Rain Rite Inc. is a professional irrigation company that services all of Long Island, NY We are a Long Island based Lawn Sprinkler Service and Installation Company.

Our goal is to provide quality service to all of our existing and new customers. After being in this industry for 20+ years we have learned what it takes to provide a reliable service and meet customer needs. We can be reached during normal business hours which are Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm at (631)-278-2624. Even if you may have a simple question which does not require a visit, feel free to call. We do not conduct business via text message.

Operating as usual

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Out with the old, in with the new. We love the @hunterindustries #hcc #controller. Super happy to be upgrading from another #icore which in my opinion was the biggest mistake of a controller hunter could have produced. #rainriteinc #hydrawise #hunter #timer #wifi #smartirrigation #automation #waterconservation #newyork #irrigation #lawnsprinkers


I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but here it is…

Free estimates only apply to large jobs like installations and renovations. Please do not call asking for free estimates to replace a broken head when you actually need a service call and repair scheduled. Our primary concern is working for home and business owners that appreciate quality service that is provided by a business that charges the appropriate fees to ensure their doors remain open, as that is what we provide. Unfortunately our industry standard rates here on Long Island are 40% below the national average (yes that is a fact) while our operational costs are 40% above (also a fact). We have the people that price shop and demand cheaper service in every industry to thank for that. As well as the imposters that lie to their customers by stating they are licensed and insured and take cash payments because it’s a side gig for them. Imagine your cost of living totaling $3500 every month and you working 100 hours a week to only be paid $3600 every month. I’m sure you would find another job with better pay, correct? So if you’re among those that only want to hire a business because their price was lower than the 14 other companies called, please consider someone else. Thank you and have a lovely day.


Renovations are underway in full swing! What a beautiful day!

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Cringe worthy post. Here is a system we have been awarded the service contract on. This is a new property (to us) that was previously maintained by one of our general areas biggest competitors. Said business will usually charge 1/3-1/2 of our rates and receive great praise for doing so. However, there’s more to the job than a price. For starters, have a look at all of the broken and wasteful equipment in just 5 quick photos. Unfortunately due to the condition of the system and the lack of professional service, this client is left to have to pay thousands in repair and renovation work to correct the damages caused by all of the irrigation issues. I’m aware that this has become a “dead horse” topic but I do feel I’m not doing my job if I do not share these issues with you regularly. As always, quality doesn’t cost, it pays! Have a great night everyone. Happy Spring!

RAIN RITE INC. updated their address. 03/31/2022

RAIN RITE INC. updated their address.

RAIN RITE INC. updated their address.


Another project in the ground! This one is going to be beautiful! Can’t wait for the plant material to arrive!

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Just the few of the heads which we were required to change on this 11 year old system. Unfortunately the previous contractor, a landscaper without irrigation experience, did not know how to identify the many issues with sprinkler heads. Each of these heads (127 when the day was complete) were original to the system and all had major leaks. We estimated over 1000 gallons of water wasted every program cycle. The good news is that the property owners now see and understand the difference in hiring a professional. This system is now properly functioning. Can’t wait to set it to run for Spring in a few more weeks.


The Estimate Process.

