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RE Advantage Capital LLC


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This means it will become a little harder to find deals through the usual sources and more and more important to use your referral base for finding the hidden inventory that may not ever make it to a listing.

We sell money to real estate investors for non-owner occupied and commercial real estate investments. We can source loans in 42 states currently.

RE Advantage Capital LLC is an Iowa LLC dedicated to finding private capital for real estate investors throughout the United States.

Operating as usual 09/02/2020

Free 6 Week House Flipping Workshop Online for Eastern IA Investors

We've just scheduled our next 6 Week House-Flipping Workshop Online and it is for Free! Please share with anyone you know in Eastern half of Iowa who might be interested: You can learn to make life-changing extra income-- even replace your full-time income--through House-Flipping--ALL FOR FREE! 08/29/2018

Copy of Free 6 Week Deal Finding and House Flipping Workshop In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

We are announcing our next series of house flipping workshops on Sept 13, 2018 7 pm at the Catalyst Cafe at Geonetric, 415 12th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Register at YOU CAN MAKE A YEARS' SALARY IN THIS 6 WEEK WORKSHOPKeep your wallets at home... This 6 week free deal-finding and house-flipping workshop (1 workshop a week for 6 weeks) is for aspiring Real Estate Investors who are wanting to at least double their current income flipping houses.In this free house....


I will have a property for which I was one of the lenders coming up at the Polk County Sheriff's Sale on October 17, 10 am. It is a large Victorian at 1503 5th Ave, Des Moines that was separated last year from the church lot next door. We haven't determined our reserve bid yet, but would like to see it sell at auction.

[08/25/17]   Attom Data Services estimates that the number of home owners with equity increased by 320,000 in the second quarter of the year and increased by 1.6 million properties during the last 12 months of the year. For investors that means that their cash-rich investment properties are ripe to use these properties to cross-collateralize against new investment properties. It may also be time for some investors to refinance and remodel older rental and commercial properties in order to improve value and rents.

Much of the improvement came in the cities where property values have been increasing rapidly. It should be noted that there are still areas of the country that have not seen significant appreciation and in some areas properties are still under water from the Great Recession. The prosperity has not spread evenly over the United States!

[07/14/17]   I have heard from one of my commercial lenders who have long term loans for as little as 6.5% for those with 720 credit or above, and their deals for commercial money for those with less than perfect credit are not bad either. This is a lender who will lend on commercial properties down to a value of $125,000.

[07/14/17]   In general interest only rates for hard money loans have dropped as long as you have credit scores at 600 and above and have 10-15% plus closing costs available to put in. I still have more expensive hard money lenders for those in Iowa and some nearby states who have good deals but need 100% financing-- worth it sometimes if it is a choice between no deal and making money on a hard money loan deal!

[11/12/15]   One of my most responsive and most hassle-free private lenders has just sweetened their terms. You can get their rental360 loan at 75% LTV for properties valued at $60K or more and for those with the best credit this fixed rate loan can be had at just 6.9% interest. They have raised LTVs to 70% on no doc bridge loans and lowered rates as well. You can get a loan done with these guys in 14 days or less with very little paperwork. Contact my website to apply:

[11/06/15]   The SEC has approved plans to allow non-accredited investors to participate in crowdfunding opportunities. The new rules will go into effect sometime around mid-2016 as it will take 180 days after rule publication to become effective. Expect to see crowdfunding become a major factor in all areas of private lending when this change takes effect.

[07/07/15]   Watershed day for my business. I found several Iowa private lenders last week and in 5 days over a holiday weekend had a small gap loan (2nd mortgage) funded and then an investor called late yesterday to see if I could find $56,000 first mortgage on an investment to close today, and it appears I've done it-- a 24 hour hard money mortgage loan for a pre-hab project. The stars don't always align like that, but it is sure nice when they do!

