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Broad Spectrum Hydraulics Inc. provides expert hydraulic repair and replacement parts in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York.

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Got to reseal this old gem with an @parkerhannifin poly pack seal. Was so roomy and spacious that i made it into a fort. “No girls allowed” unless they bring beer. #old #pressingmatters #acrylic


@wigginslift cylinder removal. Just a fun time had by all. Off to @americanhoseandhydrualics for the reseal. @seabornmarina #hydraulicslongisland @statewideroofing #marina


Solenoid from the spanish “one-noid”. Referring the claymation pizza villian of the Dominoes franchise in the 90s. #educational #electrical #hydraulicslongisland.


Park-her right there and make hoses right on the truck. @parkerhannifin #hydraulicslongisland #trees #treeservice


Bucket truck leveler tie rod replacements. The most frustrating 2 hours one can enjoy. @terexcorporation #tree #arborist #hydraulicslongisland


I took a dump………body repair. A new SPX power unit to replace the old. This was probably the closest drop in retrofit ive done. This was the 6th dc power unit call in a week. Tis the landscaping season. #landscaping #hydraulicslongisland @beautiful_finish_landscaping


Just another Sunday of saving weddings. You’re welcome happy couple. @palfingerag @toyota


The not so anticipated conclusion of “Not Without My Gland Nut.” Seemed to be rust throughout the nut that stopped the cylinder from opening. @channellock @herculessealing #hydraulicslongisland


Part one of the wildly popular made for TV hydraulic repair movie “Not Without My Gland Nut.” Stay tuned for the riveting conclusion. @ridgidtools #glandproblem

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Wire roping and old travelift. @forneyind brazing rod was the MVP today. “But why braze them?” Thank you for asking. This way you can pull the new wire rope through all the pulleys without leaving the ground. Follow me for more recipes. @marinetravelift #hydraulicslongisland @parkerhannifin


The boingy twistey needs some love. A reward of not one but two tootsie pops for the best method to remove 1/2” hardened cap screws that are stuck. @milwaukeetool @icweld #hydraulicrepairs

Photos from Broad Spectrum Hydraulics Inc.'s post 03/05/2022

A mast-ive repair……..(pause for raucous laughter)…. Also when your seals look like scrambled eggs it may be time for new ones. @toyota #salvage #autoparts #onsite #hydraulicsnyc


@knipex_official cobras making short work of broken bolts while the @milwaukeetool grinder takes a nap. #sendmefreetools #hydraulicslongisland #olderthandirt


The exciting sequel to the prior video, gearboxes love ketchup. Or catsup if you’re classy. Follow me for more recipes. #marina #hydraulicsnyc


Tapping the @marinetravelift gearboxes for that sweet winter syrup. Also who also noticed the blown motor shaft seal that leaked the oil through the brake and into the gearbox in the green one, but then again, who wouldn’t? And yes alot of water in the oil. @bondhaus_group @martinwaltercompany @parkerhannifin #marina #hydraulicslongisland

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Hydraulic free VFD/gearbox retrofit on a pre Iron age machine. #masterpt #hydraulicsrepairlongisland


“Im on a boat”…..installing a secondary hydraulic steering unit aft (thats pirate terms for in the back). @fluidpowershop #hydraulicsnyc #marina #boating #tuna


“Metal Pisketty” also the name of my metal band. #marina @marinetravelift #hydraulicslongisland

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“This is ourselves, under pressure” -vanilla ice
The first time this worked. Pulled this pin nicely out of this blind hole @jerrdancorp tow truck pin. #onsite @enerpac @mcmastercarr #towing #hydraulicrepairnyc @milwaukeetool @toolpig @mechanicalhub #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner


We’re hot on the case of the missing bearings. After several mintutes we discovered all the rollers of the bearings taking a vacation in the grease bath inside. Couple of @skfgroup seals and bearings and it’s back. #excavation #heavyequipment #newyork #nyc #hydraulicsrepairlongisland


My phone is undergoing a repair and recovery please message me here, email at [email protected] or dm @broadspectrumhydraulicsinc thank you.

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