With it now being Mid March, we want to highlight something and possibly answer some questions many people may have as they look into hiring a irrigation contractor.
As with anything, an estimate is a valuable part of a project. It is way more than just a price. An estimate will showcase how professional the company/individual you're dealing with is. In most cases, you will be introduced to the owner or a top level manager. Most of your questions about years in business, industry exposure, licenses, certifications, material and design can be answered. You will learn about the products you're looking into purchasing and what requirements may be associated with the process of having them installed. You may also discover how organized and caring the owner is upon this introduction. This will usually reflect onto their employees and work as well. Pay attention, there's a lot to follow.
When it comes to irrigation, please understand, there is no industry standard rate of installation for "per zone" pricing. In fact, that's physically impossible to do. Some zones may require 4 heads while others may need 10. Some zones could be 10 feet from the manifold and others may be 40-50 feet away and require a certain technique to get under a driveway or walkway. Contractors providing a "per zone" rate are selling themselves short which is certainly guaranteed to result in your system being installed improperly and insufficiently. How will you know you're getting a fair price? We will answer that shortly.
Here on Long Island (Suffolk County Specifically), Irrigation contractors are required to be licensed as restricted/limited plumbers. Irrigation is a field of its own. This means your landscaper that does sprinklers is not actually a irrigation contractor (there are a few landscapers with the proper licensing and experience, please check). The same applies to most Facebook recommendations and handymen. For example: In Suffolk County a contractor is required to verify 7 years of work experience (through employment) with a professional company before they are qualified to take the written restricted plumbers exam. Once this exam is passed, the applicant will advance to take a practical exam where they must demonstrate the skill to cut, thread, flare and solder plumbing fittings based on a schematic provided by the proctor. At the end of this test, the assembly is pressure tested for leaks. If you fail, you will not be approved for a license. This is the first step in becoming a contractor. Once the Suffolk license is obtained, this process is repeated in every township in Suffolk County where the contractor preforms work. Islip, Babylon, Huntington etc... to name a few. Although most repairs and services do not include plumbing work, a irrigation contractor must possess this license in both the county and town to touch any piece of the system. A contractor cannot hire a plumber to do their work for them.
As with any business, an irrigation contractor must carry a liability policy. You will not be able to apply for a State, County or Town license without the proper insurance. Any licensed contractor is required to hold a policy which lists 'Irrigation" as a service in order to hold a valid license in the county and the municipality. Hiring an unlicensed/uninsured contractor can welcome your home to costly damages and injuries which you may fall under a blanket of responsibility for. In addition to a liability policy, any business with employees is required to hold a workman's compensation policy. This policy will protect you from the employees pending any injury occurrences on your property. Always verify these insurance policies are current and the limits cover your needs.
You should be doing your research on the material you are requesting estimates for. Many contractors in this trade are concerned with saving money themselves. This means they will buy the most cheap material they can in order to offer you the lower number to win the job. Here at Rain Rite Inc. we are not interested in selling you garbage. Plain and simple. We do not play the numbers game We offer the best material our money can buy. We want you to have the same level of confidence in your system that we do. We do not want to be returning frequently for repairs. In most cases, we are awarded new service contracts for this very reason. The original installer used sub par material and then disappeared when the malfunctions became frequent on a new system.
Lawn Irrigation systems do have a code requirement for installation. In Suffolk County, the water authority does not have the ultimate jurisdiction over the municipality when it comes to code. What does this men? First, lets talk about what that does not mean. I cannot begin to explain how many estimates we have been on where a home owner has said, "well I just had another contractor here that told me the backflow is pointless, its a money grab and does not do anything." Ok, lets get this straight - A backflow is MANDATORY. There is no option without one. Every township requires them. These devices stop the "back flow” of contaminated water into your homes fresh water supply. Irrigation falls under its own section of the IPC (International Plumbing Code). How do we know this? Rain Rite Inc. holds a New York State Dept. of Health Back Flow Tester Certification (#12323). During this certification course, we are educated and tested on the code for installing and testing these devices as well as why they are required. Although most contractors will say "Suffolk County does not require them”, the fact of the matter is that Suffolk County does not hold the jurisdiction to enforce the code. Therefore the towns require them and this is exactly why a contractor must hold a town license in addition to the county. This is the most serious part of your system. In reference to the code, your system may only be installed with a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) or a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valve. Double Check valves (DCV) are not an IPC approved device, but may be permitted in specific applications and areas. Please take this serious, any contractor instructing you otherwise is not taking your safety serious and should not be hired.
Look into the reviews of this contractor you are interested in hiring. Price should not be the driving motive for hiring someone. More times than not, we are brought into a job where someone pieces together a bad design and it destroyed the property. Contractors must pay attention to detail. This system will be watering your property. Every property is different. You want to hire someone that have been proven to carry out a great job. Reviews may be found on a contractors website, social medial page(s), google or business sources such as yelp.
Irrigation design is important. There are different types of ways to water and their needs must be used properly. Matching rotor heads (heads that rotate) with fixed heads (stationary spray or mist heads) is a huge "no-no" in this job. Designing a system is so much more that just "getting everything wet". Sun and shade exposure, the way the sun rises and sets, plant material, patios, walkways, decks, pools, driveways... the list goes one. There are many obstacles that need to be considered. Anyone can install a pipe and run heads down the line and turn it on for 30 minutes. Sure that will work, somewhat. The problem is, 3-5 years down the line when the improper coverage shows its face yielding moss, mold, algae, erosion, crabgrass, weeds... We see this frequently and its a shame because it will typically cost twice to repair. Make sure you are hiring someone that knows your plant material, understands your property and is attenuative to your future plans as well. You should feel confident for the life of your system that it was done properly with all of your needs in mind.
In closing:
So how do you know you're getting a fair price? By running through that simple check list. You're going to have those contractors that know their way with words, but if they are not following these guidelines and cannot present you with the proper licensing and insurance, they should not be in the mix of options. At any estimate, we are able to present proof of license and insurance for your property and area. Our estimate will include all of the material we plan to use, the design and how many people will be working on your property. We will instruct you of what the current water flow of your home or business is and if it is not adequate for this project, we won't cater our system to it, we will work to find a solution to have your issues amended first. Check references. If this contractor is honorable, they will have a laundry list of positive feedback that backs up their business. Check your local plumbing code to verify the need of a back flow device. Do not hire someone who will lie to you and is willing to put you and your family in danger.
I hope I did not take up too much of your time with this long winded break down. I just wanted to hopefully quickly educate you on what to expect. There is much more
Information to convey but this is a good starting point. Rain Rite Inc. is a professional, licensed and insured incorporated business. I personally have over 2 decades of working knowledge and experience in this industry and take my job very seriously. If you are interested in contacting us for an estimate please do so any time.

