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Managed print experts & Xerox authorized dealer of Long Island celebrating three decades of business!

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We take pride in servicing the majority of the Xerox product line, including the Phaser Printers, Fax Machines, Digital Copiers and Multifunction Devices. Our office is equipped with a show room and working demos so we can easily show you how Xerox products and XCL service can make your office more efficient, productive and cost effectiv

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Another successful Xerox install in the books!

The customer, a busy law firm, came to XCL to find an efficient, high-speed, and secure solution for their
large volume of multi-media customer document printing. Their XCL sales rep paired them up with two
Xerox VersaLink B610 multifunction printers atop 3 additional trays to accommodate the various media
they use, including letterhead, labels, and envelopes.

Placed on top of filing cabinets, the printers with their additional trays were nearly as tall as XCL network
engineer, Ryan, but this is no problem for the B610 due to the adjustable display that can be easily tilted to
accommodate any difference in height!

Clocking in at 65 ppm (prints-per-minute) and a duty cycle of 300,000 images per month, the B610 is
lightning fast and heavy duty for a small multifunction printer. Our favorite feature is the convenient
cloud and mobile print capabilities making work flexible and transitional.

Catch us next time at the next install!


Happy Halloween!
Beware of the toner phoners🧟

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If telling you that Intermedia has the best unified communications service isn’t enough, then showing you why will do the trick

Chat, virtual voicemail, virtual meetings; these are just a few of the supreme features included with your VoIP service.

Intermedia Cloud Communications provided by XCL will revolutionize the way you do business. Let’s set you up today for success!

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There are many UCaaS providers to choose from but Intermedia stands out among the rest and they been named as the TOP provider by PCMag

Intermedia’s expert offerings, like VoIP and internet-fax , are XCL customer favorites and help us maintain efficient, reliable, and secure connections.

Once you go VoIP, you’ll never go back. Contact your XCL rep today and we’ll help you cut the cord!


Research supports the connection between mental health and decreased work productivity. Did you know that 87% of employees say that certain actions from their employer would help their mental health?

Providing a range of policies, resources, and training can foster a healthy and flexible work culture which are fundamental for supporting the health and wellness of your employees. As a small business, you can still make a huge impact by following evaluating these four strategies.

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A high-volume networked desktop scanner at an affordable price? Check out the Xerox D70n Scanner!

A furiously fast networked desktop scanner with supreme paper handling and intelligent scan management tools, the D70n accelerates your archiving and organizing with a duty cycle that puts mfps to shame

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Break up with your phone company and work without limits with Voice over IP
Intermedia offers flexible work environments, Microsoft integrations, mobile and desktop apps, internet fax, and more
Best of all, your VoIP lines come with phone equipment for free


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for which package is best for your business but asking yourself these four questions is an important start.

Choose a package that helps you meet your short and long-term business goals while also providing necessary protection and insurance for your assets.

It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to these questions. XCL can help you complete a detailed analysis of your business workflow so that you can make the most informed decision

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Transform your labor intensive workflow by capturing and managing content for seamless collaboration and increased productivity with Xerox’s Content & Capture Connectkey App

Just walk up to your Xerox MFP, scan your documents, and connect to your centrally managed workflow

Who would love this?
• AP services will love how the the invoice capture, match, and validate service provides structured output data for easy integration
• Digital mailroom services will access inbound paper and digital mail regardless of location
• Health providers will see a secure, compliant, and highly efficient process in the recovery, storage and access of health records

Talk to your XCL representative today about adding this essential automation to your Xerox ConnectKey Multifunction Printer!


Do you know the answers to these four questions you should ask yourself before you buy a printer for your small business?

We get it. Getting a printer as a small business owner can be a headache.
There are so many manufacturers, model numbers, and ever changing technical language to maneuver around. All the while, you not fully understand what your growing business actually needs.

Use XCL’s 30-years of expertise in providing efficient, cost-effective, and secure business knowledge so you can be confident that you’re making a true return on this worthy investment. Head to our link in bio to contact us today for your consultation!


22 years 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙
Sending love and strength to all who struggle on this difficult anniversary

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It’s all about Connection 🤝

Today we’re featuring Xerox Capture & Connect, Connect for Exchange, and Connect for Sage Accounting : three different Xerox Apps that are all about improving organizational communication and establishing efficient workflows using software that is already available to you!


Friendly reminder to update your home wifi password 🙂
Cyber security at home is just as important as in the office!

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Cyber attacks on small and medium sized businesses are on the rise and it’s crucial for your business and the customers you serve to build a strong security foundation.

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When asked what service offering we recommend to our Xerox customers, it’s always Xerox Partner Print Service (XPPS) - the smartest and most convenient Cost Per Copy all thanks to the software solutions included.

