Chuck's Auto Repair

Chuck's Auto Repair


We’re excited to begin packing up & delivering Craft Beer Samplers October 23rd!! We are also tremendously grateful to our brewer friends and this years sponsors for making it all possible!

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🍺 Ross Mongiardo, CFP

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🍺 Getzel Schiff & Pesce LLP

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Thank you so much for fixing my flat this morning! You guys are awesome and I truly appreciate you. ☺️

Family owned and operated local automotive repair. Expert automotive care, from vehicle maintenance to diagnostics. Please call and make an appointment today!


The State extended Inspection and Registration expiration’s through the Summer, but will be ending it on November 3rd. Please call early for us to do your inspections, a lot of drivers let them go.


Hope everyone is safe, these are sure trying times!
We are open with full staff, trying to keep the fleet running, even though there aren’t many places to run to! Try to support your local small businesses through these times, it is really hard to keep it going.
Even though we are slower than normal, a lot of local businesses are closed now or trying ways to stay open their owners could not imagine 2 months ago! My heart goes out to the local restaurants and bars, nail salons, hair salons, etc. please remember them when this is all over, hoping they can somehow make it until then.
Please remember we cannot accommodate waiting people, the office is too small. Some people walk around or go to 7/11, but I don’t have the space for waiting appointments.
Thank you for all the good years we have had, and looking forward to resuming my crazy schedule and full parking lot. Until then, we are here for you and will service your vehicle as you need.


Well, imagine my surprise when we were deemed essential! So, we are open for regular service, inspections, all our normal services. Please call for an appointment, we are not accepting waiting appointments.


Just a quick post to let my customers know that my oil company is giving out coupons good for $15 visa gift cards with a synthetic oil change. Give us a call to set up an appointment.


So much for the Blizzard of 2017! I was at the shop during the "storm", luckily we didn't get all that snow.
My strut and shock supplier just advised me of a promotional event. KYB Shocks and Struts is giving customers a VISA giftcard worth $40 for purchase of 4 shocks or 2 struts. $60 for 2 Strut-Plus and 2 shocks, or $80 for purchase of 4 Strut-Plus. This might be an opportunity to save on suspension products. Please call us if you need more information.
Hopefully Spring will be here soon. Alot of people take this time to get the oil services and tire rotations done. Let us keep your cars up to date with their scheduled maintenance. Again, if you aren't sure where you are with the schedule, just call and we will be happy to let you know, along with an estimate.
Thank you all for trusting Chucks with your vehicle needs.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you all for your trust in us and your valued business.
We will be closed 12/24 and 12/26 for Christmas. We will also be closed 1/2/2017.
Enjoy the season, Chuck and crew.


Mid-summer, Long Island style! Humid and hot, just like we like it! Been fixing a lot of A/C problems, just got a new leak detector to help us find leaks.
College kids or their parents, get those cars in for us to check them out, make sure the inspection sticker won't expire while you are away. You all know I don't charge for a well checkup, so call and get in.
Thanks again all for trusting us with your vehicle needs, Chuck.


Inspections are a pain, especially when the check engine light is on. Most people don't understand how the system works, so it can be a difficult repair process.
When the light turns on, it means the vehicle computer has picked up an emissions failure. We use a scanner to identify the problem with a trouble code. There are many codes, and we need to use our information systems to help figure the problem out.
After the problem is repaired, we still have to drive the car to reset the monitors. This means driving the car at various speeds for different lengths of time until they reset. Unfortunately different cars will require different cycles to be run for the monitors to complete running. I sometimes will return the car for the customer to drive it.
If the car is fixed completely the monitors will usually run quickly. Sometimes if the check engine light is left on awhile there might be other problems picked up after the repair on the first code is completed.
If the light comes on on your car, call us and have it looked at. I will pull the codes with my scanner and advise you as to the repair process. Sometimes I will just clear the code and have you drive the car to see if it returns.
I the light blinks repeatedly, there is a serious problem, usually misfiring. Let us know and get it fixed.


Middle of winter, crazy one this year. Batteries failing, cars towed in. Chris and I are very busy getting work done, sometimes the cars give us a tough time.
Inspections can be tough when the service engine light is on, we can fix it but we need time. Please schedule your service with time to repair the service light or the car might be laid up longer than necessary. Allow time for the repair so the sticker doesn't expire.
Thanks to all of my valuable customers, thanks for trusting us with your cars.


Too busy fixing cars and running the business to update, sorry it's been so long. Thank you all for trusting us with your car needs, I hope we can always be there for you.
Long hot fun summer! Shop has been very busy, please allow time for your inspections, especially if the Check Engine light is on. Don't forget your oil services, look at your reminder sticker and give us a call.
Saturday mornings we are open at 7:30 so if the oil needs changing or inspection is due, we are there to help.


Wow, what a winter! Super cold, lots of bad batteries! Keeping very busy, trying to catch up with breakdowns. Please schedule early and we will get you in and fixed. Thanks for trusting our shop with your car repair needs.


It has been awhile since our last post and things have changed a little at the shop. Chris and Chuck have taken over full shop duties, and Christine is in the office. Please call her for appointments.
Our Holiday hours are 12/22 and 12/23 8 to 6:30, 12/24 8 to 12. We will close 12/25 until 12/29. We will then close for New Years Day and reopen 1/5/2015. Enjoy your Christmas and New Years holidays, thank you for your business and support. Remember that all grey inspection stickers expire on 1/1/2015 and with the color change it is an easy ticket!


Wow! 6 years in business! Just wanted to thank you all for trusting in Chucks Auto and making all this possible for us. Couldn't have done it without you!


Thank you all so much for your feed back, it's great hearing what you guys think of your service here at Chucks Auto Repair. Keep it coming!


The warm weather is coming! Let us make sure your air conditioning system is running properly! Call us for an appointment to service your A/C! :)




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