[05/27/15]   I have established a relationship with a new private lender looking for experienced rehabbers and investors for fix and flips, purchase or refinance loans. Rates and terms: 3-12 months, 12% interest only, 2 lender points at closing, 65% ARV. This lender wants to see the borrower bring the other 35% and closing costs to the table unless the deal is smoking hot and well below that 65% mark. The lender will be looking at loans for residential investment property between $50K and $100K. Contact me if you need a loan for a deal that would qualify or you can refer someone who is ready to borrow on a non-owner occupied property.

[04/30/15]   I have been getting lots of pleas from private lenders to find investors in need of loans, and many of these lenders are getting more competitive on pricing, especially for those with good credit. let me know if you are ready to find money for a deal. 12/18/2014

Homes for Sale | Online Real Estate Auctions | Foreclosures | Hubzu

Hubzu has announced that bidders may now enter a contingency to allow time for financing deals. Check out this site. You can bid via auction or make a traditional offer. You can even Own It Now to instantly win an auction and edge out other bidders. Get more for your money and an easier, more transparent buying experience that puts you back in control. Plus, you can buy with confidence because we guide you each st…

[12/15/14]   I have a new source of business loans that may be just what a growing business needs. Highlights include:

1. No out-of-pocket fees for the borrower (no underwriting fee, no processing fee,
2. No commitment fee, no appraisal fee…ZERO
3. The online application is all I need completed for you to submit the loan plus the supporting documents
4. Credit score minimum - 580 to 620
5. Years in Business: 1 year in business
6. No real estate collateral (business assets and personal guarantees only)
7. Nationwide program with term and amortization up to 5 years
8. Most businesses considered with gross income down to $150k
9. Prepayment penalties do apply
10. No closing costs
11. Loans fund in under 15 days!
This is for loans from $50,000 - $500,000 with a 1 - 5 year term and amortization.

[12/08/14]   One of the lenders I work with has just announced a new After Repair Value lending program for fix and flip investors, and has also lowered its rates for its best investors for regular purchase and refinance loans. Contact me for details 09/25/2014


Check out to get in on ground floor of new investment data analysis and contact tool for RE investors. It is being developed by a group of investors from our Iowa City- Cedar Rapids REIA group. AssetRover is a website tailored to investors. A personal home is one of the most important investments anyone will make, so when in search of a home, take advantage of this service. AssetRover takes the effort and guesswork out of real estate investing, by providing an automated proprietary process…

[09/17/14]   Here are just a few examples of the types of loans I have been working on: fix and flip investor is looking to be able to do more than one property at a time and so is looking for a second finance source for his fix and flip projects; owner with free and clear rental single family home needs to refinance in order to fix and then flip the property; owner with multi-family property is looking to refinance to pay off the existing loan and use the cash out to start another business; owner with a sports bar repaired after winter damage to roof needs line of credit in order to pay off construction debts not covered by insurance... and the list keeps growing! If you have a project waiting for cash, contact me today. Good chance I can help your investment property finance need even if you have less than stellar credit.

[09/16/14]   I've been working on my own loan for a rental property through Cogo Capital. Fast closing, easy to work with, and I will only need to bring about $1000 to the closing table in cash!

[09/16/14]   I've been busy finding loans for people, particularly real estate investors who want to fix and flip properties and those who want to refinance investment properties. These are generally easy for me to get funded for you. Check out my website to tell me about your investment financing needs.

[08/05/14]   Liz Nichols, Managing Member of RE Advantage Capital LLC, received certification as a Master Private Money Consultant on August 1, 2014 through the training program of Cogo Capital in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.



We are direct to Cogo Capital for a wide variety of loan products. We provide purchase, purchase and repair, and refinance options for our non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties. Our rates vary on the residential side from 12% to 15% simple interest per annum with 5 to 8 points at closing plus other closing costs. We reserve our best rates for our best clients. No credit check is required; it is the asset that counts most. We also have access to other financial resources for asset-based investor loans.



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