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Are you open today?
Is there online class today?
Is there an 9nline class today as well or just the in person one?

Bushido Karate Dojo .. Karate, Martial Arts and Fitness for Children, Teens, Women and Men. Bushido Karate Dojo has been offering instruction and training in Karate, Martial Arts, and Fitness since 1998.

Located in Islip Terrace, NY. Bushido Karate Dojo has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. Headed by George Santiago (Kyoshi / Head Instructor) and a staff of expert instructors and managers. Bushido Karate Dojo's offers a number of programs instruction in Karate, and physical fitness

Operating as usual


Game Night Plus for Dragons and Teens
Saturday, May 14th

Come join the fun


Sparing in Canada 2022

Finally got to my favorite part sparring. The division was tough with some great fighters. I ended up taking home the “Silver Medal” in point sparring.

Thanks to all of my students, family and friends who help support and encourage me to compete. It was a great honor to be here in Canada representing the USA and our dojo.

I can’t until next year to bring my team with me again.


Kata Canada 2022

Just finished up competing in kata. It’s was a tough division but I manage to take home the Silver Medal.

🥋Hard work pays off.

*One more event to go and that’s sparring.


Weapons Competition Canada 2022

My Iaido performance today at karate maynia 2022 earned me a bronze medal.

Special thanks to Sensei Karl Groeger for helping me prepare for this event.

*2 more events to go.


Tarzan has nothing on our dojo camp kids. The kids were climbing trees, going over and through obstacles and even zip lining through the air high above the trees. These kids are so much fun. Great day everyone.


Day 1 of Bushido Karate Dojo spring camp. Rpm raceway is where all the speed was at. The kids were ripping through the corners at high speed. A great day of racing.


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By popular demand, we will now be offering our
"Spring Break Day Camp"
Monday, April 18th to Friday, April 22nd

Come join the fun!!


Teenagers and adults beginners to black belts working on basics. Some good old fashion hard work and sweat at the dojo tonight. Great work everyone.

Photos from Bushido Karate Dojo's post 04/02/2022

2 dragon Green belt level students working on some basics.


Adults and teenagers working on some basics today. Great work everyone.


Tiger class beginners working on sparring. Great work.


Teens and adults working on kata(forms). Great work for everyone it was a really tough intense class.


Teens and Adults working on some kicks today. Grueling and tough workout today. Great job everyone.


Just a reminder to all tiger level students we have added another time slot to the tiger schedule. Now you can choose from 4 to 5 class as well as 6 to 7. The choice is yours choose whatever works better for you.

Photos from Bushido Karate Dojo's post 03/11/2022

Students training in Iaido last night. This art takes tremendous focus and commitment. Even standing, breathing and bowing are an important part of training. Every little detail is focused on. Great work everyone. And thank you Master Karl Groeger for all that you do in helping Bushido Karate Dojo.


Teens and adults practicing Ippons (self defense). Taking there time to perfect the techniques shown to them. Over time speed and power become and important part of training as well as confidence. Great job everyone.

Photos from Bushido Karate Dojo's post 03/04/2022

Adult and teen class stretching before Ippons (self defense). A very important part of any martial arts training. Great work everyone

Photos from Bushido Karate Dojo's post 02/26/2022

Congratulations to Izeyah and Kristen on passing their test today. They were both Incredible and very well prepared. Excellent job to th both of them.

Photos from Bushido Karate Dojo's post 02/24/2022

What a great day of camp today snow tubing in campgaw New Jersey. We all had a blast sliding on our rear and chest super fast and fun.


Two of my black belts Izeyah and Kristen getting ready for their promotion testing this Saturday. All of our students, parents and friends are welcome to attend. Testing starts at 11am sharp.


Day 3 was another fun full day. This time the gamers were out in full effect. Earning prizes and just having fun was the name of the game today. Great fun for everyone at Dave and Busters

Photos from Bushido Karate Dojo's post 02/22/2022

Another great day at camp. Fast and furious has nothing on these guys The kids all had a great day racing around the track. We had a ton of fun at RPM raceway in Farmingdale.


Great first day of winter camp at Bushido Karate Dojo. We went to escape zone and the kids had a blast. Figuring out puzzles and codes in order to escape and be victorious. Great job everyone.


Practicing iaido( Japanese sword) with adults and teens. Great work everyone.


We get a “kick” out of you ❤️🥋


Great iaido class this morning. Sensei Karl Groeger spent time going over form with the class. We all trained really hard. Great work everyone.


Tiger level students always ready to train hard at Bushido Karate Dojo. Don't let the smiles fool you these two are ready for any bullies out there.

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Sparing in Canada 2022
Kata Canada 2022
Weapons Competition Canada 2022




876-01 Connetquot Ave
Islip Terrace, NY

General information

Bushido Karate Dojo's programs include: *Karate *Self Defense *Fitness: Zumba and Cardio Kick Boxing *Game night *Day Camp on school breaks

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 9pm
Tuesday 4pm - 9pm
Wednesday 5pm - 9pm
Thursday 4pm - 9pm
Friday 4pm - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm

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