We can be reached by any of the following methods:
Phone - (631)665-2262 or (631)278-2624 No text message option
Email - [email protected] or [email protected]
Website - RainRiteInc.com
Social Media - FB - Rain Rite Inc. IG - @RainRiteInc

Pic for reference - Property maintained by Rain Rite Inc.

Our Story

After many years of trying to find a place in this industry both geographically and within employment, the decision to go into business almost slapped me in the face. Whether working for someone else or myself, I have never been able to cut corners and do something which would result in taking advantage of someone. There were several times when I felt that my talents and experience weren’t fully appreciated so I knew it was time to put my skills to the test. On March 18th, 2013, I formed Rain Rite as a DBA and became an incorporated business in December of 2016, in six short years so much has formed. A major accomplishment being that in April of 2018 Rain Rite Inc. became the first Irrigation Business in the Northeast to earn a Federal “Veteran Owned Small Business” (VOSB) Certification. Aside from certifications and training, one thing that tends to draw new business today is our professional reputation backed by satisfaction and results.

So if I had do explain what Rain Rite is, I would answer like this: We are a full service lawn sprinkler company located on long Island NY. We are fully licensed and insured to handle any and all residential and commercial irrigation needs from design to installation and service thereafter. Our service territory spans from western Nassau to Montauk on both the north and south shores. Our goal is to provide quality, professional, reputable service to all our existing and new customers. After being in this industry for 15+ years we have learned what it takes to provide reliable service and meet client needs. Always aiming to cover all areas of a job and assure satisfaction. We want it to be known, we are a company you can trust as we make it a point to service every property as it were our own.

I welcome you to connect with us and see for yourself why we come highly recommended. If you’re wondering how to reach us, here is how: Phone - (631)278-2624 Facebook - Rain Rite Inc. Instagram - @RainRiteInc Email - [email protected] Website - www.RainRiteInc.com You may find our Low Voltage Lighting Division on Facebook as well - Lite Rite

I look forward to welcoming many new clients as well as servicing all of our existing homes and properties for many years to come! All the Best and I hope to see you soon. William “Buddy” Bela President - Rain Rite Inc.
(DBA Lite Rite)

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We aim to install some of the best products in the industry. Leading the way, Hunter Irrigation manufactures some of the best. Since switching to their pro series grade of products we have found our call backs to be down my 80% as well as our warranty issues to have dropped significantly as well.



78 Root Ave
Islip, NY

General information

We specialize in Irrigation being a complete Design, install, and maintain company with service specializing in: -Renovations -Broken Heads -Leaks and Restrictions -Smart Timer Upgrades and Updates -Valve Service/Repair/Installations -Manifold Service/Repair/Tune Ups -Clogged Nozzles -Wire Tracing and Repair (limited to low voltage lawn sprinkler wire) -Controller Service/Installation/Repair -Rain Sensor Service/Installation/Repair -Complete System Tune-Ups -Spring Start-Ups -Winterizations -Backflow Testing (NYS DOH Certified)

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm

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