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Did you know that it has been illegal for landlords to discriminate against families for over 20 years? Excluding families because you prefer a more mature or quiet environment can lead you to a lawsuit.


While late fees can be highly effective in getting tenants to pay their rent on time, it's important that you stay within your legal limits. By setting fees that bear little resemblance to actual damages and therefore aren't justifiable, you can end up in legal trouble.


Did you know that when a tenant breaks a lease without a legally protected reason, the landlord may sue the tenant for damages? However, the landlord is required to help mitigate damages by attempting to re-rent the unit.


It's important to remember that the process for evicting tenants from commercial property can be a little different from residential tenants. Let's talk about the process relevant to your particular property.


Are you concerned that you've inadvertently done something to make your tenants feel they could get away without paying their rent? Let's discuss the situation and how eviction could fit into it.


We know the stress eviction can give you. Let us take away your worry, we can give the tenant the eviction notice and we can also make sure you win your eviction case. Don't do this alone; our law office can help.


Did you know that just because a tenant breaks the lease doesn't necessarily mean that you are legally entitled to keep the security deposit? As the landlord, you are required to take reasonably prompt steps to re-rent the unit and credit any new rent toward the tenant's obligation for the rest of the lease.


Tenants or guests may sue if they think your failure to maintain a rental property caused damage to their property. Let's say a roof leak soaks a tenant's furniture, they could come after you for damages. Small-claims court may not need an attorney, but practicing with one for an hour or so is a good idea.


As a landlord, your intellectual property rights stand for your good reputation. If another company uses a logo strikingly similar to yours, or perhaps you spotted language on another landlord's website or marketing materials that's more than a little like yours- consult with us, we're experts at landlord issues.


Your rental property deserves respect and should remain as undamaged as the day you first rented it. Sadly, in some cases people don't respect your things as they should and as a last result you are pushed to write an eviction notice. Don't go into this unprepared, allow us to help you with your eviction, that way you know it will be a success, and you can move on with your life and property.


No one likes to have to evict a tenant, it is stressful, and often confrontational. Our services help to ease that burden and to make sure you are taken care of, because our law office doesn't need to add to your list of worries.


If you've made a serious mistake in your taxes and the government hasn't noticed it yet- hiring a lawyer specializing in landlord law might be wise. If this is done before the mistake is uncovered in an audit, a lawyer might help avoid a potentially damaging and embarrassing situation.


Our law office specializes in landlord law. That means we know what it takes to evict an unwanted tenant and how to protect your property from any further damages. You invested in this property let us make sure you don't lose that investment.


Since eviction involves people's homes, the bar is set very high for landlords. What may seem an obvious case of eviction won't always be so easy to win. You should consult with an attorney specializing in landlord law before any legal action.


As a landlord, having your tenants sign a proper lease is essentially for legal purposes. If you use a lease that short cuts tenants' rights in any way, you can potentially find yourself at the losing end of a lawsuit because of an unenforceable lease clause.


Do you feel like your tenant is constantly taking advantage of your good nature? If you don't want to get talked out of the eviction, we can handle serving them with the notice.


It's important to remember that filing an eviction doesn't give you the right to harass them about when they'll move. For best results, let us handle your tenant communications.


Have you avoided filing eviction paperwork because you worry that you may not be following all the relevant legal statutes? We're always ready to review your filings to ensure legal accuracy.


Having an attorney on retainer means getting help right away. We can help at any moment, even when facing costly lawsuits that you had no idea were a problem until the documents arrived. Give us a call and we can help protect your property ownership rights.


While you may be prepared to do what's necessary to get a tenant out of your property, it can be difficult to find the time to complete the paperwork. Let us handle the legal details for you.


When a landlord has to deal with legal issues, it's best to consult with an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant law. Evictions, investigations, law suits, property damage, audits and more can make profitability difficult, so it's best to have an expert on your side.


If you are a landlord who owns just a few properties, chances are you don't keep a lawyer on retainer, much less on staff. But there are numerous issues that can confront landlords and you should have a good attorney on hand. We specialize in legal assistance for landlords and can help with your needs.


Often knowing your rights as a landlord is the first step to getting rid of unwanted tenants. We know the law and can help you stay the right course so your eviction case goes smoothly. We can handle any case, big or small.


An eviction takes place in most states faster than a standard civil proceeding. Because of this landlords must follow very detailed rules from notifying the tenant to filing the right papers and forms.


Are you considering evicting one of your tenants? We can counsel you on your course of action and whether you have a strong case. Going through heartache and stress to end up on the losing side of the law is no fun, let us help you succeed.


Generally, tenants recognize that they're in violation of their lease agreement. After the eviction is served, these tenants will often comply and move out without further incident.


Landlords face going to court for any number of reasons beyond evictions, personal injury, and discrimination lawsuits. Tenants can sue for their security deposit back if they feel you wrongfully withheld it. You might be bringing a civil action against a contractor for poor work. Any court time needs legal counsel, and we can help you.


There are certain laws to eviction that as a landlord you must obey, but we can help educate you on your rights and those laws. We know evictions are never easy want to make them as easy as possible on you, let us do the hard work, you've done enough.


When the IRS or state tax agency is auditing your return, it's time to consult with an attorney specializing in landlord legal issues. This is especially true if there's a lot of money at stake. We're experts with landlord finances. Let us help.


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Your rental property, commercial or residential, is your investment. We understand the heartache and stress involved with keeping up with this investment and if you need to go through the stress of evicting a tenant we can help. We know the law.


Did you know that non-payment of rent isn't the only legal grounds for evicting a tenant? We're always here to help you learn more about your options and get the process started.


When drafting a written lease agreement, legal oversight is always recommended. Here, you will need to address such details as whether pets are allowed, how many people may live in the unit, and the circumstances under which the landlord may enter the premises.


We can handle any eviction concerns. Whether they are commercial or residential properties, we can even assist you with housing authorities because it's your property and we know evictions aren't easy no matter what the circumstance.


As a landlord you loan your property to tenants to use and borrow responsibly. We also know that not everyone is responsible and will do all that we can to protect your property especially in the case of eviction.



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