, and understanding with their horse.

Vicki and Anna, Dana and Whisper, Janet and Ella, Elayna and Apollo, Ashley and Dude, Susan and Tivie, and Robin and Apollo… you all gave 100% to this clinic, whether it was at the morning/afternoon circles, the exercises without horses, and the work with the horses. And also: Joyce, Nancy, and Zoey, three auditors who traveled all the way from Maryland to be a part of all three days, you ended up being strong support for everyone in the clinic. Thank you for your support to those going deep, digging deep, and giving their all.

This was the first of two three day clinics with the Downeast Border Riders being held at Whispering Pine Riding Stable in Jonesboro, Maine. Thank you to Ann, Nicholas, and the amazing crew behind it all.


Photos from FLOAT FAIRY LLC Professional Dental Equine Services, RDH & EqDp's post 05/18/2022

Photos from FLOAT FAIRY LLC Professional Dental Equine Services, RDH & EqDp's post

Photos from Whispering Pine Riding Stable's post 05/14/2022

Downeast Boarder Riders annual Spring clinic with Chris Lombard Horsemanship started off on a heck of a beautiful day! Advanced riders 3 Day clinic this weekend.


The count down is on! This Saturday in the barn!

Don't forget our Annual craft in the barn. Lots of great venders, food & fun! Help us support our cause. 🐴💚


🐎We are gearing up for the riding lesson season! Starting in May we will be offering 5pm lessons during the week & weekend lessons by appointment.
Tell us what times would work for you!🐎
We have NEW lesson horses!


These 3 mares are very special to us & have been at WPRS for 10+ years. They have all been someone's 1st lesson horse. We are blessed to have some amazing horses in our barn. 🐎🤎🐎🤎🐎
Meet Allie, Dusty & Holly.


🤎🐎Why some people feel calm around horses. There's actually some science to it. 🤎🐎


We All know that one bossy mare🤦‍♀️

Hay for Horses program in need of assistance 02/18/2022

Hay for Horses program in need of assistance


Hay for Horses program in need of assistance JONESBORO -- The Down East Border Riders Saddle Club is in need of some help, so they can keep assisting animal owners in need. All living beings require food to survive, and horses are no


The barn is going to be on the News Tonight!

Hey everyone! Watch channel 7 and Fox 22 tonight at 6, 10 and 12 for my television debut! Ann Marie Alley, Ashley Faulkingham and I spent a little time with Brooke to talk about the Border Rider's Hay for Horses program!


They don’t care.

That’s how I explain horses to potential new owners who inquire with me for advice. I don’t ever want to discourage someone from the adventure of owning horses. But I feel it is my responsibility as a horse woman to look out for their future horses by giving them the harsh reality.

They don’t care if you’re sick.
They don’t care if it’s 0 degrees
They don’t care if you don’t have the money this month.
They don’t care if you’re tired.
They don’t care if you had other plans.
They don’t care if it’s the holidays.
They don’t care if you’re at work.
They don’t care if it’s the middle of the night.

They depend on you. They need fed, every day multiple times a day. They need their stalls cleaned / turned out, every day. They need you to bust ice on freezing days, and bring extra water on hot ones. They need you to care for them when they’re sick, and they are FRAGILE. Seriously, they spend 75% of their life trying to die and vet bills are expensive.

But, it will be your greatest adventure. The right horse will care about you. They will care for you on days you need it most.

So, take lessons, come over and hang out with your horse friends for a day, volunteer to help them out. Make sure it’s something you want to commit to because they didn’t ask to be in your care.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

- Deahanna Raynes


Written by the author for those who come to horses later in life:

"Don't forget,
that we who came to
this game
are making up for YEARS of lost time
and we are racing 'the clock'.

We have put our pride
in the back seat,
acknowledged our limitations,
and are
with what others think of
where we are in our journey.

We push on,
knowing that we are probably
laughed at,
or mocked
behind our backs.

That 'real'
probably see us as a
bit of a joke.

But, we keep at it...
facing demons,
pushing limits (of physical ability and common sense),
and being
always aware
of the obstacles

Because something about
the pursuit
something within us
that it satisfies
the 'real' horsemen out there.

we can't canter yet...
we don't work cattle...
we're clumsy with our rope...
we ride a gaited horse...
we have physical limitations that will only get worse...
but OUR practice of
is not 'less than'
the practice of someone
more daring,
more experienced,
more famous,
or more talented
than we are.

It is rewarding;
it causes us to grow,
it changes us on the inside
it bleeds away
all of the outside influence
of the world in which we live.
There is an intrinsic reward that we find,
just like you do.

It's not up to you to define
what it means to us,
or the validity
of what we do.

The horses we ride can be the judge of us.
Not you.

We may not be smooth,
or slender,
or supple,
or skilled,
but we are growing.
We don't care
if you're impressed by us,
or if we look good,
or if we excel in a particular pursuit.

or your approval.

Support is nice,
but if you don't support us
we don't need you.

We may not have a
lifetime of experience,
but we will do
to enjoy the years we have!!

If you assumed that,
because we've come to
this game
the pull of the horse is
on us,
you'd be

~Julie Finifrock OConnor


🐎Gosh! I hope someone is out there lunging 2022 before we all get on. 🙏

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🤎🐎Why some people feel calm around horses. There's actually some science to it. 🤎🐎
Horses playing before a winter storm.
Sunshine & Hail
Tinman does the Get Up Challenge
Horse ballet



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