XPPS is not just a CPC, it’s also your printer management database that recognizes each device’s unique usage needs, creates an auto-replenishment system per toner around the machine behavior, and gives you time back in your day with the proactive monitoring.

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When we’re asked : Why Xerox
This is just one of many reasons!

Last month the Quocirca 2023 Print Security Market Landscape Report named Xerox as a leader of security in the print industry. Commended for their deepning capabilities across device security, fleet management and content security, Xerox has also made tremendous advancements in certificate, firmware and vulnerability management as well as security monitoring and automated remediation.

Xerox’s multi-layered security approach, based on a set of Zero Trust principles, heightens security measures equally protecting the sensitive data of clients both large and small.


We hope you’re enjoying this long weekend with family, friends, sun, and great food! 🇺🇸🗽

XCL is closed today and tomorrow in observance of Independence Day
We’ll be ready to serve you on Wednesday, July 5th!


Ahead of this celebratory weekend, we want to take a moment to wish you all a very happy and safe Independence Day!

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Raise your hand if you believe you’re spending too much money on printing consumables 💸💸

Put money back into your account by switching to a Cost-Per-Copy service and supplies plan! XCL offers flexible price plans to accommodate your business needs and we’ll help you implement software solutions that will allow you to focus on your business instead of a low toner warning 🚫

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The conversation around AI Technology is heating up right now but AI is not new to the tech world.
Xerox has used AI in their office technology and software systems for years.
It not only improves performance for your office tech but also improves how Xerox performs service FOR you

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Remember when Xerox released the first automatic copier in the world?
In 1959, Xerox launched the model 914 and it became one of their most successful models in the company’s history.
One fun fact is that the 914 tended to overhear and catch fire so Xerox provided customers with a ‘scorch eliminator’ aka a small fire extinguisher 🔥


Happy Father’s Day from your friends at XCL!


With summer coming up fast, many businesses shift to ‘summer hours’ which may include Remote Fridays.
Working from home comes with its own unique challenges but here are some tips for a successful transition to the home office

What do you need in your home office for a productive WFH day? Let us know in the comments!

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Remember when Xerox machines looked more like washing machines than copiers?
In 1974, the Xerox 4500 copier was released, all 700 pounds of it!
This was an important technological advancement for Xerox at the time with the 4500’s ability to sort, collate, and complete double-sided printing which resulted in cost-savings for customers. Running Xerox copiers was approximately 5 cents per page, which equals about 40 cents in 2023, so we would agree that Mr. Scrooge absolutely would be pleased with the operational savings!


Time for an epic giveaway!

XCL has TWO tickets for Wednesday June 14th’s Subway Series game at Citi Field
One XCL customer will win the pair and watch the Mets and Yankees face off

Head to XCL’s Instagram to enter! Link to Instagram in the comments below 👇

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Looking for some new apps?
Add some to your Xerox! Here are some Xerox apps we’re using on our Connectkey devices that just make our lives easier.

- Note Converter App : Raise your hand if you still prefer to take handwritten notes👋 The Note Converter App will give you back hours of your time by seamlessly converting your handwriting into a txt document by using OCR and Google AI Technology.
- Auto Redaction App : For all of our friends in the legal field, this app is your new assistant and possibly your best friend? There are various redaction settings to choose from in this app that also uses OCR and Google AI technology to find phrases and terms in your scanned documents to produce professionally redacted documents, ready to send in a moments notice
- XM Pie : We’re not saying that XM Pie is your marketing department but XM Pie is a great companion to your marketing department! This free app allows you to customize dozens of templates to suit your company branding and messaging, making postcards and holiday cards a breeze to prep and print on your Xerox Connectkey device.

Contact XCL today to implement these game changers!

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The new Xerox VersaLink B625 has arrived!

This Multi-function printer includes comprehensive security and is robust enough to support the needs of the most demanding work groups, while offering the industry’s best user experience, in a small footprint. With an array of features to automate everyday tasks, evolve as your needs change, easy to deploy and manage, and is an environmentally friendly choice - this workplace assistant exceeds demand and expectations

This only scratches the surface of what the Xerox VersaLink B625 can do. Contact us today to schedule a virtual demo and how you can take advantage of loyalty rebates when you trade in your existing Xerox device

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Switching to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the single best technology upgrade you can make for your business and here’s why :

▪️ Reduce your annual telecommunications costs by 36% per line
▪️ Work and collaborate with your team from anywhere and from any device
▪️ Software that lives on a secure cloud server
▪️ Smart integrations with Microsoft Office and Teams
▪️ Improve employee satisfaction by providing flexible working environments

XCL’s VOIP Communications Solutions do this and so much more

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💚Happy Earth Day! 🌎

XCL is proud to partner with Xerox as part of their World Global Alliance recycling program, an effort to helps to divert millions of tons of waste every year. This program is only a success because of businesses that have implemented recycling systems into their offices, like XCL client First National Bank LI

