JP's Promising Goods, Johnson, VT Videos

Videos by JP's Promising Goods in Johnson. Johnson's own discount store, with prices you won't find anywhere else. Located just past the bridge

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New appliances in, waiting to be tested... Come pick yours out today! Note: we do not conduct sales over Facebook. The best way to find yours is to come and see us at 405 Railroad Street, Johnson VT.

Store pooch Hope loves our pet section, and I bet your pet will too! Open till 5:30 - new winter hours coming soon.

We are getting our new pet section put together! More to come, but come down and grab something for your furry friend today. Open 10-6.

This might just be the coolest thing we've had in the store yet, and that's saying something. Come down and meet our newest employee, and take it home to automate your cleaning process! Open until 6.

Tons of new refrigerators in! We are working on getting them tested and ready to go, but you can come down and check out all we have available! Open 10-6.