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SalvageData is a critical data recovery service lab specializing in the salvaging of data/ files for individuals & businesses from hard disk drives, RAID arrays, NAS, SAN, USB flash and other electronic data storage devices that have failed, stopped working. We support and help people and businesses that have suffered data loss due to file system corruption, data corruption or accidental file deletion/reformatting.)


Apple's MacOS 14 Sonoma: Several new improvements for Apple users that can personalize their Macs and MacBooks and even gamers can enjoy it more.
Check how you can upgrade to macOS Sonoma without losing data:


Are you seeing the "You Need To Format The Disk In Drive Before Using It" error on your external drive?
Here's a quick list of solutions:
1️⃣Change the drive letter
2️⃣Use Disk Repair Unit
3️⃣Use Data Recovery Software
4️⃣Seek Professional Help - check out our article for more detailed instructions


Do you need data recovery service, but are not sure how much it will impact your budget?
Learn more about data recovery costs and why they vary so much:


Get an overview of the various approaches to identifying Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) in cybersecurity incidents, such as network monitoring, endpoint detection and response (EDR), log analysis, and proactive threat hunting.
IoC complete guide:


Get familiar with the different types of hard drive failures so that you can identify them sooner rather than later.
A few HDD failure causes include:
❌Physical damage
❌Power surges
How can you even prevent these and avoid losing your data forever? Here's how you can ID and fix each issue:



Overcome 'No Bootable Medium Found! System Halted' error in VirtualBox quickly and easily.
Follow our quick guide on how to fix the issue on Windows or Mac and resume your work.


Insider threats can be current or former employees, contractors, or other business partners with access to the organization's network, system, or data who intentionally misuse them or whose access results in misuse.

On the other hand, outsider threats can come from cybercriminals, hacktivists, or state-sponsored attacks.

To mitigate these risks, companies need to invest in high-quality cybersecurity systems and ensure that everyone in the organization understands how to identify and prevent cyber attacks.

Learn more about cyber threats and how you can protect your business data from insider and outsider threats:


How do you know if your company can survive a disaster?
You need to determine your business' RPO and RTO.
These critical metrics will help you measure data loss tolerance and downtime tolerance.
Here's how you calculate each one:


Is your organization prepared for a ransomware attack?
Learn how to protect your data and mitigate the effects of malware with these helpful tips SalvageData experts:

Disconnect infected devices from your network, and consider these four best practices to recover from ransomware attacks with confidence. Don't forget to consult an expert and stay up-to-date with the latest ransomware threat success factors and organizational factors affecting vulnerability.
Take action now to safeguard your business from cyber threats!


Every business needs a safety net.
A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is just that - your action plan for unexpected disruptions. And that needs to include Cybersecurity, especially as ransomware attacks are on the rise.
Follow our guide and free template to protect your assets, maintain operations, and ensure a quick recovery.



Ransomware attacks are increasing in sophistication and number. No business is safe, as hacker groups are targeting small, medium, and big size enterprises.

The best solution: take measures to prevent ransomware.

Here you can find 15 solutions to implement in your business:


Apple users don’t see error messages often on their devices' screens. But when an error is shown, it’s ok to be worried.
iPhone and iPad error 1671 is an iTunes error that shows a good example of this.
Check how you can fix the iOS error 1671 without data loss:


Files missing on your Mac?
Chances are you can get them back quickly with free software.
Check out our data recovery software recommendations that work seamlessly with Apple MacOS devices:


Many businesses rely on SQL databases to perform their daily tasks and protect their critical data. However, SQL files can get corrupted like any other technology.
Check how you can prevent SQL data loss and repair a corrupted SQL database.


Disaster recovery plans & Data Virtualization have become essential for business continuity.
Learn how this combination can:
⏳Reduce downtime
🔄Enhance data recovery
🆗Teste recovery plans
💾Create backups


Ransomware as a Service is like a business model in the underworld of cybercrime.
There are 4 models hackers use RaaS:
1. Subscription Model
2. Pay-per-Install Model
3. Revenue Sharing Model
4. Lifetime license
See how it works and how you can protect your business:


Data center security solutions ensure data and hardware protection under any type of incident and threat.
See what is it and the measures necessary to have data center security:


From natural disasters to cyberattacks, having a data disaster recovery plan - aka a DRP - can make the difference between your business surviving a disaster, or being obliterated.
See how to build a DPR for your business:


Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem is an easy-to-fix issue, however, if you ignore the error, it has serious consequences - including data loss.
See 6 DIY ways you can fix it.


