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No, I didn’t do this! Yes, I fixed it for them 😊

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Time for a new switch


CUSTOMER: "How much will it cost to do this job?"
CONTRACTOR: "$2,800 Dollars."

CUSTOMER: "That's WAY too expensive for this job!!"
CONTRACTOR: "How much do YOU think it would cost?"

CUSTOMER: "No more than $800 Dollars - MAX!! It's a simple job!"
CONTRACTOR: "I can't prioritize my time for so little."

CUSTOMER: "People in your line of work are so greedy."
CONTRACTOR: "Sorry you feel that way. Why not do it yourself?"

CUSTOMER: "But... but... I don't know how to do any of this."
CONTRACTOR: "For $900 Dollars, I'll teach you EXACTLY how to get this job done. Then you can spend $800 to do the job and you'll still be saving $1,100 Dollars - PLUS... you'll get the knowledge and experience for the next time you want to do a job yourself."

CUSTOMER: "Deal!! Let's do it."
CONTRACTOR: To get started you'll need tools. So you'll have to buy a welder, a grinder, a chop saw, a drill press, a welding hood, gloves and a few other things."

CUSTOMER: "But I don't have all this equipment and I can't buy all of these for one job."
CONTRACTOR: "Well then for another $300 more I'll let you rent my tools... and you'll still be saving $800 Dollars."

CUSTOMER: "That's cutting into my savings. But I'll rent your tools."
CONTRACTOR: "Okay! I'll be back on Saturday and we can start."

CUSTOMER: "Wait. I can't on Saturday. I only have time today."
CONTRACTOR: "Sorry, I only give lessons on Saturday, because I have to prioritize my time and my tools have to be at other jobs with other customers all week long.

CUSTOMER: "Okay!! I'll sacrifice my family plans on Saturday."
CONTRACTOR: "Yeah... me too. Oh... and I forgot... to do your job yourself, you also have to pay for the materials. Everything is in high demand right now, so your best bet is to get your truck and load up at 6AM before everyone else gets there."

CUSTOMER: "SIX AM??? On a Saturday??? That's way to early for me. And also... I don't have a truck."
"CONTRACTOR: "I guess you'll have to rent one. Do you have a couple of strong men to help you load and unload everything?"

CUSTOMER: "Ummm... ya know... I've been thinking. It's probably best if YOU get this job done. I'd rather pay someone to get it done correctly than go through all the hassle.
CONTRACTOR: "Smart move, sign this and please get out of the way so I can work."


When you pay for a job, especially handcrafted, you pay not only for the material used, but you are also paying for:

- Knowledge
- Experience
- Tools
- Services
- Time
- Punctuality
- Accountability
- Professionalism
- Accuracy
- Labor
- Sacrifices
- Safety and Security
- Payment of tax obligations

No one should denigrate a professional's work by judging prices - ESPECIALLY when they don't know all the elements or costs necessary for the production of such work.

This was just a remix of an old story I once heard and I am sharing this in support of craftsmen, specialists and entrepreneurs everywhere!

You can't haggle over a service that you don't actually have the skills or knowledge to do yourself. You can't get a high quality gourmet dinner party for the same price as a Happy Meal from McDonald's. And you can't be mad when skilled people actually KNOW their own worth.

Be smart. Trust a reputable professional. And never forget... that you ALWAYS get what you pay for.

Photos from My Handyman's post 04/10/2020

Changed out some hand held shower sprayers today

Photos from My Handyman's post 04/10/2020

Replaced some outlets today


Client came home to this! Time to fix it 🤦‍♂️

Photos from My Handyman's post 04/09/2020

A built in cabinet

Photos from My Handyman's post 04/09/2020

Some custom shutters we installed for a client

Photos from My Handyman's post 02/18/2020

Diamond pattern on a wall, paint all 4 walls, and replace light fixture.


Removed 2 skylights and shingle the holes. Shingles weren’t an exact match, but they were customer provided. If they are happy, That’s all that matters!

Photos from My Handyman's post 02/07/2020

Some more picture hanging


Hanging pictures




Putting a cabinet together

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/14/2019

Doing some drywall repair. Give me a call 512-713-4297

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/12/2019

Put together and installed a Murphy bed with book case today! Give me a call or text if you need anything done! 512-713-4297

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/12/2019

Replaced basket strainers and drain pipes today. Give me a call if you need anything! 512-713-4297

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/11/2019

Removed some carpet and installed solid oak flooring. Painted walls and trim. Walls were yellow.

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/10/2019

Put 3 double glider rockers together today. Let me know if you need anything done!

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/10/2019

Installed a ceiling fan on a porch today. Let me know if you need anything!


Let us help you with those projects that need done!
Painting/drywall repair
And much much more!

Photos from My Handyman's post 12/01/2019

Photos from My Handyman's post




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