First National Bank has a large fleet of printing equipment in their Melville headquarters and used cartridges can add up quickly, which is why they’ve chosen Xerox’s Eco-Box program as the ideal solution for their needs. ♻️

Eco-Boxes can be easily implemented across any businesses environment. Simply place your order for you free Eco-Boxes and set them out for your employees to use to collect empty consumables until the box is full. Your Eco-Boxes arrive with a pre-paid return label applied to the packaging, so all you have to do is secure them and hand them off to UPS! 📦

Learn more about the Xerox World Global Alliance Recycling program at www.xerox.com/reycling

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Being eco-friendly in the office has never been more simple!
Implement these five easy tasks for a more sustainable working environment

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It’s never too late (or too early) for tax prep if you have the right tools!

The Sage Accounting app for Xerox is your secret weapon for optimizing billing and payments, integrating into your Sage account for easy access and reliable data backup.

Get started today! https://www.xerox.com/en-us/connectkey/workplace-apps/invoice-processing-app

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Faxing isn't retiring, it's going to the cloud ☁️

You're going to want XM Fax in your business! Learn how to get started today https://www.xclbusiness.com/xmedius-fax-cloud/


Last week we dropped by Percy Hoek, Inc. to personally deliver the prize from our Date Night Movie giveaway!

Percy Hoek Insurance is a 3rd generation family business and a staple of downtown Sayville where they have been loyally serving the insurance needs of families and businesses across Long Island since 1935. With a specialty in Coastal/Flood Insurance, Robert Hester and his staff can provide you not only with the personal touch of a local Suffolk County business but a competitive rate whether its Auto, Homeowners, Commercial or Life Insurance.

Percy Hoek has been a loyal XCL partner since 2003 and as their business has grown, XCL has been there every step of the way to support their print technology needs, from managed print solutions for various Xerox multifunction copiers, such as the VersaLink B405, to the popular OpenText XM Internet Fax app. Xerox reliability and practicality of new applications, like XM Fax, improves Percy Hoek’s productivity as well as their bottom line.

Learn more about XCL’s catalogue of efficiency apps and solutions, including the XM Fax app, and how implementing them will change the foundation of your business workflow and reduce cost!


Happy St Patrick’s Day🍀


Last chance to enter our Date Night contest!

a Date Night on XCL!
Follow XCL Business Technologies and like this post for a chance to win a movie and dinner for two!

*contest is open to XCL customers only
*winner will be notified via Facebook DM on Tuesday 3/14
*total value of prize is $150


a Date Night on XCL!
Follow XCL Business Technologies and like this post for a chance to win a movie and dinner for two!

*contest is open to XCL customers only
*winner will be notified via Facebook DM on Tuesday 3/14
*total value of prize is $150

Tunnel to Towers 09/09/2021

Join us in remembering 9/11 and supporting the Tunnel to Towers foundation

All who contribute will be entered into XCL's raffle for two tickets to the Mets vs Yankees game this Saturday evening

Tunnel to Towers Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of September 11th, a day that lives on all too vividly especially for those of us in the New York area. We all have been impacted by this tragic day and in memory of those we’ve lost, we are asking you all to consider making a donation to Tunnel to Towers.


Before you say TGIF - have you prepared your office equipment for Hurricane Henri?

1. Back up your data and keep the copy in a safe, dry place.
2. Shut down your computers and printers, and turn off your monitor. Disconnect external hard drivers after back up
3. Unplug the power cords for the devices from the wall outlet or power strip. If there is a power surge or outage, this can damage the power supply for your equipment.
4. If your computers or printers are hardwired, unplug the network cable in order to protect the network cards for these devices
5. Move equipment away from windows or cover with plastic like large garbage bags

Stay safe!


Green Tip🌿

Don't throw out your emtpy supply cartridges!

Xerox diverts millions of pounds of used supplies from the landfill every year through their industry-leading Green World Alliance® supplies take-back program. Choose from a single item return or an EcoBox, an XCL Customer favorite!

EcoBoxes are free, include a pre-paid label and can hold between 5-30 cartridges which makes it ideal for multi-printer or color printer environments! Once the box is full, UPS will pick it up and return to the Xerox recycling center. You can also opt to use your own boxes for an EcoBox return and print out the free UPS return label.

Go to www.xerox.com/recycling to learn more

Navigating Mental Health at Work: A Reading List 07/29/2021

Take care of your body AND your mind. It's the key to a happy life and a successful professional career!

"Surveys show employees want to work at a company whose culture supports mental health; in fact, it’s becoming one of the most-requested benefits in the wake of the pandemic."

Here are invaluable resources for both employees and managers

Navigating Mental Health at Work: A Reading List Resources for employees, managers, and leaders.

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