How to even start troubleshooting to find out what's the problem with your server? Here are 10 common problems with servers AND how to fix them:

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Here's why Cloning your hard drive is a good idea, it:
✅Backs up the System
✅Upgrades your HDD's storage capacity
✅Improves computer performance
See how you can clone your hard drive when upgrading your computer storage drive:

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💽Clicking sounds coming from your HDD can indicate catastrophic failure.
See WHY your computer is clicking and WHAT to do when this happens:

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Spring is here and with it a lot more chances for your iPhone to slip from your hand straight to a puddle, the pool, or even the ocean.
Since not all iPhones are water-proof, and even water-resistant ones can have liquid damage, here's everything you need to know to salvage your iPhone and your data after a water-related accident.

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SD cards are an excellent addition to expand your Android phone’s storage capacity at a low cost. But SD cards can become corrupted and that can lead to data loss.
Get ready to rescue your data with our expert-approved 6 ways to fix a corrupted SD card on Android phones without using a computer:

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📅March 31st, 2023. HAPPY BACKUP DAY!
Ensuring your files, documents, photos, and videos are always safe is easy. And definitely worth keeping safe.
Celebrate this day and see more on why and how to back up your data:

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Server crashes can be catastrophic for any business. Want to protect your business from downtime and data loss? Here's everything you need to know about how you can prevent a server crash, find alert signs, and immediate steps to take to restore your data:

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Even with Photoshop's autosave Enabled, PSD files can still become corrupted or lost because of factors out of your control - like power outages or your cat stepping on the delete button.
Still, there are safe DIY recovery methods you can try before calling a professional.
See 8 ways to recover deleted, unsaved, or corrupted PSD files:

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Looking to upgrade to RAID storage?
Once you start, you'll notice that there are a LOT of options. And making the choice between the systems DAS, NAS, and SAN will impact performance, speed, and maintenance costs.
Here's how you can make the right choice for your business:

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NAS devices are designed to handle data storage and file-sharing requests, providing fast, secure, and reliable services to private networks.
Here's how NAS can benefit your business:

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A data breach is one of the scariest scenarios for businesses. How can you prevent that? That's where data loss prevention (DLP) strategies come in.

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Accidentally deleting a photo is common. Luckily, you have 4 ways to restore deleted photos from your Android phone's SD card.
Plus: how to prevent losing image files in your microSD.

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Is your external hard drive or USB drive showing as corrupted and unreadable?
Here's how to fix the “Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadable” error WITHOUT DATA LOSS:

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Did you accidentally spill water on your laptop? Disconnect your laptop from its power source immediately!
Then follow our full guide (with pictures!) to restore your laptop and minimize water damage:

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If your internal hard drive keeps disconnecting, it's not just frustrating - it's a risk for permanent data loss.
Here's what to do immediately to minimize damage, fix the connection yourself, and restore access to your data:

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External hard drives and USB flash drives have quite a bit in common, both can store plenty of data and can fit in your pocket. Does it matter which one you choose? Yes. Here's why:

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💽Hard drives are now old technology. But they are still around for a good reason: how they work to store data.
It’s a simple process that allows this technology to have a low cost per gigabyte. Also, it’s easier to recover lost data from HDDs than it’s for SSDs.
👉Learn more about how HDDs work with our guide:

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Be it personal or business - your data needs to be saved in the right storage medium, kept secure, and routinely backed up.
It's the #1 way to prevent permanent data loss and we've listed the pros and cons for the top safest mediums for data storage you can choose from:

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3 things users don't want to see:
🟦Blue Screen of Death
❌Boot device not found
💽Hard disk errors
And any other computer errors that might plague you, here's how to identify a computer error and fix it:

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Is your Apple Music library missing songs?
Here's how you can restore your Apple Music library:
Plus: How you can back up your library to an external drive.

Water Damaged MacBook: How to Repair In 8 Steps - SalvageData Recovery 02/15/2023

Spilled water on your MacBook? DON'T:
- use a hair dryer
- shake your MacBook
- panic
Here are the 8 steps you must take immediately after water or any other liquid spills on your MacBook.

Water Damaged MacBook: How to Repair In 8 Steps - SalvageData Recovery Follow these 8 steps to save and repair a water-damaged MacBook. Plus: What not to do if water spills on your MacBook.

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