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Phox Health

Phox Health connects health systems pharmacies to any number of medical couriers to power two-hour prescription delivery nationwide.

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Phox Health updated their business hours. 11/14/2021

Phox Health updated their business hours.

Phox Health updated their business hours.

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Phox Health would like to wish you a happy Halloween! Some might say our prescription delivery is so fast that it's almost frightening. 👻

Ready for prescription delivery to be your reality? Give us a call: (707) 968-7469.

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The last thing you should worry about when fighting an illness is making it to the pharmacy. Phox Health takes that off your to-do list with 2-hour prescription delivery. That's just one way that we take the Phar out of Pharmacy.

Ask your pharmacy if they're powered by Phox Health today.

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Ready to adapt to the evolving models of patient care?

Call us to discover how health systems nationwide enhance their on-demand experience with ultra-fast prescription delivery powered by Phox Health. (707) 968-7469.

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Phox Health is an on-demand delivery platform that allows health systems to create a whole new level of patient experience and safety.

Read our blog today to learn how prescription delivery can benefit your health system:

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The logistical struggle of prescription delivery is over. Reduce medication abandonment, keep patients in-network, and focus more on what matters while Phox takes care of the rest. Call us to begin offering streamlined medication delivery: (707) 968-7469.

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Your patients deserve the convenience, mobility, and hassle-free prescription delivery that Phox offers.

Ready to kick-start your delivery with Phox? Give us a call. (707) 968-7469

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Phox Health provided Ochsner's 12 pharmacies with on-the-fly delivery analytics and patient feedback to ensure a five-star experience for their staff and patients alike.

Visit the link to learn more about how we helped Ochsner take their patients' experience to the next level:

Prior Authorization: What is it? - Phox Health 10/05/2021

Prior Authorization: What is it? - Phox Health

Understanding the prior authorization process is essential when you get prescribed a new medication, but what exactly does this process entail? Read all about it in our latest blog.

Prior Authorization: What is it? - Phox Health Prior authorization (PA), also commonly known as pre-authorization, is a process where you must receive approval from your insurer prior to getting a

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Our healthcare logistics system offers everything you need to elevate your system's prescription delivery protocol. Learn more about how Phox Health can enhance your patient experience today.

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Reduce medication abandonment and keep patients in your network with Phox Health.

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Picking up your medications shouldn't give you anxiety. Ask your doctor about Phox Health to take your prescription pick-ups off your to-do list.

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Phox Health's care team and logistical software work together to deliver results that drive patient outcomes. Learn how Phox Health redefines pharmacy logistics.

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We know what patients want more of: easy, contactless and convenient solutions. Those are just a few things that Phox delivers.


Please join us in congratulating Phox Health's CEO and founder, Amit Gir, MD, for being named an Xpectives.Health 2021 Innovator of the Year. This honor showcases Dr. Gir's commitment to improving the healthcare landscape through Phox Health's prescription delivery and logistics system.

We look forward to attending Xpectives.Health's 2021 Innovator Awards on October 12!

DTC Perspectives Inc.

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Healthcare logistics should make sense for you and your practice. Phox takes the pain away by optimizing prescription delivery for your system and your patients.

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The convenience of simple, contactless delivery is at your fingertips. Phox Health powers pharmacies with the technology for truly dependable, safe logistics.

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Take the headache out of managing your logistics. We provide the platform and people to ensure a seamless, accountable delivery experience for all.

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In today’s health climate, more and more people want the convenience of delivery. With Phox Health, you can now reach new patients from millennials to the elderly.

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Our mission is to make healthcare more convenient for patients and give them the chance to get better sooner.

Learn more about Phox Health here:

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Prescription delivery allows you to receive your medications without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Avoiding lengthy drives, long lines, and crowded pharmacies make this delivery service convenient, safe and reliable.

Ask your doctor today if they are partnered with Phox Health.

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You shouldn't have to wait days for your prescription to arrive. In most cases, you need it as soon as possible. With Phox Health, patients can expect to receive their medications in just TWO hours on average.

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Prescription delivery services are expected to shift patients away from regular visits to the pharmacy and reshape their overall healthcare experience. Here are just a few ways prescription delivery enhances the patient experience.

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The reasons to pick Phox Health for your prescription delivery service are endless. Here are just a few.

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Fed-Up? UPSet? Phox Health powers pharmacies with better, faster, and more cost-effective logistics for retail and specialty prescriptions.

Learn how we outfox major couriers with our technology that provides accountable logistics.

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Keep patients within your ecosystem, reduce medication abandonment, and take virtual care to the next level of convenience with Phox Health.

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Phox Health is an on-demand delivery platform for health systems to create a whole new level of patient experience and safety. Give your practice the edge it needs to stand out from competitors with our innovative, fast, and revolutionary prescription delivery system!

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2-hour prescription delivery made easy and convenient – because your patients deserve it.

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Are you part of a health care system? Your practice NEEDS our state-of-the-art prescription delivery service. Swipe to find out why.

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Trips to the pharmacy are a thing of the past with Phox Health! Are you over sitting in traffic just to stand in line at the pharmacy? Ask your doctor if they've signed up for Phox Health's prescription delivery.

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Things may be slowly returning to normal, but you still deserve top-tier safety. Ask if your healthcare system goes the social distance with Phox Health.

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Prescription delivery has never been more convenient! Turn Phox on and remove unnecessary, lengthy trips to the pharmacy from your patients' to-do lists!

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Phox Health would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day weekend!

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Discover how health systems nationwide enhance their on-demand experience with ultra-fast prescription delivery powered by Phox Health.


With Phox Health's 99.1% successful delivery rate and 2-hour average delivery time, we've earned our pharmacy partners NPS ratings in the 90's. Outfox your logistics with Phox Health to ensure a safe, easy, and secure delivery for your patients.

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